How to give constructive feedback - Compliment Sandwich

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    As a manager Rowan needs to learn how to give constructive feedback. So Alan is here to teach him the compliment sandwich
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    1. Антон Коровкин

      Парни, спасибо за русские субтитры! Guys, thanks for the Rus sub! 🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺 U are so cool👍😎 I'm your f***ing subscriberгггг

    2. Darwin Tipdas

      That is a very loaded sandwich.🤣🤣🤣

    3. Paradox

      All the positive comments only had to do with what Adam was wearing, while the negative comments attacked him directly lmao

    4. Grahalt Mills

      Thats a hella sandwich with so many midle thing and a tiny slice of bread

    5. Odette Brock

      Hahaha! :)

    6. Illumina Duke

      Not rowen,benson

    7. Gamezdude

      Compliment: This is a good channel Feedback: I HATE ROWAN! HES SUCH A DICK! I WANT AN EPISODE WHERE HE GETS SCREWED OVER FOR ONCE! Compliment: I enjoy your content!

    8. Denzil Rodrigues

      I like how the first person Adam shows his tik tok to is the guy who is the most meanest to him

    9. JPRKS

      Today I learned.

    10. aljosa raketic

      You can see in Rowans face he wants to burst in laughter. I wonder how many takes did it took to go forward from that first scene 🤣🤣

    11. Keenzo

      True to literally everything Rowan said lmao tiktok is extreme cringe

    12. Eugene doug

      this is why tiktok still exists

    13. Xivkyn Mehrunes

      That was effective!

    14. KendoruSlink

      Marry me Adam!

    15. Anik Rahman

      Upload this tiktok..looks interesting

    16. Luna Margaret උඩු රැවුල ඔහු තම කෙස් කපා නමුත් සමග4

    17. madzapple

      This is literally how I learned the compliment sandwich IRL.

    18. Malikarsalan Malik

      When is the playtech award video 2 coming??

    19. I Watch Everything

      Rowan used constructive feedback! It was effective!

    20. Wilson

      So it's positive-negative-negative-negative-negative-negative-negative-negative-negative-negative-negative-negative-negative-negative-negative-negative-negative-negative-positive

    21. giriraj mantrawadi

      oomiee - Smores

    22. Gonzalo Ancina

      best channel

    23. supernovasuper Plays

      Hey Rowan look at my TIKTOK! Rowan: *i don't like that. I hate u* Everyone: *liked that*

    24. H H

      I Hate tik tok

    25. Narcøleptic SkunK

      I take every word in that from rowen truthfully

    26. Narcøleptic SkunK


    27. Paul Hawkins

      Only with Adam would that have actually worked! haha

    28. Nattmelankoli

      The moment i saw for the first time rowan's face i laughed and just knew what this was about and feeling totally identified

    29. bred nbudr

      This is what everyone on Tiktoc needs to hear though. Lol

    30. giriraj mantrawadi

      I find it funny how Rowan discusses it with Alan, right in front of Adam.

    31. Christian Philip M. Sequijor

      can I ask what's the title of the song Adam used in TikTok?

    32. Radcliffe See

      You cannot just show a snippet of Adam’s Tiktok without showing us the whole thing. Come on, guys

    33. Beanie Sandals

      I'll be honest it wasn't cringey because anything Adam does is hilarious

    34. Martin

      Congrats guys, you guys featured on our most famous funny Dutch webpage:

    35. Arindam Bhattacharya

      The meat between the bread was way too thick though!

    36. 光希八雲


    37. kodiac777

      Please dont use TikTok

    38. Bred Man

      Bread Meat Meat Meat Meat Meat Meat Meat Meat Meat Meat Meat Meat Meat Meat Meat Bread LOL

    39. Yuuto Kasane

      So thats how you make a compliment sandwich

    40. lydia yuna

      Welcome to Tiktok !

    41. Blackbox Kt

      Thank you!

    42. Beatriz Moreno

      HR here, and this is so accurate I'll start using it on meetings Great work guys 😊

    43. Griffin Johnson

      Not even kissing ass you guys are my favorite youtube channel hands down. Ive spent countless hours staying up all night laughing my ass off binge watching and I can't stop. This is worse than Reddit. Damn you VLDL damn yous all ta hell. Lol keep it up fellas. If i wasnt broke id support on Patreon. You guys deserve a show on tv. That should play in the United States

    44. Denis Chernysh

      That's a pretty open and well structured feedback :D

    45. Alexander Edwards

      Adam dancing is ver accurate to most girls on tik tok 0:03

    46. OGChristof

      I love this video. Ive watched it like 10 times

    47. Fitness house

      Rowen speaks the truth tho

    48. Man Of Evil

      need a dream scene where adam beats the hell out of rowan

    49. SRC

      Never change, Rowan, never change

    50. I'm Pro Gamer

      Everyone: Perfect comment doesn't exists.... People with name "2K subs without video" : hold my beer ... .... . . . And don't read my name 🤣🤣🤣😂🤣

    51. CCCbeats

      Came across this page/channel the other day on Facebook and can't stop watching your videos.This is real comedy.I've subbed🖤

    52. 김은혁

      한국 koreancommet

    53. Tinki Vinki


    54. someloser 2888199

      Rowans definitely had the biggest character arc of any character in Bored. He's gone from being an ignorant and immature asshole to a wise and intelligent person who is now my favorite human being on earth because of this one video

    55. -SMP- scientific method perspective

      Yeah, but Adam still makes out with hot chicks on motorcycles, so he basically can do whatever he wants no matter how idiotic or weird

      1. someloser 2888199

        @-SMP- scientific method perspective seems pretty reasonable 👍

      2. -SMP- scientific method perspective

        @someloser 2888199 😂 he did a 180 on his life. Not only did his girl ghost him, but the dealership repoed his bike, and state revoked his license. The prime minister is trying to find a way to take away his citizenship. Rowan is thinking about locking him in that closet and having everyone yell SHAME SHAME SHAME

      3. someloser 2888199

        He no longer has a hot girlfriend or a badass motorcycle because of this video

    56. Ryan Holmes

      More outtakes please. Nice way to end your videos.

