When games become a job - The grind

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    The death of gaming is when it feels like work
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    1. Sir Bronze Thighs

      Yep. Left a couple of once really fun Gmod servers for this sort of thing.

    2. MysticMylesZ

      Yeah that's the point where I go F this F 6 hours I have a life right now

    3. Руслан А

      whats why i never again play any mmorpg

    4. xSLAY3R125x x

      Lol this reminds me of a Destiny raid but like 4 out of the 6 people dont even know how to even do the raid

    5. Mimi Heonsu

      That's why I don't play online RPG games anymore. If I do, I usually create my own guild or join a group of players who want to have fun only! I only communicate on the app. If a group says to go on discord or anything, RUNN. They're bossy, competitive, and honestly; annoying.

    6. UnknownSquid

      I once finished a random public mission in Warframe and didn't think to bother leaving the party whilst I had to go AFK. Left my character standing in my ship and went to dinner, or whatever it was. I come back quite some time later, and am surprised to see a mission end screen that I'd never seen before. Eight players (max for normal missions is 4), and there I was in the mission stats. Zero kills, zero shots fired, zero mission loot, but a big big chunk of credits and an arcane item as the end reward. For whatever bizarre reason, the totally random guy I was last partied with had somehow dragged me into a raid mission whilst AFK, and everyone just went with it despite me having an unpopular frame equipped and never saying a word to them. My character was presumably stood AFK at the start of the level the entire way through. Warframe "raids" were a bit tame compared to what I hear about traditional MMOs.

    7. Furosity

      This is why I love Path of Exile, you can play the whole content alone and not p2w

    8. why creepy

      ‌F*** Samsu‌ng

    9. Luke Uhren

      This is why I can't play WoW anymore as raising was fun until this happened lol

    10. Vyxel OP

      Main tank life.

    11. Njr Dreams

      This is elder scrolls online to a tea..

    12. DG 609

      Yup this is why I quit wow

    13. Hawaii Scatpack392

      Destiny raids in a nutshell

    14. Linda H

      After going threw hell and back you get this NPC that did nothing say WE DID IT!

    15. Linda H

      This when you kill this big boss and you think it's over, but no! you have 2 more to go. lol

    16. Sky King

      It's fortune,i am always find good party at RPG game for raid boss,and join good clan with Many Friendly member

    17. LorD JD *Berk A. Sağam*

      Men is server best tank but use lether armor

    18. TheGlock30owner

      Never play EvE Online. I was involved in the Battle of MT02-2 in 2017. It was about a 10 hour PVP battle.

    19. Aeroldoth3

      Never played MMOs, single-player all the way.

    20. Jeff Shurtliff

      Ah man, I was really hoping for a “Leeroy Jenkins!” moment there at the end.

    21. Soul Walker

      That’s why I play solo now.

    22. Caito.Potato

      toxicity makes every game shitty.

    23. Daniel Nunya Bidnezz

      This is why corps in Eve fall... dumb people getting waaaay too serious about a VIDEO GAME.

    24. kuniokun

      Hahahahaha fuking tank hahaha

    25. Moriarty The Third

      Basically My Life When I played Ark

    26. Voice of the Emperor

      The problem with this video is it makes the players responsible for the game being a job, when in reality it is the developers who make it a job for the players.

    27. Khemore

      SPOT ON! 😂😂😂 You guys are truely amazing, i have never had so much fun watching HUgets. I´m crying laughing watching your stuff. THANK YOU. You have become my absolute favorite NR1 channel on youtube.! 🤣

    28. The inevitable God Emperor Deadpool

      Why many MMOs get extremely annoying at least with single player games I can quick save and spend a few hours as a murder hobo to vent 🤣

    29. Crispin Julius

      “This is important work we’re doing here.” Lmao! These goons on online games are so self-important.

    30. Meme Man

      The amount of times I've pulled the "What the hell, I'm lagging!" then disconnect card because of people like this 😂

    31. Moist nugget

      "I was gonna hang out with my wife and child later-" "Oh cancel that, that's not gonna happen." 🤣

      1. Squeeky Squid

        that statement alone is worth the ditching them right then and there.

