People who know nothing about computers - Clearing Cookies

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    This customer just doesn't know anything about how computers work. He's about to learn a big lesson of clearing cookies from the cache.
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    1. Tadhg corcoran

      My kids used to put coins in the optical drive

    2. josem138

      that amazing power supply (bottom) that is not attached where it is supossed to be (top) XD

    3. DeLaw

      Anyone else got a cookie ad before this vid😂?

    4. K Sama

      I "feelings" how rowan casually open a case without any screw driver.

    5. Pierre

      I UNDERSTAND NOW!!!!! Rowan is so strong with his psychic abilities that whatever he believes is true magically manifests into reality!! It's just a shame he is also unbelievably stupid.

    6. Devin Brown

      Rowan has to hire people so he can put Adam in situations to make him feel like a fool.

    7. IcedFate

      $289 . . .$40 more than the tech support scammers charge . . .

    8. ahmad bayadi

      why does he use two power supplies?

    9. Андрей Кастюк

      Да, смеялся до слëз! 🤣

    10. Акира Некромант

      Золотое правило продавца. Когда покупатель несёт ахинею, сначала сделай так как он просит, а потом предложи свой адекватный вариант.

    11. Ximena Godoy

      Guy actually stuffed 56 different cookies in a computer

    12. Arohk

      Come on Rowan, at least use a vacuum cleaner to remove the crumbs like a professional, what service was that .

    13. Kalebe Otaku


    14. Mac Joiner

      My head hurts after watching this

    15. BananaArcher

      Those cookies look so good

    16. GreenPlayz

      Anyone notice that PC having 2 power supplies?

    17. Ayyub Siddiqui

      This made me laugh so badly xD 🤣

    18. Carlos Alberto

      Can I work there please?

    19. pieordie

      if only that is how it works

    20. Aksel Villy Bach -

      In british pcs there is bicuts.

    21. Joe Hargis

      Anybody else notice that the tower had two psu?

    22. Sand Wich

      Why title is in french ?

    23. Scott Helms

      $289? I'd do it for the cookies.

    24. Josh Kriel


    25. Jonathan Nelson

      I was in a computer repair class in high school, back in the day of floppy disks. We basically learned how to repair computers by acting as the schools IT staff. One day I get assigned to fix a computer with a broken floppy drive. I removed the drive and took it apart to see what was wrong. Someone had stuffed a saltine cracker in there. I know my classmates were not dumb enough to think that might work, they just thought it would be funny. Hardy har har.

    26. nethrelm

      I saw that coming from a mile away.

    27. Polish Filipino

      289 dollars and he didn't even take the cookies?

    28. XfactorDJ

      Why is he arguing about it. In CS we just do it 😂🤣🤣 like no point in fighting someone instead of fixing then charging like Rowan did.

    29. King Necromancy

      I was expecting it to explode

    30. SpookyGamez

      Sad thing is that looks alot like my own computer xD

    31. Ueberdruckventil undicht

      I'm cleaning those out myself...gaining weight lately though...huh.

    32. Ruben Gildenhuys

      *internal pain noises*

    33. K.I.S.S Gaming

      So do I have to worry about this on my laptop?

    34. Marijn Ov

      why is there 2 psu's in the pc hahahahahah

    35. Khazar Yakin

      Moral lesson : be more open minded

    36. Mooshieblob

      Why does this PC have 2 power supplies?

    37. Dahaki Khi

      I reckon Rowan sneaks cookies inside all the computers to make an extra buck.

    38. Maximus2150

      The files are IN the’s so simple...

    39. James Bacon

      How Adam says "Oh no." when Rowan comes in is great.

    40. Dušan

      That went as expected.

    41. Hamlet

      Anyone else notice the top mounted power supply on the case then the random 450w SFX power suppply at the bottom that shouldn't be there? *triggered*

    42. Stephen Guetterman

      But what would happen if it was sugar cookies

    43. will smith

      The problem is, you have to convert the bites into bits to get rid of the cookies. Rowen gets one, the customer gets zero.

    44. Gaz Iel

      Oh guys, r u kidding? Why there is a unplugged power supply if the one already installed on the top? :D

    45. Haan Productions

      What a waste of cookies

    46. why creepy

      F*** Samsu‌ng

    47. John Foltz

      Time to toss your internet cookies

    48. Rabid Jock

      When flies and beetles get in there you end up with garabaldi cookies. They are disgusting ..

    49. Magster Artabia

      i want that job. i can earn money and free cookies all the time. i hope there is no trojan horse stuck up.

    50. Grimm Reaver

      I think Rowan is going around people's home and putting cookies in the case just to show he knows more than his employees.

    51. pagan32

      Удобненько было бы)

    52. Danny Owens

      This hurts my soul...

