The stress of losing all your souls - Lost Souls

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    There's nothing quite as stressful as losing all your souls in Dark Souls, Demon Souls or Bloodbourne
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    1. Gunne_r r

      Ring of soul protection is the cure.

    2. Hunter Schaefer

      Ya I can relate, I just lost 52,000 souls today.

    3. Joseph Fuller

      Makes me want to replay Dark Souls 😂😂

    4. Cioby

      basically shows every simp shit souls lover irl. And how proud they are to finally beat a boss that was made incredibly unrealistically strong and sometimes broken, like he misses you with his attack but you still take full dmg. And explains why they feel the need to talk about their dumb game all the time as it's their only realization.

    5. Sage Argento

      Please do a Mimic episode 🤣

    6. Jade Imingan

      Farmed souls for one hundred twenty plus thousand and end up losing them to gravity and rats. Amazing.

    7. Princess C.J.

      Tht one strong ass hollow...

    8. Quentin Martinez

      The face of the Crestfallen warrior is priceless haha, looks like an angel of lothric

    9. El Reino ArKadico

      2:41 rule number 1 in dark souls! Your gonna fu###ng die so never let your guard down

    10. Shadow Breaker

      Laughs in ring of sacrifice

    11. Logan Nathaniel Robinson

      reminds me of when i lost 2m souls to slave knight gale after i got the souls from pvp XD

    12. Stephen Van Bellinghen

      I can't believe there's so many videos on dark souls, but they are very well done

    13. Madeleine Johansen

      Oh my gosh just finding this and wow I’m laughing. So accurate 😂 @1:43 this is literally me when I’m stuck. 😂😂🤦🏼‍♀️😭

    14. Raven Young

      Straight up cannot count how many times this has happened to me.

    15. Ye Et

      Welcome to the life of a bloodborne player

    16. phee nee

      Ring of sacrifice... I always forget ring of sacrifice

    17. atrocious _ pr0xy

      To busy crying to die. I feel all of that.

    18. Rolero Play

      the stress of when you lose for the first time many souls is the most beautiful there is in the world.

    19. Ero Senin :0

      When he got that parry I was expecting a health bar to pop up and show that it only took 1/10th of the Knights health or something

    20. Max Mazza

      This is just his farming method since he doesn't have Homeward Bones.

    21. Face Facie

      This is me currently

    22. Fadded Reality

      Again should've equip razor back

    23. Diego Nei de Brito Santos

      Three words: Ring of Sacrifice. :)

    24. Muhannad Khojaly

      The end of the video brought out strong feelings and a very sad truth Sadnes ahed

    25. ElDiablo

      Cry.wav lmao 😂😂😂

    26. Jared Hayes

      I feel the pain

    27. Aidan Brubach

      I can relate to that parry more than anything

    28. Angel 2925

      Use a ring of sacrifice bruv

    29. Néstor Enrique Leiva

      I want a vídeo when you find Gwynevere.

    30. Mahendren Vathanan

      U must master art of dodge ashen one

    31. Thenybo

      Dude.... Snipe

    32. No Thanks123

      I'm a newbie to dark souls and his shocked face at the successful parry is so relatable right now.

    33. Nathaniel Reichert

      why this exactly like my first time fighting Gundyr?

    34. Rainer Haider

      I reported this video for cruelty

    35. Armorer Villager

      Loosing your Minecraft loot be like

    36. Dark Knightmare

      I want more Souls Logic

    37. Sentou91

      This was insanity inducing... until I remembered something, a long lost art of soul recovering... Ring of Sacrifice. For real, it took embarrassingly long to remember those were a thing, when I started out.

    38. Lanze Pascual

      him: YES! I FINALLY WON!!!1 there's is another

    39. elol Oten

      What is this game

    40. Danni Baran

      I called that backstab #1 Dark Souls meme

    41. idkmename

      He raged quit in the end

    42. doomrider7

      And that's why you ALWAYS wear a ring of sacrifice when retrieving your souls.

    43. Robert Jones

      As a gamer who played dark souls he's getting the frustration down perfectly

    44. I'm too good at pvp

      The freedom of having no souls to lose is gained.

    45. Youtube Vanced

      The most accurate video of the series so far.

    46. Дамир Сабитов

      He should've fall of the cliff fighting for his souls, that's the real drama in dark souls

    47. Andrés Diamantino

      I laugh, also crying reminiscing

    48. Scratchy 1024


    49. Uncle Heat

      That hurts so bad... Phew why would you do that?

    50. Ian Reddy

      Have you been watching me play?

    51. Hit Man

      What the boss had no ultimate form?

