When games become a job - The grind

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    The death of gaming is when it feels like work
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    1. satria nugraha

      No kidding i was kicked from raid team bcos its my first time and they think i didnt contribute enough zzz

    2. ytdlder

      I tried to laugh, but it's just too real :-\

    3. C T

      Reminds of every guild from Everquest to SWG to WOW & esp for Eve

    4. Джейсон Вурхиз

      Как же это знакомо! 🤦‍♂️😆

    5. Warp Speed

      It's like when in planetside 2 i joined a clan. Game became more fun but it really felt like work.

    6. EQRuges

      Personally I view Rowan as being the dick in this one. I mean he wants to come in and be main tank. The star of the show. But he wants to do it on his schedule. I mean he shows up late. And yes real life is more important than the game. However by him showing up late that is effecting everyone else real life time. If you cannot commit to a planned raid dont sign up for it in a role that is required for the raid to work. I mean really he should be happy that he has those no lifers running the show and making sure everything is going to work out good. And to make it all worse he wants to hop in, just go get the item he wants and call it a night. So I view this video as an extreme in two ways, One the no lifer that demand full attention. And two the casual that wants endgame thrill with no effort.

    7. ReturnofBenjamin

      Darnnit, I really wanted to see Rowan DC right in the middle of a boss fight so that everyone else would be wiped out.

    8. Tyrallion

      Raids. By far and away, the biggest reason I have no interest in MMOs. I have no interest in a game where I'm expected to provide such significant contiguous time commitments where other real players have to rely on me and vice versa. One player, small group, even having a guild, all fine. But when massive raids or guild events are basically mandatory? F. That. Why do people even play games like that?

    9. tobias ripper

      moar dots moar dots! thats a fckn 50 dkp minus!!

    10. Wolven Eyes

      Too real

    11. J A Keller

      This is one reason I prefer single-player games.

    12. XFrozenAshX

      Rowan is legit how I was during BFA this expansion.

    13. Игорь Сорокин

      Вот поэтому я всегда играю за DD =)

    14. Study Tips

      Is there any games like this where guilds go on raids? Im pretty interested in playing but cant find any

    15. ShivaServer2009

      If you're not having fun, clear sign to move on.

    16. Gizmodus

      Yeah, this is basically why I quit WoW 10 years ago.The toxic attitude is why I quit online gaming completely 7 years ago.

    17. J D

      This might be something weird to comment on, but is that riveted maille?

    18. FuryousD

      that's the worst kind of gamer, even worse than toxic players, the gamer that takes the game way too seriously

    19. Enzo Crespin

      So realistic. I wish I could see the rest of the raid where Rowan f*cks them up on purpose and shows them the finger before leaving this s*hitty game for good

    20. LAV Einhart

      Eve player be like

    21. izzy B

      This is exactly why I play eso solo. I tried playing in factions, but it's just too much... I love doing what I want when I want.

    22. Karren Kuddlesberg

      2 months ago I got to Grand Marshal in Classic WoW after months of grinding.

    23. jeffsupersaiyan

      Do a full length movie :)

    24. Aaron Cherry

      I'd just drop this game. Sorry, you'll find someone else.

    25. Belinda Hanson

      Rofl and the joke just keeps going in the comment section with everyone debating 🤣

    26. Shamanteng

      IK this is a pardoy/joke but it's also one of the reasons MMO are just dying (or lack of new ones). People want to play more and more different games and don't like this grindiness. To be fair I played extensively MMOs with raiding (WoW, Wildstar, SWTOR...) however now I don't want to do it anymore. Sure you have the likes of Destiny and Path of Exile, but they aren't like the games before

    27. Saintbow

      And this is why I have gone back to playing 2d side scrollers...

    28. Mattie DOA

      I hate the grind and rng just give me a target tell me how many time I need to complete the objective to get the item.

    29. Alpha

      rust be like

    30. David Holland

      Been there running a 100 strong clan in world of tanks, i was only 2nd in command and it was still a 4 hour a day minimum, job. I loved it but it was a lot of commitment training, recruiting, and organising teams for clan battles.

    31. tinentire

      Alt f4 my guy, saves lives.

    32. William Dymock-Johnson

      Ah yep, why my wife and I no longer MMO.

