Splitting the last piece - Etiquette

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    The boys all want the last piece of brownie - but resort to splitting the last piece, as that is the appropriate etiquette.
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    1. Nine Breaker

      Mornin'! Nice day for fishin ain't it? Hua hua

    2. Daryl in Göteborg

      Just keep splitting it into infinite fractals

    3. Misc Mitz

      Lol. That's my kids.

    4. Napishtim

      And that's atoms were discovered, folks!

    5. Isaac Snow

      Num num in my tum tum

    6. TheDoomclaw

      This is the most polite line cutting I've ever seen. "who wants to take the last bump? Lets split it!" xD

    7. Pawel Podolski

      Can't you just split it, like a normal person, Ben?

    8. Jeroen De Cloe

      I briefly expected that this video would take around 30 minutes, gradually zooming in on the brownie all the way to the moleculair level, then eventually having a brownie-atom split in half by Rowan and ending the world as we know it.

    9. omgods1

      Wait till they start splitting atoms

    10. Fresh Cookies

      The ending 😂😂😂😂

    11. Darius PhD

      *zeno has entered the chat*

    12. cannibalbananas

      Lol! Could've solved it by doing thirds, but this was funnier 😂😂😂😂 Also my etiquette is to just leave hungry cuz I wanted the whole last slice

    13. Steve Byrne

      Rowan cut his finger I see

    14. Eriks Hoodie!

      this made me feel sick

    15. Da Cunha Euclides

      Some say they are still trying to divide the subatomic particles

    16. Jake Tilton

      Half-Life 3 confirmed.

    17. Germaniaceez TV

      First time seeing rowan being selfless

    18. Andrew Stephenson

      Ben embracing his inner American.


      What if they kept doing that until it becomes an infinity brownie piece

    20. KathrynB621

      Outrageous Ben!!!

    21. Hiro

      Honestly I take life by the throat and live. When a piece of cake is sitting in the fridge that has been cut in half/slivered off once or twice I take that last still decent slice without guilt. I know I know, burn the witch. But honestly I always hate eating that little bit/sliver when it's there and wish it weren't there at all because it is so unsatisfying and unfilling. I'm sure others when they think about it can agree they'd rather it just be over and done with either by themselves or someone else while it's still a nice piece. Like someone in my house literally left an empty carton of Ice cream once, usually there's something to scrape out to even if just to fill a quarter of a teaspoon, which again is stupid as all getout. No one wants that, they'd rather it be gone

    22. King Kaleb

      My family is literaly like this with no exagurations

    23. shadowgirl765

      All they had to do was cut the first into threes lol

    24. Demofiel

      Hahaha! This is exactly what it's like at work! 😂

    25. Rainbow sword

      College humor made this same joke although the punch line was a bit different

    26. Excaliburx25

      Legends from another dimension say that had Ben not intervened, these three would have cut atoms and cut those sub-atomic particles as well.

    27. Liviu Bostan

      This was painful,funny and irritating to watch

    28. Merlijn Bouwman

      here in Dutchieland we just say, "I'll walk the dog" and take the last piece for ourselves ;)

    29. Stylianos Karagiannidis

      Had Ben not shown up, they would have rediscovered atoms!

      1. Stylianos Karagiannidis

        And eventually would have split them

    30. Matteo Capuzzi

      That brownie perfectly represents the way I imagine Adam and Alan’s wages after all the paycuts they got through these years.

    31. Drew Needs more sleep

      My father would never take the last piece, ever. It would turn to Stone in the pan.

    32. Kristian Tofan Purnama

      luckily ben saved the day, if he does not do it, they will split until the atom level, and we know where it goes after that... thanks ben for preventing Nuclear war

    33. Dimiturs Gremory

      I wasn't sure is it a way to show that you are not egoistic or that the last person that eats the last piece has to wash the dish.

    34. Will Elkins

      Lol numnumsformytumnum

    35. Liam Normile

      thank god for ben or else they would have to use a microscope to cut it

    36. Liam Normile

      num for the tum tum lols

    37. Michael Doyle

      these guys know who Democritus was!

    38. T Streb

      This was getting very hard to watch. So glad Ben came and killed it.

    39. Mr Dragon Age

      The only guy is constantly screwing Rowan over is Ben

    40. Iain Mac

      *angry supertask noises*

    41. Temp

      I was expecting an atom split followed by explodion

    42. Dominic Durand

      I'm ben but before it was every cut

    43. Darth Revan

      If I'm a guesst I won't even try to eat the last piece but if is my party I'll take the last three pieces!!!!

    44. Chrismanmoniz

      Moral of the story, always go first

    45. TEMI AMONE

      This is insane. I swear, if bene hadn't intervene, they would still continue slicing up that little piece till the point they have to use a microscope to see and slice up the atomic molecules

    46. Albaniaball 89

      You missed the opportunity for an atomic explosion joke due to splitting the atom. Outrageous!