    52. DAMAGED Gaming

      Lmao hamish is enjoyin watchin ben suffer Nooo lmao ben actually killed the knight n got stabbed after wow lmfao bros hahahaha

    53. Rahil Jogani

      Comment for the algorithm

    54. William cordeiro

      Wheres the roly poly bro 🤣🤣

    55. Laezar

      This is SOOOO dark souls, dying again and again because you are putting yourself in a bad situation to get your souls back when you'd most likely win if you just ignored the souls and face the foe. But "most likely" isn't good enough! better surely get the souls, and mayyyyybe not die =p

    56. sheldon wayne

      Yea losing like 10 million souls sucks

    57. Andrew Wallace

      Alas, he has not learned the ancient ways of the roly-poly.

    58. Nebojsa Mrsic

      This is actualy the true and sad story of how I started and stopped playing. Litteraly the same, probably the same fucking knight too.

    59. Jessica

      It's so accurate it hurts.

    60. The Tommyshades

      The consume designs are always so top notch.

    61. Diamond Frieza

      how to make this NOT happen: use sorcery, miracles, hexes or arrows on the way to the boss

    62. boitatá oroboros

      If he had so many souls why didn't Just book It after getting them back

    63. Flynn C.

      Remember guys, run is always a option

    64. buddah archie

      So I legit stop playing the game for like 6 months after losing 5.6 million souls to a rock lizard and a cliff...

    65. claimingagate

      god i feel that

    66. Usagi Poutine

      Use sacrificial ring

    67. PS4sos21

      OOMG that's so fucking true hahaha... Everyone has a love/hate relationship with this damn series..

    68. xxhunterzx

      Anyone know what music started playing at 2:13?

    69. Sage2000

      Can anyone explain this souls mechanic to me? Haven’t played Dark Souls

      1. ForgottenUmbrella

        souls are like experience points and currency for leveling up and buying things, and you drop all your souls where you die. if you die a second time without collecting the dropped should, they're gone forever. also, would totally recommend you try getting into the series, it's good fun.

    70. Nox Echo

      i love the cosplay of the Drang armor set

    71. Andy Brown


    72. Banana_Pancake

      I remember this from when I was a noob. :(

    73. Tristan Rodriguez

      Then there is the, "I dont feel like fighting them I'm just gonna run past everyone and grab my souls." *Dies to easy enemies on the way to grab souls* I can do that any other time just not when my souls are on the line....SMH

    74. VoidedChaos

      The pain is real

    75. R0W5tortion

      Woulda been better (and way less predictable) if he saw the bastard coming and tried to dodge only to roll right into the abyss... f-ing blighttown

    76. Reece Kunkle

      I feel the stress of losing souls. Started playing demon souls the year it came put. I had no idea it become more. In reality its about building your gear not your level.

    77. Max Watmough

      Just put on the ring of sacrifice bro

    78. макс н

      Какая же жиза. Я так однажды 300к душ просахатил

    79. Kappa kim

      Same things for code vein lol

    80. pelek

      Plot twist: the blood is real

    81. Kyle Baker

      That crestfallen knight cracks me up every respond lol.

    82. Oggi

      Uncharted series was so frustrating. I cried. But I did it. 😁

    83. Fanie Steyn

      His reaction when he landed that parry was priceless.

    84. Samuel Davenport

      I actually felt this one

    85. Lele G

      I stopped playing dark souls after about 10 hours, so wonderful, so damn frustrating!

    86. Nestor Rodriguez

      My favorite line, "I hate this game!" 🤣

    87. Liam Tierney

      I only started playing DS last week started with 3 I felt this video

    88. Alex Manuelito

      How everyone feels when they're stuck at a stage in Candy Crush

    89. mrpickledick llc

      Fuck souls, bloodborne 2 please. I couldn't even play 3, after nloodborne it was just............ shit.

    90. worm skull

      “Spend ‘em if ya got ‘em” is a catchphrase I slowly adapted into a way of life when I played Souls. If you CAN spend em to level up/buy something DO IT! You’ll save yourself many a headache.

    91. Joo31

      j'aurais pensé que le gros balèze se serait relevé, ^^ souvent les gros chevaliers comme ça dans dark souls, ils leur faut plusieurs critique pour les abattre.

    92. John

      Where did they get all the sick gear for these videos?! Fucking movie level shit!

    93. Portogas D. Ciambella Ace


    94. bob joe

      I like how Hamish just watches him respawn over and over and over again in this series, just SMILING and probably laughing his head off internally

    95. Aidan Schmidt

      BEST EP on the SoulsLogic serie! So epic n funny

    96. Arcane Relic

      This is a perfect capture of the irritation felt in these kind of games. Great stuff guys.😆😆😆

    97. nethrelm

      It's been a long time since I've felt this pain, but I have felt it. Those scars run deep.

    98. Mmag

      I expected some trap ;)

    99. Hayazo

      thank god i have Dark SOuls 3 episode long after me (finished the game)... currently maxing Nioh. like.. im in NG+4 run xD Way of the Nioh, its the max difficulty setting

    100. Eternia Kerbal

      Just gitgud and you wouldn't have this problem. ;)