Smelly food at work - Eggy Garlic Fish

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    Adam has brought some very smelly food to work. A horrible meal with all the sins! Eggy Garlic Fish!
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    1. Davin Owen

      he.. DID IT!! He found their weakness!

    2. LordEredor

      I think what's missing is cheese and butter.... coconut milk as well? Mmmmm... That'll be much better!

    3. Jason Smith

      Somebody put these people in a movie already.

    4. Buffbud96

      It was all part of Adam's plan to gas Rowan for not getting him a coffee, Alan and Ellie were just casualties...

    5. nethrelm

      "Eggy garlic fish with Brussel sprouts and blue cheese" sounds like the most disgusting thing ever. I would literally react the same way as Rowan, Alan, and Ellie.

    6. Logan

      Как только он его открыл, у моём помещении откуда то пошел странный запах

    7. Quentin Styger

      Resident Evil: T-Virus Origins

    8. Leszek Mikołajun


    9. Scott Wolf

      You all should make a movies together

    10. ♫♪Ludwig van Beethoven♪♫

      The only missing part was the broccoli

    11. All-rounder Alex

      Is Elli is your sister Rowan

    12. Acel Silver Fish

      Push not pull the door

    13. ashliski

      Alan absolutely nails this. The initial reaction when he first gets a whiff is spot on.

    14. Sam Rowe

      I want some of what hes having

    15. Arka Azizul

      You guys can make good movie than Hollywood

    16. why creepy

      F*** Samsu‌ng

    17. mkj

      Okay, what movie/game reference is that - I am 100% sure that's reference to something, but I can't really remember, help please

    18. Grant Pflum

      Good to see Adam finally paying them back for that snickers bar!

    19. Grant Pflum

      I see someone stole Greg's breakfast in EpicNPCMan!

    20. Marius Ionita

      Yeah, I've been that guy......

    21. TheCrazyFereldan

      Adam is getting a massive pay cut.

    22. al videos

      That sounds good actually..... fish probably doesn't smell good, but I have no pity for people who don't like the smell of garlic, they are just vampires. You know what else doesn't like the smell of garlic? bad bacteria.

    23. Old Place

      One of my favorite snacks was/is saki-ika (squid jerky). I would take a walk outside when I wanted to eat some at work. I think anyone would kill me for cracking a package open in a break room.

    24. Andrew Prinster

      Me when someone makes steamed broccoli.

    25. Blei Hagel

      Pearls of death spotted at 0:23

    26. Sean Greer

      I can't believe he didn't bring enough for everyone.

    27. zitronentee

      Egg + garlic + fish + blur cheese. Should've add durian for dessert.

    28. Kraus Gaming

      Rowan! It's a push not a pull. Hahaha

    29. pratik bilgiler

      What did you eat your meal after the fucking meeting

    30. Rishabh Singh

      Not a nice day for fish, is it? Huh huh

    31. Chris Katz

      I literally smelt that from here. I'm florida.

    32. Kaysse Ibrahim

      ouuuu kayyyyy .....this is terrifying

    33. Facebook Twitter

      I have literally NEVER seen a music mood change THAT quick 1:49

    34. Muridican

      Based on a true story. The end......?

    35. s6ef4enko

      He later on proceeds to fart and KO the whole neighborhood.

    36. archam777

      Garlic and fish.....NOM NOM NOM

    37. Crazy Shooter

      That is how pandemic started...

    38. Max Power

      The worst of it hasn't even begun yet. Just wait an hour or two when he starts ripping it 😱🤢🤮

    39. Drew Adrein Odilao

      Pandora's box(vldl version)

    40. Emperor Kellanved

      You're so fucking lucky he didn't microwave it first.

    41. Cam Furey

      From time to time we forget how this all started and that Adam is pure evil being inspired by the janitor. This episode is gold going back to Adam’s sinister roots, lack of emotion as he destroys his colleagues.

    42. Gene

      Looks like Adam is eating death itself 🤣🤣🤣

    43. Errol Gello

      Of all the meetings in every video, they mosly talked about how to spell "PlayTech"

    44. Shazam Shazamski

      Could have been worse. He could have microwaved it.

    45. Willem Verheij

      I know they wouldn't have the budget for it but it would have been so fitting if someone had thrown a chair through the window in a desperate attempt to escape.

    46. krishna mohan

      That dark music reminds me of F.E.A.R games

    47. kevin malone

      What comes out the other end wont be pretty.

    48. Farrell 494

      part of me wishing we would just get an evil Adam look through the window as the camera zoomed out.

    49. just a really sad panda

      Lol Adam finally got revenge for all the abuse! But in all seriousness that food did look good.

