Taking on more than one escort quest - Multi Escort

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    Taking on multiple escort quests sounds like a super efficient way to get quests done!
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    1. Daniel Bernhardt

      Its move efficient to have multiple escort quests and do them in order of which is closest. As opposed to escorting the NPC out of the village to where they need to go just to go back to the village to escort another Npc out of the village and then go back to the village to escort another NPC ect ...

    2. AndrewOne77

      Ахахахаха как же я ору(смеюсь) с того как он плачет

    3. why creepy

      ‌F*** Samsu‌ng

    4. Inbred Banana


    5. Quentin Styger

      These skits could be knit into a great Anti RPG. Seriously a multi escort quest where the NPCs interact with and bitch at each other while complaining about quest order would be hilarious.

    6. Red T

      Multiple quests get annoying and makes you want to rage quit

    7. nothing

      Ehu ehhaaaaaaaaaaa that was his cry btw

    8. Cheese poofs8

      The best part is that the watcher when not a player is the one that always crys

    9. Zac Grimm

      It's impressive how high Adam can get

    10. Vash The Stampede

      Adam will always be my favorite NPC quest.

    11. TheAntiTrope

      🤣 Adam, please, my lungs can't take it anymore

    12. An Tran

      A band of stupidly strong character. If only Ben knows how to use them for boss combat...

    13. Gariboka Roaster

      Ben Is the one who Is accepting quest Without Thinking from the beginning

    14. Eradicator 5000

      Turn on subtitles

    15. Muhammad Azim Syahmi

      Can someone tell me the theme song of this vid?

    16. IVA

      starts crying LULZ

    17. Richard Reavis

      1:44 (save) Draws sword...

    18. Alex T

      slow your self adventurer *pathetic cry* lmao

    19. Valorie Dissing Lund Hansen

      There is a missed opportunity for Greg to get some revenge on Bodger that said "Nobody cares about your stupid garlic." and Greg should totally have said "That's not what your wife said."

    20. Tiago Ferreira

      Cry.waaaav 🤣

    21. Gard Helgeland-Rossavik

      i want to see an army of 100 random npc´s that are being escorted by a guy that is on a litter throne

    22. Greenwood4727

      then a few months later the same guy uses the npcs to defeat a boss..

    23. Ali Waqas

      which game is this based on?

    24. vetill binondo

      1:52 ahu aaahh *Cough*

    25. Fre Sch

      Cry.waaaav 😂

    26. Jay Kay

      Doesn't even need to be an escort quest, I feel like this about side quests in general. You accept as many as possible to decrease how much unnecessary travel you have to do, but then you get overwhelmed with how much tedious bullshit you have to do. Idk, been playing FFXV lately and I've been doing all the side quests I can get to before progressing the story, and it's killed my desire to play the game.

    27. RamadaArtist

      Cry.waaaaaav for all the feels.

    28. Dark souls

      yeah adam cry i love it ben says accept accept !

    29. fire Bird

      Ich liebe eure Videos❤

    30. Евгений Мартовицкий

      Просто разрывает от божественного перевода " приключенец" БЛЯ " приключенец", это ж нужно было придумать!!!!

    31. Captain Unohana

      2:09 it woulda been funny if all 3 of them said "FUCK TIK TOK!!"

    32. Peter Pacheco

      Thought this was the fighting one lol but still lol funny Adam made it so worth it

    33. cholland67

      Just watching The new adventures of monkey and saw the fruit seller!!!!!

    34. Nilanjan Dutta

      Yoy guys are the best man!😂😂

    35. Annie Young

      Why does Bodger hate Greg so much? 😂

    36. Michael Whitcomb

      I love his cry

    37. Sojuman053

      Just notice when Adam starts to do his signature cry, Alan and Hamish both covered their ears from how high piched it was....

    38. Bram Van Goethem

      First time anyone helps eugene

    39. Kyntosis

      "Uhuh, ahAAAUUUU-"

    40. David Sarkar

      Lol the way he cried in the end

    41. Jordan Verbeek

      Eugene sounds like a wounded animal at the end.

    42. Let’s pray and fast together

      When you try to help someone and they complain 🤯

    43. LadySilvara

      The cry. LOL

    44. hcaelBBleach

      Tbh i do this but lead them into crazy adventures of death lol

    45. Bullet Toof

      This is Horizon Zero Dawn in a nutshell 😂

    46. DeeJay Develop

      Dont get greg on lmao

    47. Ryuji The Oathkeeper

      I’m here just to see adam cry again

    48. TheReaverOfDarkness

      I think Greg is the third most self-aware NPC here. Second is the fruit-seller, and first is Bodger the Blacksmith. Fourth is probably Ben as the mugger. P.S.: What is the name of the fruit seller?

    49. Ikmalreza 1998

      Hahaahah. Hate it protecting people.