    57. Matthew Batchelor

      He's stealing company WiFi

    58. Matthew Batchelor

      Rowan has had the same watch for years I think, does that mean he's thinking of a change?

    59. Neogenex

      You guys make my day. All your videos always make me laugh. You guys are a blessing in a world where laughter is desperately needed. Thank you guys.

    60. Isaiah OConnor

      I have had managers like this....

      1. Isaiah OConnor

        @someloser 2888199 Sadly most likely!

      2. someloser 2888199

        Haven't we all?

    61. Agent Z46

      You were only supposed to say ONE negative thing Rowan! D:

    62. Steve Croft

      Thanks Rowan, I'm using this for the feedback for my students this week... What could go wrong right???

    63. THE SOSC

      What if Rowan is actually the logical one bored is just a significantly similar universe but has alot of total opposite logic

    64. cannibalbananas

      I understand that Rowan doesn't know what constructive feedback is, but I was surprised that Adam fell for it. 😯😣 Of course... he does have the "mechanic" "friend" who takes advantage of him, so... I guess it's believable.

    65. Kreativkopf aller erster Güte

      Rowan has a nice watch. Unfortunately, Rowans constructive feedback (critic) wasn't very effective. In regards of the result his communication strategy is really bad. Rowan's shoes looks pretty good. I think I got the concept.

    66. DSIVXX

      All I saw was the simrig in the background

    67. hellaeric10

      That compliment sandwich was like putting a 5-lb burger with extra tomato, lettuce, 3 kinds of cheese, mayo, ketchup, mustard, a lb of bacon, and a small chicken patty all between 2 pieces of 59¢ white bread.

    68. EX E

      Lol this is how i feel seeing any tiktok videos

    69. Koray Başoğlu

      hahah :D

    70. Zanthippe Games

      I want the final episode to be rowen getting fired by his boss because rowen is the manager and not the ceo or something

    71. MissMatty420

      Omfg why Adam must to be so cute!? This sad face give me a feeling tô huuug him like a Teddy Bear 😂😍

    72. Kuro Yuki

      Well, at least he tried

    73. Simon Dean

      In the UK this is known as a "Sh*t Sandwich"

    74. Hawwa Ahmed Didi

      Let me be very clear ADAM is soo ugly it makes me not watch viva dirt league he is just so ugly!!!!!!!

    75. Benjamin Taylor

      That was honestly very mild for Rowan. You sir are getting soft.

    76. Hellborne

      That was a quad decker ultra stuffed compliment sandwich I must say.

    77. Jamie Walsingham

      Just spent the last week watching all the bored videos

      1. Jamie Walsingham

        Week well spent

    78. Daniël van Zyl


    79. Toy-Yoda

      Kinda like a Subway sandwich with a quadruple meat layer.

    80. Glp das Ultimatum

      Thanks to all patreon supporters who make stuff like this possible I would like to thank you all because i love such videos

    81. garretmastesron

      Now that's one hell of a meaty sandwhich.

    82. Arun Murugan

      Alan: Give him a compliment sandwich Rowan: *Gives him a compliment Quarter Pounder burger*

    83. EBFilmsMan

      Now that was a stacked sandwich. Adam should be full all day! Good job, Rowan!

    84. Danish Bontoi

      What is the song

    85. 波波

      That's a Destructive Constructive Feedback

    86. Pizzaisyourlife

      How I feel about 99% of Tik Tok videos right there...

    87. king wolf

      Yes after about 20 hrs i finally finished watching all the bored episodes.

    88. Sibogy

      Ban tickitytockity already

    89. Leni Nyatia

      I miss the PUBG videos

    90. teguh pribadi

      lets admit, these dude are really bestfriend ever.

    91. SomeOneUppingDude Technically copyrighted

      Just like a double cream Oreo

    92. Philippe Pujol

      OK I think I got the trick. "Great idea for a video. Your acting makes me sick. Nice shirts." Guys, you are wonderful, thankyou

    93. Solar Dolphin

      Probably work on the complement sandwich but overall good job.

      1. Solar Dolphin

        And yes i know the video was a joke one.

    94. Seanzoz VR

      I literally said something like that to a friend of mine in his late 20’s maybe early 30’s. My friends know me as the guy who won’t lie to them but give the truth. Whether the ugly truth but the truth nonetheless. I am gonna be honest, I think tik tok is a waste of time and when adults go one tik tok where a bunch of brats make dances is literally so cringe that I want to shoot myself.

    95. William Jefferson Clinton

      Get reckt Nerd

    96. Jared T

      I found this channel last night and can't stop watching.

    97. AJ Robbins

      In all seriousness, next time you compliment someone, make it about something they put effort into.

    98. Yash ON AIR

      This is a 200$ sandwich

    99. Shaderox

      That's a very THICC sandwich.... (Also surprised Rowan asked for advice, have that ever happened before?! Maybe it does since neither of the other two was in shock that he did)