Epic NPC Man Supercut - Season 24 & 25

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    Epic NPC Man Supercut including: Danger Music, Reward, Preparation (The Witcher), Provoked, Level Up (too low level), Training, Fishing, Side quest, multi escort, Bad Acting, Weak Spot.
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    1. markco desarro

      What game would this be based off of cuz it seems pretty fun

    2. silverblade357

      Ben: *steps back* Also Ben: *quicksave* Rowan: "Aw, fu-!"

    3. Hollow 666


    4. Atheist Gamer

      The Wilhelm scream when the bad voice actor dies....

    5. João Domingos

      So you press c to crouch and also to use holy fire?

    6. willj78

      Morning😶, nice day for fishing😣, ain't it😫, haha😏

    7. Phenomenon King

      that roar is from ursa in dota 2

    8. don sang

      Rowan's acting is great

    9. weebboi

      i swear if someone starts putting sea of theives meg boss music on i will tense up and start muscle memory button smashing to the pistol

    10. Azseth

      I SHEATHED MY DANG SWORD! I want my serene music, you cursed Gods!

    11. The High Pineapple

      That last skit was fucking brilliant 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

    12. Jayden

      What game are these based on

    13. Wendigo Art Creations

      That's why you have to make sure you read the fine print of the quest, it usually warns you that you won't be able to come back to the certain area. Though, Ben probably just said "SKIP"

    14. Fitz Williams

      Danger music really brings those skyrim random dragon spawns back

    15. huuweee

      f*ck the damn quest! If it is the end of the chain - at least it sounds like this was the last one - all the things he killed on his way should gave him way more exp. points anyway. So another uselss item to keep on the bank just to... 'keep the reminder' x'D

    16. growandgame

      2:28 kill the npc.

    17. Angelina Hunt

      I seriously lost it on that death scream 😂😂😂

    18. mastaYarrr

      he allowed it XD

    19. Tellminator

      The stupid minigames that take waaaay to long to finish reminded me of GTA. Great game, but I don't want to do half an hour of Yoga when I could be running over hookers with my pimped out sports car. And no cousin I don't wan'y to play Billiard!!!!

    20. Wii Music

      The fishing skit is awesome

    21. snyggfredrik

      you guys are heros.

    22. Gian K

      When 'The Witcher' walks up to the Woodland Dragon he should of said: "Hmm, Woodland Dragon with bad CGI."

    23. Chlorine_Argon_Potassium

      Allen you had the perfect opportunity to say “show him the lines”

    24. Pech Sengcheang

      Omg, just press the quick load bottom and u return to sell the chest immediately. Problem solve, Ben.

    25. Utkarsha Khanal

      All Epic NPC Videos are so relatable.....

    26. Neon Ninja 14

      training a player be like teaching a npc to do the imposible, since npcs cant opperrate how they want, but follow a code. a player however has free will to move and do whatever he pleases XD so they are really shocked about how one can break the chains placed on an npc.

    27. m h

      Man seriously 😹😹😹... The whole season was the best but the Grand Vizier was killing 😂😂😂

    28. Heinz Conti Zacherl

      how the fuck did Rowan not laugh to death at @25:14

    29. AAJ30

      23:38 hahahahahahaa

    30. ScAnVas

      7:55 now this reminds me of that GTA V cutscene where Trevor keeps getting punched by some random dude

    31. HR47

      I wish this was a real game , mmo in this world you guys have created , love your videos ✌️

    32. Lil crewmate

      Person preparing to fight: *drinks 1000000 potions and puts on the best armor* Me preparing for a fight: *puts in a watermelon hat* I’m ready

    33. Gelus Venn

      The weak point skit is the most incredibly satisfying thing, because there are always NPCs like that in games where you just whup up on them like they stole something and then the cutscene acts like you were having a hard time and you call it a draw or you are 'graciously allowed to leave' or the like.

    34. Sapphir

      Love Rowans sword from 6:01, where could i get replica?

    35. DefiniteFenrir

      7:15 fruit merchant just walked into oncoming traffic

    36. Man Man

      No bacon is a great way for you making your day a week or so before I get there to help make it happen again and again I’m gonna I am in your life where I’m going To love your new account style

    37. Gurtington


    38. Alf's Assets

      You guys need to make this game!!!! It's awesome :) you would make millions.....

    39. pix- gamerguy

      i like how the npc congrats the player while training

    40. shadowfr0st

      tutorial: exists me: SKIP!

    41. Volve

      I really start to think Ben worked for Rowan in the past ,and the experiences was horrible

    42. Ricardo Pesenti

      5:05 would have been funnier if he'd now recatched the souls with it^^

    43. Zak thewarcat

      still the best

    44. PB_ Powerr

      5:11 Skyrim 101 grab a big sword and wack and shoot the dragon until it stops moving

    45. Doctor Whomst'd've

      Hamitch was like "I know you from somewhere." Punches em in the face. Yeah, he deadass sold you the golden skull of Raul. Lmao I'm dead.

