Stealing your followers loot - Extortion

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    Looking at you Diablo players...
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    Thanks to Inusaa for this skit idea :)

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    1. Viva La Dirt League

      Thanks for your concern on Adam’s junk guys. We can confirm he was wearing undies and your eyes are just exercising some wishful thinking 😉😅

      1. Shawn Sunshine Strickland

        Sorry, but it looks REAL to me. The moment the PANTS 👖 COME OFF. 😁

      2. Rex Klint

        I mean.. It's blurred out anyway, so to the viewer it shouldn't even matter if there were undies or not :P

      3. Jason Olson

        oh shoot, I thought for sure that was man meat 🤣😶

      4. JornBebar

        Rowan's fingers in the background do all the trick, actually :)

      5. Lukáš K

        I also expected you'd add naked fisherman....mornin, nice day for fishin ain it?

    2. Ryuv Saki

      Can we consider the fact that Rondor damage and armor remain the same from the very beginning if the skit until the end. His faith in the light is all the damage and armor he needs! ~Said every Paladin ever

    3. Spearmint_92

      Love the callback to the isolation games. Nice touch.

    4. Two_Tone_ Xlophone

      closed caption when Adam appears "cry.wav" lol

    5. Carter Sitterud

      What game is this inspired by?

    6. Paul C

      0:22 what was that thing with the tongue?

    7. Seanzoz VR

      Love how Rowan just doesn’t give a fuck😂

    8. Crowhaven Inc.

      I think the Viva guys have Schlongs of Skyrim installed. Understandable, it's a must-have mod imo.

    9. Paul Busken

      this remines me of skyrim.

    10. lord buss

      Plague of debauchery? are you sure it was a magical evil and not just human nature?

    11. Anomalocaris

      Seriously, the armor you guys use is so fuckin cool I need it now

    12. Jean-Luc Martel

      The paladins new clothes 🤣

    13. Eldergeek

      I wonder why he left the rings?

    14. olaf le flibustier

      The grand paladin has lost his splendor ^^' Adam finished me off at the end ! 😅 You are awesome guyz ! 🤘

    15. Lostpause Jr

      That how he got the sword

    16. D Sanchack

      There were several flaws in that skit, but it was still pretty good. For one, why did his listed armor and damage values not change when his armor, weapon, and shield were de-equipped? Secondly, why were his boots and belt automatically moved over when his greaves were?

    17. Ascacibism

      The censor wasn’t quite good, you could still see...

    18. TheMagnificentZoltar

      02:11 Skip!

    19. TheGodTell


    20. Tommy P

      Probably should do better with the blurring, Adam left me feeling inadequate after the skit. :p :p

    21. AlloAlloRocks

      Apparently the stats of NPC's is hard coded in this game, he didn't loose any stats, even armour, when he lost his equipment

    22. Mohamad Amin

      $30 sword :)

    23. MickMaan

      I'll give you 35 gold for that sword

    24. Ben H

      Mornin! Nice day for savin’ Elderkeep, innit? Huh huh!

    25. Marco Rodrìgèz

      The laughing at the end is always the best 😂👍👍

    26. michael leno

      i want cry.wav for a video game. gimie gimie gimie

    27. SoohNabis

      they goes to the limit of being naked in front of the camera for us! the internet. someone give them some millions! :D they diserve it.

    28. GRAPHIC J

      Rowan has a bad ass costume.

    29. Locobro8282

      Are we just not gonna talk about how he’s one-handing a claymore?

      1. Locobro8282

        @dont need to know right, but him carrying a shield in his other other hand implies that he is swinging with one hand

      2. dont need to know

        To carry one not so hard. To swing one, quite different.

    30. Andrew Williams

      Adventurer, you're really doing it for me with your practically sexual eye humping of the NPC's gear. 😅

    31. Loon 李迪倫

      Adam's non-human crying in this one: hilariously PRICELESS 😄 Rowan needs to be mugged moe often!

    32. Yousef Q8

      90% of these video in Viva La dirt league .... That guy is shoreless

    33. OSTs Reversed Backward

      *¿Porque Rowan esta usando un MANDOBLE como si fuera una espada bastarda?* literalmente no podria luchar con ella ni aunque quisiera jajajaja

    34. Rick Hobson

      It takes balls to make videos like this.

    35. Lesba Zyra

      woah. They are really naked. I can see a part of Adam's ... thing.

    36. Lubo V

      Ok, Inam definitely putting the cry. Wav as my alarm tonr

    37. Trọng Phúc Ngô


    38. Steir12

      Skit idea special for Rowan: There is a very serious cutscene, but whenever camera angle changes player model loads slightly faster than his armor model and he stands there naked for a brief second and this freaks Greg out.

    39. Craig Tucker

      *Ah adventure, I have seen your destiny from afar and you will be the divin-* [ Pickpockets ] *You treacherous little filcher, how dare you steal from me!*

    40. Mestre Supremo

      nice shield

    41. CaptnAro

      What game gives you ability to take NPCs stuff while standing close to them?

      1. dont need to know

        Skyrim. You can take your followers equipment but it does not leave them naked.

