Terrifying video game AI in PUBG - Terminator

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    Terminators are real... they've taken over PUBG. Can nothing stop this rogue AI?
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    1. Баха


    2. Dungeon Symphony


    3. A curious Starrynight Butterfly

      Imagine while you're shooting across the street with another team,you're in very low HP in a hurry using kit, then a bot appeared out of nowhere behind you suddenly and gave you a bullet... Yea,you got it right,I have a lot of these unlucky moments..

    4. Crazy_Adventures

      Looks like Skynet spent a lot of time studying the art of StormTrooper aim

    5. Uy Luke Justin

      I was literally watching this and it says 3 months ago now it says 4 months ago posted i mean for me that's cool but for the others a don't know

    6. Ruslan Оаncea


    7. r3l1csvk

      those red lights behind dark glasses gave me Kavinsky vibes

    8. Nashley Cedrick Almazan

      I hope this guys create a real movie this is amazing they deserve more than getting only a 700k views

    9. Janat Kojonazarov

      А мои боты меня убивают. Мне лучше с против чела играть

    10. Mr. NoBody

      You don't know cs 1.6 bot....

    11. DemonDuff

      Ben when the bot malfunctions: So I may have underestimated how good they are

    12. firstli gi

      коротко о ботах в пабг

    13. StudleyDuderight

      PUBG AI? If you've heard "kepka!" shortly before getting one tapped by a TOZ on Customs then you've met the true Terminator AI. Above that is the God mode AI. This AI doesn't say a fucking word. It just hoses you with a RPK and sponges 3 mags of M995.

    14. Markinator 9000

      Gottem with the HOLY NOVA!

    15. MR. 1000

      somebody was killed with HOLY NOVA

    16. Happalula

      Robowan is scary

    17. TheGamer

      That Rowan making Arnold voice killed me. Lol

    18. Melvin Lee

      I like that build up for anticipation Great work

    19. Raven


    20. jest erlex

      That's Terminator t-800 on windows xp 😂

    21. Rupert Rosse Lachenal

      I love how rowan imitates Arnold

    22. You 2020

      Lol love the Do it nowwwwww

    23. 90yousef Studios

      Cyberpunk AI be like

    24. Lostelei

      The Arnie impression is absolutely spot on. Wouldn't have thought that someone who speaks English natively can do it that well.

    25. Teddies Epic adventures

      1:21 right top corner

    26. LD

      i was waiting for this kill... HOOOOOOOOOOOLY NOOOOOOOVA! @1:21

    27. Badly Drawn Turtle

      People make fun of how bad bots are in battle royale games, but they're bad on purpose. It would be EASY for them to be programmed with 100% accuracy, as easy as it is to HACK 100% accuracy. But then instead of making fun of the bots and then going to hunt for some real players, everyone would just quit playing the intensely unfair game.

    28. Tess78uk

      This is the future Bill Gates wants.

    29. Он Самый

      Plz play hunt showdown))

    30. Днс Днс

      Могли и гильз на пол подвинуть)

    31. Josiah Trelawney

      FNAF has entered the chat

    32. Konstanty Janczarski

      Rowan Schwarzenegger

    33. The Randomness

      Pubg bot now is more likely terminator even they shoot 1 bullet/3sec they still get shot on head

    34. Grant Pflum

      Why didn't they just shoot it?

    35. Maverick Hunter X

      Hasta la Windows Vista, Babeh!

    36. Peter Zerfass

      Recreating the police station scene from Terminator frame by frame...love it.

    37. Keshav Aubeeluck

      😂😂😂so Funny

    38. SD Gamers

      Rip Terminators 😂😂😂🤣🤣


      Last was commentary of Arnold Schwarzenegger

    40. Tabish Haleem

      The mimicry of Arnold he did, in the end, was on point🤣🤣🤣💯💯

    41. AmieW

      it's all fun games until bot giving away your positions to enemy

    42. Dbe 5353

      That's Rowaminator

    43. JacksonsChannel Johannsen

      That fucking Arnold impression at the end😂😂😂 spot on

    44. why creepy

      F*** Samsu‌ng‌

    45. Red T

      Has anyone noticed that Rowan makes a good Arnold Schwarzenegger impression

    46. jonner44


    47. Dmitriy Seleznev


    48. Idias Rivers

      Wish PUBG had such a mode

    49. SuicidelG

      If you die to a bot in pubg you should just uninstall.

