Best PUBG strategy ever - Whack A Mole

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    1. Про100 Саня

      ⠀ /)・ ェ・)/) _/  ̄ ̄ \ / ヽ / ● ●ヽ ! ▼ l ヽ_ 人 ノ ゙゙ーJ――――J

    2. Ильяс Н


    3. Hap Hoppy

      How did they make the bullet holes? Those actually look real.

    4. مجعص الهكض 👈🐸😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    5. billybifocals

      Lol genius

    6. Gaming With Mercy

      I was saying he should of switched to an AR All along😂😂😂Hey Ben is still Disconnected😂😂😂

    7. navin agrawal

      Very nice

    8. Janit Jindal

      0:01 its all happening in 1 universe lol

    9. EpicGamer

      "Ben is still running till this day " 😂

    10. Trần Nhân

      Why dont he crush alan by a car ?

    11. Mahendhar Srisailam

    12. A Human With A Potato PC


    13. singme astory

      MadVagabond? Hmmm, the only MadVagabond I know is....... Ryan Haywood!!!! Okay who in VLDL is an Achievement Hunter fan?

    14. Lachlan Kilroy

      I love the kill feed in all these pubg vids 😂😂😂

    15. Alex Zer0

      No, cargo beep beep.

    16. GOKU

      The kill feed is hilarious lol Silent Jay killed Bob with the quietest attack you've ever heard

    17. Dark Stock

      U sure the title shouldn’t be “Shoot a mole” ?

    18. The Crusader

      WoRtH It

    19. Mobile Games

      Or could have just stepped on the gas

    20. james buritto

      He seriousy just can run him over and use that damn car ;-;

    21. Marcos BR


    22. Sushi xD

      car go boom

    23. The Nut

      1:03 Adam killed Alan with WAY TOO MANY BULLETS

    24. Marco VChB

      I didn't see that one coming! Hahaha!

    25. 50,000 subscriber with No videos

      Why not just speed boost and kill him by running him over

    26. paul mechanic


    27. Aviation Nation

      That first shot. Hahaha!

    28. anonymous 02 Plz Subscribe me

    29. Андрей Андреев

      Привет, сделайте пародию на лут. Типа большой рюкзак канистра и все что с собой несешь) Это, какой на самом деле должен быть размер...

    30. Aviral Singh

      Bro just run over him

    31. Geist8745 ViPr


    32. tee yenfang

      Alan:Oh No theres people Rory:IMA KILL YOU Alan:swicth sits evertime Rory shoot Me:you can just run over Rory -_-

    33. Something


    34. Black Namus


    35. passi baka

      is that an m429 ? yea it as alan 🤣

    36. Benjamin Seldal-Kristiansen

      Sanguinius killed Darth Vader with a chainsaw sword

    37. AceXsquad

      If u are pubg lover ❤️ Must visit my channel

    38. Aryan Dass

      The car should have blasted😏😏

    39. Legends-of Matty

      Should have ran him over at the end

    40. Trafford Petitt

      Play war zone together on twitch please!

    41. Radgy

      Good strategy 👍

    42. Greg

      Sometimes when I'm a passenger I constantly change seats when driving around . Idkw . My teammates are probly thinking WTH is up with this seat changer ? Lol

    43. 守護神なんやが

      I am JapaneseI always have fun with your videosIt is very interesting

    44. Псивульф

      You are great! Please give to us more video for pubg. Its f"cking great work! Your humor is perfect, not as my english😉Actually thanks for russian subs🤘🇷🇺

    45. Thang Thang

      You knows what’s wierd he didn’t have to reload his kar98

    46. Game app Reviewer

      Who ever wants to join me in a match of PUBG mobile here is my username (Duncan72601MCU) just send me a text saying where u came from first

    47. Pubg Truegamers


    48. Pain PUBGm


    49. Carl M

      I can donate a Land Rover to actually be shot and blown up

    50. Jed Ng

      You can't go to the backseat just the front, that's the PUBG 'LOGIC'

    51. Cantor


    52. panther gaming M

      "Toomuchcofee killed Anxiouscreativetype after a misjudged caffeine dosage" lol

    53. Astro Wolfy

      Hey Viva la dirt league, I'm not sure if you guys are gonna read this but I love your videos and ever since your first pubg video you guys have been an inspiration to me, so I recently took on the challenge of trying to make my own pubg skit videos. Your funny content has really helped me in some bad times so I just want to say, THANK YOU. :)

    54. Jude Fullman

      I wish I could materialise an M249 early game...

    55. Скоро здесь будет круто

      0:18 дырка от пули исчезла

    56. Alan Jukić

      make COD Warzone videos

    57. Tekşnp Savaa

      Türkçe alt yazı gelirse iyi olur

    58. Marty Janík

      Do a COD Warfare car logic, please!

    59. Bedonis Plays

      Have you ever feel this regret of having an 8x scope but not having sniper

    60. perdykool

      I have to watch these multiple times because, one, to watch ther actors, 2 to read the death notes and several more times to enjoy them and continually notice things... like Ben still running in the background

    61. Ivanof Cusco

      Todos los idiomas menos español... Además está también portugués pero no español?? Enserio?? Es una mierda!!!!

    62. Mike Tyson

      Epic!!!!!! LMAO!!!!!

    63. Yaz Khan

      hahahahah this was great!

    64. Khurshid Academy

      1k sub for my channel

    65. FaisaL IconG

    66. Jonny Hindu

      This is one of the funniest Pubg Logic video...

    67. norway king

      Do Call of Duty warzone!!

    68. Motosapien

      You can't use the back seat if there aren't 3 players in the car 😂

    69. BOSS CİHAN


    70. aerdon085

      "Ben Affleck killed Matt Damon with his Oscar"

    71. Edson Ribeiro

      Just drive Man ,kkkkkmm

    72. Herman Wong

      This video just reminded me of how great you guys are. Thanks for all the content

    73. SHOOTER3258

      this is one of the best videos ever :)))))

    74. Dulmin Yapa

      Plss make more PUBG videos

    75. ValtoBor


    76. green thepkmn

      this once happend to me in a game for 20 seconds before realizing i could just run him over :p

    77. Ippiki Õkami

      700th comment... Definitely not an m249

    78. chile9615


    79. Mark Riley

      No one talks about Fight Club.

    80. Nandram Natram

      This is so funny, why won't u run him over already 😂😂😂

    81. Signal Tuna

      It always works lol

    82. Robert Rosenthal

      I don't play PUBG, but I still love these videos, and I am wondering why he didn't run him over with the vehicle though.

    83. Obsidian Animation2112

      0:01 *BEN??*

    84. Obsidian Animation2112

      82 alive 72 alive XD

    85. barbatos san

      somehow , i remember a movie called the jumper lol

    86. APEX FOX

      i loving ben has disconnected and wen adam have the m249 and killed him self to hahahahah

    87. William Hajar

    88. Shahriare RS


    89. Ver.IDForYou

      M249 🤣🤣🤣

    90. Marrah sab

      I feel the exact same way when I know my enemy have M249 😂 I just know the end is near 💔

    91. Z Rom

      The Legend says Ben still running.

    92. Shaan Chisholm

      Laughed my ass off.

    93. Chris Hatton

      Hey guys just finished watching the D&D episodes, man that was great. Are you doing anymore D&D series?

    94. Davin Lyseyko


    95. ray maxwell

      God dammit i gotta try the strategy

    96. M4 Scope

      Where is ben running to?

    97. Akshaj PR

      Why don’t he drive that vehicle towards him 😒

    98. Klabauter Mann

      I hope plenty of subscribers will support your kickstarter project.