When you turn into a cartoon - Animated

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    Alan and Adam have noticed something weird... they are suddenly animated.
    But Rowan is having none of it.
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    1. thinkrtank

      This is great need more animated bored series nowwww

    2. Alexander Fukes

      this is great

    3. Edge of Awesome

      Great job guys!!

    4. Muhammad Abdulloev

      Can't they just vomit their own money, lol

    5. Hashky

      I'd watch this damn show as well lol

    6. Ronan Tam

      Why don’t you vomit money

    7. Khaled Zarif

      This was good I enjoyed it

    8. Jeremy Meredith

      I would totally watch this an an animated show!

    9. Tim B

      Rowan's the only person I ever dreamt of killing. Just throwing that out here.

    10. The Jingo

      Ofc they aren’t animated if their eyes didn’t take up 70% of their face

    11. Spacemiaou67

      Why didn’t Adam didn’t just vomit some money, no more problem with pay cuts...

    12. San dro

      Adam should vomit more gold. Why work when you can vomit gold?

    13. Robson Costa

      Ben just missed the opportunity to levitate and shoot lasers from his eyes

    14. Albrat Gaming

      Why did Rowan NOT sound like Rowan ? !!!

    15. just some guy

      UK people measuring in inches?

    16. Vytas

      Adam looks pretty good. Rowan and Alan don't look like that tho

    17. Anjounet Leavell

      "That's mine. Outrageous."

    18. 十三Francis

      Is it just me, or does Rowan kinda sounds like Gordon Ramsey? XD

    19. Khert John Policarpio

      Wow I like the animation, can you make a epic npc man episode animated version?

    20. Alexey Massalitinov

      What's the fucking voice acting?

    21. stupid universe 731C

      wish you guys would make this a regular thing

    22. Code Softly


    23. Winters

      Why is Adam the only shaggy one?

    24. BR00D R00STER

      Make IT a new series

    25. Sparrow

      When you take shrooms at work.

    26. PG Plays Video Games

      wait the swears aren't bleeped

    27. I Watch Everything

      Their animation unique features Adam : Beard Alan : Jaw Rowan : Stomach

    28. Mohab Fawzy

      1:42 Finally rowan can use Air Quotes the right way xD

    29. Nithin Gowda

      Definitely need more of this!!

    30. Jawad Hejles

      Guys for me your channel is the best and I really enjoy and love your videos, but to be honest I didn’t like the animation, any way I wish all the best to you guys your the best 😃

    31. Christopher Parker

      OMG the audio in this really messed with me. I love it.

    32. Trevor Sommerfelt

      Conspiracy: Rowan sold out.

    33. Ironworks Physique

      Ack! I Loved this! I sooo wish I could do VO work with yous guys. That would a dream come true!

    34. DJ HADEX 92


    35. LoneWHunt

      Could we get more animated?


      And there it is, y'all should start another series fully animated.

    37. Chanel Adriana

      Rowan finally learned to use air quotes properly

    38. Kotoucak

      Adam looks perfect but Rowan doesn't look much alike.

    39. Michael Cook

      Voices are all off

    40. Hunters s


    41. Paragore

      Disliked because of Rowan.

    42. Judo Chop Master


    43. 4Rth

      how to make this

    44. Red T

      I would actually I think it would be funny that Rowan would get temporarily fired by his boss

    45. Artreadsu Elimu

      Rowan can't be convinced 😂😂😂

    46. Nicknack

      Love the animation style!

    47. Nikolai aka Niko

      The cookie part always gets me 😂 Well that's mine 🤏 , outrageous 😑

    48. Cappy YeahYeah

      i like the way Alan says Ani-Mat-ed 0:45 lol

    49. Xivkyn Mehrunes

      Hilarious cause the shirt is part of them lmao that's why you saw bones.

    50. DJ X

      this is my manager no doubt

    51. Alexbombbird

      I hate it when that happens

    52. ryuga kenji

      PERFECT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    53. Eureka Striker

      i cant believed myself watching a 5min ad, hope this would help vldl... keep making entertaining videos.

    54. Bryant Hurley

      More of this please... so good

    55. GypsyEnigma

      Anyone else think Rowan kinda like Simon from America’s got Talent in this video?

