Typical game of Escape from Tarkov - Tarkov Basics

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    The game has many layers. Most of them are confusing or hurt.
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    1. Сергей Белоногов

      01:14 - вся суть игры.

    2. Ibrahim Charneco

      I didn't know the game existed till i saw these sketches and after watching a few hours of gameplay i so get them now. Not even scavs walk out in the open single file like that 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    3. Юра WRLD

      Я даже опешил, когда на любимом зарубежном канале родной язык услышал

    4. Dead Bream

      Ахахаха "ЖОПА"!!!!!

    5. Doug

      More Tarkov!!!

    6. AlexRedFalcon

      Бессмысленная игра-парадокс. Ты идёшь в город, что бы из него убежать. ЖОПА!

    7. AlexRedFalcon

      Для реплик из игры, субтитры не нужны.🤣😁

    8. Manada Airsoft

      😂😂😂 very nice!!! 👊

    9. liu daniel

      Nobody Absolutely nobody... Rowan:BUTERBROD.

    10. ぽんぽこりん

      あまりにもいつもやっているFPSと勝手が違う だからこそ面白い

    11. Григорий М.


    12. ゲームサバイバー


    13. Ivan Idea Gaming

      The way Adam goes down at 2:35 is brilliant.

    14. Like а Cake


    15. LabGecko

      2:35 Fricking awesome head shot acting

    16. Surefire

      Please make more tarkov videos because y’all are so good at making fun of it. You guys actually make me do a legitimate laugh


      год играю в эту шакальную игру я так и не понимаю что я должен делать

    18. BULKA

      this game sucks

    19. Jordan Verbeek

      2:12 - 2:27 You always know you're in for a great episode when Ben is the audience surrogate.

    20. Jordan Verbeek

      0:11 - 0:16 I lost it here. The humour is strong in this group.

    21. Varlen


    22. Rusich Rusich

      This game is not for Quake lovers. It has its own atmosphere, its own pros and cons, just like in any other game. But of all the shooters with more or less some kind of realism, this game is in my first place. And there are 4 short films about the game, and in my opinion golywood is not worth it, although there are no special special effects, who is interested, it is called "escape from tarkov raid 1-4 series" as it is.

    23. Robert Davis

      Ben: "I've got a question: what are we actually supposed to be doing?" Answer: Getting punched, right in the dick.

    24. Cheers Fluffy

      Trigger discipline.

    25. Hatsan

      Хахахахха ору, как русский говорю, собаки оранжевые не имеют круглые ведра ))) хахахаха

    26. Бедный Нефтяник

      Go хотя бы субтитры на русском языке. спасибо.

    27. Николай


    28. Yossi


    29. Turan Var Olsun

      Ubisoft Games:)

    30. B A2


    31. Joshua Maxwell

      Haven't played the game, but if it's anythig like their other content I'm guessing this is 100% accurate. lol

    32. JoeOfCourse

      You forgot inspecting every fucking item over and over. Because elite operators don't know what toilet paper is.

    33. lee togo

      Dude that was hillarious!

    34. yu hi

      Thank you for Japanese subs 🇯🇵

    35. 1Pastyx1

      Вот уж не ожидал услышать русский) I already got used to see your videos with Russian subs, but didn't expect to hear Russian words) Thx guys, you are the best)

    36. Chebmiami

      Typical Problem of Party play in Tarkov = R U RUNNING? R U STEPPING ON WOOD?`IS THIS YOUU!=??!?!=?!? oh sorry

    37. D G

      So fuckin true. LMAO

    38. RunNer

      Bro it’s called Escape from Tarkov why do I keep going back to Tarkov

    39. GPOLICE

      1:35 dis nigga flagging your femoral with that ump doe

    40. RustandSilver

      Haven't playes Tarkov, could someone explain the speaking russian joke?

    41. VlegSz

      *Топовый контент, мне понравилось. Молодец. Я тут тоже начал делать видео, оцените . Спасибо.*

    42. Bratislav Metulski

      HATERS GONNA HATE *** epic facepalm ***

    43. Jrussell

      Nothing but campy games out now. Spot on.

    44. Matthew Aragon

      Never heard of this game but watching viva's videos insured i never play it at all

    45. Gordon lo

      thats really true

    46. evgeha games

      Спс за русский

    47. Дмитрий M

      аааа чики брики и в дамки!

    48. ЛЕС

      As always americans took a guns then go to some country to find out what are they doing there

    49. Nelson Rubio

      The "I'm fitter than this in real life!" always gets me

    50. JustVid

      1:03 - ЖООООПА!!!

