Terrifying video game AI in PUBG - Terminator

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    Terminators are real... they've taken over PUBG. Can nothing stop this rogue AI?
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    1. Ally Rajs

      Noice impression 😂

    2. Valer Som

      Awesome! Best of all!

    3. ytdlder

      Oh my god, that was AWESOME!!

    4. Dino Sifu

      ironic.. the most funny moment is when he makes an impression of Arnold accent.. I cried and burst out all my food ... I am having lunch now

    5. Nekosensei57

      Хаха! А что, теперь реально есть такой режим в PUBG?

    6. Про100 Саня

      i ⊂_ヽ \\ don't \( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) > ⌒ヽ / へ\ / / \\care レ ノ ヽ_つ / / / /| ( (ヽ | |、\ | 丿 \ ⌒) | | ) / ノ ) Lノ (_/

    7. Pouria

      why did they add bots into the game tho?

    8. Mrlolers

      I’ve never wanted to subscribe faster after that ending

    9. Rahul Shewale


    10. Mahatir Chohan

      1:59 is the best part I can't stop laughing about the Old Windows 95 Music 🤣🤣🤣

    11. The Low Ground

      lol 2:08 killing with avada kedavra spell. LLOLLL

    12. KosVan 236

      Здесь есть русские? 👇подайте знак!

    13. Deathy Kat

      This is so accurate to the ai in pubg XD They never land a single shot

    14. Dylan Craig

      00:50! Oh I’d love to see Mankind running around a video game kicking dicks in and finishing people off with The Mandible Claw lol

    15. Red T

      Terminator: I'm back

    16. Borbuka


    17. Lone Wolf

      Terminator :New ERA

    18. DerSonntagsHeld

      Great Arni impression at the outcard. :D

    19. Ромка Моисеенко

      Ха-ха 🤣 поржал. Даже без субтитров все понятно.

    20. NUKEPOOL The Average gamer

      Wow..The Arnold voice was amazing man🤣🤣🤣🤣

    21. just commenting

      GeT tO tHe ChOpPA

    22. DudePlays 26

      Looks badass Almost :(

    23. Pratham N U M B


    24. K1r1ll809 YT

      2:41 клиническая смерть

    25. Vince Taylor

      Rowans talent is unmatched

    26. chop suey

      had to like because he did the Schwarzenegger voice! rowan you are funny.

    27. phil the thrill

      John Connor: Mom! I need a terminator! Sarah Connor: we already have a terminator at home the terminator at home:

    28. TheInternetVillain

      Windows logoff sound really got me

    29. Henry Wei

      Bots have aimbot and wallhacks but they do 0.2 damage per shot and only tap

    30. Caronix 7

      50 rupees cut for over acting

    31. ElectricErger

      Great acting work Rowan

    32. His Space Marine

      Now do Predator Hunting Grounds Parody lol

    33. Zohar Sharabi

      Hhaa, the end got me. I lost a lung..

    34. Măcişor

      it is just me or deos he wear glasses of a grandma?

    35. Măcişor

      Pls guys tell me the soundtrack of TermiRowan!

    36. Mister twister

      Great acting. Rowan is so good here!!

    37. Luis heller

      buenas la verdad excelente video lo disfrute bastante aguardo por el nuevo éxito me despido les dejo kisses muchas gracias

    38. Deception z

      Mechanical Rowan will haunt my dreams

    39. grapy

      Best man, Best.

    40. Twistybum 1997

      The error and the windows log off audio files ... just perfect.

    41. bill syrigas

      Am i the only one who thinks Rowan in the end sounds more like Christopher Walken than Arnold?


      DO IT, DO IT NOW


      masterful sound designing

    44. TheFallen

      HOLY NOVA kill made me laugh

    45. Silver

      Holy Nova!

    46. Mohamed qandil

      Davidpdwilliams killed Buggsie87 with the avada kedavra spell LOL 😂 😂 😂 2:09 and 2:40 killed with his pet Tyrannosaurus rex


      Got to admit that is a spot on cosplay

    48. Derek4kGaming

      No one: That one over powered AI in a game that defies the games phicycs and does crazy sh*t that shouldn't be possible.