    46. Evan Johnson

      Somebody needs to make this into an actual game

    47. Brian Piotrowski

      I got a big sword and I go like this 'huh hughhh huh'

    48. hrvoje jurcevic

      From 5:06- 9:15 best 2 episodes. i watched it like 10 times, still best

    49. Anonymous GAMER

      You can just go to your last save...

    50. xxes11xx

      I really want to play a game made in their image and dubbed by them....

    51. andy o1998


    52. Joshua Sellers

      5:08 is basically when monster hunter gets stuck in the Witcher games.

    53. Rayan Almr.bloons td6lover

      21:38 “Isaac a son of a bitch

    54. Luna Margaret

      shorturl.ca/allsex උඩු රැවුල ඔහු තම කෙස් කපා නමුත් සමග4

    55. Onionman77

      I looove the too low level one!

    56. Draco Crusiaux

      6:55 poor Dragon :'(

    57. Soalk

      Might get a tattoo of a little Baelin saying, "Mornin!"

    58. Cody Moran

      Seems like Isaac needs a new voice actor. Maybe Nolan North can do the job in the next update

    59. Arhatu

      Good video , keep it up.

    60. Overlord0011

      "I guess I can take more than one escort quest." Me: Does this look like Dead Rising? No? Then don't do it!

    61. O Greblhaw

      I think Honeywood would make a great location in The Elder Scrolls VI, with a garlic merchant.

    62. Motivated Matthew

      all vines are living ;)

    63. Paulo H

      Is it skyrim guy

    64. Collin Burris

      Y'all really got to make an actual rpg

    65. Caleb Barlow

      2:08 if this chest was made by the first men don’t you think it would still be worth a lot

    66. Why do I need names anyway?

      1:11 I’ve seen worse

    67. Koolex YT

      Epic NP semen...

    68. Zyronne lee Asedera


    69. The Sarcastic Skeptic

      Issac’s dying scent screech sound bite is absolutely hilarious lol

    70. Caleb Griggs

      The music @12:45 sounds like the music from the game Interplanetary. JS.

    71. Taylormade2350

      I dont like the newer blonde guy, he seems to try way too hard.

    72. Sgt Epic

      Imagine if VLDL made an RPG game. That'd be fkn amazing

    73. giorgi tsereteli

      Someone answer me what game is it ??? 😢

    74. Mr Eckes

      I've never played any of these types of games and have only just discovered this channel. Well done you lot, what great characters and such fun. Keep up the great work fellow Kiwi's.

    75. Thinh Le

      what game is it, just started to wonder:))

    76. シRyder

      5:10 this would be me if I remembered to actually prepare for a fight

    77. samuel leite

      BlackSmith: how are you going to get the exp? Adventurer: well, i'm going to use a console command, bitch, have a good day.

    78. XDcryptusNinja

      they think hes being the witcher thats just shit im offended

    79. LOD l NOBITA

      Awesome 👍😊👍👏 #akbarbaba

    80. Aspry Writes

      I had to watch these back to back 18:45 to notice that Ben is constantly trying to SKIP out of quests.

    81. Tee F

      When. Is. The. Game. Dropping!? Loved watching these as they come out, and the compilations are perfect for getting others into the series!

    82. Mlg Mousatos

      0:53 1st dark souls 3 boss be lick

    83. Rangi katipa

      Attacked in a Cutscene🤣😭🤣

    84. Jose lorenzo Diez

      21:16 best moment ever

    85. Javier S C E

      24:23 So thats what happens when u buy very expensive stuff with money that u didint even know u have and then u " safe hide " all that stuff in an non protected-non closed chest in the middle of nowhere near 2 trees....mmmh...

    86. Ben Hansen

      100 I thought it was more than that I’ll probably just watch them too many times love you guys my wife’s Kiwi by the way but she’s not as funny as use guys and girls

    87. Ben Hansen

      I reckon I’ve seen every video thay have made at least 10 times and I’m still watching

      1. Ben Hansen


    88. Leonardo Camilio

      Ben's armor is quite cool actually

    89. Praesto Innovations

      That bad voice acting killed me

    90. Morgzini


    91. dspl1991

      Am i alone in this or... I feel this should be made into a full on real MMORPG. Make Skycraft Real 😊

    92. Jason Q

      0:50 First time I played MORROWIND, a fucking rat killed me just outside of town. ‘Twas a big rat. Real nasty.

    93. Aireen Jaymalin


    94. Deha Gürsel

      0:05 is Morrowind 😂

    95. dhg the vulture

      I have seen all videos over 100 plus times

    96. TheBestCJEver

      I love how Ben Trolls them in Bored, so now everyone trolls Ben in Epic NPC man 😂😂

    97. Sofia Biatch

      5:18 he sounds like Elijah Mikaelson :D

    98. apcsox

      “I’m warning you, if there’s not a fish on the end of this line this time, I’m gonna find out how essential you NPCs really are!” 😂😂😂😂

    99. TriggerHappy

      Mornin, Nice day for fishin aint it, hyuh hyuh!

    100. Koltybolty