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    Crazy PUBG update!!! It's definitely official. WackyJacky101 is narrating it and everything
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    1. ruffiØ

      🤣 this was the best update yet to the game

    2. Kushal Biswas

      This video truly inspired me to shit everyday

    3. Abhinandan Kashyap

      This cured my constipation

    4. Knaifu Gachas

      The gas can trap guy is back!! :D

    5. Himaloy Mallick

      Man u guys are my favourite!

    6. Sierra Mike

      Johnny from the metal gear solid series has been doing this since 1998

    7. Migkaleber

      Oh shit thats one helluva feature!

    8. FearTheBanana

      i just cant stop laughing !!! hahahahahhaha

    9. Thomas Hollingshead

      my goooosh. I just sat down with my food to watch something and I got this shit.... The squelching in my ears man......

    10. Yes Platium

      I took a dump in this vidio lol

    11. TheoD OW

      Nice but it was..... D I S G U S T I N G

    12. Silvijo Kovacevic

      The. Best. Video.

    13. KH Lee

      This is probably their funniest PUBG video, those sound fx! XD

    14. Jonny Hindu

      That's the sh*tiest episode of VLDL...

    15. EnderNate

      This updates pretty shit ngl

    16. Brandon Wenger

      Not gonna lie at first I thought this was a real advertisement for an update and that they hired the VLDL guys to portray the characters. The voiceover was very impressive!

    17. D3M3NTRIX

      BSG: Write that down!

    18. DapperDodo

      You know what is hilarious. Shit management happens in SCUM... It's... Not great, I'll say that!

    19. Yevgenij

      yo I am eating breakfast right now

    20. James Patches

      Oh man this is definitely going down as one of your top PUBG videos

    21. Jordan Pat

      I love the way of saying the update can be really shit

    22. Silbeon

      I watched this video while taking a shit. It really helped smooth things out

    23. Alb Raider

      I watched this while shiting

    24. Nicolas Storrie

      having Wacky is great but video idea pretty shit

    25. jsbmx

      This is so fuked

    26. D Rom

      How did this get 1.7k thumbs down?? This was one of your funniest episodes!

    27. m Satanical

      And the game became literally full of shits xD

    28. Daniel Le

      The way Rowan was so shocked by the sound of his crapping got me choking on my water

    29. Adrian Chew


    30. The RealButcher (Peter from Holland)

      Lol. It's terrible, but funny, but terrible.

    31. Gurtington

      Lmfaooo this is too fucking good. A HUNDRED METER SHIT SOUND . That shit needs a nerf

    32. brainbah

      Star Citizen is planning on implementing this shit.

    33. FeldiDieSeeGurke

      This is so dumb... But also funny

    34. Fuad King

      This is beatifull.

    35. Windperfire

      Nobody: Ben:Using Uzi for long range

    36. Slavik 32rus

      аж самому срать захотелось

    37. SanteriSuuri

      That crazy trapper alan is a great character

    38. najma begom

      please don't do this update😂😂

    39. gnollman

      LOL I love they brought the gas can trap character back for this trick...

    40. Oskar Kowlaczuk

      Now I need to take a shit.

    41. Logan

      This was priceless.... 😂🤣

    42. ariana petrova


    43. Сергей Якунин

      You were cordially invited to my shitshow! Looks like you stepped right into it! I guess it was a SHITTY thing to do! Crap!

    44. Vladimir Putin

      Lol wacky jacky lol

    45. David Humphrey

      Any notice they didn't wipe lol

    46. aciarduce

      1.6k people found this video too shitty.

    47. Franco Mauro


    48. vasalem

      not gonna lie, this feels like a fun idea. the strategical slipping-shit traps sounds both hillarious and interesting gameplay-wise.

    49. getous

      I came on here because I wanted something nice to watch while eating my dinner...

    50. Stiffler Plays

      1 of your best vids tbh ♥️😉👍

    51. Brian Nolastname

      fuck yes

    52. Red T

      Looks like fell for my shit trap works every time

    53. Shadow Creature

      Oml imagine

    54. Jey Lee

      wow that's a lot of shit.