    49. h-3 -00-0

      i doN't play pUBG

    50. Hidden Flaw

      I was waiting for the sounds of Ed-209 when rowan is on the ground jaja

    51. Med Tec67

      The windows sounds slayed me

    52. Help me reach 690 Subscribers

      God, that HAD to have happened at one point in the terminator universe...just a t-800 walks into a resistance base about to annihilate the humans inside then *_A CRITICAL ERROR HAS OCCURRED_*

    53. VulcanFighter

      RowanAI.exe not responding

    54. dayon yassine

      windows error sound + log off sound = realy bad thing's gonna happens

    55. No Pity

      What unreliable programming language did they use to program the A.I. ? Rowan Coding? No wonder it stopped working.

    56. Upeka Tharindu

      they got us in the first half 😀😀

    57. Falkon Dezigns

      Sponsored by windows! 😂😂😂

    58. emankcinigirO

      Killing with HOLY NOVA is a new thing

    59. T Coldwell

      Get to the chopper

    60. Oblivianos

      he crashed so many times... was he running windows ME or vista?

    61. HardWork_ X

      So Accurate

    62. Gary Dabelza

      Just like bots on PUBG Mobile

    63. Paolo Gian

      Damn rowan can be in the next terminator film!

    64. AWOLBones

      That’s just a mobile players

    65. Armaan Chandel

      Those kill feeds 😂😂😂😂

    66. Cecilio Camacho Torres

      Love it great job being arnold lol

    67. GasmanOAV

      Of course Rowan is the machine. So obvious.

    68. Dogtorant

      It's funny because it's true

    69. Rayray gamerman

      Is this a play against the bots they added or is it about the actual terminators they had in pubg mobile a long time ago

    70. Жизилбек Киштырбеков

      "Bots in the call of duty mobile royale battle"





    73. Judo Chop Master

      Umm actually: Avada Kedavra is a curse, not a spell

    74. WolfSong913

      That's one of the best Arnold Schwarzenegger impressions I've ever heard.

    75. ric redaja

      1:52 expert bots

    76. Namit Sharma

      Dhoo ith now 👌

    77. Anvith Shetty

      Nice Arnold imitation though....

    78. Odette Brock


    79. AAJ30

      How u do the voice that was lit

    80. MRADAM DJ

      Terminator Rowan. T800 arnold schwarzenegger❤❤❤

    81. GAS -MASK 045

      “They’re disguised as humans. There’s no way we can know” me sees they are shooting 4 bullets each 5 seconds, and walking like a bot does

    82. OopsieBoopsie

      Wait wait wait. The bots can shoot ?

    83. James Mahoney

      Well made, thst is how ai acts.

    84. きなこ


    85. Leismatt

      Do it! Do it now!!! Good Arnold Schwarzenegger Impression.

    86. Z.S

      damn a holy nova kill?

    87. Ayden.Jaacob

      That is the best Arnold impression I've ever heard.

    88. RevolverOcelot2008

      Fortunately they were programed by EA

    89. Hence__I__Rise

      Yoooo! That shit had me dying when he was legit walking into the wall! 😂🤣🤣!!

    90. Master Lion

      Post bloopers

    91. Shane Daniel

      I couldn't stop laughing holy shit those bots haha

    92. Rob West

      This is a very wwe-centric list. How do you overlook people like Big Van Vader, Hollywood Hogan, DDP? Plus someone as simple as Koko B. Ware, Rick Rude, or the Bushwhackers have extremely iconic entrances for the way they were a ceremony or the way they got people reacting. But even on the wwe side, I would have said Shinsuke in NXT had a must watch way to the ring, certainly more so than Bobby Roode. And how can you say Steve Austin for his walk but not say NWA/WCW Ric Flair? I don’t know maybe it’s nitpicking, it probably is.

      1. Rob West

        Hey Adam, what about a list of post match extracurricular activities? Beefcakes hair cuts, Jake letting the snake out of the bag, Rude Awakenings, Dibiase leaving a tip, Hogan’s poses, nWo’s graffiti...there’s gotta be a totally awesome top 10 there!

    93. CJ Satnarine

      I want to see a PUBG bot go against a PUBGM bot to see who would win...

    94. Heather Rezek

      0:51 look in the top right corner 🤣😂🤣

    95. Aidryan Robert

      That Arnold impression is gold It reminds me of Hercules in New York 😂😂

    96. Jo V


    97. Warfrog101

      I've laughed waaay too hard at this..

    98. Trent Begnaud

      My fav thing about pubg logic is the kill feed 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    99. Julian Zimianitis

      I saw this coming a mile away and it was still hilarious.

    100. Luis Aquino