Facing doubt head on - Spirit

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    1. EchoGamer

      Dude... you guys are so cheesy.

    2. Когораш Инф

      Generic fighting anime in 4min

    3. Lucia Janičková

      Best Kickstarter ad ever.

    4. Global rider

      I never felt like such a geek until I actually understand all of these references haha I love it

    5. Bilel Taktak


    6. ElSalsaRey

      Wait...they used the Namek cast. Does that mean...did Ben kill Alan a few moments later?

    7. Sanni Pflasterkasten


    8. Mitchowski

      🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 This was so great, like honestly, truly amazing!

    9. Monhoo Batraa

      in creadit scene, all the name are come from dragon ball anime?

    10. Jonathan Hart

      I guess I have been doing kickstarter wrong. I need to buy a gi.

    11. Michael Shepard

      His call for support sounded incredibly similar to the VA for South Park’s Randy Marsh.

    12. Eric Layton

      This should’ve been made into 10 different episodes

    13. Kono hetare yaro


    14. Beyond Horizon

      When it hits doubt the sound was supposed to be "plop"x D

    15. Mobin Mandegar

      That's what a good artist does. He doesn't tell you, he shows you

    16. Mion Milla

      not offensive here but they literally did a naruto run there

    17. Aurora Dieu

      Anime name, anyone?

    18. Zak B

      yall gonna have to wait until november when kindle pays me but I'd definitely throw in a few bucks

    19. Prime Song Productions

      Poor Austrailia

    20. Aviv

      Oh chin chin dandayo

    21. christopher pinckard

      They shoulda had the equivalent to senzu beans....

    22. Jarrah Killingback

      Bens fucking ripped.

    23. will2003michael2003

      Wow! This was one of your best skits in my opinion! And it’s even for a commercial but doesn’t feel like it. Awesome work! Great actors! Thanks. #Supported

    24. Griffin Johnson

      Alans idea of getting on a stream once a month to accept donations isnt a bad idea. And kick some to Griffin Johnson some dude you dont know yessssss

    25. Griffin Johnson

      Or just kinda like our shit a little bit lol you guys are epic

    26. Griffin Johnson

      Lol imagine you actually gained speed running like tht

    27. DoomFenixGaming

      Is it me or is the symbol on Alan and Adam's shirts the symbol of the Oda clan?

    28. Master Baiter

      Didn't even notice it was an add until the end.

    29. Dusthas

      So.. they spent all of the kickstarted money to defeat Master Doubt.. So there's nothing left for the movie. Ohno.

    30. Isaiah Rose

      Would've loved to see Baelin come by at the end and say "Hi nice day for pledgin aint it? heuh heuh! " Great video guys lol

    31. child dish

      Naruto fans surely notice that Rowan's wearing akatsuki costume

    32. Thinking Tinker

      What's the background music at the end?

    33. Robert Thompson

      Being a die hard DragonBall and VLDL fan, this is the greatest thing I've ever seen.

    34. akif

      that's sprit bomb of goku

    35. Dream Smuggler

      Akatsuki top while playing a balding goku summoning a spirit bomb made of money? 😂 Best. Promo. Video. Ever 👍

    36. Ryan Holmes

      This was dumb

    37. aniket S

      should have taken 3 episodes to complete the pledge bomb

    38. Nikhil Sultania

      Support animation was cool the only good thing good in the ad video

    39. Brogon the Master

      I see what you did there.

    40. ooo qqq

      Love how this is a dbz parody sketch😂

    41. Florian Seller

      No picture of France, i think you know us very well !!! 😂😂😂

    42. Vesania Vidal


    43. TobisaruJC

      Damn I can’t even late pledge 🙁

    44. Fup Duck

      So good..wish I had a dollar

    45. Jimmy Scalleta

      this is one of the best things you made!

    46. Barnadhya Barman

      This video somehow do show the channel’s history. This brilliant channel took years to reach where they are now but they deserve a lot more. In my country people reach 20 million by just using abusive words. Really unfortunate that this kind of insane talent is not getting a big break.

    47. Richard Farkaš

      Lord Daut is actually playing AOE II DE. Fake news

    48. Efim Viriato

      Dragon ball?

