Pretending to be a quest giver - Mugger Scam

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    These two muggers have figured out the perfect scam
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    1. Bruce Ferguson

      DANG! Almost worked 😂

    2. AdrianFox2000

      Sometimes being a theft is a hard life in games. Imagine robing an adventurer on road just for 200 gold and you'll be killed by them most of the times.

    3. Killu4real Lionheart

      Did the npc just lie !!!

    4. Quickyz

      It just makes me so happy to see new videos from you guys. Brings a smile to my face every single time, just keep doing what you do.

    5. rion roben

      the muggers are amazing. love it.

    6. Candace Honeywood

      Welcome to the town of... what???

    7. Brimstone667


    8. TheQuark6789

      I thought the Adventurer was gonna mug the muggers next!

    9. Tiffany May

      I just binged watched this whole series again. I love you guys so much.

    10. Oliver Tuau

      Yay, great to see the Muggers again. Thankyou VLDL!

    11. Master JAVZ

      Tnx for the TOP FAN BADGE on fb guys #GAMINGPC

    12. Devin Baird

      These two are my most beloved characters that VLDL have. Can anyone tell me if they appear on the DnD channel?

    13. davekachel

      feels like our epic npc man greg had a severe patch to be a less sentient garlicman greg

    14. Alex The Great

      I knew somehow they weren't gonna get the gold

    15. Nique DR

      Viva is my favorite channel now xD Keep it up guys!

    16. Valeheart

      They’re trying

    17. ZedBoii

      guys is this already patched? the npc won't give 10.000 golds

    18. 蔣世龍

      Trust me, one day they will MUG successful

    19. 蔣世龍

      They become smarter...

    20. Deathy Kat

      2:13 scammer get scammed lol

    21. 2007

      soon they shall run an institution of mugging. they will teach people far and wide, and soon, cities of muggers will emerge, prosperous and rich - business will boom based off the art of mugging. before all this, though, these two make their own small and quaint town. i present to thee; Muggerwood.

    22. Arc Angelus

      Lol oh dang the muggers didn't see that coming they got a taste of their own medicine 🤣

    23. von Macke

      I don't know but sometimes Westworld comes to mind with the awareness of the NPCs xD

    24. Skull Crusher

      Make a video an npc standing there all day and night

    25. Michal1982Michal1982

      Imagine two NPCs like these muggers in game, where one is holding something above other's head just to attract players. XD

    26. TheJECNova

      WTF how does a beginner LvL quest-giver have THAT kinda cash?!? 😂

    27. ChaosAngel99

      Actually, this is a question! What do they after they manage to mug someone? Would it be like a Dog chasing guy ot knowing what they would do if they succeeded or would it be something like this. "Oh, well we reinvest back into the community and donate to the Honeywood orphanage." "So your a aggressive Charity?" I am reminded of an earlier episode where they had started planning a bake sale.

    28. Andrew Fanner

      Presumably eventuaslly the smarter one will wait until they have performed a successful mugging and then mug the dumber one. What could possibly go wrong?

    29. Nina Balych


    30. David Medina

      They achieve a higher degree of sentience with every episode

    31. enlamanièrelaiteuse

      I half expected Adam to mug the muggers next 😆

    32. cringemonkey 507

      Hmm.. a quest choice. Me: frantically searches, trust the two strangers or the garlic farmer Internet: accept quest from farmer and the strangers then chose to leave without an explaination, kill the goat to get XP Game: Achivement Unlocked: *Witchcraft!*

    33. Mark Animation

      Aye look at the bright side. There close of Earning Gold!

    34. Moist nugget

      that was a pretty good idea tbh

    35. Corey Carpenter

      Hands down the two best characters.

    36. Pratham N U M B


    37. pickle rick

      Aw shit. Hahaha.

    38. johnny the soap god

      I think itd be a good idea for you guys to make dnd dice for merch tbh. Id def buy them

    39. John Khaw

      So the adventurer is now a new mugger?

    40. Jeffrey 778

      i love the muggers so much

    41. Paul Lenoue

      I would truly enjoy something like this in most MMOs.

    42. Tired Wizard

      Few things. 1: Greg is practicing his greeting with the same motions the pos hacker Alan in PUBG uses before he goes on a killing spree. No, I'm not saying Greg is a pos cheater, nor a murderer. But there's a point to this. 2: As others have pointed out, NPCs are learning. That's a big thing we've seen throughout many of the ENM videos. At first I had the silly idea that the NPCs weren't NPCs, but are actually played by employees. That's silly and not my final conclusion/theory. Conclusion/Theory: The creator(s) of this game encountered the pos PUBG hacker cheater, Alan, and decided that they won't let such bs happen in their game. They made this game.... with AI as NPCs. That way, they will learn to deal with bs from players and forces that don't seem like players in the code (hackers). To top it all off! They made Greg the Garlic Farmer to look like that Alan guy, but is his "true character". "A cowardly wimp that would never want to hurt anyone. But seriously, he's a coward who hates himself. Why else would that guy hack and ruin everyone's fun?" That's a totally real quote from the totally real creators of this game. TL;DR The NPCs are AI that learn to counter bullying/ hackers and Greg is a spite baby cause of PUBG.

    43. Chris Klugh

      I wonder if this is what the Gov feels like when we don't pay all our taxes.