    50. Bryan Park

      No not Greg!

    51. Santiago sud

      Cry.waaaaaav hahahaha

    52. Oliver Hargreaves

      I hate when on a escort mission the NPCs walk unnecessarly into danger and die instantly, or you fail because you kill then as they walk in front of your weapons

    53. Astravolution


    54. Sauron's Right hand man

      Taking on the second one: you fool... Taking on the second one: You fool! the third...: No...no no.... The fourth: *YOU FOOL!*

    55. Michael Denison

      To be fair, in Skyrim it can be beneficial to have multiple "escort missions" active at once, because it means you can actually have a full-size party of a sort. Dragons don't stand a chance.

    56. Rylan can make Moore puns

      Or when you try to accept another the first one ends

    57. DragonJ

      Круты парни

    58. RIGĒl

      Adam should get an oscar for this role!

    59. Abner Schmidt

      Damn, you guys make life better!

    60. John Linville

      Honestly I thought he would pull the sword out and go murder time.

    61. Azrael


    62. Señor Alastor

      Dead Rising showed me that the multi escort missions are a bad idea, but the only way to save them in time :c

    63. Super Wabbit

      I did this in skyrim and ended up having 10 people with me as immune followers at once lol

    64. Turnspit

      Cry.waaaaaaaav - gotta love the subtitles! :-D

    65. Lame Woof

      Oh Dragons Dogma

    66. Adrian Cigher

      Was waiting so long for the Eugene Cry. Was not disappointed.

    67. Juuso Ukkonen

      Seems Adams walk speed has been greatly upgraded..

    68. Mooga Mooga

      1:42 There's just something heartwarming about watching fictional characters argue and talk over eachother in a cacophonous mishmash.

    69. Michael Weston

      Hammish is the goat

    70. FalekMiF


    71. The last Hyper Drive

      You forgot to put Baelin the fisherman on a escort quest... Anyway awesome video

    72. alathepriest

      I wondered why he didn't recruit a mugger, then remembered who plays the muggers XD

    73. Tcts_Glcs

      Holy Heck. I cannot stop cry laughing at Adams battle cry.

    74. Shah Hurrem

      I would LOVE to see a npc man animated movie like wreck it Ralph with these characters.

    75. Justin Veron

      So good haha.

    76. Marc Krieger

      The best thing about doing multiple quests at once is the npcs will follow you until the quest is finished. So don't end the quest and you have allways a party.

    77. Ghoffman91

      Everybody knows this pain if they played Dead Rising 1, otherwise known as escort quest the game.

    78. [Adm]Richard

      Am I the only one who heard the old paladins theme song? This is the second time I heard it in their videos xD

    79. Fuzzlewhumper

      Darn, was hoping he'd mug em.

    80. jigokuNeko

      Suprise he didn't lead them to there deaths or use them as cannon fodder

    81. Iron Candy

      Adventurer who are they? A: They are the seven legendary masters from the tutorial-realm who were supposed to forge me into the hero to save this world from the Dark One. Needless to say I am on a speedrun and left the region without finishing any quests and now they will fight the Dark One for me as they are immortal and I'm a level 3 village-idiot.

    82. Ben Bouissieres Music

      The pathetic Adam character is so good haha. That outro was hilarious btw

    83. F.B.I

      I thought there was a wolf.. *But it was adam*

    84. Sarkast

      Adam just unlocked Cry Level 2! But this is not even his final form yet!

    85. Temna Senka

      This is pretty much your only choice in "Dead Rising".

    86. Noel S25

      I should try to end Skyrim like this. LOL

    87. Venom24x

      Bro! That cry at the end had me dying 😂😂😂

    88. 13KuroNekoXIII

      cry.waaaaaavv LMAOOOOOOOO

    89. Luke Martin

      Is this a thing in video games?

    90. XSHABX

      love the Captions at the end. "Cry.waaaaaaav" 1:50

    91. Arq Jose Roberto


    92. DirtyJokerz


    93. Avnish Kumar

      Adam's cry got a patch update.

    94. Laura Yumang

      Just started watching all of Epic NPC Man videos and I enjoy Eugene’s cry. I was almost disappointed when I didn’t hear it throughout the video, but when I saw the end...it caught me off guard and it had me rolling!!

    95. Dei Yuwell

      I haven't seen their videos in a while. That "Pathethic Cry" is on a different level. hahaha

    96. Gunslinger SyayoRPG/CRPG

      I would love to see more disposition between player character with NPCs like Morrowind, acting nicely with them will get you better rewards

    97. Ceveo Acrentos

      A week late, but cry.waaaaaaav fkin killed me.

    98. MrDante134

      I was like as long as Adam doesn't start crying, but he deserves a damn oscar for that cry.

    99. Shade Keigar Blacksky

      Rage quit

    100. SamuraiSevenBlade

      Cue Epic wail😂