    56. Muhammad Firdaus bin Amir Hamzah 85

      We need more of this thing...

    57. cannibalbananas

      Who cares about a pay cut when Adam is barfing up gold? 💰💰💰

    58. G Wallace


    59. xMuggers25x

      He threw up the Golden skull of Raul!!! 😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

    60. Beer Bar

      the fox is see ya

    61. Jer stein

      Rowan is like the worst boss ever, holy fuck. But yet such a bad ass

    62. Leo Perez

      Massive paycuts!!!

    63. Pak Andres

      Alan is so cute

    64. Hadam10Rose

      Board: the Animated Series. Comedy Central needs to pick this up for 9 seasons and a movie


      More paycuts yes!

    66. RamesGamesLC

      no thank you

    67. Fraggle Fkn Rock

      Acting in this seems very subpar.

    68. Exaltedsphin

      Why alan and adam always breaking the fourth wall

    69. Destined2348 Howared

      I like this group a lot. This wasn’t the funniest and could have been better, but I really like the animation and the new ideas they keep implementing. For me at least that shows that they are superb filmmakers

    70. Shaka Zulu

      hahahaha but i prefer not animated

    71. danochez

      They should have just turned their shirts black. That would have got Rowen.

    72. UnityQuest

      "Don't be stupid, Alan."

    73. Jay F

      "That's mine, outrageous" 😂 love it

    74. The White Jarl - Chosen of Odin

      Lmao, 'Adam Throw up a Cookie 🤮🍪 ''Rowan: This one is mine 😂 #TheCookieMonsterReturns

    75. Scott Martinez

      That was pretty frickin good

    76. Troy Smith

      That was beautiful

    77. Ippiki Õkami

      I just wanna point out a good idea for a future episode of bored... Rowan was acting very much like Gordon Ramsey... No he was Gordon Rowan, can't wait to see Rowan having a joke with what people cooked in an episode

    78. Red T

      Rowan, no horns or tail? You're slacking, bro.

    79. Minus 305


    80. Elmar K.

      So freaking awesome! Please do more animated stuff like this!

    81. Stefan Imhof

      hahaha awesome

    82. 李威志

      More than half the time has passed... have you managed to catch up? If you haven't discovered our adventure yet, don't worry, you still have time. But hurry. For the consequences wait for none. Memento mori. Unus, annus.

    83. Evul

      Ok now that was funny and cool. Could definitely see a cartoon series of this on tv. Just don’t make any deals with Cartoon Network they will screw you over like they did the annoying orange.

    84. Katastrophy

      Oh my God... please do more (non)animated episodes!! :D

    85. D4RK SH4D0W

      Great throwback reference with the cookie 🥰

    86. Frvnk Voohrees

      Ok guys, we definitely need animated series like that. Outrageous.

    87. Husni Mubarok

      They could've just vomit money and resign

    88. nicholas eggler

      Hey guy, just letting you know i have been watching you for years and have showed you to all my friends and they love you too. You are my favourite channel and I hope to meet you in real life when I come to nz, it will be the first holiday I have been on and I hope to make it special by meeting you all in person. Please reply if you are interested

    89. Rohit Kurup

      Rowan were you in avatar movie as extra I just saw in a scene

    90. Deave Edis

      I need a series of this

    91. Hayden Baxter

      Just what they needed, more pay cuts

    92. Scarlett Shadow

      oh boy.. Rowan the evil boss 😂 *greeting from Malaysia*

    93. SpYSL

      It was surprised me

    94. Corey Fsnkhauser

      Would have been the perfect time for ellie to appear with over sized boobs like every cartoon girl pretty much has

    95. I Are Potato

      Omfg do more these are soooo good

    96. Faultty

      Rowan accent is stronger when he's not on camera. Fascinating. Also, why the employees don't have a spray bottle to reprimand Rowan for his cruelty/callousness, I don't know. Seems like the appropriate corrective tool, he's such a cat.

    97. jakoslada

      Let's mugged them

    98. First Rafix

      Can u make *The return of golf club?*

    99. Marc Reichenberger

      Trailer Park Boys would like to know your location

    100. Schafer

      That was awesome I loved it