    53. Timothy Freeman

      This would make a hilarious prank at a Best Buy or other electronic repair store.😂

    54. Grizzlox

      This is how every single person on the Carbonaro Effect feels

    55. Glen Senecal

      Rowan is a wizard. Everything you thought you knew about computers IS A LIE!!!!

    56. Zak Attree


    57. sjneow

      Rowan: What's going on? Adam: this is not going to turn out in the way that makes sense isn't it?

    58. CaramelCake

      Consumer: My space is not working, I would like a replacement Clerk: Okay, let me see your keyboard Consumer: Why would I need my keyboard? Clerk: Oh I see the problem here, by space- Rowan: What’s going on?

    59. Алексей Тарариев

      Почему блокпитания внизу а не вверху?

      1. Alex Scrinn

        Очевидно же, что для образования шоколадной крошки,не иначе.

    60. Puzzle Shark

      Customer: They say I supposedly need Ram for my computer Farmer: Sir I don't think... Rowan: Howdy how may I help?

    61. Kileman

      Someone explain the meaning of another psu

    62. zadoww

      I want to fill a computer with cookies and take it to a random pc repair store.

    63. Werfang

      хорошо не догадались проверить на "червей"

    64. Andrew Watret

      Anybody else notice the PSU is absolutely nowhere near the plug in?

    65. BatasGamer

      Great... now i want to eat chocolate chip cookies too

    66. ejjr 2.0

      Ima do this as prank one day

    67. chris the random

      *Ok wat the fawk*

    68. Talking Hands

      I like how that power supply is just sitting there...

      1. RC Slyman

        It isn't even accessible! HOW DOES HE PLUG IT IN?!

    69. JORDYS GTA 5 MODz

      tom sainsbury is funny as

    70. BinkSayres

      The part that makes me the saddest, is that there is a universe out there where this DOES happen...and it's not this one.

    71. Ministry of Magic: Department of Mysteries

      Did this case have two power supplies? It's clearly a top mounted PSU but there was one jiggling round the bottom too.

    72. Jesus Man

      What if Bored is a continuing fever dream.

    73. Mo7 Mo7

      If only


      Now I really want to buy computer It means I can get lot of chocolate cookies 🤣🤣

    75. kdbublitz88

      I think this is my 2nd favorite episode, 1st being the gold shirt episode 🙂 Rotfl! Apparently Adam doesn't know as much about computers as he thinks he does! 🤣

    76. Adaept Zulander

      Chocolate Chip! My favorite!

    77. ميمز ببجي موبايل

      EXE pubg 👍😂 🔞😂😂😂😂😂😂😅🐸🥳

    78. Inferno Tenshou

      He says cache like "caish" even though I and most people I know pronounce cache like "cash" or "catch". Is that really the right way to pronounce it?

    79. Leon Dojcinovski

      With Rowan stepping in to the situation, everything's possible

    80. markponicki

      Thank you for using an old worthless computer for this bit and not something capable of actually doing anything these days.

    81. C 139

      Dual power supply, why not.

    82. Wickem

      Lol correct me if I am wrong but I think this is the first time Rowen fixed a computer.

    83. Nachtigall Fox

      I love the two power supply

    84. Duckers

      Now i question why that pc has 2 power supplies. UNLESS! That second psu isn't a psu, it's a cookie dispenser!

    85. Andrew

      $289? WHAT?

    86. Boumex

      Two power supplies!

    87. First name Last name

      90% of the entire comment section: “Am I the only one who noticed that there are two power supplies?”

      1. goatzsx

        no i was wondering the same thing

    88. Mykola Orliuk

      Saw similar situations in real life, when you completely sure you know the problem and how it is misinterpreted, but then someone nonchalantly taking some ridiculus situation as-is and being right. Of course it is not about cookies, but about some fresh legacy code that you would never though someone will ever do like that.

    89. SirShootyShoot

      anyone else notice the 2nd power supply in there for no reason?

    90. HossSwayerpr


    91. Daniel Ladner

      That computer also has two power supplies. One is in the wrong place at the bottom, and one is at the top where the wire comes out. They build up over time and you need to remove the additional unused power supplies that build up or else there will be no room for your cookies.

    92. Bobius Yo

      Very powerful pc, with two psus

    93. DeuteriumTech

      okay, why is the PSU at the bottom of the case? Why is the PSU not attached? What are you going to do with all those cookies?

    94. Terminasitor

      That is fine and all but why does the computer have two power supplies?

    95. XOtube

      Not gonna lie, this was a little painful to watch once they actually opened the case.

    96. Phantom Thunder

      Best troll ever

    97. wraith runner

      That must be a really fast computer it has two power supplies LOL

    98. Nigel Salari

      Why does the pc have 2 powersuplys

    99. Jermanaut

      Sure, sure, that shows how you get rid of chocolate chip cookies....but what about oatmeal raison or ginger snaps? Or even worse......SPAM!

    100. benjamin hoogvliet

      Since when are the titels are in Dutch 🤔 does youtube does that?