When game choices make no difference - Choice

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    1. Leo Rond

      Лучший канал

    2. Tyrone Calacal

      "an eye for an eye makes the while world blind" ah good old days

    3. Charlies Plays

      I would’ve cut the man’s head so he won’t do anything

    4. Reezon

      Is that ZABIMARU?!

    5. StormBrendan

      Me: *goes up to an executioner and attempts to stop the execution* The executioner: Yes. Hmm. What do you need.

    6. {Larry Cosmoc, The Brownie}

      Imagine if you completely obliterate him and a weird magic flying sword just cuts off his head

    7. JMP

      "For the peace of da kingdom!" *Guard kills player for attacking executioner*

    8. Games Reaper

      Why is he holding Abarai Renji's sword form the anime bleach 😒🤔

    9. Philippe Caron

      I have a solution to keep this man alive. Don't even enter that conversation and he will forever hold that blade.

    10. Tarakashka

      когда в скайриме меч с Блича

    11. Rustin Fox

      Is that sword from bleach? Lol

    12. zabuza axel

      sword look like renji shakai

    13. Diamond Ace 777

      There are no words for how true this is...

    14. Nmm

      The way he went from being in an unbearable pain to casually carrying out the execution makes me laugh every time 😂😂😂

    15. GasmanOAV

      There it is... “Skip.”

    16. Michael Flowers

      Go get him, Zabimaru-wielding npc dude. Wait... oh hell, where's Renji?

    17. Fon Ho

      This remind me the Solitude executions.

    18. Shadow_AquilaX

      Anyone else waiting for the npc to shout "Howl, Zabimaru!"?

    19. Kathryn Free

      In these sorts of situation. It's best to pre-emptively attack the NPC. Like in Wasteland 3. Or FO4, sometimes talking to an NPC that you know whatever you say won't matter. But the roleplayer in you knows what to do :) shoot a rocket at them before they even speak.

    20. legend123ify

      Awesome lol

    21. trollstrom

      - "What's going on here?" - "Oh, Adventure, the Town of Honeywood has convivicted this lazy game designer for making games in which the player has no choice. - "How can I help you in this just cause, good man?"

    22. Nerdtrap

      Life is strange in a nutshell... Make everyone happy and the final 2 choices they either die, or reset to before any of it even happens

    23. Mark 741

      Oh adventurer, you have given me pauze for thought xD

    24. T Coldwell

      Stab stab stab stab cut cut slash slash

    25. T Coldwell

      Ranger guild murder honeywood

    26. Ghulam Mubarok

      Thats why i sell the 100000+% potion to increase my speech till 100, so that i can unlock secret choice

    27. Antares

      I expected the final scene to have the executioner being killed, but the sound file still being played and the prisoner suddenly losing his head.

    28. MysticDragonWolf

      His charisma isn’t high enough

    29. Edward Snowden

      How does a video with 20 beheadings escaped demonetization is the real question here :P

    30. BrickFire

      What if he blocked the sword?

    31. TechMechMon

      Zabimaru is that you?

    32. frisianmouve

      Would've been funnier if Alan actually died and then Adam magically gets decapitated

    33. Vitcher

      3:49 "You Should Have Gone For The Head..."

    34. David Reed

      Got really lucky Greg didn't kill him for skipping him again

    35. Werewolfwrath

      I bet if he had actually killed the executioner, either he would've respawned, or another NPC would've walked up and said "I will carry out the execution instead."

    36. hammad azaz

      should have gone for the head

    37. Dodge Durango

      This sums up the entire series of mass effect cause of ME3

    38. Ryan Ortiz the legend

      This was hilarious and so relatable 😂

    39. Goodkat

      What would Deadpool say about this ? "That´s just lazy writing"

    40. AWARHERO

      Man... 3:05 that stupid "Willow dance in the wind" when you character is just waiting for something to happen... lmao...

    41. PNW Affliction

      90% of bioware and telltale in a nutshell

    42. Kuster

      Is this based on a real game?

    43. Abrila Purple


    44. Richard Urbanec

      Sponsored by Telltale games.

    45. Yami Maou Gaming

      Bro i can't stop the laugh, ya sometimes also i have questions about this type of game lol

    46. Samudra Wiryantama

      Is that zabimaru 😂 just realized after 2nd time watching

    47. Biggiez

      As thanos once said "you should have gone for the head..."

