Epic NPC Man Supercut - Season 20 & 21

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    This ones a particularly good season I recon
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    1. Muhammad Reyhan

      WHAT ARE WE ????!!!! .... the magic sentence... lol :D

    2. Birch K.

      Dear viva dirt league.. You make the best game parody content the world has known. Funniest stuff I can find on HUgets these days, and it's so relatable

    3. Davin Jr123

      Does the first scene supposed to be like a cutscene and actually still skipable?

    4. Lgaforce1


    5. Kavon Silas

      That quick save video is on point!

    6. Lord Dragonfist


    7. Fluffy Tater

      After being scammed Adam then decided to use his wallet to make sure his gf doesnt behead him 😂😂😂

    8. Yujiro Hanma

      Eugene and his cry has to be one of the best characters lmao

    9. Raysworkshop

      Uh he uh he uh he uh he

    10. Adol4791


    11. Sakeef

      What game is this anyway? I mean the name

    12. FL Mallu

      I actually Skipped an Ad , Now i can't Sleep...

    13. DYNcleve

      7:30 #team trees

    14. Tim Long

      1:19- those were the mannerisms of Giovanni Ribisi...a great actor.

    15. Adrian Walker

      Love the intro music. Wish I had a longer version of it.

    16. Canadian KRISPY Bacon

      What happened to Brit? Haven’t seen her in skits lately

    17. Davin Bobb

      PC sucks

      1. Davin Bobb

        Is what I would say if I was dumb

    18. Melly - pop

      I have been watching this channel for 3 years and I watch the video over and over again, and the strange thing is that I am not bored at all.!!! I love them always ❤❤❤

    19. Viktor Yeshchenko

      NPC: gains consciousness, rise of the machines Humanity: demise, apocalypse

    20. Stanislav Ivanov

      You guys are the best. Which one is this game?

    21. Tim B

      you're going to listen to every syllable like if you understand

    22. Dokkasan

      PC = Master Race! Bitch!!!

    23. Ricardo Pesenti

      13:23 lol xD

    24. Ricardo Pesenti

      15:25 PC Masterrace Edit: Aaaaand that is exactly what he says 10s later xD

    25. Enosh kumar

      Team trees is my all time favourite..❤️

    26. Cody Redmon

      i wish game dev did this if u hit a skip alot be cool easter egg

    27. Gurtington

      9:45 fucking Ben lmfaooooooo

    28. nokosirius

      if you have subtitles on at 0:48 the subtitles says it's fine. if you decline my christmas, it's okey :D

    29. Razor23 Donetsk

      "The awkward cutscene" is hilarious! Nice job, guys!

    30. Evan Johnson

      Peace was never an option


      They can get your shit back if someone access your account. Had it happen, they just restore it to a previous date.

    32. HOAHOOD


    33. Hazbow Ten

      "Pc master race, bitch."

    34. 0Zolrender0

      This first one "Broken" is fucking awesome. The NPC just loses his shit.

    35. Troy Elliott

      Why can i not stop watching

    36. Iam Youare

      WELCOME to cosplay, PC master race b****, LOVE IT !

    37. Bolt Cam

      They should do a speed run episode lol

    38. jsmillsi

      Is Ben wearing the Marker in the Crossplay sketch!!??

    39. Potatoface21

      7:08 “The parsa money would have Bergdahl’s go. No, please in French if you just go you can just take a moment”

    40. Freedom Call

      lucky dodge!

    41. MrSteerMax

      1:15 hi wellcome to Greg The Garlic Farmer little bit brutal ASMR video xD please relax and accept this quest..

    42. Deimon K

      Damn they are acting so good!!

    43. Dawson Kauwe

      Whoever made the captions for this video needs to go back to pre school and learn to not be illiterate like the auto generated captions

    44. I_ Anonymous

      Npcs cant see what we see

    45. MadMan

      I don’t know why all people can’t aim with controller I can’t aim with mouse and keyboard

    46. SmexyHinata13

      "Bow down to your xbox masters!" *Nyeeeeeaaaaah nyeeeeh NyEEeeeaaAHhhHh*

    47. Max Mazur

      Plot twist: NPC on 2:30 is actually a ghost that seeks to reunite with his fallen family, so that then, they would finally be able to go to heavens.

    48. jpkjnn

      I love you guys, and I lived the tree planting thing. You guys make me laugh and then every once in a while you trick me by tugging on my heartstrings.

    49. dinojohn1938

      is Epic NPC Man just a parody of multibul games or certain few?

    50. Jason Newman

      9:47 my face when I do the money shot

    51. LordBLB

      "Welcome to Cross Play. PC Master Race bitch" Bwahahahaha! Love it!

    52. シRyder

      “What monetary gain can we get from Mugging a goose” Never though I would hear that in my life 😂😂😂 I’m telling you the mugging skits are so funny 😂😂😂

    53. Jason Q

      The muggers are straight out of Monty Python.

