Misleading prices in stores - $2000 bag

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    1. MrEllyNEMT

      Ragman in tarkov be like......

    2. Виталий Коленцев

      you are amazing

    3. NateJGames

      I felt ripped off just watching that. omg.

    4. dpg

      Never mind the bag, 200 $ for a keyboard???

    5. Nos Rin

      i would not checked the order before sliding the card but, OKAY. i mean, he's supposed to read him the number before he swipes!

    6. Benjamin Taylor

      What does Hamish for a living to afford $2000

    7. GigaX

      The baldy guy is still the best actor of them all :D

    8. Hen N

      How do you make holy water...hysterical

    9. edgar Cunanan

      R.I.P credit card he only have 0$

    10. RedStar Entertainment

      That karen episode should have been based on this one 😂

    11. TounyS CZ

      Rowan's bullying this poor guy.

    12. C J

      Is laughing illegal 😂

    13. Vlad Kyznetsov

      Тупо.полный бред.

    14. Ryan Gay

      And here I thought it was a bad thing that Rowan usual doesn't do any work! Definitely better when he doesn't!

    15. Denis Golub

      You guys are the best part of english-speaking world! Used to work as a guide and watching your videos really reminds me why I fall in love once )

    16. Eternus

      The bags wrinkled 😅😅😅😅😅

    17. A W

      and then Rowan got murdered with a $200 keyboard.

    18. Im Drxwzy

      TAX isnt a thing in this world?

    19. lazibayer

      All prices are tax inclusive. How convenient.

    20. Kikz Vargas

      Is this because he give free laptops on the other video?

    21. LordEredor

      I think some of your videos can really do well for Contract Law lessons....

    22. R H

      If they called it an IBag it would seem perfectly reasonable.

    23. GasterBlaster7659

      Oh god I can generally feel that customers anger

    24. Нико Ко

      Iwould bite him after his words i cant return your money

    25. Rem Soliman

      This is Rowan making up for the free things he gave away

    26. puggerthemugger

      One of the rare moments when Rowan is technically not in the wrong

    27. Kerth Pugi

      The bald guy can buy 10 key board in his 2000money

    28. Kuntal Kanani


    29. Бета ПЛЕЙ

      Как будто побывал в Одессе :')

    30. Lumen Psycho

      How the fuck can plastic ever be premium.. It's gotta be a different material.

    31. Justice

      10-20% restock fee would be more than the keyboard originally costs 😂

    32. Oran Ofzer

      If only Hamish knew about the liability line, could've returned that ruined bag

    33. The HuskynatorMAN

      That is why I always look at the card reader screen price before I use it to buy anything that they could lie about.

    34. 104iq


    35. TheEvilBere

      After having watched "Isolation Games" recently, I get the reference with the joke now... Haha

    36. SupasChef

      and so it is today ... just think (prices in Russia): -the cheapest keyboard: 300RUB (4.03USD (~ 0.002121 XAU)) (RITMIX RKB-141), TY - 40y -the cheapest mouse: 200RUB (2.69USD (~ 0.001416 XAU)) (Defender MS-759) , TY-40y -just a normal package that will not break immediately: 12RUB (0.16 USD (~ 0.000084 XAU)), TY-100y -a roll (brick) of white (wheat) bread 45RUB (0.6USD (~ 0.000316 XAU)), TY-~500y -new game for PC class AAA(~500Human x 8Hours x ~250 WorkDays x 5 year =~5 000 000 HumanHours=~570,77626 year)... ~2000RUB(60USD)(~0,031579 XAU)

    37. Fred Hammond

      I have watched this about 2000 times

    38. kalmykuser

      название действительно написано на русском или это мой компуктер всё переводит даже надписи?

    39. Traylay

      I would like to know how that would actually work out in the US. In Germany there is a law that invalidates contracts if its obvious that one party wasnt serious.

    40. Bruno Ps

      The holy water joke was actually funny

    41. Ulan Kaz


    42. Sherwin G

      TLDW: "Apple Bag"

    43. Marko5961 7

      Are they brothers?

    44. Prnz Kenneth

      Bags wrinkled. What an End.

    45. Андрей каменотесов

      Россия 90-х годов))

    46. Quin Hansen

      I love all these videos with Hammish!

    47. Андрей Ерёменко

      хахаха покет помят хахаха

    48. Soul Calibur

      The whole story is such a horseshit.

