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    1. Viva La Dirt League D&D

      Man - this new channel looks awesome... I reckon everyone should subscribe to it........... *sneaky eyes*

      1. Johnny Raincloud

        Can you roll for perception please

      2. Obscure Templar

        Hmmmmm.....Alright!! Nothing suspicious here!!! ☺️

      3. Hell Banner

        Nat 20 + stuff, you manage to persuade everyone to subscribe.

      4. Jon K

        Wait WHAT THE HELL - you've had videos up for MONTHS? Sneaky BASTARDS...

      5. Jessica Wright

        If only they would update it...

    2. GalaxyNightOwl

      im here only for *Mornin' nice day for fishing ain't it huh huh*

    3. MartensMZFK

      Britt ??

    4. MantraHerbInchSin

      I need to find the episode where Rowan rubs them nipples

    5. Sverre Diesen

      Cool cantent kid ot up!

    6. Brendan

      Bloody good romp!

    7. Okaira Eg Culuk

      No Britt? awww..

    8. Kasman2002

      Already better then Critical Role! When do we get the Epic NPC Man D&D expansion hardcover tie in book?

    9. Quantom X

      "New channel starting subscribe to get started" *checks and already has 4 months worth of videos...*

    10. Ali Matloob

      0:05 ...Are they blowing an invisible Troll?

    11. ꧁Sp00n꧂

      "F*** this game" the delivery on this one is amazing! xD

    12. Silent Warrior

      So when’s the Critical Role collab?

    13. TechGoggles

      New channel already has 100k subs

    14. I'm a retard, but

      epic npc man movie!!

    15. KingWolford

      Wait, this is legit? I'm all for it!

    16. Niifus

      Please have at least one "Just like a normal person" 🙏

    17. falknfurter

      You guys are always great. There's hardly anything better than watching you after another long day in a lonely home office.

    18. OytheGreat

      yes. YES. YEEEEEEEEEESSSS! I had no idea you guys had a D&D channel. After the first D&D session I hoped you'd continue, super stoked you did. HELELELELELE!

    19. Jaycee voZüri

      This trailer is better then most of the movie Trailers

    20. Dee Cee

      I lost interest in DnD when it went sideways w/identity politics and people playing 1/8 orc-ogre-demon-elf-kobold-pixie-dragon-halflings that are barbarian-ranger-cavalier-wizard-cleric-thieves.

    21. Snake Official

      I would love to see a Videogame of Epic NPC Man now.

    22. Private Martin

      Long live the Dirt League! This is going to be legen... wait for it... DARY! :D

    23. qt. Rami

      fck you and your videos so bad bro you shouldve deleted this chanel bro omg i cant watch snymore because of this video

    24. Cmdr_Tom

      Greg the garlic farmer sound a LOT like Shaggy

    25. SiXiS4

      Im like what da heck,, but its just straight gold

    26. MadSnusmumrik

      That's mean there will be no more Epic NPC man?...

    27. The Forgemaster

      Greg finally has been upgraded to main character from NPC...

    28. Yaranika Milos joeSTAR

      0:36 that my point' 👌🤣

    29. Soh En Wei

      I'm so glad this got a trailer cause it really didn't receive enough attention

    30. Ed Reeves

      Where's hamish????

    31. Xanider

      ah fuck, for a second i thought we were getting another episode. Dope trailer tho!

    32. msFiBi

      Boooob! Do something!

    33. Jade

      Hooolyy shiiiiit

    34. Lou Ziffer

      The metalevel ist going to kill me

    35. Ajay Nelson

      Ben, you should’ve mugged the enemies. Just saying.

    36. Sophia Humphrey The Tiny Kitten Human

      I’m both terrified and intrigued

    37. Daniel Reiser

      Why tease?

    38. Joseph Houdashelt

      ty for providing laughter in these times of sadness

    39. Klanger Klanger


    40. DAN WOLFE

      It’s been three weeks since Goodhead, for the love of God I need to know what happens!

    41. tubeTreasurer

      Glad they did not spoil "worst birthday ever", my most favorite moment.

    42. Truthful Fibs

      LMFAO! This looks awesome :-)

    43. Joe Chilson

      HURRY UP

    44. Joe Chilson


    45. Lori's Laboratory

      God damn I've missed this the past few weeks you've been off!! This trailer captures the series perfectly. Can't wait for more!

    46. Ricardo Caiano

      nooo we dont need bob, we want mugger #2

    47. Ryan Ellett

      Fisher npc epic

    48. Krod Krod

      How did you trick those hot girls to join along?

    49. Darren Cobb

      Come for the raging stay for the goodhead! Epic D&D

    50. Grady O'Connell

      BUT is there a insane alchemist with a passion for cocktails and a proclivity for pyrotechnics?

    51. Noah Munz

      This looks incredible

    52. Corvuz Crain

      YES! JUST YES!

    53. Red T

      "*Bloody* good romp". I see what you did there. Funny. Looking forward to the new series!

