Pretending to be an employee - Imposter

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    Ben has stooped to some new lows in his effort to scam Playtech... this time masquerading as an imposter employee.
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    1. Justice

      I'm not an employee either but they keep giving me a check every week so I keep showing up.

    2. Aurian1234

      One of my favourite recurring Rowan lines: "I wanna punch you, I wanna punch you, but I can't!"

    3. Bjorn172

      Did you anticipate the Among Us succes?

    4. esilence

      Rowan thinks that he has an imperium with lots of employees :D

    5. leonfalco

      this rly sucked...

    6. Gamerloaders & Co.

      Ben is always "the deceiver" of VLDL team.

    7. Bradley Nelson

      He's SUS!

    8. blazen710420 blazen710420

      I also love it because in one of the other episodes Ben gets confused and he thinks a customer is an employee and he saw Rowan completely convinced that the dude was an employee so this is how he got the idea to be an imposter as an employee of play tech 😂

    9. Ryley McRyleston

      I told you red was sus

    10. Mac Books

      I think the teaspoon dropping cabinet is a reference to the cockroach cabinet in the war that saved my life

    11. CptObvious

      You guys need to be picked up for a series on netflix

    12. MasterZyck

      Shouldn't it be called a Playtech Teaspoon Dropping Cupboard and not Teaspoon Dropping Cupboard?

    13. Eric Barker

      With all the red shirts, I’m surprised they all survived!

    14. Joshua Emerson

      What's the name of the song when he drops the spoon LOL

    15. Golpo Gil


    16. De Xan


    17. Abdo Salama

      Who else wants to punch Ben face ? 2:25

    18. blazen710420 blazen710420

      I love it how Ben is like I really hate working here sometimes and then Alan goes to Rowan / Rodney you know he doesn't actually work here right and then Rowan / Rodney goes don't be stupid Alan because it's pretty funny that he actually does work there

    19. blazen710420 blazen710420

      It's really great too cuz they probably do sell the playtech shirts on an Instagram page so it's almost like self-awared advertising I just bought this shirt online 🤣

    20. Jose_ManuelS18

      Im surprised that the comments are not full of among us jokes.

    21. Juando Moon

      POV: you are trying to think of a among us joke

    22. King Kasdin

      Plot twist: Rowan is playing along

    23. Gaste Kağdı

      İmpostor hmm its among us video (start video) oooommmmmgggg

    24. Andrew Spoda

      you know a punch is the option if manager is playing flappy bird

    25. Λαυρέντιος Ψαροκάηκας

      Ben is obviously Noober, from Naskel, in the Baldur's Gate game, who is the brother of Neeber, from Trademeet, who is the distant cousin of Nüber. Let's see how much of a geek you are, to get this!

    26. Kisoo Gavares

      Is it funny I found this right after someone did this a my home depo to get some wood planks screws and a tool set

    27. Hugh Trudden

      Bruh it impostor not imposter

    28. Атом Экзарьян

      I was expecting Alan or Adam to be the actual imposter.

    29. Oliver Policarpio


    30. Grizzy TP

      Pretending to be employee be like in a Convenience Store-IMPOSTER Answer:Stand on the Cashier and no more

    31. NanoTheGamer

      Before among us

    32. The Ap-Sap

      I like how he's wearing the old shirt.

    33. SoohNabis

      i dont want to see him on RedBull.. he will literally get the wings XD

    34. Zhane853

      I miss adam stories.

    35. Pepsi Man

      red is the impostor

    36. Kazamezo

      Alan's face after the spoon dropped was priceless.

    37. TL Neil-E-Poos

      Spelt impostor wrong

    38. Noah

      That red guy kinda sus

    39. Jayfeather

      Is it sad that the first thing I thought after reading the title was among us?

      1. Testepoi


    40. Iva Kupalskaya

      Роуэн красавчик) Почему я еще не вижу его в "Людях в черном"?)

    41. trt trt


    42. Henry Stickmin's Twin

      I’m surprised this man didn’t get tackled down by the og employees

    43. moneytalks1219

      When you have a dumb boss and you need him to do something. Frame it in a way that makes him WANT to do it. He REALLY wants to punch someone. Hey he doesn't really work here so you know you COULD actually punch him

    44. JJasonW


    45. Lynxian -

      heard the random keyboard tap sound at 3:47

    46. Daniel Awesome

      When I looked at the thumbnail, I thought I saw Todd Howard for some reason.