    32. B-52 Gaming

      They really turned on the British for this episode

    33. Nevihabedvader

      No loot - no game. I'm head tank, f*ck off, I just find new clan.

    34. Omar Sharif

      Love your channel yall shall be dubbed ...my dudes

    35. Алексей Баранов

      Darkstone Depths from 6 to 8 hours - its Blackrock Depths (BRD) from WoW Classic :)

    36. Justice

      this is where I just logout and do something I want to do.

    37. BenjaminGessel

      This is why I DON'T PLAY MMORPG'S...

    38. Cheesy Nachos

      *the grind don’t stop*

    39. Call Me Gamer

      When you play online mmorpg don't choose Tank class.

    40. Simon E

      This perfectly and exactly shows why I don't like online rpgs. I'll stick to single player, where I can bounce around the way I want

    41. Chris The

      Oh god how it feels to play mmo rpg

    42. Film Fan 1234

      Would this apply to grinding in jrpgs too lol

    43. fisty baby

      The only game I’m willing to grind is Monster Hunter.

    44. Helene Trøstrup

      Yeah... This is why I prefer playing alone and steer clear of games that has other people in it. I can't enjoy the game if they are going to decide how I play it. I did ditch a group of a-holes in League of Legends once. I was a noob and it was the first game I wasn't playing with my friends, I wasn't even close to getting the hang of it yet. They literally bullied me because I forgot to buy shoes before leaving the spawning area. So I had "mysterious internet issues" and haven't played since. I don't regret leaving them but I know I would have regrettet staying.

    45. anthony calabro

      that's when i Leave the guild and log out.

    46. Erin Avery

      Reminds me of pulling the wagons in RDR2 online

    47. Rose Brigade

      Yeeeeea when a group gets that serious, that's when I say screw that clan and bugger off to a casual group. I play games to relax and enjoy them. We "play" games for a reason.

    48. knotkool1

      random raids are so much better. everyone just does their best and no one freaking out.

    49. WilburForce

      This is why I raid in destiny lol

    50. nethrelm

      This is why I almost never join parties/groups/clans/whatever on the occasion where I happen to play a little of an MMO. Solo all the way for me (though mostly I just don't play them at all). If I need to beat a raid dungeon to progress, I'll join a random group for that and then go back to playing solo.

    51. Arlindo Melo

      This is so fake. As a tank you have the OBLIGATION of knowing the raid, its rotations, all pulls, all boss fights. =)

    52. Danny Owens

      This is why I quit my raid group. I was the tank. So I feel this.

    53. tizarth maesltrom

      lineage 2 raids anyone?what a fucking nightmare.

    54. Bamb Lille

      reminds why I stopped Wow ;)

    55. Chris Katz

      Lmao he's a pushover

    56. farlon muentes

      oh.. definitely. 100% guaranteed. I AM SURE! this is NOT World of Warcraft.

    57. dixievfd55

      I would leave that clan immediately.

    58. Luck


    59. LowlyGrinder

      Loot sharing bullshit is why Guild Wars 2 was such a breath of fresh air, also everyone was nice in that game.

    60. Jeff Miller

      This whole skit is why I don't play online games.

    61. Flynn McFarland

      This is how playing with my friend has become. He googles everything and breaks games down till its just a job. We don't play games together anymore.

    62. Epic Lightning

      Y'all missed it a lil bit from my experience: you should have had Playtek-manager Rowan in if you were doing a Main Tank-because that's _exactly_ how tank mains act! "Oh, talk that shit lil DPS dealer, I'll make sure to accidentally pull the boss directly onto you and drop aggro!" Now if Rowan had been a mage or other ranged DPS….

    63. schism2k9

      My Shadowlands experience as our Dungeon tank in our small group of friends.

    64. Andy Bernard

      Whatis game name

    65. Makayah Benavides

      Monster hunter is that you?

    66. Bosuk Kim

      Why i never join clans

    67. Retro Guardian

      lol this only reason i play runescape. Just to prove to my self I can do something hard. Nothing will stop me from 126!!! WWOOTT!!