    54. Roman Ulianov

      Where is Hammish?

    55. TeNeT TeNeT

      Confused...oh there it is.

    56. Angel Yotov


    57. Maximus Aralieous

      Even if you aren't a major DnD fan, this series is hilarious. Tons of banter between the guys, lots of comedic reenactments and a good storyline with interesting scenarios by Rob, the DM. The episodes literally just got by.

    58. samuel prates leal

      Exited for that

    59. bizmansion

      Where's britt?

    60. Eric Moore

      Mornin'! Nice day for trailers, ain't it? Hu huh

    61. Hybridsteel

      its been an awesome journey iv really enjoyed the videos and the skits.. thank you viva

    62. Maccabee Anderson

      The music was a bit loud, maybe turn it down next time so we can hear you easier?

    63. LILKASTOR_13

      Sorry i will skip this

    64. Matthew Kingstons

      Seriously I have been watching this channel through the whole covid thing. And as a nurse on the front line seeing so much death , to have this to make me smile after all of that, means so much. Keep being awesome guys can’t wait for the next upload ! Great day for fishing ain’t it !?

    65. Ancient City Gaming

      I’d watch this

    66. Phil Johnson

      Been a long dark winter without this. Yes please soon. More. Now.

    67. NorwegianQvirr

      I’ll right on over to watch this after cleaning up after myself, that shit was hot!

    68. RESURRECT2

      I want to watch a full short movie of it :D

    69. Ed Burley

      Crawl up his butthole! bahahahahaha

    70. SinfulKaptur

      Why you didnt invite Braian?

    71. RollingSwarm

      *yeets himself over to the new channel to subscribe*

    72. Patrick Aycock

      OUTRAGEOUS! i thought this was another episode but i saw the length, then was sad. It could be bigger... Nice tongue action though. Made me laugh.

    73. Grizzlox

      Too late... I've already watched EVERY EPISODE

    74. John Perry

      What happened to the movie?

    75. sparrowflyaway

      Most of the time when I try to watch other people play D&D I lose interest, but the fact that you guys act out some of the scenes as well and edit them into the relevant places just makes it so engaging. Also helps that you guys are freaking hilarious too 😆 I dunno how Rob manages to keep you lot on track half the time, but kudos to him because he manages to do that and be hilarious at the same time 😝

    76. mtflulu gaming channel gaming

      This is my new favorite HUgets series

    77. Ethan Kessler

      Yes yes good good

    78. roar meow

      I've already watched the ongoing series and I still get goosebumps in the trailer. I FREAKING LOVE IT!!!

    79. Alo Naga

      Can't wait!!!

    80. FairuzDaReaper

      My babies are back from holidaaaaayyyyy! Yaaas

    81. Todd McGinness

      Cant wait for the new episode!!!

    82. Taylor Bettesworth

      Awesome trailer! Can't wait for the next episode, been thirsty for it hahaha

    83. David K

      I binged the latest adventure and got caught up over the holidays, its pretty good, everyone check it out!

    84. The Avery Project

      It's been almost 3 weeks where's the next episode. Cant wait lol hurry up already

    85. Akiorah

      Do a collab with 1 for all (Deerstalker Pictures)

    86. einjhell ace

      I mean they did posted a trailer. Time to watch 26 episodes again.

    87. Bishop Hawk

      If you are done with the series you should tell us we're still wait for 27

    88. Van Damage


    89. Freedom Fluffy

      I know why you hoodlums are advertising your D&D channel. My issue is you posted this without a new episode on said channel. Already subbed to the D&D channel. Was hoping this was a double advertisement; 1st for the new guys and 2nd for us who enjoy it and the work you all put into it. (As punishment for my back handed compliment; I give full permission to use my name as an Aboleth) Seriously this series is great. Peace

    90. Stephanie Smith

      Finally, something good happening in 2021.

    91. mongofd260

      The series is fantastic. I’m so excited for the next episode.

    92. Curtis McIntosh

      I'd like to see an Among Us logic skit sometime

    93. Stealth Attack

      Rowan, is it in your contract that you have to take your shirt off?

    94. Joe Rogers


    95. Charles Wallis

      Rowan will forever be my favorite... Just reminds myself of me too much even down to the tongue action 😂😂😂

    96. Lonely Hermit

      I love ur guy's stuff especially the d&d, but i had to thumbs down this vid. I was so hoping 4 the newest episode. I was soooooo disappointed, dont do this to me 😔

      1. Lorquin

        Seriously? This trailer is brilliant and the next ep will be here in less than 2 days!

    97. Hugo

      If I could like this trailer more than once, I would.

    98. CthulhuOnCam

      If you like DnD at all. This is well worth a watch

    99. Diamond Ninja4


    100. Joseph Hall

      Because of this whole thing, I really need a "Greg The Garlic Farmer - How to make Garlic and Fish" video so we can cook garlic and fish for literally every meal.