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    1. eshwar ganesh

      This is so true n hilarious at the same time XD

    2. Capt. Gio

      I remember when I was playing Medal of Honors during my childhood days that I choose the "Carnage" style gameplay than to be stealth. Like cmon seriously it's fun to gun down enemy with a machine gun.

    3. Alejandro Ladrón de Guevara Álvarez

      Recruit difficult Me: 12:25

    4. Candra Stream

      I LOVE NPC hehe

    5. heathy912

      Alls it was missing was an Evil Nazi Office in a tent that didn't hear any of that going on.

    6. FuriousNight25

      6:11 random npc holds gun upside down

      1. Von Skyme

        Afraid not. The Bren gun was the most common British light machine gun of the war, and has a top mounted magazine.

    7. Halloong할룽


    8. Anthony Ashton

      The more i watch it, the more how i appreciate all the details. Great job!!

    9. david carrion

      THIS VIDEO IS FUCKING ART, must be in a museum AJAJAJAJA

    10. Miss Cinny

      "... Not bad."

    11. De Khanaal

      Please do more of this, this is f*cking epic!

    12. KevinKayotic

      This was so good!!!! XD

    13. DK Studios

      Why is everyone ww2 game decoring the same force that seized france and a shit ton of russia always so bad

    14. Bradley Watts-Bird


    15. boltyhead

      Not bad.

    16. khiro K

      jenny... I almost died laughing.

    17. Ehab Kaio

      13:41 good work rowan !!

    18. Jursk Loki

      Its funny cz its true

    19. Nathan Cox

      He didn't die.

    20. Zurgham Riaz

      Amazing video. Great work guys! One of your best.

    21. Sheffylu


    22. BACO J.



      *Not Bad*

    24. Aryan Banyal

      Man... When is the part two coming?

    25. Dead Like Me

      @ Viva La Dirt League Great production, screenwriting not so much, the concept is great - Unfortunately "Edge of Tomorrow" a blockbuster which didn' had officially anything to do with video games did a lot better the idea of joking about video game logic - I recommend watching it for any FPS gamer :) the humor and the whole respawn and everything was priceless!

    26. Leutnant Kropp

      Thats both hillarious and sad. Its sad because its true...

    27. John Magnum

      Viva la dirt league flexing their budget with this one

    28. Clyde Craone

      I love how well Ben can do an American accent

    29. Albara Okt

      Game football logic please

    30. Albara Okt


    31. Joseph Fleeger

      Must have been the wind

    32. Kade Case

      Good video, definitely showed some of the BS that we encounter during campaign; The US Army has some British weapons, along with some outdated ones if we’re basing this off of the Western front of WWII,(I saw an STG, so it’s definitely 1944), I even saw some guys wearing Frogskin when the Captain showed up, which was almost strictly for Marines in the Pacific Theatre. Now the Germans are pulling the same shit; the FG42 is a Paratrooper weapon, I saw that guy run up and use it with semi auto on, even though its an LMG. Then we get guys wearing SS Green Pea with officers wearing Wehrmacht attire. Also, I think I saw a Gewher 98 with a soldier during the first charge. You can see him standing up in the landscape shot after Rowan observes them all missing each other. Another soldier just beside him has a weird rifle that kinda looks like a Lebel, but I could be wrong. Also, the Flashlight keeps switching from over the Garand stock to under it between shots.

      1. Von Skyme

        To be fair, the British weapons are in British hands, not US (two British Paras must have misdropped) and by the late stage the Germans weren't exactly in organised units. Edit: other than the Webley, but we don't know who that actually belongs to.

    33. Agnostos Theos

      "Not Bad."

    34. von Macke

      Congrats on the nomination!

    35. Blackout Lol

      Gut arbeit 👍

    36. Antur Roony

      I'm here after this series got nominated as finalists for the 10th annual @streamys Congo guys u really deserve it !!

    37. Maximus Aralieous

      Oh SHIT 10:44 the Vat Vas Dat Nazi was their DnD DM! Great series

    38. dapwn3ritswatido

      This game needs more Transgender, person of color, amputee's with purple/blue/green hair and micro transactions.. otherwise it's not an accurate portrayal of World War Two.

    39. Bishwadeep Kirat

      The best one❤️🔥

    40. Harshvardhan Henecha

      Damn the production quality of this video is bitchin🔥

    41. SirChiyp

      stealth 100

    42. HOLYFEAR96

      There’s always the BAR gunner talking shit 😂

    43. Yash Madoo

      Is this COD WW2?

    44. Aditya Kaushik AK-27

      Wait call of duty

    45. Aditya Kaushik AK-27

      Lol that man always with kar 98

    46. Nice teddy bear Chandler

      He shoots the m1 garand like it's a bolt action sniper rifle.

    47. Colton Crain

      Army groups can have up to 1 million men. So when they said to take out army groups B and C, that is up to 2 million men lol.