    51. Viking Queen Maddy

      Never played but my bf is addicted 🤣🤦🏼‍♀️

    52. Fate Guardian


    53. HardcoreWL

      You guys forgot to make your footsteps sound like 5 million pound boulders hitting the ground.

    54. AdikMusic OfficialTM

      eminem 1:49

    55. McKellar

      *Gets whacked within a fraction of a second* Yep, that's pretty much me in the whole Call of Duty online.

    56. Артур Пирожков


    57. Дима Димин

      0:57 ангийского не знаю совершенно, но я постоянно так делаю. Вечно на все кнопки подряд жму..Еще гранаты под ноги постоянно бросал, при открытии дверей. Поменял кнопку, больше не маюсь резкими стартами ..

    58. Anton Rozetsky

      Жопа, пацаны!

    59. Second Unit Media

      Fake. There‘s no UMP in game

    60. Герман Панфилов

      Нихуя не понял,ну ладно

    61. filipe Valente

      I went a raid yesterday i spawned looked to the let saw 2 guys running towards me pretty close cause they spawned first for some reason and then i just died it was fun wasting 60 k on a vest and 20k on a helmet just to loose them in a 30 secs raid...oh wait it wasnt it just sucked.This game should have solos cause if u play alone and u go vs a team specially when ur low level and theyre not its impossible for u to get out alive


      Their expression when Rowan speak Russian was amazing..i cant handle my mouth for not to laugh 🤣

    63. Christopher Lago

      Why haven't you done Star Citizen? That game has been out or coming out as Alpha for like 10 years. The game glitches like crazy and one of them you fix by changing your characters eye color....???

    64. Amun Seth

      🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣👍👍👍👍👍 Thats Tarkov 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    65. MurkaniSm

      Tarkov is booty

    66. Bruh Moment

      Tarkov is just steal from Russians simulator

    67. 2ndhorseman

      I never even heard of this game before this video... Now I hate it, and absolutely must play it at least twice.

    68. Catwar 05

      О да, этого я ждал всю жизнь

    69. Alexander Edwards

      Scavsatemylegs is here... You should be honored

    70. MewsSister

      You escape Tarkov, by ending the game.

    71. ivan baizarov


    72. Знающий

      Tarkov is stupud russian game ever

    73. Garret Simpson

      0:23 said none of my friends about a game that wasn’t CoD ever.

    74. S J

      Never played such a shit game graphics are shocking I have 2080ti gameplay stutters spend about 5 minutes looting a guy then get shit doing it when it's a looting shoot em up wish I didn't waste money on it ... beware people alot of videos on HUgets are usually guys together teaming up making the whole game look good when in fact it shite

    75. Аскольд Акишин

      Все верно показали))))

    76. Gregory Ashton

      I don’t know... I don’t know!

    77. ABX_EGAMER

      At 1:34 Player 1:what are we really supposed to be doing Player 2:we are supposed to be punching ourselves in the dick

    78. ARES LothBrokZ

      Tarkov sounds like a horrible game

    79. WhoElseBut Tobi

      I wonder why people continue playing this game when they also dislike the hell out of it

    80. Semi Beautifstron


    81. evohunz

      0:55 laughed so hard because I did exactly that at first run lol

    82. jannevellamo

      To escape from Tarkov, press ESC.

    83. not available

      yes Adam really was the best head-shot ...... that guy knows how to fall down on the job

    84. papermachevolcano

      Tarkov, the game that doesn't tell you what your supposed to be doing. Just like real life. You have to make up a goal for yourself. Something gamers are unable to do.

    85. Вальдемар М.

      2:12 Ben and Rowan are always making it EPIC!🤣🤣🤣

    86. Вальдемар М.


    87. C. Lynn Miller

      This game is so bad, playing it makes me feel like I’m being punched in the dick.

    88. Chludek

      Hahahah ! Its look like my First TarkoV Raid ;)

    89. Echo Fourteen

      Respect from Russia)

    90. Vergil l

      Its very fun how Americans are afraid of the Russian language 0:55

    91. Money Serah

      I'm fitter than this in real life 😂😂

    92. OptimusPrima

      Should have had one dude spawn in without any magazines or ammo. Had a guy I played with do that once.


      Türkçe altyazı yapan kimse çok minnettarım kendisine.

    94. Артем Темнофф

      Видео идёт , всё нормально Начинается русская речь Коментарии : о тут Русские

    95. EFT Fa1thUp

      I love this fucking gaming lol.

    96. Ноу Тэг


    97. Traitor Guardsman


    98. Morgans Bitch

      He started talking Russian I fucking lost ot 😭😭😭😭😭😭