    68. Ramgladore

      I had some friends who were like that when I was doing a truck driving job. I ended up parting from them. Playing games should be about fun and not be put on a strict rigid schedule.

    69. Shasha Jonday

      Well when i play and this is the types of team ive been team up with i just laugh at their rage

    70. Emmanuel Wolf

      Ironicly,this is spot on

    71. R HK

      I can feel it rowan....

    72. Brandon Cepeda

      Exactly why I quit RDR2 online.

    73. Luke Mckenzie

      And this is why you treat your tanks and healers like Gods. Because if they choose to ditch you... you’re screwed

    74. Brewergamer

      But raiding always brings ya back

    75. CrangleHam

      this happened to me before

    76. Richard Charbonneau

      ya, I would have left and found a better guild/clan/what ever it's call in the game you play.

    77. Son of Sanguinius

      Literally maple story in a nutshell, PS:6 hour grinds/boss raids were actually a thing no joke

    78. The Potato

      every top 10 guilds in any game.

    79. Team Cloud Developers

      Realistically, that would be an adult, being bossed around by abunch of cussing 7 year olds.

    80. IcedFate

      this isn't a parody. . . . . . . . . . . It's Truth In Television.

    81. J

      This is why I quit playing Path of Exile. Every minute I wasnt playing poe I was stressing out that I wasnt playing poe and losing valuable time on the current league. Call me a filthy casual but the moment a game becomes an obligation or stressful I check out.

      1. Keishin

        Filthy Casual proud mate. Play games for fun, not out of obligation or need.

    82. Mauricio Mayorga

      Clan affiliate

    83. FurryEskimo

      This is why I never joined WoW.

    84. Biker Trash

      Sadly I have been here too many times. Oddly enough though my internet always seems to have issues on days like this... I need to get that looked into.

      1. Keishin

        weird... so do I.

    85. Jonathan Wessner

      I am with the Tank, I don't HAVE to do crap in a game. I am there to play and have fun. If it is a job where you HAVE to get 5 levels TODAY, then you put too much into the game. It is why people got mad at me in Final Fantasy 11. I went and tried other jobs rather than just level my main to endgame. I was having fun.

    86. chris whittington

      This is why I don't play mmorpgs as seriously as I use to, that and trying to keep up with the meta. If I want to be a templar (aka healer) and a freaking werewolf, then darn it that what I'm going to be because it allows me to be a support player but also allows me to cut loose if I want to.

    87. neoria

      This is exactly where i became a troll, and ruin people game experience.

    88. TheOuterLimits

      The repeatitive dungeon and boss grinding with 0.01% chance of loot drop and even when it does it goes to someone else. By the time you grind and get the gear its already out of date and you have to go and get the next one. Ya i do not miss mmorpgs; ill stick with 1st person rpgs.

    89. CodeREDcrc

      So true ffs... :D Just as the "videogame" logic series... And we still love them... ...and play them.

    90. Claudiu Floroiu

      Yeah, another fking job...

    91. Haunter

      That's why I ignore guilds and high end content - I don't want to go in raids without recieving loot. It seems like a waste of time.

    92. Knavery

      This is why I quit as well. And getting yelled at by the guild leader for doing 12.5 DPS instead of 13k DPS on average for a particular mob was too much. I thought, you know what? I'm too old for this shit.

    93. Jack

      I hate when your the main part of the mission and then they tell you "oh someone else will get the loot" so all I do is say "yeah yeah sure i wont take it" and when the loot drops I steal it and then leave

    94. CrawlingChaos

      this is why i rarely play with others in eso just stick to my guild

    95. Justice Lee

      You guys make my depression go away.

    96. Dana W

      I am trying very hard to quit World of Warcraft. This helps.

    97. mason foisy

      The guy at the beginning, "Been stuck on a bit of an acid addiction so thats good" Lmaooooo

    98. J Kinney

      And this is why I left black desert


      He's main tank. They do what he says, not the other way around. I would love to raid more, or at all, but I can't afford the divorce settlement.

    100. Emmanuel Canseco

      Coof.. coof.. gta online coof..coof rdr online