    48. General Nightmare

      That..... Sword maybe? Looks kinda heavy and pretty the sharpy ngl

    49. grey sef

      Who knows maybe that's what's supposed to happen

    50. Feito Puns

      I guess telltale made this game

    51. Esteban Caceres

      Soy yo, o están usando a Zabimaru en este sketch?

    52. Cmdr Exopeace

      Fallout 4

    53. Boss Cat

      Me trying to prevent Reuben from dying in Minecraft Story Mode.

    54. gogorika

      Did someone notice that this sword is Rengi's Zanpakuto?

    55. iZeus

      By the thumbnail I thought he was going to spank him

    56. Y Qisq

      Essential NPC

    57. Timur Strubel


    58. Dan Arthur

      medieval RPG with anime sword.. just wth are you guys playing?!

    59. josh mcglenn

      Option 6: ROAR, ZABIMARU!

    60. G Studios

      Again, relatable.

    61. Mr.HalfNHALF

      "So anyway, I started blasting"

    62. TheEvilBere

      "Who am I to kill this man? - Right I am the executioner..." XD

    63. Ress Helson

      Me killing my haters -2:07

    64. brokuify

      Anyone else notice fucking zabimaru?

    65. Count Lazuli

      Once you are done carrying out the execution, another settlement needs your help. I'll mark it on your map.

    66. Steven Jenkins

      Is that sword Zabimaru from bleach

    67. Mr.Classified 616

      Spared Kenny in first 2 games of the walking Dead. 3rd game: " I will carry out the execution."

    68. 8440k

      Is that sword Zambimaru ???

    69. ElSalsaRey

      Me whenever I try to save Roggvir

    70. Justin Hawkins

      You forgot to loot the corpse

    71. CzaRus _The_Sniper


    72. Doritoking 2008

      Charisma 0 😂

    73. juPiTerSiZe

      Is that a bleach sword?

    74. X G

      He should've gone for the head.

    75. Borisdawelf

      When no choices make difference *ddlc yuri’s confession*

    76. Sifya

      The plot of dragon age 2! It is not important what hakwe does, Kirkwall will fall

    77. Sifya

      Why is humble garlic merchant making esecution? It should be a Guard?


      "An eye for an eye leaves the world blind" - Rowan

    79. Kelvin Jones

      This is funny and sad and infuriating at the same time...i.legit return games when they do this stupid shit...idk its like a peeve of mine or sumn..i returned ghost for this very reason..u get to choose ur replies to ppls questions and conversations but they do absolutely nothing even tho they give u options...the only difference u get from killin ur uncle and not killin him is the color of ur ghost armor(white and black) yea i almost broke that shit lol

    80. Michael Irizarry

      Trying to beat Fallout 4 be like...

    81. TheHellisangel1

      mass effect 3 ending in a nutshell

    82. Hk 47

      Query: is this fallout 4?

    83. Tomboeg

      Mass Effect 3's ending.

    84. A WildVlad

      Tell tale games be like

    85. Fede Mar

      Thanks for the spanish subtitles. Good video like always

    86. Janne Siukkola

      Every game designer should follow Epic NPC Man series. 😄

    87. King Bob

      Mass effect 3.. lol

    88. Keeper

      Rowan screaming in despair with perfectly straight face made me spill my tea.

    89. Noops Krof

      The Thumbnail looks like a game.

    90. Bruh Noodle

      Why does he have a bleach sword

    91. Drayde Under

      just FUS RO DAH and he will be saved

    92. Bro Momento

      Is that a Zabimaru?

    93. Sourless F1X

      just like real life

    94. Брат человека со стрелой в колене

      Once I was on the road of adventure, and then I was shot in the knee

    95. Haseo

      He didnt have a charisma ring

    96. Neyo 3006

      Funny you waering renjis katana from bleach

    97. Linus Lindenhofer

      Poor rowan

    98. a piece of bread

      "do you want a pokemon?" "no" "i'll ask you again" "do you want a pokemon?"

      1. 39 SANAL K P

        @Shashwat Sinha stfu and take this pokemon

      2. Hotdog Cake


      3. Shashwat Sinha

        @Linnea Wongseeda Svensson Maybe.

      4. Linnea Wongseeda Svensson

        I’ll ask again, do you want a Pokémon?

      5. Crazy Beast

        @Joy30 No

    99. TheVaultdweller

      The executioner walking away! LMAO I'm dead!

    100. Martin Mészàros

      *executioner is unconscious