Pretending to be an employee - Imposter

1 M megtekintés78

    Ben has stooped to some new lows in his effort to scam Playtech... this time masquerading as an imposter employee.
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    1. Play TV

      Among US?

    2. Robert Davis

      I think that it is SO HILARIOUS that he played the same guy who acted as a mediator to the Playtech staff.

    3. Run That

      Red sus

    4. xxAssassin1275zz

      I knew red was sus

    5. Hamza Nadeem

      This video predicted the current viral game. AMONG US

    6. Gaming Apple

      Lol what if rowan, put those shirts online for sale for extra money. And best free employees 🤔💵💸

    7. Dhanmoni Nath

      2:19 that smile...that damn smile😂

    8. The Gidra

      Rowan is 2nd impostor here :D

    9. krishna trivedi

      There is one imposter among us

    10. Haiden Lawman

      There is one imposter Among Us

    11. Sumanta B

      Ben Sus

    12. Not Funny

      He got Harry Potters room.

    13. Alex

      Do people actually do this?

    14. ryan smith

      How was this already 4 months ago?

    15. Richard Han

      This video predicted the rise of among us

    16. Liam Dahan

      Red sus

    17. IRON V8

      Alan and Adam tried to warn Ben to leave the place before the warden Rowan shows up but he would not listen now Ben is now imprisoned for life in the teaspoon dropping cupboard.

    18. Hriscu Bogdan

      Among Us before it was cool.

    19. bearman 129_gaming

      *Crewmate* *Theres 1 Imposter Among us* :Red - Red kinda sus (:Red - Yeah

    20. Beyond Horizon

      Among us

    21. Kosdan

      I want a video where we actually hear one of Adam's stories

    22. king kong

      3:20 only one crazier than the fake employe dude is the manager XD

    23. Joe Swanson

      There is 1 imposter among us

    24. paul shadforth

      Time to buy a mc shirt


      Red was a Imposter

    26. Lone Survivor

      Spoon drop background music like some indian tv series music😂😂😂😂😂 from India

    27. Joseph Coss

      Should do an among us version :D

    28. K. M. Nowshad Ud Dowllah

      God! Idk why but I hate Ben. Yes he is an actor who plays the ignorant and arrogant guy, stupidly.

    29. The bloopy doopy

      You spelt impostor wrong

      1. Water

        @The bloopy doopy they have the same meaning

      2. The bloopy doopy

        @Water search impostor meaning not imposter

      3. Water

        @The bloopy doopy u can use imposter and Impostor

      4. Water

        @The bloopy doopy its correct wtf u mean

      5. The bloopy doopy

        @Water search impostor

    30. luciano trivelli

      . *EMPLOYEES* . there is one *imposter* among us

    31. BROKEN wing H

      They lade Rowan had a memory of a bird 🤣

    32. Seventeen

      This aged well

    33. Kirk P

      Me: calls emergency meeting

    34. Adam Davenport

      Even I got tense when that spoon hit the ground. 😱

    35. THE JOKERO4

      Red kinda sus

    36. Shadman Shakib

      These guys did the imposter thing before it was a thing

      1. Shadman Shakib

        @FrostYT It became popular recently. I know its been out since 2018

      2. FrostYT

        Among us is out since 2 years ago

    37. Kayles Sparhawk


    38. German Empire Officer

      So thats how we play among us

    39. JakestJake

      There is one impostor among us

    40. Abhishek Pandey

      Wear the black shirt and ask Rowan "aren't i the manager here?"

    41. Zojfe

      Funny this got recommended lol

    42. Dev Shah

      . *Crewmate* . _There's One Imposter Among Us_

    43. Raghav Bhalothia

      This video is now filled by AmongUs Refrence

    44. Leon Coben

      Damn Viva playing Among Us before it was popular.

    45. Zamboni


    46. Tickytickytango

      Crewmate There is 1 impostor among us

    47. SerovEgor99

      I know how Rowan understands whos imposter, this is an old T-shirt.