    50. Theodore Friend

      Pretty sure Alan bumping his head on the ground is destruction of company property. Rowan better get on that fast. Poor carpet.

    51. Anthony Davis

      Where is the recipe?

    52. Chris Grenon

      thats my boss when i eat a tuna sandwich in the truck

    53. Native Canad1an

      Is there a series on "Adam, what have you done?" Yet? I believe he has high potential for this.

    54. HarisS

      A pandora box of most horrible food smells imaginable.

    55. Joshua Hallmark

      No milky tea to wash it down?

    56. dormghost

      Adam needs to eat durian for a final, killer dessert!

    57. Gossip Gaming

      Seriously you guys should make movies you guys are AMAZING!

    58. mrozzdude

      Once again, Adam showing us he is, infact, the lead antagonist in the saga!

    59. Eric Moore

      What makes this funnier is that Baradun was one of the people who *didn't* eat the garlic and fish that Greg made in their D&D campaign.

    60. Eric Moore

      Mornin'! Nice day for poisonin', ain't it? Hu huh

    61. Diannika Starr

      all i could think was "This wasn't an accident. This is a reminder that Adam is -evil- Better."

    62. socke237

      Be aware, that this is merely the prologue of what's going to happen once his stomach is able to release the aftermath of that meal.

    63. Thomas

      I feel like this is how Resident Evil started :P

    64. Enzic

      Alan is an amazing actor 👏 " Adam, what have you done?"

    65. Muhammad Falih Ariwahyono

      Garlic n Fish, yum yum yum

    66. Osaias Fontanez

      It’s just rona and the start of a apocalypse all over again but combine

    67. Gladya Zhang

      That, was some good filming acting and editing

    68. Bulshock

      Garlic and fish! Just eating some garlic and fish.

    69. KratukSC

      This was Adam's payback for the coffee. lol

    70. Crazmuss

      Isn't he suppose to microwave it first??

    71. Soonami Sapphire

      00:44 I love how he whispers what have you done best part

    72. Bartee Page

      "Push not pull."

    73. Wicked Scott

      The store doesn't seem that busy yet the expensive luxury of the office! Better curb the spending.

    74. Annelie Holm

      Om nom nom nom 😅

    75. Spartan117

      You never know until you try it. I got to say it looks delicious

    76. Se Kirk

      Why did that sound kind of tasty...

    77. Maluchra Tube

      0:25 dorime

    78. MAXNAZ 47

      People get one warning with me, if they insist on opening various canned fishes in the same space as me, while i'm trying to enjoy my lunch, it's shirts off in the carpark

    79. DefinitelyNot ABroccoli

      Adam: "beats Rowan, but his colleagues suffered too" Adam: A small price to pay for salvation

    80. Ez Life

      Alternative title " Caustic Before Apex Legends "

    81. william mikasa

      How to stop a meeting lol

    82. ytdlder

      Motherf. hillarious!!! omfg :D

    83. DipoPapo

      Did Adam just fart?

    84. YourEvilOverlord

      I had the opposite problem with my how made meals containing herbs and spices and smelling really good, REALLY annoyed all my workmates

    85. Wickem

      1:47 Lol that one guy is probably like must of took the wrong turn

    86. UnBoundedPage

      0:43 Look at the steam coming off of that bad boy

    87. Axel ANDA

      Mais c'est très bon les choux de Bruxelles :'(

    88. Rick Deckard


    89. Nixus Prime

      I cannot stop my laugh, help!

    90. TheWillToLift

      I have the same Tupperware as Adam... my life is complete

    91. The Depression

      0:45 is the best part for me :D

    92. Luke_


    93. El Reino ArKadico

      Does it smell that bad?

    94. Adam Davenport

      I could smell whatever that disgusting shit was through my phone! 🤮

    95. Swapnil Soni

      Alan's face as if Adam opened the secret gate for the aliens to enter :p

    96. Yoel Future

      Adam turned the office like out of zombie outbreak scene 😂😂 Btw, maybe durian smell worse than that 🤪

    97. Crazy Boats

      Pretty accurate depiction of opening surstrumming indoors.

    98. IRON V8

      I don't know if anyone noticed but I believe Adam is secretly the Sith Lord we have been looking for. A sneak peek of Revenge of the Adam.

    99. Mathias VAN BUTSELE

      The moment of silence when he pulls out the box could refer to that scene in "12 Monkeys" when that airport agent asks Dr. Peters to open a phial.

    100. Forgotten Games

      For the love of.... why you make me LOL so hard at work... now I have to explain myself.