    48. johan juliano

      What game is this I wana play

    49. johan juliano

      Imagine if this real life 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    50. Whiskey Yankee

      *Takes out entire German airforce* "Not bad"

    51. Coconut Headass

      The German dialogue is definitely from cod 3.

    52. Tom Forstmann

      The stealth scene is straight out of Skyrim

    53. Rahman Hakeem

      Not bad

    54. Nicholas Saelee

      the part where he was petty towards a certain character and had to do what he didnt want to in order to not lose. i fucking felt thatt 😭😂😂

    55. Trance ID

      2:21 :')

    56. Jrmuscle

      "Help him!" "Help him off the road!"

    57. Mark Daniel Mayote

      Oh man this video.. its perfect. U guys nailed it! Almost everything.. that's y i ddn't bother playing COD world war... Same sh*ts anyway.. Ps: u forgot when recovering health u just need blind spots or cover from enemy fire.

    58. НеКит

      Почему нет субтитров?

    59. Kiko Meireles


    60. Farhan john wayne

      i wanna buy this game because the graphic, what the title of this game?

    61. R2D2 Sgt Fuego

      Shit I want this game..What system it on? what's the name of it?? Is it Online?? How long is the Campaign?? How's Hard is it?? How long has the Game been out?? The graphics are great real life graphics even better than pc and the next gen trailer graphics.How much is the Game?? Is it in Xbox Play store?? Or on Steam?? Or Somewhere I can buy it on PC?? I love the comedy aspect of this game and the action in it and the graphics on the gore and action.Who Developed this Game?? Remedy? Rockstar? Valve??

    62. Clemente Biancalani

      Ben's american accent is perfect, amazing editing and acting all over, funny, pleasant. These guys are really making a point, congrats

    63. E?

      Orrrr cod?

    64. E?


    65. E?

      This game is battlefield:)

      1. E?


    66. Richard Francoia-Jupe

      14:35 makes me laugh so much

    67. Ash Glover

      So good!!

    68. mineshaft mineshaft

      cod ww2 be like

    69. Watts Designs

      I’m so glad this was 15min at least👌

    70. eggojello

      Not bad.

    71. gris186

      "oh it's me?" Hahaha that's so true, every FPS single player ever

    72. Mc Wind

      Please make next video like this again and again

    73. George Yip

      when Mgs doesn't over heat.

    74. Hanafi Ravsanjani

      really like it. wonderfull

    75. Will Bo

      “Try not to get spotted, ladies.” Ghost Recon: Wildlands

    76. Jordan Nitschke

      When you rally half the ww2 u.s forces into a kiwi forest- "what ever you do dont shoot our bloody tui.

    77. Owen Bull

      Most accurate thing ive ever seen 😂

    78. Bilal Butt

      Best one can never never run with the same speed like the rest always bumping

    79. Gabriel Doumbia

      This is toooo accurate

    80. Can Balaban

      Not bad!

    81. SheyD78

      I wonder if they exhausted New Zealand's entire supply of second world war paraphenalia to film this video. That's a lot of kit. Fantastic fellas!

    82. Elimar Zordan


    83. Chris tian

      A masterpiece

    84. Julio Mejia

      The best friend there reminds me of Zusman from COD WW2😂

    85. Holmes Serlock

      hahahahahahaha2:39 is killing me hahahahahaha it's so fucking real hahahahahaha

    86. elvie abilgos

      All this is so funny because it's so true the npc's can't shoot even if the enemy is so close😂😂😂😂😂😂

    87. Emmanuel Buhangin

      I get that feeling, when your in the middle of a fire fight and for some reason the AIs can't get any kills and your the only one getting kills. Yeah, I get that a lot.

    88. 21亗K.mheoツ

      😂😂 shooting range ... War lol😭 NOT BAD 😅🤭😂😂😂

    89. La Raison

      Can somenone translate it in French please ? I would like to show it to some friends, here in Switzerland we spoke more than 3 languages.

    90. Br3no94

      This. Is. AMAZING

    91. XD_KillShot [SiKe]

      This is a pice of art😂

    92. Noizer Беач

      Всегда играю на 100% громкости звука, если снизить до 50% невозможно услышать шаги.

    93. Oli Rall

      Muhahahaha. Well done

    94. Quarter Pounder With Cheese

      This is why I liked Frontlines: Fuels of War and the very first Ghost Recon, because people actually died.

    95. Quarter Pounder With Cheese

      "Sorry; what are you doing while I single handedly win World War 2?" -Every late ww2 veteran ever to newer generations

    96. Lyex 06

      The making off fury😂

    97. Dash Dash

      Bro the "keep your health above zero" reminded me of AC odyssey when the game said "the best strategy to play is to reduce your enemies health to 0 while keeping your health above zero

    98. B.O.T Rian


    99. The Ghost

      Love from India.... Nice dedicated work guys.

    100. Jackal YT

      Dude that was basically medal of honor rising sun with a hint of cod big red 1