My first day playing Doom

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    An animation about what playing Doom for the first time feels like
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    1. David Krušnik

      Z Slovenci =)

    2. Yuan Animations

      the animation is lit thoo

    3. Kayra Gürses

      People that havent played doom needs to see this so they understand why Doom is so much fun.

    4. CCEA _

      I don't know where I am nor who I am. The only thing I know is to kill everyone who dare to come into my view.😎

    5. Roki Play [WAR_5]


    6. segaman 42

      That was also my experience playing doom just to much fucking fun

    7. Narada

      Now I wanna see ur take on hdoom

    8. Master Robotnik

      =AGREE,IT BECAME TOO MUCH CASUAL =................

    9. federico cabello


    10. Lucifer

      i think i never saw a more accurate video before XD

    11. Verneri Tammila

      I LOVE your videos im huge fan can you do more mugger videos they are the best pls see me pls

    12. Bobson Dugnutts

      I have a question. What is happening at the other end of the button that makes the voice want the player to incessantly press it?

    13. Crumbs on toast

      And there is one more button you must press... THE SUBSCRIBE BUTTON!!!

    14. Scooter Brown

      Waiting for valorant and Apex legends

    15. Crazy Ker

      Rowan, where is the russian translate?

    16. darn b

      Now first time playing sekiro

    17. egorzakur dabl

      "-демоны пришли на землю, мол людишки, пришёл ваш срок. - и вдруг главный подмечает, это что играет, рок?" ) To understand the joke, I recommend translating it yourself) if something is in Russian, there is a rhyme, in the English version it may not be. (aaammm... Seriously, in English, "rhyme" is written as "rhyme"? Hmmm, this looks weird) P s Thank you to Yandex translator)

    18. Gumbee Junior

      Huh, ok.

    19. Radoslav Tsenov

      You missed checking every single wall for a secret door

    20. lllllRBlllll

      Lmao the blood splatter and the window wipers

    21. AcapVindikator

      what is the doom song after killing cyberdemon? in this video

    22. OfficialSavean

      This is exactly what it was like.

    23. Fixt100

      i like their stuff but i will not sub to channels who close comments..

    24. theSHINYchandelure

      First time playing TF2

    25. Aaron Bee

      Press the thumbs up button! 👻

    26. BananaMan

      Talk to me after you have played hdoom.

    27. Kanzaki San

      me : *extremely killing every living enemies*

    28. Fardad Danaee Fard

      Mario in a nutshell

    29. Bobson Dugnutts

      Fortunately, doomguy truly didnt know what was happening at the other side of the button.......

    30. Zakkrifice

      Hey guys! Who is the narrator voice? Is it Rowan?

    31. Meike L

      Very cool, thanks and keep the animations coming!

    32. foxrootking

      1:21 Is that Jacksepteceye's eye?

    33. Golden Alois Hitler

      Mukkpudding fucke



    35. Ahmed Fariheen

      Try ultra nightmare

    36. staxx

      Just a quick tip for who is starting to play Doom, just shoot everything and you will be fine

    37. The Non-IITian

      I want those wipers on my helmet.

    38. Federal Bureau of Investigation

      **Doom enters Bored** Rowan: *Unbelievable..*

    39. Olivio Sarikas

      Well.... Well.... Weeeeeellllll..... nice, but i rather take the usual Ba-ney-ney for 1 copper please

    40. NorthernChev

      I’ve been playing Doom ever since it was first released back in the DOS days. And it never occurred to me until today; you are absolutely right, Doom is nothing more than killing mobs to push a button... And I have pushed millions of Doomed buttons through the decades.

    41. Boob Noodle

      This is I'm a wittle baby difficulty. But I guess it's your first time

    42. Devyx

      Almost 2 million subs.

    43. derHutschi

      love the wipers ;-)

    44. Herman Wong

      lol there's a pacifist button on the BMG, love it

    45. Dry River

      yoooo, that was me in 1992!

    46. Dogs Cats

      That was colourful😊🌻🌻 and funny🤣🤣

    47. nesca wolf

      That was amazing!

    48. Elleadand Sunwrath

      Most stupid thing ever i have seen for years. Not even one DOOM game wasnt so easy (because im not a f*king casul to play at easy, like author).

