How to fool an NPC mugger - Invisibility Ring

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    Fooling a mugger NPC with an invisibility ring


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    1. KOW music

      Can someone tell me the name of this game coz it is not skycraft

    2. ProHunter 386

      Obrigado por legendar em português :D 👍

    3. Red T

      Does anyone out there love Rory I think he's funny and deserves to be on more of their videos

    4. Acme

      I think this might be my favourite one yet, so simple, but the "oh fuck it..." makes it for me... 😂

    5. TheMagnificentZoltar

      Meanwhile, at the US Federal Reserve...

    6. Dominic Spowart

      Very monty python ish. Love it

    7. 本座坑神之神

      This is just like the guillie suit

    8. Aidan Or

      Why couldn't Ben's character mug Adam's character by himself?

    9. Muhammad Abdulloev

      Hey you see that mug over there? LETS MUG IT

    10. M J

      I love the muggers🤣 what are we!?

    11. Zubayr Bhyat

      Why was this not part of the supercut hahahahahah

    12. Jeffrey 778

      god i love the mugger bits so much

    13. Drico

      When the player has low intelligence

    14. Skyler Stevens

      Would have laughed if they actually got money out of mugging the air lol.

    15. Alex Titov

      When you fail a perception check two times

    16. T. Akb [Игровой Канал]

      0:55 Damn! That killed me! Ben using Rowan's own medecine against him xD

    17. Kristína Brtková

      Can't mug em all I guess..

    18. King of nuclear fallout 33210

      My previous

    19. Eight Kills One Move Sword-Master

      I equipped my invisible ring too, now you can't see my comment people, if you do, then you need to go to a therapist because you're hallucinating things, this comment is not real

    20. Jan-Noel David

      Ben has a higher perception stat

    21. E B

      Keeping Rowans break in there was subtly hilarious

    22. AAJ30

      Mug that Thin air!

    23. Soggy Soup

      Thats what happens when you dont use the flat clicka

    24. Сергей М


    25. Grand Father

      What the name of this game??

    26. Willem Verheij

      Please do a spoof of animal crossing some day, with Greg the Garlic farmer going full Tom Nook on adventurers, giving them stuff supposedly for free yet asking to be paid back a large amount of money for it.

    27. Harl Windwolf

      Unsniffability Ring!

    28. FurryEskimo

      Glad to see that coded mugging go the other way for a change.

    29. 0slavsan0

      Abababha outrageous urgh!!

    30. Private Pony-Soldier

      Lol they talkin like Warhammer Orks. Da oi wut? Ew dis den? et's Mug'em

    31. - Doctor Someone -

      Ben (Charles) seems to have a higher level than Rowan (Bernard) 😁 ...and... Eugene has definitely matured 😎🤣

    32. Сергей Шубин

      Top characters

    33. Gadriel Van Orion

      almost ... almost...

    34. brandon yorks

      We need a NPC mugger SuperCut

    35. Antoine Landreth

      Those muggers were close to getting the One Ring of Power!

    36. Tessar


    37. Murat Karassayev

      Haha , that reminded me of a dnd funny story. There was a half-orc named Krod. He was angry and often used intimidation to get what he wanted. For example intimidating pieces of wood in the wood so that they build themselves into a crows nest for Krod. But my favorite one was when the party was in the bar for looking for evidence about some cult. While the leader of the party was busy talking to the police chief, the rest of the team ordered some food and Krod found some whench and proceed to whoo with her in the third person. The leader of the party returned and says that they are leaving . Krod: " But Krod has whench... Leader says that he has 20 minutes Krod complains about time limit and asks for more. Leader is still says that he has 20 min Krod rolls intimidation on time space continuum) Unfortunaly GM forbids it, but there are many more stories about Angry Carpenter Krod)

    38. xXMrBroXx

      I can not see that button 🤭🤭

    39. Dark Phantom

      For Once Rowan being kinda smart say mug a thin air? when few episode ago mug a Wagon

    40. Alexwiththetv

      There should be one where theres 3 kids shouting about how much gold they have and they're just like "hey lets mug em" "woah woah woah woah, theres 3 of them, theres only 2 of us!"

    41. Richell

      I'm surprised that you guys never did a sketch of the guard an a arrow in the knee.