    49. Grox44

      Omg Rowan evilness knows no end.

    50. Pradeep Thomas

      fIrst Rowan does not give him the computer he ordered ..it was delayed forever. Then he drops his laptop on the floor and now this..wow

    51. Vercotise Redemption

      Fingerfeel ....wtf is that supposed to mean ?🤣

    52. Kim Chia

      this is literally how tech scammers are in my country.

    53. Greg Mulenex

      I've seen this 5 times it more and still love it

    54. Matt Knepper

      Love u.. love u 2

    55. Ghost_meatball

      Plot twist: this is him trying to get his money back hugets.info/show/zommrrnVnqZ4lJg/vide.html

    56. Dmitry Gryazin

      I literally can not watch it. Feel too bad for the poor guy

    57. Ххх Ххх

      У вас в стране такое тоже бывает?

    58. Капитанов ТВ

      Поэтому всегда когда расплачиваюсь картой я смотрю какая цена показана на аппарате.

    59. Григорий Скрыбыкин

      2000$ за сигарету и даже полжизни не жалко за это, чуть чуть покурить и до рассвета будем летать что бы отдать 2000$

    60. Murzilka

      Красиво наибали)

    61. Gabe

      I feel like this is how Rowan makes up for all the laptops and gaming headsets he accidentally gave away.

    62. Bla Blah

      This guy's face always brings me joy : ]

    63. Daniel Torrez

      15% GST in New Zealand. BIt steep when compared to 10% in Australia.

    64. Dale Lippett

      Awesome acting keep up the awesome videos

    65. Metal Spork

      Love you! Lol

    66. csn69 Gaming

      Hamish will be the death of Rowan some day

    67. CabbageFiles

      Poor Hamish seems to have Stockholm Syndrome by now...

    68. T G P DAVID123

      Play tech New Zealand

    69. sabre x51

      The price of a plastic bag is the price of a Rolex 😂

    70. The Observer

      This is how he tries to get the money back from those stupendous free samples he was giving away.

    71. BigRedWood

      I don't know why you guys keep using this bald dude that can't even speak normally. An actor with a speech impediment? For real?

    72. David _Mx

      at least he didn't include tax

    73. العقل الخفي

      طرح حلقات متميزة جدا ... اتمنا الاستمرار وتميز. 😎

    74. Hadi

      Why my man look like if Kratos came to the REAL REAL world :(

    75. I Watch Everything

      Can the plastic bag run Crysis?

    76. Kaleng Kaleng

      That thumbnail always make me laught 🤣

    77. why creepy

      F*** Samsung

    78. Hercules Michael

      Store credit is good?

    79. Sam Wang

      2000 dollars for bag that can buy a iPhone 12 max

    80. Biggus Flickus

      Legally speaking, that was a valid sale.


      His mother's name is Karen and she'll be back.


      His mother's name is Karen and she'll be back.

    83. Ryen Tai

      I dunno why but I like Hamish so much xD

    84. ralfrav

      That "love you" at the end xDD

    85. Montreux Xerrei 92

      the holy water joke got me hahaha

    86. Happalula

      rowan trying to make up the money for the free laptops with each USB stick

    87. Willem Verheij

      I feel like the skits with this guy get too predictable, with anyone else in the skit they might throw us a curveball but with this fellow it always goes the same way.

    88. جاسم یاسینی


    89. Victoria Carlini

      This is the weirdest foreplay I have seen

    90. Chia Lee

      This looks weird. Almost VR like.

    91. Nagy Máté

      Poor Hamish!

    92. Gamerloaders & Co.

      He always gets deceived...poor guy

    93. HentaiFap

      That's what we call a salesman

    94. Hakim 69

      I am starting to see why the shop is empty most of the time. Customers never come back or refer the place.

    95. Claudian Reyn

      Still better than a $999 monitor stand! Duh!

    96. MoronicChunk1

      Yeah, don't know if there's an equivalent in New Zealand, but I'd definitely be calling the Better Business Bureau on that one, or getting a lawyer involved. Hell, I might even just straight up call the police.

    97. justin tabernacki

      Real or fake you're a moron to spend up to $200 for a keyboard. It's a bunch of plastic yo. Your a moron

    98. FreedomMerk

      I don't know why I keep coming back here

    99. K K

      Ok the holy water joke was good.

    100. Egils Kauls

      That holy water stuff was lit haha