Pretending to be a quest giver - Mugger Scam

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    These two muggers have figured out the perfect scam
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    1. Jonathan Nelson

      The beginning of organized crime in Honeywood.

    2. Kristopher Prime

      i love it. this was such a brilliantly dumb plan. little did they account for human greed. player immediately now has 10,000 gold, and rather than giving it to the "quest givers", just runs off.

    3. Douglas Thompson

      But there are two of them!

    4. Celia F

      Ooooh so this is how the thives guild was created.

    5. Funny Quarantine

      I feel like my mind is progressing together with these lovable idiots

    6. BradyT918

      Go on and take this dagger and go slay a dragon, don't have any hold but your rep just got better - Nyhm

    7. James Eppler

      This is the best stuff on HUgets right now, this is great

    8. Shamsuddin Channa

      The Muggers got Mugged.!!

    9. harun yiğit

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    10. harun yiğit

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    11. harun yiğit

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    12. harun yiğit

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    13. harun yiğit

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    14. Danny Owens

      This might be the funniest one. Adam is perfect. Ben is always great. Rowan really made me believe that it was a quest and then its good to see Alan always practicing talking to an adventurer.

    15. Requiem Arrow

      Woken in a Nutshell

    16. Lux

      I thought they would pretend to be a quest giver and if anyone tries to get a quest they mug em

    17. Mint

      Hold on he has garlic on him then how did he ger captured by the vampires

    18. Masked tuber gaming

      When you play a tale tell game. your chooses In the game can make the story different

    19. Regi Baron

      Love your color grading guys, its top notch!

    20. No One

      i like how the notification is just two different fruits

    21. Mr. Latrei

      They are actually improving, nice

    22. computernerd1101

      That fake exclamation mark looks delicious!

    23. TheMasked_ Boi

      Mugger ben: Strength:50 Agility:50 Stealth:100 Intelligence:999

    24. 177SCmaro

      They should of told the guy he can't 100% the game/complete the quest unless he brings the gold back and gives it to them.

    25. Xion

      These two are a trip 😂

    26. Vash The Stampede

      Ben has the absolute best facial expressions ive ever seen.

    27. Vash The Stampede

      I’m literally upset that no side characters in video games will ever be as good as these two.

    28. CdrChaos

      This is how the Dark Brotherhood is born.

    29. Александр Кондрашев

      I really like your videos!!

    30. Derick French

      This is my favorite one so far!

    31. bumblebee560

      These guys have played Breath of the Wild. 😂

    32. why creepy

      F*** Samsu‌ng

    33. Ranger Kwok

      lmao😂super funny these two dudes

    34. The Ropper

      You see that shit ove ther ? LES GO MUG IT

    35. Jason Preston

      I love the Muggers.

    36. Gard Helgeland-Rossavik

      Almost!... also it would be extremely disconcerning if this suddenly happened in a game that you are played a hundred times or so

    37. revolver taco

      That may actually be the best idea he's ever had.

    38. Derp_Muffin

      qwest? :D

    39. Felicia Eris

      And this is how the muggers guild find their start lol

    40. SmokeWise Ganja

      "We get other people to do the mugging for us!" ... Welcome to politics

    41. Flynn Curtis

      "Abandon quest"

    42. Jeremy Hoerner

      The “Oh shit” got me haha.

    43. chris cobb

      Oh my god the mugger vids are my personal favorites

    44. Kirk Crawford

      That one might be one of my favorites lol

    45. Ligh7 Foo7

      The garlic farmer flat out lied to them. One needs to be the quest giver and the other the quest receiver 😀

    46. Ligh7 Foo7

      That almost worked

    47. Marcus Glesner

      Oh, gosh, I wish they put NPCs like this into games. Right down to a counterfeit exclamation point. That'd be hilarious.

    48. T-Rex_tion 96

      Like leaving the dark brotherhood after you killed the emporer

    49. Haaly

      Player will come back after he's done pretty much every other quest, when money is inconsequential. Just to get rid of the damned quest marker.

    50. The Mighty Sparrow

      Who'd have thought Charles had the brains 😂

    51. Blazer Gamer

      Me in Mount and blade warband when I get told to collect taxes for the king

    52. Ippiki Õkami

      You see that new comment over there? Let's mug em

    53. Sneften the Tapion

      this might be my favorite of these 2 lmao at thats a tough call because its all hilarious

    54. Richard

      The mugger's biggest mistake ... they forgot to turn the *!* into a *?* when the mission was completed.