    42. Peter Kiss

      Some one planing on this Chanel start comedy serial about magic And mugging ?

    43. Peter Kiss

      I never play wow. I have deleted my Blizzard account. Before i have bought warlords of draenor my play time Is around 10 h And i close game. Why : game is flat, only loot not fun thing, game have for beginers easy fight mechanics but boring.... I miss there something around world. There is "lore" but that world Is big on every step Is something and anyway Is empty. Before deleting my account i have idea playing wow classic (maybe) is better. I never complete that idea. That game is money challange and flat looting Space, not so much not so smart.

    44. PyreHat

      So following you guys since NPC DND episode one on your other channel, and I must say you seem like a great fun bunch. I'd have a drink with you if able. Keep up the good work mates!

    45. Mitsurugi Ryoma Masaki

      Bernard: OH! LOOK AT THAT! You see that man there? Charles: Yeah? Bernard: You know what we should do? Charles: What? Bernard: LET'S MUG HIM! Charles: But Bernard....That's Thanos... Bernard: Yeah? Let's mug him! Charles: I heard that he took out an army all by himself! Bernard: But there's 2 of us? And only 1 of him! Charles: No Bernard! He conquered many planets! Bernard: Yeah Let's Mug Him! Charles: He literally destroyed a planet with his hands! Bernard: LET'S MUG HIM! :D Charles: HE DEFEATED THE AVENGERS WITH NO SWEAT! Bernard: YEAH LET'S MUG HIM!!!!!!! Charles: HE WIPED OUT HALF THE GALAXY!!!!!!! Bernard: Hey!.....What Are We?.... Charles: NO NO NO- W-W-W-W- NO NO-NNNNNNW-W-W-W-W-W-MGMGHMGHMGPMHGMGMH!!!!!!!! W--WE'RE MUGGERS!!!!!! Bernard: YEAH! YEAH!!!!! AND WHAT DO MUGGERS DO?! Charles: WE MUG PEOPLE!!!!! WE MUG DRAGONS!!!!!! WE MUG ADVENTURERS!!!!!!!! WE MUG CARTS!!!!!! WE MUG GEESE STUPID F*CKING GEESE AND WE MUG TO OUR DEATHS!!!!! Q□Q Bernard and Charles: SO LET'S.....GO....MUUUUUG HIIIIIIIM!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAHHHHH!!!!! *Charles crying to his death*

    46. Mitsurugi Ryoma Masaki

      Bernard: OH! LOOK AT THAT! You see that man there? Charles: Yeah? Bernard: You know what we should do? Charles: What? Bernard: LET'S MUG HIM! Charles: But....Bernard...That's the Mandalorian... Bernard: Yeah so? Charles: I see him disintegrate 10 people with that rifle! Bernard: Yeah? LET'S MUG HIM! Charles: But Bernard! He took out an entire army of hunters in one day!? Bernard: Yeah! Yeah! Let's mug him! Charles: He's wanted in 12 systems! Bernard: HEY! Charles: NO NO PLEASE DON'T DO IT! Bernard: What are we?

    47. mike maceda

      They mug people, not air.

    48. Timothy Roller

      Right in the middle of a delightful suburban development! The world these days...

    49. Zack Zander

      Nice to see that one of them has their perception high enough

    50. Mr. Texahoan

      I've been subscribed for a few years now, and it sucks to this this, but this channel just isn't funny like it used to be. I'm out. Good luck in your future endeavors gentlemen.

    51. Punisher Castle

      I can’t help but wonder, does this mean they can’t mug people separately? lol

    52. Mission Reloaded

      I am loving the semi sentient AI NPC videos,... these are my current favorite. kudos gents for bringing laughter in this time of 2020.

    53. Worldowner

      you need two invisibility rings +1. Or one, but +2.

    54. mostafa mostafa

      pls make more muge em AND AND pls make lets go mugem about call of duty warfare . i love to see those 2 npc cross over this game and mug players

    55. westtech001

      "Lin Manuel Miranda has an invisibility ring!" - "Where?!"

    56. Prasad Jadhav

      That's just Rowan being Rowan XD

    57. R.J. Ehlert

      I was expecting a second ring to total +2 Invisibly, rendering him hidden from the more perceptive mugger.