    33. Funny

      This is why i hate hardcore players

    34. Marvin The Martian

      I probably would have got them all wiped, then suddenly DC

    35. turtlerr r

      Hate this when games do that

    36. Daniel Carbone

      This reminds me of wow to a T

    37. Ice Draco

      If rowan is like me an anyway, that clan is about to have trust issues with letting anyone new join or with promoting people. I came to game not to work. I already work 60 hours a week for laughable pay. I'm not gonna work for free

    38. Sydney Holmes

      If that name valued his life....the movie with the wife would have come first.......I would have had my husband fake a crash js lol

    39. Shanks Thegreat

      I know the pain i play ark

    40. Taunus-Tims Welt

      That's why i loved the elder scrolls OFFLINE! Online Multiplayers are a pain in the ass. I quit playing PC games almost completely because of that...

    41. Sam Mas

      This video is foxhole in a nutshell

    42. IMB

      this is why I stopped playing WoW...

    43. NewYork975

      I was a tank in Final Fantasy Online and I remember making some kind of mistake and some little teenage kid had a meltdown, I uninstall that shit, Don't need to leave my real a job to go to another virtual job that isn't fun, just repeatable bullshit at high levels.

    44. Lobelia Baggins

      Sadly this is how most MMO "games" look like...

    45. Stefan R

      Oh, those casual gamers.

    46. JDSPeterS Gaming

      Swtor: “you don’t have augments??? does that mean you’re asking for a free carry???” Some people need to chill (augments add a fractional amount of power, good for nightmare and clearing difficult hard mode raids, but is unnecessary if you know the fights)

    47. JDSPeterS Gaming

      This video was too real for me...

    48. Zain Padela

      I remember being 'promoted' to raid leader and main tank in my guild. It made me quit the game after a few weeks because it basically became a job. Never bothered with MMOs ever since.

    49. General Irons

      League of Legend doesn't have this problem Instead, enjoy facing off of a Korean Darius GOD that's been playing since 2012, Bot to feed, no ganks, and a 20 minute game (if you're lucky) where it's too late to try and win.

    50. Mason Corwin

      Lol ark was like that for me I'd get off work n start my second job lmao

    51. Kardilat

      @world of warcraft battle for azeroth

    52. Dedicance Archangel

      I want to play this MMO

    53. Rxqew

      Leeeeeeeeeeroy Jenkiiiiins

    54. Michelle MHS

      This would only happen if you join teams or clans with actual players online. That's why I prefer single-player and offline games.

    55. Hk 47

      And THIS is why I play mostly single player games

    56. onemax s

      Это 100% правда!!! Так оно и есть!:)

    57. OneMouseGaming

      How is this not a tarkov episode. Tarkov is not a game, ITS A PRISION

    58. GhostBear

      Destiny in a nutshell

    59. TaeranC

      That's what happened to me during 3 expansions of WoW. After that I left, and have bee raiding casually ever since.

    60. ChickenPermisson

      this was basically my guild in guns of glory and King of avalon before i left. like shit bro, i have a fucking life. excuse me for not wanting to join the kill event every other fucking weekend and raid event.

    61. Scyter exe

      This is why I play solo

    62. skinny jason

      I hate how true this is. After hours of this I just rage quit and play the Sims lol

    63. Eleanor Maya

      Heh. I remember Ragnarok. Was Whitesmith, was pot tank, then it got grindy, then they say I suck, that I should just supply pots since I am Merchie, then eventually got kicked out because I complained I'm not getting compoensated for the pots. 2 months later, I went LOLsmith build, solo'ed every MVP, had fun runs w/ a few new guildies, got me MVP cards, got them MVP cards, and turned a 4-person team into a 12-man riot (multiple clients), and married my in-game boyfriend con childhood friend. Old guildies then say they miss me. 😝