    49. Karl's Revenge

      Why’s Ben built like a psycho out of borderlands lmao

    50. Zorb

      Actually way better than the American dragon ball movie

    51. Dante Snero

      This channel is masterpiece

    52. Cortec

      Funny thing is.. WIth these guys, I think I'd enjoy low budget more over high budget! They do awesome things with no money!

    53. Kevin Almodovar

      I thought this is based on Naruto preparing hi rasen shuriken 😅

    54. Otter_Boom

      Is Master Doubt's first name Fullof?

    55. C. C. I.

      Youve gotten way better

    56. Tiegerator

      Nice, Yamcha and Krillin XD

    57. Tony Luz

      Aim for billions you pussies.

    58. Kenji Veolante

      This is Star Citizen.....

    59. Viserys78

      Then COVID-19 strikes....

    60. Offline Vxve

      0:34 came out from comic

    61. Şĥåđøŵ3

      It's so epic

    62. 0Maguar0

      Rowan: We need more support. Russians: Hold my vodka Если что, русские тут, поддержим фильм на кикстартере ;)

    63. T P

      best anime ever

    64. VENOM Dragon

      What if I spend 100 bucks?

    65. Plot Gaming

      Congrats for 2m

    66. Bueno Loco

      This is metaphoracly so epic that I don't even mind mispelling a shit. You guys hacked it in a way most beautiful (who the hell decided 3-4 vocals in a row is ok?)

    67. Rayray gamerman

      I'm honestly surprised you guys haven't got your own tv show kinda like mad tv but with game skits

    68. Norsedragoon

      Eh still a better video than the DBZ live action movie

    69. Rotmg Troller Fan

      ben haz abz

    70. Danny

      Lol that american accent

    71. Jack H

      The way this is so intentionally shitty is both hilarious and cringey.

    72. Makeitquick

      4:08 "huh-hah."

    73. Nine Tails

      Shitty costumes?

    74. T- Beta

      Türk izliciler varmı

    75. NightWind Teo

      *Top 10 anime fights and ending*

    76. Neils Nygaard

      Is it sad that I still got chills from watching this? XD almost started tearing ip

    77. Anne Mone

      Loooove you guys!!!

    78. wasabi622

      Is that the sound mic at 0:25 in front of Alan?

    79. Kristin FROST Lazerbeams

      Did you combine Naruto with Dragon Ball? Shame... I was entertained though. 😃

    80. lucas felling

      whats the music for this video

    81. Fisk Adored

      Still better than bollywood

    82. glitch gamer


    83. Анастасия Сидоркина

      О! Dragon ball! :D

    84. Justin Bayless

      It’s funny because they make some of the best videos online. Great costumes, great scenery. I’m pretty sure they actually went to America to film the Red Dead videos. These are amazing videos

    85. BROKEN wing H

      They are loyal and passionate young men, I hope if I could support them more. With love from middle east to middle earth❤️

    86. Happys Zzzzs

      Goku Freeza Yamacha Krillin Seriously??

    87. OmniSlash !

      Doesn’t Ben look like the old uncle from the Christmas vacation movie

    88. Rahul pro

      Well I Have watched the real Episode of Dragon Ball Z Where he takes all The Chii from All Over Earth to make a SPIRIT BOMB To Destroy Frizza ! #DBZ

    89. JustAChild

      What was the music?

    90. Mitanoo

      While watching this movie i got a very rare item i've farmed for years. Thank you

    91. dadumbazz

      Are low budgets skits with shitty costumes that bad? That's... why I'm here.

    92. Theocratic Vitifer

      Do humans have souls? Spirits? Something else? How should they be considered? The Bible offers you the answer! Visit JW.ORG for more information!

    93. Zerav ghost


    94. PxraGrynes

      K well I'm Australian and really wanna help fund ur addictive skits but since we're not part of your little Kickstarter scheme then I guess I'm keeping money :/

    95. Blulight

      Low budget skits with shitty costumes lmao But still better than half of youtube's content.

    96. Dominik Sherman

      0:25 It's Over 9!!!

    97. XymXir

      omg the dbz references hit me right in the feels...I’ve legit teared up man :’(

    98. XymXir

      Frieza saga asf

    99. XymXir

      Spirit Bomb asf

    100. Michael Hagan

      So you guys hard at work on this or what .bailens adventure....