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    1. Odyssey

      where’s the unnecessary m1 ping?

    2. Dolphin Dive Productions


    3. Warren Lu

      dis video is expensive so much stuff rip u

    4. Kelvin Juan

      single handedly win world war 2 wwwwwwwwwwww

    5. Capsta1

      "Help him! Help him off the road!"

    6. robert goodman

      When a 1910 maxim shoots down the entire nazi airforce...

    7. 湊カヤ

      This is isn't comedy, it is documentary.

    8. Hans Frans

      Tip: Remember to shoot the enemy and avoid being shot Standard loading screen tip ;D

    9. Bob The Fett

      Not bad

    10. Adrian Veidt

      *Not bad*

    11. Pedro Matos

      Ooooh the Ai .... when i see thhis i just remenber why FEAR was so good !!!!

    12. Hallie

      1:55 “I cant wait to go home and finally marry Jennie” “And you’re going to die” Tru tho

    13. HyperZoneYT _

      I like how dude is just being an smart ass the whole time

    14. KingKatRider

      Oh you guys so need to do one for Rust would be too funny!

    15. Funny Quarantine

      Where were you when WWll came out?

    16. The Hushed Conman

      This 1 had a lot of quality put into it

    17. B1oodyKiller37

      12:56 did he said his name? Isn’t of the character’s name?

      1. Von Skyme

        They're all using their real names so he's Rowan Bettjeman, this is just the only time they use his first name.

    18. cringe culture is finished

      I keep expecring to hear: "kommunista!" From the germans because world at war was the only ww2 game I've played.

    19. Reza Fahlevi

      That's some quick loading speed, i bet you're using ssd and a lot of ram right?

    20. Chris Whitkanack


    21. Richard Krejstrup

      I totally loved this! And the amount of props and stuff... You did this like totally pros!

    22. INSTRBY

      You are awesome

    23. Lemwelle Rosales

      Not bad.

    24. Drew Moeller

      This is like COD 3 ww2

    25. Vivek R Serleena

      damn this is really well done !!!

    26. Mr. Black Coat

      In the wise words of private Morrison Not bad

    27. David Sarkar

      "look who finally decided to crawl back to the front loin !" Ooooohhh kaaayyyy ?

    28. KngZulu XX

      Why is the dude in the beginning wearing a 101st airborne patch and an 82nd airborne patch?


      Won't be able to play another fps again

    30. Mr KiNg

      Я зритель из России, не спешите меня бить американские друзья, но что за игра?

    31. DemonDuff

      I actually kinda wanna play this game if it is a game. it IS a game right?

    32. AlanTheGamerWolf

      co "cough" d "cough" world "cough" war "cough" 2

    33. WhiteTiger Productions

      Must have taken a lot of effort, first saw this on FB

    34. Ou Eric

      F to collect respect lmaooo

    35. 윤세용

      The quality is beyond HUgets. I really wish there is pt 2 coming up

    36. Simon_Der_XXL_Tomapfel

      12:12 When you play the difficulty level : only Story

    37. Myles Timothy

      This is the highest quality parody right here.

    38. Inquisitor Winter

      at 12:58 Me: "oh a maxim you would prob have a better chance of shooting them down with your pi- " 13:08 "or not"

      1. Von Skyme

        It's a Browning M1917 actually, which makes it even weirder - not only is it not really likely to take down any aircraft without being EXTREMELY lucky, it has no business in a German camp.

    39. Richard

      "*btw youre about to get shot*"

    40. Richard

      they dont have german uniforms :(

    41. Muhammad Rahman Wahid

      Oh man.... This is art.

    42. wes Painter

      This is very accurate!🤣

    43. João Xavier

      This is sooooooooooooooooo good.

    44. Roxy Manplays


    45. Muhamed Ali

      this is epic

    46. Dmitrij Kozliuk

      A masterpiece 👏

    47. Mitchell Halvorson

      This is COD WW2

    48. aniZed

      I love everything about this 😂

    49. Gaming Unlimited

      Was the friend act man

    50. Jesse Brind'Amour

      i dont belive this tose load times must be playing on curreny gen

    51. Toni M

      Wow, now I'm impressed. I heard German guys talk in German language WOW. I mean I'm from Germany so... 👍

    52. Marc Bibeau

      Any military fps dev needs to watch this and take notes. Its so funny because its true

    53. Saul Gutmensch

      Wir müssen sie ausschalten!

    54. CptObvious

      when that MPC marched it's ass through the camp, that really hit home XD

    55. Willyam Jordan

      The whole "Wolverines" chapter in Call of Duty MW2 is the embodiment of someone giving us orders even though there are other squadmates. *RaMiReZ*

    56. V R

      Good one:)

    57. Fun and Party

      Who in the right mind would ever use Stealth if you have the option to obliterate enemy by yourself....