    55. Lucifer Morningstar

      He ran cuz the "!" wasn't turned into "?"

    56. Truthful Fibs


    57. John W


    58. AudieHolland

      Next to Ben, our most hated manager Rowan looks like a boy scout.

    59. David Lowery


    60. MyFatezero

      Im so proud of them actually

    61. Hugo Cardenas

      seeing one of the muggers keep pooping up to the right of the npc is weird

    62. Century Helix

      Ben’s “Oh F me” absolutely slayed me

    63. Seraphimas Channel

      That's exactly how some of the skyrim quests felt like...

    64. FlaredMeteor940

      Please make this a game

    65. matt81093

      I mean if you don't turn the quest you get to keep the quest kittens items, in this case gold

    66. Soonami Sapphire

      1:30 that'll be good (don't know why but this is like my favorite sentence)

    67. Stefan Kronholm

      Love the muggers! 😂

    68. Xeno Entertainment

      LMFAO!! Was not expecting what they said at the very end at all

    69. Happalula

      that intelligence stat gotta be really high now

    70. Peter

      An idea for another episode: quest giver demands a long list of unusual items, which the quest taker immediately gives because he already looked up the quest walkthrough on the internet.

    71. Wraithe

      Awww. Look at em breaking their code! ❤️❤️

    72. Bruce Ferguson

      DANG! Almost worked 😂

    73. AdrianFox2000

      Sometimes being a theft is a hard life in games. Imagine robing an adventurer on road just for 200 gold and you'll be killed by them most of the times.

    74. Killu4real Lionheart

      Did the npc just lie !!!

    75. Quickyz

      It just makes me so happy to see new videos from you guys. Brings a smile to my face every single time, just keep doing what you do.

    76. rion roben

      the muggers are amazing. love it.

    77. Candace Honeywood

      Welcome to the town of... what???

    78. Brimstone667


    79. TheQuark6789

      I thought the Adventurer was gonna mug the muggers next!

    80. Tiffany May

      I just binged watched this whole series again. I love you guys so much.

    81. Oliver Tuau

      Yay, great to see the Muggers again. Thankyou VLDL!

    82. Master JAVZ

      Tnx for the TOP FAN BADGE on fb guys #GAMINGPC

    83. Devin Baird

      These two are my most beloved characters that VLDL have. Can anyone tell me if they appear on the DnD channel?

    84. davekachel

      feels like our epic npc man greg had a severe patch to be a less sentient garlicman greg

    85. Alex The Great

      I knew somehow they weren't gonna get the gold

    86. Nique DR

      Viva is my favorite channel now xD Keep it up guys!

    87. Valeheart

      They’re trying

    88. ZedBoii

      guys is this already patched? the npc won't give 10.000 golds

    89. El Reino ArKadico

      2:13 scammer get scammed lol

    90. ISaidDieMF'er Yep You LOOL

      lmfao omg

    91. 2007

      soon they shall run an institution of mugging. they will teach people far and wide, and soon, cities of muggers will emerge, prosperous and rich - business will boom based off the art of mugging. before all this, though, these two make their own small and quaint town. i present to thee; Muggerwood.

    92. Arc Angelus

      Lol oh dang the muggers didn't see that coming they got a taste of their own medicine 🤣

    93. von Macke

      I don't know but sometimes Westworld comes to mind with the awareness of the NPCs xD

    94. Skull Crusher

      Make a video an npc standing there all day and night

    95. Michal1982Michal1982

      Imagine two NPCs like these muggers in game, where one is holding something above other's head just to attract players. XD

    96. TheJECNova

      WTF how does a beginner LvL quest-giver have THAT kinda cash?!? 😂

    97. ChaosAngel99

      Actually, this is a question! What do they after they manage to mug someone? Would it be like a Dog chasing guy ot knowing what they would do if they succeeded or would it be something like this. "Oh, well we reinvest back into the community and donate to the Honeywood orphanage." "So your a aggressive Charity?" I am reminded of an earlier episode where they had started planning a bake sale.

    98. Andrew Fanner

      Presumably eventuaslly the smarter one will wait until they have performed a successful mugging and then mug the dumber one. What could possibly go wrong?

    99. Nina Balych


    100. David Medina

      They achieve a higher degree of sentience with every episode