    47. Mr DarkRed StickNode Animations

      Red kinda sus

    48. Salman Khan

      He reminded me of Andy from The Office.

    49. Echosongs14

      Red sus

    50. Mike Whitaker

      walmart its easy to do this, tan slacks and blue shirt... both of which are sold at... you guessed it walmart... even without name tags on people get mistaken for walmart employees ALL the time... think about this walmart exec's... if your gona have a uniform dress code... dont have it as something that joe shmo can buy because he needs a new pair of slacks and a new shirt.... at least use company logo printed shirts for gods sakes....

    51. MrBluemoonhalos

      I thought he was going to be fired

    52. jerome king jr

      Ben rambling on about random stuff is so funny 😂

    53. The inevitable God Emperor Deadpool

      You have no idea the monster you have created 🤣🤣🤣 (searches GameStop employee uniform on amazon)

    54. Ok

      Among us

    55. Alexandros R

      At 3:04 Alan knew exactly what was about to happen

    56. Nguyen Khoi

      Among us parody

    57. why creepy

      F*** Samsu‌ng

    58. Galiant Silverhawk2010

      don't be stupid. You know he is.

    59. Shaun Koutoulas

      It’s funny how they knew once the spoon fell that shit was about to go down

    60. Nevihabedvader

      Было бы забавно если бы Бен действительно устроился к ним 😄

    61. Daniel Jackson

      3:05 I literally LOVE when Rowan starts to freak out LOL

    62. Noox Gaming 21

      Among us

    63. John Mick.

      Ben has been an employee this whole time, alan and the others never noticed him just like bryron.

    64. EternalDensity

      "Pop quiz hotshot" Breathtaking

    65. Aaron Matharu

      3:00 when someone drops ur pikachu

    66. Danny Owens

      This hurts my soul...until it didnt.... and then it did again.

    67. Rudolf Brits

      It would have been better if rowan had know he did not work there but just did it to make his life hell

    68. Mr_supreme

      Wait...Why I see all red? Ohhh no...we have IMPOSTER among us....

    69. Dorei

      Why haven't they voted him out yet

    70. Russ Kirk

      That geezer is so funny, his face lol

    71. Mr Yeet

      That one crew mate that disagrees with everything

    72. Kyle Ipac

      Ben is always the imposter

    73. daogenify

      3:37 Rowan almost started laughing there. I would too if I had to say that line xD

    74. Tech How

      Runnin' outta breath!

    75. Laura Athena

      I love how Adam always has some interesting life outside of work, saving the day, getting an exorcism etc and Allan never pays attention 😂

    76. Lengoc Long

      Very nice….

    77. Cano Chento

      I just bought it my new "red" shirt. see ya tomorrow at work :) i'll pay attention to the spoon :)

    78. JaMEzCx

      BEN SUS!

    79. Luke Mckenzie

      Not to be rude but Ellie looks kinda like a blonde guy in this...

    80. csn69 Gaming

      Ben needs to be a regular character in the show

    81. JGR Fun

      that guy bee an inposter that is very good me:oh my god ino one will trust me

    82. Arty McGee films

      I know that this is a skit but really?

    83. steve nix

      anyone else notice how big his neck and head are compared to his body? lol (I mean no disrespect)

    84. just cause

      They tried to warn us...

    85. Rafick Moon

      Experts report claim that the property was totally destroyed

    86. Noobsoup Soupking

      I just relized ben doesnt work for viva la dirt

    87. Shawn McDowell

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    88. Λαυρέντιος Ψαροκάηκας

      Clark Kent has his Kryptonite. Bruce Banner has his anger issues. Rowan has.. his spoon issues.

    89. Joel Ambay

      And that’s how among us was made

    90. T G P DAVID123

      Skiving in Australia and UK mean to leave the work and mess about somewhere

      1. T G P DAVID123

        Kinda like skipping class

    91. LukeIzBoredz

      Ben’s acting pretty sus

    92. Alfred Drewes

      2:51 "You dropped something, you shouldn't have did that!"

    93. lopz vlog

      Ben is my idol now haha

    94. Duncan Mc Gregor

      I hate translatet video titles!

    95. You want My name?

      There is one Impostor among us

    96. Glenn Cox

      Why didn't Ben get a paycut???

    97. Dalek XP

      Petition to stop the Among Us jokes when the word "imposter" is pronounced.

    98. Eyeguyninja

      Among us be like

    99. Dewalt slinger

      There's a impostor among us

    100. Zuri Campžhel

      And I thought the punishment for dropping the teaspoon is the Shame Treatment