    42. Steeben009

      this one is rly good

    43. Rob Brank

      He forgot to take the rings boots and belt

    44. Hermit

      Does he have a tattoo of the channels logo on his forearm?

    45. Austin Theng

      Is there an uncensored version of this clip? Asking for a friend. 🤣

    46. Litti Littiti


    47. Dr James Lilly pad

      that dude was have been freezing cold in the making of this

    48. Evealle

      Eugene killed me

    49. Reuel Louise Paragas

      Adam fckn craked me up hhhhh

    50. Azarelius

      Please give them money so they don't have to be naked!

    51. Plush Hunter

      Really wondering about the rarity level of Eugene's gear.

    52. jamy

      what game is this based off? if any

    53. Ambientscape

      Need something?

    54. Scpwhy

      That cry is amazing

    55. Rheza Andrianta

      I actually laughing LOL

    56. m mib

      The art in the inventories is really well done

    57. Николай Гребенюков

      nice day for fishing, ain't it? 1:39

    58. Amanda Quezada

      I do this with all of my followers in Skyrim!

    59. Para Bellum

      Wow the pixels are really small in Australia.

    60. Bizlow

      So how was Rowan supposing to even swing that sword and use the shield?

    61. DanielGamer631


    62. Lé Anonymous

      hahah did Ben steal Adam's outfit too? :P

    63. Daaviiiiiid

      nice day for fishing ain't it 1:39

    64. Ranger

      1:41 Look at his right arm, apparently High Paladin Rondor is a part of Viva La Dirt League.

    65. Zs Fekete

      His gear looked nice, but gave 0 stats, his atrributes and even armor/dmg numbers never changed, meaning Rowan's skin is literally stronger than steel and his fists more dangerous than a sword.

    66. Lizzy Tomkinson

      Me playing skyrim everytime

    67. PKMN Trainer Mark

      Whew. I came across the newest one a day or two ago, watched several, and then spent somewhere from four to five hours watching the rest of this series today. And now's the part where I subscribe.

    68. Royal Ghost

      Adam crying at the end was just hilarious 😂 You get a like for it❤

    69. KrazyKiwi

      Skyrim in a nutshell.

    70. Christopher Berry

      I see those pink undies lads xD would have been better if he equipped the stolen stuff hahaha

    71. Armani Espresso

      Is there currently an actual medieval game similar to this??

    72. Shreder

      Ok that cry is officially one of the most annoying noises ever

    73. Ryan Odom

      Come on guys! I literally just took a drink at 1:56... RIP keyboard.

    74. Kek Talks

      classic XD

    75. Nikita Zakharyev

      Aaaand Rowan naked, yes, again. Here we go

    76. Matteo Cegheraider

      The follower power resides in his body. In fact if u see removing his equip don't reduce his stats. The stolen item are trasmog only XD

    77. Rougarou

      "But is seems the light has not given up on me just yet, huh-ha!" Nice day for questing ain't it? 1:35

    78. Kendrick Hernandez

      “Cry.wav” lmao

    79. Einar Smith

      Not gunna lie! I do this EVERY SINGLE TIME!😂👌🏻 lol

    80. Kyle Dwyer

      The Diablo ui lol

    81. Haerodiel

      Rowan will take any excuse to get naked 😂😂😂

    82. Evan Stanley

      Well of course his backstory is terrible. He is an NPC from Diablo 3.

    83. madquest8

      Needs more naked girls.

    84. Helyzz82

      the hair of 'Adam' is looks like a baby-curl escaping from under the cape.. :O

    85. Kaa

      who cares about low lvl companions, if they had good equipment

    86. Kerron McNab

      I didn't expect the end 😂😂😂

    87. XenzardZ

      Paladin with a sword? Seems a little unusual. The devs gave too much power ti the NPCs

    88. YeeticusAurelius

      I’m guilty of doing this to NPC followers and I’m not ashamed of it

    89. Elizabeth Calvert

      Omg yes the comments were right about the ending 🤣

    90. steven merkel

      Sooty but what mmo game allows you to approach another player and view their inventory and steal what they have? It’s only when that person dies when you can.

    91. FourEyedGeek

      Hey guys, in what episode do you think you finally gave up on keeping your dignity during these episodes? I'm glad you lot decided not to.

    92. Austin Shay

      Are the tattoos real? o: I just noticed on his arm it has the same red and blue triangle shape for Viva La Dirt League ~

    93. LokiofDoh Mend

      Slow yourself adventurer!

    94. Salty Corpsman

      Rowan has a VLDL tat? did i just never notice this?

    95. Alex D

      i would like to hear more about this "plague" of debauchery that overcame the keep


      Rowan: "Let's write another script of me getting naked!"

    97. Ravenvál

      I have one question: Where did you buy that armor? I need it

    98. JornBebar

      Please, stop torturing Eugene, you sick sadists!!!!

    99. Drnapalm

      I feel attacked absolutely

    100. OytheGreat

      Even without all his stuff High Paladin Rondor still has the same armour & damage stats. He's just a manbeast encumbered by useless armour and weaponry. Ben did him a huge favour!