    58. Eternus

      This was amazing

    59. Ru Li Yuu

      I can't believe the game correction is so high for NPC xD

    60. The Manager

      This is literally just that one mission in cod ww2

    61. Damon Long

      This is amazing guys! Having started playing COD world at war and having played medal of honor games years ago, this had me loling all the way through it! Your best one yet (which is hard as your other stuff is HILARIOUS!) Happy new year from England!


        Please take a look at this too :) hugets.info/show/26qhi53Wz2qBmmk/vide.html COD 1956 Hungary

    62. Angel

      They are realy cracy doing all that work.... Excelent made excelent story, excelent video job.edition !!!

    63. Paradoxian

      you are amazing!!!

    64. chalky220

      try Operace Flashpoint you CoD b***

      1. chalky220


    65. Dilerhi18

      This supercut have more action, comedy than all the MCU movies combine

    66. SUG_MADIC


    67. Diamant Gott

      Call of duty in a nutshell

    68. Jotaro Kujo

      Not bad

    69. CLarK_Massius Amenadiel

      i know this before is so funny

    70. Ellie McGee


    71. Friendly Player

      Havent laughed this hard in a while. Amazing quality also. Super impressive!

    72. Chris Lamden

      Bravo! That was hilarious.

    73. Calvin Dirkmaat

      Picka tree! 😂 that line had me cryinggg

    74. Mitchell Goff

      The tips make this video

    75. Crispin Julius

      “Take out the entire Luftwaffe.” Lmao!

    76. Clark Lewis

      Haha!! BITCHMAN! Very fun and pro done... love these video's!!!

    77. Jayden Sorsdahl

      oooh a 12% discount

    78. ????????

      That was spot on to how fps campaigns are ffs devs need to watch this an take some pointers.

    79. DaEggie

      Can relate

    80. Billybob

      The on screen tips are pretty similar to Farcry Blood Dragon!

    81. Mr. NoBody

      Not bad!

    82. Mr. NoBody

      9:45 that get me hard i am still laughing

    83. Haan Productions

      I like how Rowan can act as different kinds of characters with different personalities, keep up the good work 👏👏👏👏

      1. Crispin Julius

        Yep, that’s called acting.

    84. russian pooch

      no it doesn’t

    85. Timothy Kennedy


    86. Michael Vang

      This what Cyberpunk 2077 felt like playing lol

    87. MR CONNOR

      In the real world the m1 grand is a very powerfull weapon you need to be agile with it cause it only has 8 bullets on each mag and you cant reload unless the full mag is done at the same time if you put a game difficulty to the hardest your team and the enemies team will always hit a shot but not as accurate as the regular player keep in mind that in the hardest difficult to a you always need to have take cover in always land your shots because every shot matters

      1. MR CONNOR

        @Von Skyme yah thats what i mean like in game like call of duty ww2 are one if the game that you could reaload a m1 grand with the mag not fully empty

      2. Von Skyme

        Despite the way it's presented in most games, it's absolutely possible to reload a Garand mid clip, and even fairly easy to do so. It was rarely done in combat, as it was even easier (and faster) to use a full clip, so most of the time soldiers would just fire off the last couple of rounds if they found themselves mostly empty. After all, they weren't paying for the ammo.

    88. Nothing Left

      Not bad.

    89. うんち

      Not Bad*

    90. Iluminati Melone

      how could the germans lose

    91. Marshall Thompson

      Try to keep your health above zero... 🤣🤣🤣

    92. portasanych

      Tips made my day :)

    93. DieScope

      Not bad

    94. Ambrož Oblak

      The game when i have free time: quick missions The game when i have something to do irl and need to hurry: 4:15 (and until next scene)

    95. Liam Mulcahy

      Doom: “I’m about to end this man’s whole career.”

    96. miiluke

      6:11 - That is the right way to hold the gun (look for the guy behind the main character), it's made laugh so hard :D :D

      1. miiluke

        @Von Skyme ahh i didn't see that, it looked like it was upside down...my mistake

      2. Von Skyme

        Yes, that is the right way to hold a Bren light machine gun, keeps the top mounted magazine above so the rounds drop into the action as designed.

    97. Joseph Astudillo


    98. Biswaraj Dutta

      nailed it bro!!

    99. Julian Liu

      Wow battlefield 6 looks awesome

    100. Maga Land Bros

      thanks for pointing out that games feel like the npcs need you or its just a endless gun fight