    50. SatoriSoul

      Typical beta test bot..

    51. ValeciiNight

      I want that pet, tyranosaurus rex XDDDDD

    52. Top Notch Tree Felling. Inc

      Do it. Do it nowwwwwwwwww. T800

    53. SpecManX01

      To be honest... i thought that was gonna go way diffrently than it did....

    54. T BZ

      2:00 Rowan is on par with John Ritter for this kind of physical comedy imo.

    55. farbod khalili

      2:09 killed the guy with avra kadavra spell LOL

    56. Richard Klosterman

      Rowan looked HOT in those shades!

    57. Home Guitar Mods

      Killed with a sock puppet :).

    58. Crensh


    59. Lukas St

      Rowan the next Terminator

    60. Zepha21

      That windows shut down sound X'D

    61. Coolman

      Spoilers for the new update

      1. Coolman


    62. The Dungeon of Bad Decisions

      Love how Rowan always juts his lower jaw out when his character is about to be an absolute dumbass

    63. SoulCrusherEx

      That arnie Impression in the end was legit

    64. 1992pattrow

      I knew the props used were some quality items.... but the 4x scope prop is a freaking ACOG???

    65. Bisonsoul11

      This is the AI of necromunda underhive wars to a T 😂

    66. Kabeer Ahmed

      I only liked the video cz of the Arnold impersonation 😂

    67. passi baka

      terminator exe has stopped working

    68. Zahid Hasan

      try on AMONG US PLEASE

    69. L3V5_ 11

      Does anyone read why do people die in right up corner im dead

    70. Sebastian Binny

      I'll be back

    71. A Specimen

      That now seems like an awesome ltm Hunters It’s basically just a normal game except there are robots hunting you( that are actually good and take more shots to kill)

    72. Curtison Cuffy

      Masterpiece of a video right here, third time watching :3

    73. cHieLvy EB

      Guys pls do hacking player scene

    74. Mat Luoma

      Manfred, hey man...I know that was you as Xvair1956 that killed me with HOLY NOVA... that wasn’t an unintentional Callipoe crashing into to the ground. 🎶 1:22

    75. ImmortalBecoming

      Rowan is good at AI acting!

    76. Mansoorkhan Pathan

      Ohh man that's a brilliant idead they should do a tieup with the terminator franchise and add them in battle royale

    77. Franco Mauro

      Rowan making Schwarzenegger's accent should get an Oscar hahahaha

    78. Osaias Fontanez

      Funny thing is that they used to be like this shoot I twice then run like they never saw u now they shot three time then run 2 feet then prone that it until u killed them

    79. Scott

      OK....Rowan has a pretty good Arnold impression.

    80. Birch K.

      Your arnie voice is on point, bro.

    81. Chris PH

      2:16 Rowan Jackson Moonwalk

    82. Fitz Williams

      The walking just had me dying 😂😂😂

    83. Stealth Attack

      I honestly thought that his red eyes would come back and he really would become the terminator.

    84. Stealth Attack

      Brilliant Arnie impression lol

    85. Fran Cat

      2:09 killed by Avada Kedavra spell 😂

    86. Clementine Schälchen

      2:29 omg that is terrifying

    87. Rewasder

      Hasta la vista, Logic...

    88. Yel John

      I like the pubg shits more than the annoying people at the store shits XD

    89. Ally Snipes

      Noice impression 😂

    90. Valer Som

      Awesome! Best of all!

    91. ytdlder

      Oh my god, that was AWESOME!!

    92. Veon Gan

      ironic.. the most funny moment is when he makes an impression of Arnold accent.. I cried and burst out all my food ... I am having lunch now

    93. Nekosensei57

      Хаха! А что, теперь реально есть такой режим в PUBG?

    94. Dark

      i ⊂_ヽ \\ don't \( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) > ⌒ヽ / へ\ / / \\care レ ノ ヽ_つ / / / /| ( (ヽ | |、\ | 丿 \ ⌒) | | ) / ノ ) Lノ (_/

    95. Pouria

      why did they add bots into the game tho?

    96. Mrlolers

      I’ve never wanted to subscribe faster after that ending

    97. Rahul Shewale


    98. Mahatir Chohan

      1:59 is the best part I can't stop laughing about the Old Windows 95 Music 🤣🤣🤣

    99. The Low Ground

      lol 2:08 killing with avada kedavra spell. LLOLLL

    100. KosVan 236

      Здесь есть русские? 👇подайте знак!