    48. Beath

      Ben is kinda Sus..

    49. D64nz

      Among us -Work edition

    50. Jo Paul

      This aged very well

    51. Jaymoney Warfreak777

      Rowan is the one crew mate who votes off the crew mate when there's 3 ppl left instead of the imposter 😂

    52. Khal Don

      Crewmate there a two impostor among us

    53. Khal Don

      Among us

    54. Realnamenotfound

      Red was a imposter....

    55. Hamstel

      Typical Among Us game

    56. DyaaVeer Singh

      "There is an imposter among us"

    57. Abbido, John Christian

      "Ben was an impostor"

    58. Ftw_dragons Alt account

      There is an imposter among us

    59. 12Mantis

      Did........did Rowan ever let Ben out of there?

    60. Skausmopliucha skausmopliucha



      This skit aged really well ngl


      Adam was not the imposter One imposter remains

    63. Docco Myster

      Ben do be acting kinda sus

    64. Bobby Benfield

      There is 1 imposter among us.

    65. Arthur V. Ivory

      You guys should play "Among Us" the name of this video game me that idea. Make an among us video please.

    66. Jonas Skypilot

      red kinda sus

    67. Kid NinetyFire

      I hate TIK TOK

    68. Luffyqc XXX

      Ben was an Impostor

    69. Blondekid42

      Super suspicious that this video comes out and then Among Us blows up hard. Hmmm... ;)

    70. IGRETRO

      It's red, guys, I saw him vent

    71. RP Áudio & Visual

      Now it's time to eject him!!!!

    72. Person Person

      There is an imposter among us

    73. Ivan Arifianto

      Employer. There's 1 impostor among us.

    74. 1 sub before 2021?

      I don’t know guys, Ben kinda sus 🤷‍♂️

    75. paulreg

      "Don't be stupid Alan, i know he's not an employee, that's why i dont have to let him out" Ben notices skeleton in there with him

    76. ok storm


    77. Daniel Sapojnikov

      When the spoon falls Everyone is in Electrical

    78. Tawanda Tsvenza

      lol expected the walk of shame

    79. Raghav Bhalothia

      Plot Twist: Ben was actually hired by rowan

    80. Scott No More

      Ben sus

    81. not theroacker123

      OOO has anyone said it yet? Ben kinda sus tho

    82. Chase B

      Red sus

    83. turtlerr r

      this is perfect

    84. David Robinson

      I like how "don't be stupid alan" isn't even an answer, and we're left to assume that he still thinks Ben is an employee 🤣

    85. Agent 48

      This is a Among Us Level Threat

    86. Shayden V

      Among us

    87. Slipping into the depths of failure

      *There is an imposter among us*

    88. Aytheric

      .    。    •   ゚  。   .    .      .     。   。 .   .   。      ඞ 。 .    •     •   ゚   Ben was An Impostor.  。 .   '    0 Impostor remains     。   ゚   .   . ,    .  .

    89. J. Summerz

      Among Us xD

    90. C G

      Me who already watched this video when it came out, but just got it recommended again because of Among Us.

    91. Charine van den Bergh

      Ben sus

    92. Solaire d'Astora

      One impostor among us...

    93. Fragiskos Panagiotidis

      yeah I'm sure this guy faking the task I'm going to vote him next time

    94. Nick Dukeman

      I was rooting for Rowan to give in to his impulses and actually punch Ben. I would have screamed in cathartic joy. Shame. So close.

    95. shotgun_daddy-10

      Dude red hella sus

    96. Hello World

      *SuS InTeNsIfIeS*

    97. Alex Mort

      Yeah... Ben is actually an undercover Health and Safety officer. You can tell by the way he specifically said "Don't do that there's a laser in there." Yes we had to put that on our Safe System of Work assessment for our hand scanners.

    98. Hao Tu Git Gud

      This video predicted Among Us meme

    99. epicpro shen

      This is like among us

    100. Brief case

      Who thought it was going to be about amoung us