Smelly food at work - Eggy Garlic Fish

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    Adam has brought some very smelly food to work. A horrible meal with all the sins! Eggy Garlic Fish!
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    1. ytdlder

      Motherf. hillarious!!! omfg :D

    2. DipoPapo

      Did Adam just fart?

    3. YourEvilOverlord

      I had the opposite problem with my how made meals containing herbs and spices and smelling really good, REALLY annoyed all my workmates

    4. TC Gamer

      1:47 Lol that one guy is probably like must of took the wrong turn

    5. UnBoundedPage

      0:43 Look at the steam coming off of that bad boy

    6. Ar Mørck

      Reminds me of the first Resident Evil movie.

    7. Axel ANDA

      Mais c'est très bon les choux de Bruxelles :'(

    8. Rick Deckard


    9. Nixus Prime

      I cannot stop my laugh, help!

    10. TheWillToLift

      I have the same Tupperware as Adam... my life is complete

    11. The Depression

      0:45 is the best part for me :D

    12. Luke_


    13. Deathy Kat

      Does it smell that bad?

    14. Adam Davenport

      I could smell whatever that disgusting shit was through my phone! 🤮

    15. Swapnil Soni

      Alan's face as if Adam opened the secret gate for the aliens to enter :p

    16. Yoel Future

      Adam turned the office like out of zombie outbreak scene 😂😂 Btw, maybe durian smell worse than that 🤪

    17. Crazy Boats

      Pretty accurate depiction of opening surstrumming indoors.

    18. IRON V8

      I don't know if anyone noticed but I believe Adam is secretly the Sith Lord we have been looking for. A sneak peek of Revenge of the Adam.

    19. Mathias VAN BUTSELE

      The moment of silence when he pulls out the box could refer to that scene in "12 Monkeys" when that airport agent asks Dr. Peters to open a phial.

    20. Forgotten Games

      For the love of.... why you make me LOL so hard at work... now I have to explain myself.

    21. Dalton Robert Pepple

      You've killed us all!

    22. Alex Mort

      close to the end of whats available to watch on this series, and i have to say the journey has been epic. if you guys did a full movie, i would risk Covid to go and see it :)

    23. Ronie Boungan

      All guys lodi busher shet

    24. Kavlor1

      Reminds me of something that I had once that seemed really tasty one day but then next time I tried it it turned my stomache. I think food can be too rich and pungent sometimes.

    25. Blaze n

      This has a great horror feel to it.

    26. Doctor Nyan Nyan

      This should be a biological weapon for Rowan whenever he's being a dick lol.

    27. Cherin Paul Mathew

      Remember when Alan hated Adam ? 👀👀

    28. hous hous

      1npc have garlics 1 npc is a fisherman little chicken walking around

    29. Sarthak Sharma

      Me after my brother farted

    30. sykune

      Thus was his first truly evil act

    31. Ferenc Lippai

      ahahahahahahahaha i had a guy like Adam and 40 people was fkn suffering every day from his food :D :D

    32. Sadio Mayonnaise

      People bring eggs into my 8am and this is how I feel

    33. Chris_Saiko

      Foreigners when someone eating durian lmao

    34. Infest19

      This is Adam's revenge on Rowan, the others are just necessary sacrifice

    35. TheKurst

      I have done this in a hospital.... I love kippers... Turns out on my ward i was the only one....

    36. Derek 600

      *whispers* “Alan what have you done?”

    37. Jhee Toe-Bee

      This video is clearly a reference to cunnilingus and I, for one, am highly triggered. I would have been slightly less triggered if the smell had been bleach, but not by much.

    38. Bamethyst

      Jokes aside that looks kinda tasty ngl

    39. Néâr Dêà

      Imagine the person seeing this from the window

    40. NCOMP1337

      New workplace requirement: Wear a gasmask at ALL times!

    41. Jorge Beniscula

      I can smell the Eggy Garlic Fish

    42. Alijah Miguel Fama

      At the end, Adam looked lonely, again. Pretty sad with the music ngl.

    43. LemonRedstone Gaming

      Oh so that's how hell feels like!

    44. D.H. Virus

      Adam opened the PANDORA'S BOX! It wreck a havoc mess. 😂🤣

    45. Gaming With Mercy

      Imagine how stink it Must have been in There😂😂😂😂Lmao😂 😂😂😂😂

    46. Call me Zelda ONE moar time

      Rowan really said OwO

    47. Fortune Finder

      When are we getting an actual theatrical release?

    48. Leonadas Arthias

      My family looks like when I cook

    49. A J

      Why are they choking It was only 3.6 roentgen

    50. tuakra yee

      Adam: innocently eating his food Everyone else:dying

    51. MRZ1234ify

      I used to do this with those cocktail shrimp at work to keep my boss in his termal I was a security dispatcher for a food distribution center

    52. Gambiteer

      Wow, that made me feel genuinely sick. Brilliant.

