Epic NPC Man Supercut - Season 24 & 25

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    Epic NPC Man Supercut including: Danger Music, Reward, Preparation (The Witcher), Provoked, Level Up (too low level), Training, Fishing, Side quest, multi escort, Bad Acting, Weak Spot.
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    1. Thomas Wilton

      So..,If anyone should apologize it's Hamish....

    2. captc502

      Angry Ben is so much more fun than asshole Ben

    3. Thomas Fuller

      This is hilarious

    4. Dread


    5. MemeLord

      Is this an actual video game? If it isn't, WHY NOT.

    6. Szary Liść

      Smok zupełnie jak żywy, wyjęty wprost z polskiego serialu Wiedzmin 😁

    7. Joachim Andreassen

      I would legit want a game based on this series but with more content than just honeywood ofcourse, also with viva la dirt league as the characters (not all of the characters ofcourse it would be to repetetiv) incuding dungeons to raid and stuff like that with both offline and online features In other words i would like to have a story line for itself in offline and an online function so that u can play with others and raid dungeons together and have live events, while also having alot of quests in different towns and citys and perhaps even countries Together with all this with different classes like tank, mage, healer, warrior, miner, alchemist, hunter etc. all having different buffs, helping them in different areas where the others lack a little (all classes should be balanced) In 3D ofcourse with realistic looking graphics and a big veriety of weapons, and quests in different parts of Azerim with the cobbelstone village as its main theme This could also be a good way for viva la dirt league to earn Even more money and increase their reputation over the Internett And if this were to happen i would pre-order the game, and that says something when i have been gaming for over 10 years and never pre-ordered a single game during all that time Btw i have been a huge fan for a long time and have always loved your acting, and i would love to see more of your work because i have basically seen all of your videos of epic npc man (Sorry if there are any misspellings in there, my native tongue is not english, and also please like so that they may se this idea and share this if you could so it is a bigger chance of it happening) And remember brave adventurer to subscribe to viva la dirt league, can you do it? 11:09

    8. Magnusio

      "Say sorry!" xD "I am done playing mister nice guy!" I DIED!

    9. playmary123

      Legend has it that after losing all his children to golden skull gambling addiction, he becomes the terror of the land.....until met by a brave adventurer who had found his secret weak spot.

    10. Pieter Muller

      Well done to New Zealand,I enjoy this Comedy and really funny actors.

    11. Ritz Barredo

      Hamish 🤣🤣🤣

    12. yiban di

      Toss a coin to your watcher! Hahahaha

    13. Bill f Brasky

      Can’t stop repeat watching all these vids,hamish is awesome

    14. Martin Serious


    15. Zack Sael Official

      The last skit made me laugh like never before! Thanks guys you made my day!

    16. nemesis408


    17. MyBrotha Gaming

      I really want to see baily again and hear him say Mornin nice day of fishin aint it

    18. Lexean Corros

      *6:00* rowan wasnt axctually have low tier armor, the guy in the black suit i forgot his name acctually has the "show enchantment auras" and "show bright armor and weapon colors(may affect your expeirence)" turned off

    19. simon parent-laporte

      What is this game?

    20. Pedro A.

      Mano isso é melhor do que jogar RPG kkkkkkkk

    21. Sander

      Hamish is so good in weak spot!

    22. Metz Béhourd - Graoully

      15:15 .... seriously? lol

    23. Artemis


    24. Juan Areola

      21:38 is the best "The son of a bitch" That made me laugh

    25. Soggy

      To be fair at the "rewards" skit, he could have just autoloaded

    26. W.D Gaster

      Everything here is just my skyrim gameplay.

    27. sam walker

      Ok you’d better not be disrespecting the red dead redemption fishing mission

    28. Kirk

      So when are they making the Town of Honeywood with characters and stats for D&D???

    29. BestDadEver19

      8:51 u can see he tryes to hold his laugh XD

    30. Ouma Shu

      17:07 Yep me whenever i play rpg complete all side quests before i get out xD

    31. Sans WingDings

      0:01 Terraria when boss spawn somewhere but didnt spawn near you and then its fly form somewhere to kill u

    32. Victor Castro JR

      0:23 living in the U.S is hard, every time a stray bullet wizzes by, you hear this crap.

    33. Rike S

      Mug him, Mug him ! Stab and chop off his head.

    34. Banan O'donnell

      Did any one think when the mouse ate him it reminds us of monty python and the Holy grail rabbit

    35. Elijah Garcia

      When battle music plays it's actually the mc sensing danger Also skyrim has pretty good quest rewards

    36. James Pipes

      9:20 me when im craving an apple

    37. Dylan Oppeneer

      23:16 ouch EISAC NO! i hope i write it good enough

    38. Porch Side Politics

      Rowland's sarcastic "nice day for fishing ain't it" is the fuckin best....haha

    39. Jeff JM Cañas

      I love how he reaccted lol 7:18

    40. Stuiped SuitCase

      I think he should've quick loaded for the chest and souls 😂

    41. Mustapha Mond

      My experience in Cyberpunk 2077. I'm on edge peaking around corners for five minutes only to realize there's a radio on blasting heavy metal in game.

    42. NobleNumenorean

      Ben is built like a Meerkat

    43. cade johnson

      23:37 lmfao

    44. Abraham Escobar

      Who else is stoned af watching this at 2 am😂

    45. Simon Berglund

      i wish this was a real game

    46. sleepy snoring puppy

      can somebody explain him picking up the flower and the leveling up thing cuz I feel like I got most of the joke but that part I'm always confused about.