    55. Juan O.

      Lol, I was shittin' when I saw this video. Only at 50 meters though..."OH SHIT!"

    56. TriforceLink13

      Okay I keep just thinking of how they never wipe

    57. Obsidian Animation2112

      Damn this update ia shit

    58. Jesus

      I see you found my sh!t trap. HAHAHAHHAHAAA

    59. Noah S

      Okay okay but like... this would probably be way more fun than the actual game

    60. jenny rose Ortiga

      haha fucking insane if that was in game. 😂😂 can we put a grenade in the poop 😂😂

    61. codeNINE

      Thats some shitty update

    62. Snick

      You sure this wasn’t a video about COD Cold War guns in warzone 🤔💩

    63. Niki Hyun


    64. Noah Diehl

      Oh, shit...

    65. aceDriver53

      Shit trap, now that's a first

    66. friknob

      are these brown thing real?

    67. dale cyrus

      2:52 new trap updated, WORKS every time

    68. Steve Schoenbach

      Man, what a shitty video of a shitty patch. ;D

    69. Fabr1 out

      He was disgusting but funny! I love @WackyJacky101

    70. Isaac X


    71. TheBassistGamer2005

      That CrazyAI comeback again! Yesss

    72. Y-does stuff

      That trap was shit

    73. Saul Newman


    74. ʂɧąɖơщʄơҳ


    75. demomin

      thats cool in all but what are they wiping with... oh wait

    76. MegaVideoGameChannel

      you guys should play Fallout 76 battle royale it has alot more to do then pubg and you guys have made a few videos of how pubg is become empty so why not try out Fallout 76 battle royale fans return to that every now and then cause of the updates it gets every few months

    77. Doncroft1

      I imagine this must have been very awkward to film. Also, if this is what a real thing, I think we all KNOW what people would really use it for.

    78. PKMN Trainer Mark

      WackyJacky? Hey, I recognize you from comments on these videos.

    79. Fabrizio Falconfab

      Where is the bidet?

    80. Xopeto1

      There are still some boundaries. This one crossed a line. Funny yes, but...

    81. Rohit Rao

      That sound editing 🤮.. God bless the editor 🤣🤣

    82. Spectralway

      Well, that’s just making it more unrealistic.. in real life, you can hold ur shit for a while but.. um in this game..🤨

    83. TheDolphin

      SCUM game in nutshell :)

    84. LordChristoff

      So it's a shit update?

    85. leonalchemist

      I dunno, this patch looks shit to me.

    86. Jason Flory


    87. Stoormtrooper 22

      I shit you not, this is actually kind of a good idea.

    88. NickInTheLead

      Its not 1st April for me...

    89. Kamp Gumeson

      I'm sure there's a forum on S**t strategy in PUBG

    90. Kapil Vijay

      🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 cant stop my laugh

    91. Dimas Ananas

      Morning! nice day for shtting, ain't it? HUHA

    92. Haziq Hafiz

      100m to keep quiet 🤫

    93. MadDnD

      This was amazing! What a cool Collab!

    94. Aeronn Playze

      Is this true?

    95. SebSk

      I always enjoy a good _First Person Shitter_ Almost as much as I like _Turd Person Shooters_ (It's also nice to see they found an excuse for Rowan to strip again) Some of you might find the video hard to digest, or even think it's crap, but I, for one, am certainly going to let wind of this to my friends

    96. [Jaka]

      ..literally the "oh shit.." moments😂 Nice one, feels kinda weird but actually makes sense!

    97. lauta nu

      I put food on the table and chose this video for watching, maybe not the best choice ive made xD

    98. Vincent Urquhart

      ben: so you want me to hold in the shit until after the firefight? do you also want me to levitate into the air and shoot lasers out my eyes!

    99. SoohNabis

      next update! Get the smell in real life with the Noseulus Rift.

    100. Peter_Pansexual

      I have an idea for an update: plastic explosives. You can hide them at any vehicle and either make them explode with a timer, push of a button or by shooting the vehicle long enough.