    54. Jason Q

      3:30 I think it’s important to point out that this is not a criticism of an otherwise fine actor, but that the character he is portraying is accurate to such a degree that I’d like to set that annoying shit on fire myself.

    55. Ryku Isaigana

      As Supercut goes on and on, the npcs become more and more broken.

    56. FenrisDrolf

      I can see the reference in the goose skit... The goose from untitled goose game sure gets around, huh?

    57. Realistic gaming 4

      What’s this game

    58. O.T Genasis [AMV]

      What she didnt know is that she cant use the gear because shes mot a high enough level

    59. O.T Genasis [AMV]

      9:46 that one kid having a tantrum in walmart

    60. Wayne Sanvictores

      Everybodies a gangsta until Alan points a bread knife at your guts

    61. James Bryant

      This is a sad representation of console accuracy I could destroy him

    62. Michael Cater

      Bernard the Mugger clearly is an idiot savant with mind powers. Look at him forcefully brain washing Ben to be a mugger over and over again.

    63. Alvagino Pacose Betri

      PUBG again please 🥺

    64. RC Tadeja

      the mugger's skit never fails to make my day. LOOOL

    65. Miyuki's AMV

      funny story aiming on controller isnt that hard

    66. Alwyn Kian


    67. Lugh Murphy

      Who the hell wrote the subtitles for this video? They are so fucking bad

    68. Bamdara Bia

      4:45 poggers

    69. Jamadron

      Im definitly the quicksaving one haha :D

    70. The Venom Kings

      I wish this was a real game.I would play it for hours!

    71. Nathan


    72. Juan Carlos Chávez Béjar

      OMG! EpicNPCMan Is SO SCARY when pissed off!

    73. JKwak

      he should have used the server instance with aim assist when playing a game with crossplay.

    74. M-Jai Harrell

      As an Xbox player that has never miss onder 50% I am effendid allow i do like your vids

    75. Bruno CatMaster

      16:25 Todd Howard... 🤣

    76. Paul Eugenio

      Lol, the PC master race and their carpal tunnel.

    77. Lucas Vidal

      Fun fact: The burning npc caught fire from friction of moving way too fast, not from his family home on fire.

    78. jayron brix

      Is this game real?? Pls tell me

    79. Rohan Abraham

      Oh well that became dark fast

    80. DigitalBoi

      Is it just me or did the NPC just turn straight demon Cajun?

    81. Larry Kan

      Fucking scammers so idiotic bullshit people

    82. Erik Willden

      The scammer scene reminded me of the old Runescape days lol. "I can trim your armor for you"

    83. Farbod Behjat

      Amazing work. What game is it?

    84. Stoveski

      13:44 hahahaha really loved that one

    85. Denmaster Ben

      nod if you understand...

    86. Jack De Santa

      13:38 noobslayer left the game

    87. John Stapleton

      "Thats a goose.." *h o n k*

    88. Big Willie Stylen

      One change i would have made with burning man would have been immediately after accepting the quest he dies and you fail the quest....

    89. Assassinmaster

      The first one was the best one. Is PC easier than console, though? All my life I have only played on Console

      1. Assassinmaster

        @Crese 1947 thanks.

      2. Crese 1947

        Depends really, it depends on what computer you buy(for one that you don't have to do repairs on it would cost from 700 to 1000 dollars),if you buy one that's cheap you'll have to do repairs in it a lot and it costs money. That's why i just threw mine away because im not going to waste my money for better load times and better graphics and fps. Also i think its harder to use a keyboard and mouse than a controller(and if you buy an xbox/ps4 controller it would cost another 60 dollars for a pc).So is it better than a console? If you have lot's of money to spare then sure, go for it. But i don't think it's worth it,besides,i play better on console than pc. That xbox player fuckin sucked. It would have been funny if he shot him with an arrow then pulled out a sword and stabbed him.

    90. Nikko Franchi

      As someone's who plays on console I gotta say I don't understand the whole missing shot thing

    91. kekzezerkruemler

      PC Masterrace !

    92. Vanessa Luke

      The scammer one although i know its fake, i wanna die when i watch it.

    93. Night Watched


    94. Red General

      16:02 He has invoked the holy incantation.

    95. Jay Spadez HD

      You guys are awesome😆😆💯💯

    96. Caleb Griggs

      Am I the only Texan that hears that Aussie accent go Texan for a minute? Just proves Australia is British Texas, and vice versa.

    97. William Washington

      Bruh, best one yet.... Nod if ya understand!!!

    98. nick cook

      dont diss console players i bet i could beat you in any 1 v 1 and ill beat you on console

    99. Pokeranger8

      Pc Master-Race indeed

    100. Casual Xenophobe

      I am an xbox player and all I can say is I died when he said "The almighty xbox" and made a retard noise