    47. Kyan Stupid

      I wish this was a game

    48. Gemein Hardt


    49. Andrew Koji

      These guys are amazing. I hope Baelins route retains the meta comedy they're so good at and tapped into

    50. kriss3d

      Great acting skills so great he can play a really poor actor. And that Wilhelm scream just nails it.

    51. unsilent_ninja

      that small "you're a piece of shit" from Hamish made my day.

    52. James Gravil

      24:54 "You really think I would put all of my life-force into one singular orb? (laughs)" Sauron: "Hey."

    53. Zhanshy

      The bald bearded guy is probably my favourite thing in the series.always makes me laugh.

    54. Mathieu

      I mean, Rowan is probably the greatest troll of all times.

    55. Crih crih

      7:20 Lmfao hamish throwing hands demanding a apology

    56. night light

      In that one with bodger and isaac after the cutscene I always loot the corpse for unique stuff like Isaac's spear

    57. Dhairyasheel Kalekar

      18:00 "Out and in" huh?😂

    58. Rama Aditya

      Dendro slimes : *Exist* Danger music : 0:07

    59. RAE DR

      I hate when enemy music plays and it's an over powered animal XD

    60. Tadas Valiukas

      why the hell am i supposed to see 5 ads in 1min only huh ? and its 27mins vid

    61. My Morning Jacket

      The bad acting skit always kills me.

    62. Hronn Big Horns

      Something i don't understand is the main characters on mmo games are much more powerful then us the players so why do they need our help who are not so powerful as them?

    63. Kexrus

      Danger music is so relatable with genshin impact lol

    64. Drakenile Sovnguard

      Where are they getting all these costumes?

    65. KimWingz

      Netflix should hire them. They actually evolved to quite decent actors 😂

    66. spaceidiot200

      the mouse is the tiny vermin in Hades

    67. Noob Dino

      I thought c was holy fire

    68. Cookie. co

      Morning Nice day fishing ain't it hu ah

    69. Red Neck

      That fish been dead for a while

    70. James Robinson

      should have given him the chest.. got the xp.. then stood there for 3 hours and stabbing him to death in the gut, and waiting for him to respawn and doing it again a thousand times... then mugged him for 500k gold

    71. Bobby Fenris

      21:04 swear I was having deja vu until he blew past greg.. thought it was going to be the boss fight skits again just different.

    72. Alex McGuire-Barnes

      16:17 you guys forgot to cover up the tattoos :(

    73. curse Love

      i did not notice it till now but this is a really good game LOL its a triple-A game

    74. Sage2000

      In the last video, is the arrow cgi?

    75. Yoshi Dinono

      *_Morning! Nice day for fishing, ain't it! HU HA_*

    76. Yoshi Dinono

      I now have a fear of mice. 😳

    77. David Eddy

      Hamish, a mild mannered merchant pushed beyond all reason. I can relate.

    78. mlgrocket

      a bit late, but there are 3 reactions when it comes to games telling you to press shift any normal game: oh, the game is just telling me how to play, annoying, but it's whatever horror game when in a long corridor and something is chasing you: why is it telling me to run? *looks behind* OH THAT'S WHY! horror game when in a long corridor but nothing is chasing you: why is it telling me to run? *looks behind* WHY IS IT TELLING ME TO RUN?! THERE'S NOTHING THERE!

    79. Kallen Dancer

      Honestly, the acting is great. I honestly love their skits

    80. Hull breach detected

      Isaak from the bad voice acting video is hilarious, I hope you will bring his character back as a meme in the future.

    81. Ferhat Kambur

      21:14 that cry of adam OMG

    82. Andrey Kuzmin

      "Tutorial" skit reminded me about meeting Greybeards for the first time

    83. SammySlamma

      23:37 Obligatory Wilhelm scream 🤣🤣

    84. Drunk Tom Cruise

      In this skit... Hamish is the normal one

    85. Rin Matsuoka

      Super rat :v

    86. Pnkykun

      18:27 you can see their breath...... poor dude with no shirt...... dedication

    87. ShinigamiRukia17

      Why do I have a feeling for the Reward skit that Bodger was conning Ben for the chest?

    88. Gabriel Nava

      Is this a real game ?😂 I wanna play it🤤

    89. Mike Ohhh

      I *really* thought the second objective was gonna be "Look up and down" lol

    90. Phaota

      I miss the making of endings. Please bring them back.

    91. Vincenzo Attili

      I hope they make a real game out of this stuff with honeywood and the npcs ^^ that be great !

    92. Mukuro

      5:14 When you are a Witcher buy your enemy is a pokemon. 19:14 That's why you need to save regularly XD

    93. Hoplasa

      that willhelm scream gets me everytime xd

    94. Jeremiah Deguzman

      My head cannon is that these videos feature full-dive VR but the first couple of games for the VR are the same kind of crap that games have been for the last few decades. So it's really just the same as always

    95. Raid I xRose I

      Nice day for fishin ain’it

    96. Ryan Rusch

      I love their shitty CGI, it reminds me of the old RPG's lmao if it was top notch cgi it would be unrealistic.

    97. ArchAngel121996


    98. flpsnk4848

      21:16 looks like Ben should fall on his arse after that bang lol

    99. disgruntled postal employee

      Perhaps the guard had seen so much shit that he was shell shocked into a monotone voice.

    100. MAXNAZ 47

      @ 5:05 Bodger should have opened the chest again and to his surprise, "Oh look, if you open the chest again, all the souls come back". Then lists in his inventory for 120,000 gold with a sly smile 🤣🤣🤣