    44. preacherjohn

      Adam's doing his comedy *RUNAWAY* again! hahaha! XD

    45. James G

      I honestly dig the new intro music needed a change

    46. Marco

      Best muggers episode to me!

    47. Chris Petrescu

      here's a hope for your voices in the next short! yearrrhh yearrrhhh

    48. Th Br

      For me: One of the best!

    49. Just SvK

      Who wants viva la dirt league version of AMONG US?

    50. madzapple

      I saw that coming but damn that was funny haha!

    51. SephiaSky Gaming

      Abandon quest lolz

    52. Denne 14

      This mugger Acting is so good just hilarious

    53. Athar Karim

      Muggers got mugged!

    54. HUNK

      This kind of happened to me once. It was when I first got into Runescape and I kept asking people to give me a job to do, not the NPCs but the players. One did ask me to do a simple job and I got paid like 4K in gold when it was supposed to be 400 gold. The player did try to find me and messaged me that they overpaid me. I didnt see the harm of the exchange and went back to my storage to get the 3,600 gold. I traded the money back and the other player said I was so nice. I knew I could have been a jerk. But I already felt like I was overpaid for the task I was hired to do. It helped me get some decent gear as I left the tutorial town a few days later.

    55. Elfrunner

      🤣🤣 I can't wait to see what the muggers try next.

    56. Евгений Дворецкий

      Они себя превзошли)))

    57. Jeffrey 778

      omg that was great!

    58. Medhusalem

      It would have been so much funnier if he actually gave them the gold and they had to cough up 20k Gold as a quest reward.

    59. Steve Barrett

      Haha.. I honestly thought they were going to get the gold by actually finding the sheep

    60. Nikhil A

      What mic do you guys use? The Voice got so much better than before

    61. Sai Sanjay

      2020 wiredness Npc muggers A.I evolution Looks normal than everything that is going on this year.

    62. Ma. Alesandra Ceria Estrada

      Please more of this

    63. Thomas Leuillier

      Are youbfilming in your garden? 😂😂

    64. Jesse hopp

      I mean...i was gonna say is that 4th wall break? But i think that it's closer to 5th wall 😂😂

    65. Michael Gonzales

      That's hilarious. I now want quest givers in an actual game to be doing this. have a guy clearly having a counterfeit quest marker over his head in a real game

    66. C. G.

      Just gotta pay $20k for a quest to save a prince.

    67. Aaron CCS

      Please don't hurt me, I have a wife and child at home AHU AHU HU HU

      1. Magdalena Valentina Feru

        You better cough up then.

    68. Neoyoshi

      I'm so happy you guys are still doing Epic NPC man videos

    69. Nicky Van haas

      They have way too much fun with this and its funny as hell 😂

    70. Andrew Scot

      I thoroughly enjoy the mugger bit

    71. Sean Keenan

      All they had to do was get another sign that was a big question mark and the adventurer would of come back 😁

    72. D0NZ0M K1ll3r

      That's the best

    73. Rendy Ajadech

      Love those muggers 😂

    74. Erich Zorn

      I actually expected bernard to make a *ping* sound when the quest was accepted

    75. Achievement Rum

      Genius! lmao

    76. Dark Scholar

      This is like Westworld’s hilarious cousin

    77. Jodah175

      my fave 2 characters. i could watch them for hours. 🤣

    78. Southern Fried Media

      I love the Muggers so much

    79. idealic fool

      Lmfao Charles slowly turning into Ben 🤣🤣🤣

    80. snoodlesofnoodles

      This is how the thieves guild was originally formed

    81. Luiz Rafael


    82. markjvp

      So close!

    83. Haavikk



      They are at least getting smarter

    85. Cherry Dragon

      Well seems like they do get smarter. Or at least 1 of them~ Is this a good sign? Or a bad one since they're muggers

    86. Kelly Severide

      Best Epic NPC man episode of couple month!

    87. titandriver06

      The "Oh Shit" at the end....I'm dead🤣🤣

    88. Charlie Petersen

      Instead of disguising themselves as quest NPCs they should just have disguised themselves as PCs instead. Then the garlic farmer would've given them 10.000 gold instead claiming to have none.

      1. MacKenzie Drake

        @Charlie Petersen Which would make them spoofs?

      2. Charlie Petersen

        @MacKenzie Drake So camp the newbie spawning area and mug some level 1s for their names.

      3. MacKenzie Drake

        They would need floating names.

    89. DAMAGED Gaming

      Best mugger ever Lol

    90. Solo Passenger

      The origins of the thieves guild

    91. The Last Obas Knight

      Awww such a good idea too Charles!

    92. JadeLeaf1980

      Remember the days when you could hear “cough” in a video without being reminded there’s a pandemic? 😂. I nearly expected there to be an outrage of being asked to cough up anything during a pandemic 😂😂😂

    93. Alex Mort

      never fails to raise a giggle :)

    94. Micole Saxor Baguinat

      How about a mugging series guys?

    95. Scott Stewart

      I want to see an episode where the Muggers "Mug" People... Follow them around saying theyre going to mug them , run up to them and hand them some coffee mugs.......

    96. Avi P

      That's awesome!

    97. Jahosephat Davy

      And that's when everything changed for the muggers. Little did they know that random gamer would spiral down the rabbit hole of Npc theft

    98. Unkempt Jargon

      Until the garlic farmer has a break with unreality again lol