    49. Eli S

      cool idea, but needs ur guys voices playing out a story

    50. Forrest Patterson

      Doom, a series about being as awesome as possible on your way to press a button

    51. LunaticSynapse

      More please...

    52. Daryl Tunwarm

      Nah not a fan of this

    53. Jeremy Gebhard

      Awesome! Kind of a HISHE version of Vivaladirtleague! Big 👍

    54. Dan Lobb

      Add “jumping out of my chair” the first time an imp or bull thing pops up behind you and this would be like my first experience of it. Shareware on 3.5” disks, yeah life was good with the advent of DOOM!

    55. Squishy Farts

      What you need is a Japanese animator who knows anime. Anime is known for the dopest fights and fluent illustration

    56. Daemonised One

      would love to see a live action parody like you do with everything else.

    57. Juan Marques

      This was mazing, make one about Duke Nukem!

    58. Lpnlizard27

      The little wipers in the helmet, I'm ded ROFL

    59. Ricardo

      That nipple piercing tho

    60. George Houliaras

      Morning. Nice day for Ripping and Tearing isn't It? Hehe -The Doom Slayer

    61. guyveromega27

      Were you playing on easy? I kept running out of ammo.


      Awesomeeee. That guy is literally me

    63. Muffin Man

      That was sick!!!

    64. Coffee Crazee

      This was great!!

    65. Grevier

      Ehi ehi ehi, what's with that Rowan body? Don't you know that _he's a model_ ?

    66. 1-4-1

      *N i P p L e*

    67. Mehdi Immortal

      I like what u were, I don’t like this I mean those film clips are awesome !

    68. Bmann92

      Can we have a bored at work episode were someone gets high and sees everything in this style cartoon. I could see some potential there

    69. SoulsBorne Geralt

      Now do one for.doom eternal😂

    70. Sexually Confused Hat

      Yea.. on easy difficulty 😉

    71. nechayev


    72. Tin Aleksič

      Love it!

    73. Josephine Stalin

      Le Rip And also le Tear

    74. Ashwin P

      Haha except for me I ran out of bullets gg

    75. Jk Schulte

      Is that really like the new game?

    76. no name

      This is actually kind of sad considering current situation with Doom Eternal. 😕

    77. VGamingJunkie

      Why does the Cyberdemon have nipple rings? "Why SHOULDN'T the Cyberdemon have nipple rings?"

      1. Mystic Rośe

        Imagine having so much testosterone that wearing nipple rings makes you into a badass. Ain't nobody gonna fuck with a cow wearing nipple rings



    79. Redrum Hobsig

      Best ever

    80. Chrisley Lewis

      Dude doom eternal is probably one of the best games I've ever played 👏

    81. Mastadon King

      Everything literally went to hell.

    82. Lone survivalist314

      I mean, it does with its good at, its a storyless hack and slash shooter...

    83. Yuray Bobniuk

      Blood to the god of blood

    84. Supremax67

      Don't mess with the White Shirt of Doom!

    85. Alvaro Miranda

      Who cares when you can slaughter demons with various weapons and GLORY KILL them!!!

    86. Taistelukalkkuna

      I regret there is only one Like Button to press.

    87. Sk1Zz Standoff2

      Кто с России. ЛАЙК

    88. EpenCrep B-Ten Games

      LMFAO 😂

    89. MGS


    90. José Rodrigues

      Guys totally loved the idea Keep making content like this

    91. Mohammad Farajallah Art

      Good morning, great day for killing isn't it

    92. Luiz Guilherme

      A suprise to be sure but a wolcome one

    93. Cesar RE

      Loved it and I want more!

    94. Michael Yolch

      HA! Made my day! HAHA!!!

    95. Smirk75

      Nice video, but that guy sounds like Rowan, but doesn't look like Rowan.

    96. Iron Templar

      "Confidence surges as the enemy crumbles!"

    97. One and a Half Peasants

      Where the heck did this come from? This is great! Great artist!

    98. Enrica Wilcraft

      Excellent xD

    99. TheRealDeal

      Dem nipple rings tho... Had to be Adam's idea

      1. Mike Glasswell

        ha ha, my idea actually

    100. keTsoKuHn

      no pistol no fun