    53. Adrian Chew

      shoulda just bring in a Durian, enough to wipe out the entire office.

    54. Harl Windwolf

      Eggy garlic fish with Brussels sprouts and blue cheese .. sounds delicious!

    55. Wade Wilson

      its revenge for the milky tea incident. they suffer while he enjoys his meal. revenge is a dish best served smelly.

    56. Lucas Ciprian

      1:14 - Is that fork... a GOLDEN fork?...

    57. Brian Liu

      Adam the smelly food SCP

    58. Thành Trung

      Adam just got a triple kill there, he is an imposter, vote him out!

    59. TheWorldLuvsABastard

      I find it hilarious when Adam shakes Alan off his arm like "this is mine bro, hands off", even though Alan is dying.

    60. Frapuchino

      ".. and that's how I skipped the day and even got a full paycheck if I didn't bring that again!"

    61. Nocturnal Rites

      Reminds me of when I was pregnant and a co-worker brought in dinner and used nuoc mam on it...and then microwaved it. In our little four-cube enclosed room. Fortunately, my trashcan was nearby, because I was too far along to run fast.


      Ugh, the co-workers that do this.

    63. aciarduce

      You know... depending on how the fish was cooked, and probably the asparagus as well, I would be willing to try this if it wasn't swimming in something when I opened the container.

    64. overing07

      Man I swear I felt it.

    65. Peter S

      Garlic and fish.. nom nom nom

    66. The Nagual Zone

      Great day for (garlic) fishing ain't it! huh huh!

    67. Christopher3 Garcia


      1. Christopher3 Garcia


    68. The Reveiw

      I swear you guys make the best fucking videos I've ever seen. I'm wearing these pretty expensive headphones and the audio u guys use make ur videos have such an atmosphere to them. Omg I'm laughing so hard rn.

    69. The Cookie King AMVs

      I love that "what have you done?" from Alan

    70. Alexandra Marberry

      I can smell this video

    71. Xsv Gamer

      Lol... think one of my faves now!

    72. turbo investigator gamemaster

      This is Hitman but on another level

    73. Robby Kane

      Intro to a zombie movie...

    74. Lars Marklund

      Please make a full movie with this humor!

    75. TheLost Swede

      You guys have clearly not heard of Surströmming...

    76. Gi Gi

      When someone microwaves fish in the break room 🤢

    77. LeoCiosu Music

      Damn it's looking so dramatic real ..

    78. Faultty

      Sistema lunch box! NZ, I thank you for these.

    79. Lea Mauermann

      Astonishingly much fun to see you guys die. Tho I'd miss the videos. ❤️

    80. Alperen Sisman

      Hass.. Çok iyi dhlkdjgflhkjldfkghjl

    81. SGT. Reznov

      Fuck, I remember the nova gas, RIP Dimitri

    82. OMG GMO

      I swear that was my actual reaction when my room mate made kimchi.

    83. James Madison

      im in the army and have done this before, pulled out my lemon fish and put in the microwave and pulled it out and instantly people were have a spas attack. My NCO gave me chewed me out a little.

    84. Nomad

      Watched the entire bored series in a day... Gaaaah now I want more.

    85. echiti9

      Anyone know the name of the epsiode where at some point Rowan is by the front counter and someone goes to ask him something and he just goes “I don’t , I don’t care” and walks away. Any help appreciated.

    86. Shawn Hawkins

      Maybe now you'll get him that damn coffee next time

    87. Gary Gordle

      How to get promoted

    88. DieCalmerThanASuicideBomber

      Fkn luv garlic! 👌

    89. Maow

      The master plan is complete!!!

    90. Tacos Are gooD

      Rowan did you try pushing the door open?

    91. Boyfriend Wannabe

      This is bringing The Ring/Sadako into a shame.

    92. Abhinav Vasista

      I think that's how zombies are made?

    93. Jean Carlo Gerstenberger

      These pictures gave me Flashbacks to the movies we watched in history class (Im from germany)

    94. Gurtington

      I accidentally farted right when he opened it and I could smell something bad and I started to gag..

    95. MC Venne

      I can't believe he actually ate that while smiling. That seems like the worst food combination ever.

      1. Yoel Future

        Egg-garlic-fish ? Taste yummy to me, you haven't try mayonaise fried rice then ? 😂😂

      2. Anthony Martell

        Everything except the bleu cheese sounds pretty good

      3. Keenzo


      4. Gi Gi

        I’d probably eat it anyway

    96. Gabriel Maia

      Literally me bringing a carbonara next day to work

    97. Randy Lepe

      They should make a horror movie oh of this

    98. robert barna

      I hate when people do this on an airplane.

    99. Fernando Rodrigues

      Adam's Revenge!

    100. lordemon

      Is this supposed to be funny? 😐