    58. Infinitegun361

      Hey Bernard you see that air over there? What that thin air? You know what we should do? Let’s mug it. But it’s... Hey what are we? We’re muggers. And what do muggers do? They mug people. SO LETS GO MUG HIM.

    59. LeoCiosu Music

      That's genius !! LMAO for fuck sake how the hell did he see A THIN AIR !!! God damnit !!! LMFAO 😂😂 😂

    60. Jacob Strang

      Lol nice skit tho i love how they overlooked the modern building in the background

    61. Shade Keigar Blacksky

      Woah, a reversal.

    62. Snoopy Jack

      Pretty good

    63. DJ HADEX 92


    64. Levi Powell

      Bernard has a club now because the goose stole his sword

    65. OLBICHL

      1:12 XD

    66. bashboonx

      join twitch

    67. David Smolej

      Moc dobrý video ;) Very good video ;)

    68. jSkrat Nyarlathotep

      just like guilley suit =D

    69. Ariana Ariana

      а в чём прикол

    70. Blackthorn PC

      We need a mugger compilation 😂

    71. DarkRaikon

      only with invisibility level 2 you can hide from mid tier enemy

    72. Leevi Heiskanen

      Harry Potter using invisibility cloak when one of Voldermort's minion's sees him and tries to convince his buddy

    73. Rahul Verma

      The man who was not affected by invisibility ring should hv swung his sword in thin air tht blood splatter can point out target's location .........

      1. Rahul Verma

        @Elanor The Fair 😂😂😂😂

      2. Elanor The Fair

        With Bernard's intelligence, I'm not sure even that would have helped. XD

    74. Dylan Gardner

      good on ya

    75. נתי חסיד Nati Hassid

      This could be on Monthy Python 🐍

    76. MidnightSt

      And that's why it's difficult to figure out proper composition of NPC enemy groups made of enemies with different stats =D

    77. True Love Gaming

      You see that thin air ? Yeaah Tou what we should do? Whaat? ..........😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    78. domo mitsune

      I'm just surprised they didn't swing their weapons at the thin air where the person vanished. That's what they do in Skyrim before becoming confused and searching. The person has to turn invisible and then move from the spot. I just love have dim-witted to one of the muggers is.

    79. שלום שלום gang gang

    80. Iron ネオ

      Idea: when npc animation looks better than your player animation

    81. Duck Here

      WHAT ARE WE ?

    82. Lord Woods

      Damn, self aware NPC’s first attempt at abusing the system... I look forward to his progress.

    83. Random NAZI gas mask soldier

      1+Invisibility is basically weak, NPC with low awareness and vision couldnt see him but another one could.

    84. Olga German

      You guys are so cool! Much love from Russia

    85. Faizan Ullah

      Plz also make skits for Among Us

    86. Not Funny, Didn't laugh.

      the person that could see him should of probs mugged em solo... or ask his friend to try to touch the area near his hand which would be resting on the victim's shoulder (ruining the joke but then again didn't even laugh)

    87. SIMP Slayer

      He only have +1 invisibility but Deep inside, he has 500 luck stats

    88. Owen Last name.

      One of them is a level 6 thug and the other is a level 5

    89. Matt Lee

      Love the videos, subscribed!

    90. Place to Play


    91. ParaDyce

      Anyone else think the generic rebels skin for the soldier class on Star wars Battlefront 2 looks like ben . . .

    92. Cub von

      Lmao "alright f*** it"

    93. Theangrybinmanshow

      Need a t-shirt that says let's go muggem

    94. Hey there

      Why do i always come here when im feeling down

    95. The Rival

      Oh hey their people, I come from an army called MSFffffuuuuuuuaaaaaaagh Black hole closes

    96. Kalandra86

      Finally the lines are used against him! 😁😝

    97. david ross

      The Muggers should be the primary villains in a D&D story...

    98. GM Simon

      This is 3 metas clashing: adam's ghillie suit, the muggers, and ben being exasperated with rowan

    99. Stephen Smith

      Wow, so is charles just like a super powerful but super stupid character? He can see through magic invisibility!! That is some mid lvl shit right there, but keeps getting pulled into mugging

    100. Farsworth

      Do you guys live in USA ?