    64. Richie Cook

      Story time! I used to play a game kinda like WoW (Terra I think it was called) on the ps4 before my system decided FAULTY POWER SUPPLY. I like to play as a healer in any game that lets me, so I was. I was walking imortality boss mechanics willing. Well I joined a guild and learned a bit about the late game grind. But I liked helping people new to the guild run a few of the first late game dungeons. Well finally the day came where the higher ups where thirsty for heals and the main healer at their level was offline for a few days because life. Fine, cool, I got this. But what you kind people should know is... I have severe memory loss (general not short/long term, basically both) so learning a new boss, much less whole new dungeons mechanics can take a good while. I told them before hand the following 1: I have memory problems so work with me. 2:My gear did not have high enough dff for this dungeon as the ones I usually run require my INSANE crit set to nuke heal fools to max hp. 3: I can't handle being yelled at for personal reasons so if you do, I will just leave. Well about try number 15 on the first boss of this dungeon I finally got it and we steam rolled it. But the next boss? Oh only EVERY SINGLE attack it threw 1 shot me. Yeah sure I could maybe clutch and no hit run like some donkey kong konga drums dark souls lets player but wtf im only human. They got mad at me for getting rightfully upset with this waste of 6hrs of my life and the guild leader yelled at me mid fight and I left them there in less than 15s. And half his team left to join me because I was more chill and found other ways to have fun between grinds like hide and seek, joke swap, and making my first guild intending to see how much we could mess around before the admins disband us (3 days) rip white sufferage guild. May your watermellon with wheat growing around it emblem and free malt 40s and newports introduction be remembered.

    65. RadioMale

      If I could give this video 100 thumbs up, I would.

    66. Nocturnal Rites

      Which is precisely why I play CoH, not WoW, which is not loot-based and which doesn't require you to do group grope raids with jerks. I play to have fun; having fun does not include being forced to spend time with people who make me want to punch them through the screen. (Which, come to think of it, is another reason I won't PvP.)

    67. Y0UKA1 ヨウカイ

      that’s why i Solo or matchmaking, i’ve done did a lot of carry in the past....but no more

    68. James Lee

      Hardcore gamers vs casuals in a nutshell XD

    69. The Engineer

      GTA V online

    70. IcyResident

      This is why I never played and never will play MMO games. And sadly some single player games as well

    71. Amon_08

      This is the reason I left mmorpgs for battle royale and mobas. There comes a point in time where you just want to play casual and have fun with your friends or solo. Being in a guild with toxic guildmates and controlling leaders are not worth it.

    72. HomeDefender30

      This is why I can’t play ffxi anymore... it turned into looking for party for 2-3 hours... an hour of gearing up and strategizing, 30 minutes to gather at location and 3-4 hours of farming, key item gathering and boss battles.... and I have 4 young kids.....

    73. Marcell Björg

      sooo thats why u only play pvp in mmo-s :p

    74. Mark Gutteridge

      WoW, the early days.

    75. Adam

      Wow classic is cool except for try hards that are 15 years late

    76. Charles Lai

      This video triggered me.

    77. Koto Foxchild

      That video gave me anxiety just watching it. That's why I don't play online games. I want to be free to do whatever I feel like. Having to work together with a team feels too much like work. Video games are an escape from real life, they shouldn't be another grueling reality. When I come home from work I like to get on my game and have a nice relaxing game of 'how many people can I slaughter, just for the fun of it, today.'

    78. red devil87

      this is why i play solo. especially on cod ppl obsessed with k/d i just want to play the game for fun.

    79. Elvin Archer

      Any LOTRO Players here?

    80. G Wallace

      I've gotta thank you guys for this one. Really hit home at the same time as AQ release, funny huh? I finally gave in to what I felt was best and quit raiding. "No respect for superiors" was the hammer on the nail. One slip up and suddenly the world ends and it's all your fault. 39 people pissed off about something so simple. Die as a dps and it's not that big a of a deal, nobody freaks out. Die as the tank or heals tho and suddenly there's investigations into why. Slowly but surely I lost interest, was kept out of the loop and eventually managed to get out of it full-time. I'll play casually still, but I'm not going to give up hanging out with REAL friends or family when the timing comes. It sucks to bail on those 39 people, but regaining the world around you is the bigger picture.

    81. MrSoloun

      LAMO so many memories :) Everquest forever hehe.

    82. Kyle Wilmes

      while i cant say ive had to deal with this myself i have left clans/guilds before it got that bad, the horror stories ive heard after i left were both great and cringe worthy. If i have to grind according to someone elses schedule then fuck it. Ill take a solo queue, a music playlist, and a pug party over a second job anyday.

    83. Echelon

      A perfect example of why I stopped playing games like clash of clans. Guild players expecting you to be available 24/7 are retarded.