    47. rui umetada

      Plz stop smoking drugs is better be that way... bruh ... It’s ok I got it now just because yesterday night you smoking to much pot doesn’t means you need the cuts the brownies like this. Ok I’m chef so I gone cooking something for everybody 😁👩‍🍳👨‍🍳🧑‍🍳

    48. Bartmensch

      Until now I was of the opinion that this was a ridiculous tradition from my home country "Germany" and never made it to other countries. I was proven wrong. I feel so sorry for you. :'-D

    49. HannahChan2010

      LMAO just rewatched this to see if I can understand what they're mumbling. Allen's lines are cracking me up. "Num num for tum tum." Lmfao

    50. cheekybabe666

      2:19 nails on a chalkboard Num num for my tum tums These are the people you work with. Just eat the f'ing last piece people.

    51. Archlight535

      Everybody gangsta until someone pulls a razor blade and an exacto knife

    52. 마루쉐

      I'd really appreciate it if you put in Korean subtitles. Have a great day!!!!

    53. schofield lancaster

      yall need a discord

    54. HomeValue Glass

      2:21 Adam rubbing the brownie on his gums 🤣

    55. TheReaverOfDarkness

      I'm watching this while eating "brownies".

    56. Cameron T

      What happened to the chef's knife it just disappeared in thinair

    57. Uranos 96

      And that’s who atoms were created back in good old greece

    58. Sven._.

      This reminds me so much of a collegehumor sketch

    59. syahcrazykitty

      I cackled hard when Adam brought out the exacto knife

    60. mchanna06

      Once they pulled out the Exacto.

    61. templar_first

      Great now i want some brownies......

    62. Zack Tengler

      I hate this more than anything you made not saying much cause I love most of your content but is gave me a rage I don't quite understand

    63. NOTtheRagZ

      Jist divide in three lmao

    64. Hey there

      Love how adam took most of the brownie, finally some justice

    65. Darth Zayexeet

      I like to think that they would continue splitting the brownie until there was only 1 atom left. If they were to continue after that, they would cause a nuclear explosion...

    66. Moon Child

      Ben is the anarchy we need in this world

    67. Zhang

      So college humor's sketch with a brownie instead of cookie?

    68. N B

      Oh for crying out loud! My son would have run up and snatched the last brownie. Ever hear of the term "crumb-snatcher?"

    69. ZX

      At least Ben got a piece of the brownie before it was too late. 😂

    70. ZX

      At least Ben got a piece of the brownie before it was too late. 😂

    71. David Luckie

      sort of puts manager's privileges into perspective karma-wise

    72. BK907

      Rowan being nice?

    73. Honigmelonensaft


    74. JustusLM

      College Humor did this almost 4 years ago... Different vibe and punchline, though, so I like both!

    75. Reman1975

      I was waiting for the CGI mushroom cloud as they tried to split the last atom of cake. :D

    76. Trey Patton

      Oh thank you Ben!! You get brownie points..

    77. Nerd Made

      In my experience, people do that because they don't want to wash the plate. Everyone should have been happy with Ben

    78. ΩX Яain Zero 002 Bunny Nightmare X

      Are those pot brownies?

    79. RIPsandwich

      Teachers should show this to teach fractions.

    80. Joy Jennings

      College Humor did the same skit a while ago

    81. Gingerneric Gaming

      Reminds me of my uncle, eats the whole bag of chips and leaves one left because he feel better if he doesn't finish it 😂

    82. edst1500

      in a few minutes they are on molecular level

    83. Justin Hutchinson

      I remember one time 3 people were offering each other the last piece of brownie. I thought It would be funny If I randomly came in an ate it. I got the most filthiest looks as I was laughing and eating it.

    84. MUSKRAT Playstyle - Mixed Game Videos

      If at the start Adam had split the brownie in three ...... definitely the boys are no mathematicians 😂😂 Love it - just like my family! Went dining with them plus a good friend of mine who simply took the last piece - everybody else stunned, me laughing (but only inwardly - "keeping the etiquette") 😂

    85. Reuven Polonskiy

      Math in work


      If ben didn't come 2 years later Guys splitting atoms

    87. mikrobixmikrobix

      Batsu game did it better XD

    88. Darryl Alagdon

      *Zeno 's Paradox*

    89. NSA Agent

      "Num num for my tum tum" 🤣😂

    90. MDW Coaching

      How many brownies did you have to eat to achieve the perfect chops as seen here? 😅

    91. Walking Outdoor

      Without Ben they would have split atoms... he is a hero 0.0

    92. Josh Walden

      Nom nom for my tum tum

    93. Jey Lee


    94. Nino Safino Imperio Montejo

      Ben! OUTRAGEOUS!!!

    95. Jon

      Good thing Ben showed up or they may have started snorting the crumbs.

    96. MrRushSkies

      Ben eating the last piece "LiKe A nOrMaL pErSoN."

    97. theredbeard opinion

      When they try an ASMR video

    98. firestorm0901

      Could have been all avoided with that first cut being thirds, lol

    99. Abdulaziz Moh. Alnoori

      wait a minute, have i really seen Rowan sharing a brownie with Adam and Alan, that's weird,maybe Rowan has some copies of himself,one at home,one at playtech,one at Epic Npc Man

    100. Robert Rosenthal

      Love your stuff, but this one just didn't do it for me. Sorry.