    84. OrangeLightning Gacha

      I hate it when players do this

    85. vXBloodJokerXv

      I honestly want more from this "head tank" rowan persona! I would kill for a sequal to this where he just says "fuck this clan" and leaves them mid-fight with no tank 😂

    86. Gurtington

      This is why I heal. If you're mean to me you die. 🤣

    87. sangdraxis

      And this is exactly why I prefer to go solo unless I have no other choice. I will NOT have other ppl tell me what to do or how to spec myself

    88. Edelster Knecht

      The comments here look like people never played competitive. This isnt an MMORPG thing alone, this happens with every game that demands even a little bit of competitive gameplay. High end-game content is made for people who have the experience and want the challenge, its not made for the Father of three kids who has to work 48h a week and then spent time with the family only to be able to play like 1 hour a day. People need to be aware of that and not start to complain about the content being too hard or taking too long for these people. You have to make a decision on how to manage your time and since RL is always more important, you guys have to accept that you wont be able to experience much content of several games. The Father with his three kids wont be able to do end-game raids properly as he also wont be able to play a pvp game on high mmr.

      1. Edelster Knecht

        @Kevin Harrelson If its a game that needs you to invest time for progress then yes, you shouldnt bother with it. Unless you are one of those guys who go to the respective gaming forum and ask if there is a possibility to just pay money to have the same experience as someone who spent their time in the game. I have seen that more than enough times, especially in the recent years, since millenials who grew up with the start of the video-game branche are now in the age where they start or already have a family and thus have almost no time for gaming anymore. If that is not easily understandable for you, then only very few people can help you anyway.

      2. Kevin Harrelson

        So, unless you have 40 hours to dedicate to the game, don't even bother with it. Good to know.

    89. Ice Draco

      This reminds me of my old clan. We were trolls but I was the only one that worked. Several were unemployed and seemed to have a issue with me not being on. None of them at an actual sleep schedule so some guys would game from 16 to 24 hours. So I would hope on ark and they would be on a different map and wonder why I was pissed. I never was able to join them on raids cause they would get ready I would hope on a day I was off and they were half way through the fight. So I stopped playing. One day they just stopped messaging me back and they all got a pc and stopped playing with me. Funny thing is I had a PC long before any of them. But it's whatever I play with a group of people from work now that's more convenient for all of us because everyone understands the shit we have to put up with or the forced overtime we get.

    90. Milan Keprt

      I've played WoW only on private servers. After a quite long time and a lot of wipes and deep thinking I have left the WoW and MMORPG world for good. Looking back it was the best decision of my life.

    91. Yekkt

      The female archer has no arrows, i am sure she will be a big help.

    92. Anubis __117

      They need to do a leeroy jenkins video 😂

    93. Not Chico and Pico

      I mean, it's kinda his fault for joining a guild like that. Some guilds simply try really hard and being casual in them leads to issues, especially with games that have limits on the number of guild members (which is most of them)

    94. Ricker’s Homestead A Hobby Farm

      Me and my brother used to play an online game and we normally stayed in the same guild. The leader used to get mad when my brother was to tired to play to long after work. He would be out of town sometimes and be working 16 hour days in 90-100+ degree heat. He worked in Asphalt so he was tired. They actually kicked him from the guild one day while he was at work and a bunch of the bigger players constantly attacked him. I stayed in the guild bc my schedule was more flexible while my brother went to another guild that was good but not as strict. We started a war between the 2 guilds I jumped over to the guild my brother was in right before it got bad and I brought a few with me. We made it our mission to constantly change guilds and start a war with the one that kicked him bc he had to work. And we could constantly change our names and rejoin the different guilds to get things hyped up again. It was fun until that guild split up after we told them what we were doing.

    95. Talulah.[Reunion]

      GBF :

    96. Moo Williams

      that is wow classic, atm playing ff14 xD

    97. khaiwen100

      the grindr

    98. Luna Margaret

      shorturl.ca/allsex උඩු රැවුල ඔහු තම කෙස් කපා නමුත් සමග4

    99. Puss in boots

      Yep I'm on a brink of quitting classic wow right now, people are going crazy demanding world buffs, flasks, pots etc to do content that requires none of it! It's just stupid!

    100. Thundolis

      It would be great if you did one on time-locked content and items.