When you never get your product - Delayed Order

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    Hamish pre purchased and it seems like he is never going to get his computer! The delayed order might be because of Rowan...
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    1. prodigg

      this is literally my experience buying rtx3080

    2. Ruben Cervantes

      I love this skit so much. i feel bad for Alan going through this with his furniture but at least we got such a golden skit from it.

    3. Lucas Vidal

      This is demonic.

    4. Craig Slade

      wtf hapend in the end

    5. Gyenes Zsolt

      The movements from 4:30... Old habits die hard, Rodney.

    6. Frontie Nuts

      I wanted a pc badly

    7. Hollow 666

      did he ever get his computer or is he still waiting

    8. Michael Smith

      Do you guys actually have a store?

    9. PlatinumGamer

      The worst part of this is that Hamish paid 4300$ for a PC just because he liked how the case looked.

    10. Mad Moiselle

      This one really hurts.

    11. Tommie

      4:53 I actually feel bad for him. 😥

    12. TheMrDeadbeat

      Could've been worse. It could've happened to his Cyberpunk preorder.

    13. jevin1004

      It's probably Byron's fault!!! Probably delivered the product to a dumpsite lol

    14. Alvaro Ahora

      Would be nice them to be once at Playtech selling for real to costumers. Wouldn't be?

    15. Rex

      They foretold the launch of the 3080


      Now you know , how the people who preordered cp 2077 since e3 reveal feel

    17. zabeel

      ഇവനാണ് ഇവരുടെ പ്രധാന വേട്ട മൃഗം

    18. Panda三さん

      This was their first skit i ever saw, and it spoke to my soul in a way that made me sub as soon as it was done

    19. Дмитрий Корольчук

      Like in real life)) unfortunately

    20. Aaron Carlston

      But wheres his computer? Where did it go? I want to know!!!

    21. Saur

      Somehow watching this is not funny to me but very very VERY uncomfortable

    22. The Plant Life - Canada

      EVERY ONLINE ORDER SINCE APRIL 2020 (Especially toilet paper from Costco.)

    23. Yaiba

      This is the skit that introduced me to VLDL. been loving them all since

    24. tobias ripper

      aaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnd thats why you buy parts and build it your selves.

    25. Doomed Child

      This guy never learns.

    26. Stasis Danauskas

      Сволочи. СВОЛОЧИ! Я не смог это досмотреть до конца. Сволочи.

    27. KILL SHOT

      thats the funniest thing ive ever watched

    28. pizza fr

      This is my fav one so far

    29. janMar show

      This is definitely the PLDT customer service here in the Philippines

    30. only a fan

      this is happening to me right now, i sent my motherboard for a warranty since March of 2020 and until now they are not saying anything about it, they just keep making excuses

    31. Jameous ZHANG

      reminds me of Dell............

    32. Georg

      RTX3080 Situation.

    33. Aswin Sumithran

      My current scenario 😅

    34. Nyrael

      This reminds me of that time I ordered a limited edition Warframe shirt from Digital Extremes, it took over a year to arrive. Literally, not joking it took OVER A YEAR. I kept contacting every month or so too.

    35. Built By Rhondy

      Hamish is hilarious holy smokes

    36. Anastasia’s Gaming

      Omg I fucking hate it. XD

    37. Yellow Belly

      Just create a new "Logic" series around these kinds of skits and call them Life Logic cause that shit is too real...

    38. Eczeltem

      Never pay in advance

    39. adam barnes

      Poor Hamish he suffers more than Allan

    40. Gaming With Mercy

      😂😂😂2Weeeks Later😂😂😂 😂😂😂2Weeks Later😂😂😂 😂😂😂3Months Later😂😂😂 😂😂😂LMÀØ😂😂😂😂😂😂

    41. The Non Smoker

      Very relatable.

    42. NarcisticGuitar

      Hey look - it's Activision.

    43. Nathan Burnham

      Rowan is a pro at this. The delivery worker had been throwing deliveries in the dump for years 😆

    44. Ten-Dimension

      4500$ PC!! Wow.

    45. fykDice

      3080 who can relate

    46. Viewtiful Jon

      I used to have a telesales job, whenever we needed to refer to the manager for anything we simply put the customer on hold for 30-60 seconds then made out to the customer like we checked the information with the manager.

    47. Petr Záruba

      Looks like PS5 order for regular peasant :D

    48. Ali jin

      And it's order still delayed

    49. Young Jesus

      this is going on with me rn lmfao its been a whole fucking month since i ordered my laptop from dell and it was supposed to arrive 24 days ago but it kept getting delayed and it now says order has been delayed instead of giving me an actual updated date smfh i just want my damn laptop already ffs

    50. R 93


    51. Fre Sch

      Had something like that actually happening to me. I ordered something and it took weeks and when we got there it turned out they actually went bankrupt and actually assembly was included but for some reason he couldnt find powertools for 2 hours and he would alwqys get in the back and have a word with assembly guy. Who apparently didnt even exist. The reason why he wouldnt assemble my order was probably because the store had no power due to not paid powerbills

    52. HappyDude

      Where is my rtx 3080!!!??

    53. Shoresy 69

      Furniture is like this

    54. sam taylor

      My favourite guy from this group. The one with yellow hat !

    55. ArchAngel121996

      thats actully wat happens wen u contact support

    56. Fighter 2012

      just sue him already

      1. Gaming With Mercy


    57. G.M gamers

      I kinda feel sad for him 😂😂🤦🏻‍♂️

      1. Gaming With Mercy

        😂😂😂4:38 when he started Jamming down his hands on the keyboard i was dead😂😂😂😂😂

    58. TyL3RAdAmZ

      I honestly can't deside who's funnier Rowan or Michael Scott from the office

    59. Nate Dawg

      I had a similar experience ordering a tv. After 3 months of waiting, I told "Worst Buy" to cancel the order. Ten minutes later they called me back and said my tv was ready for pickup. WTF?!?!

    60. A N

      I ordered something online 2 months ago and it still says it’s back ordered. I used to think this was a funny skit. Turns out it’s a documentary.

    61. Ryan Tucholsky

      It all started with a couple of days.

    62. pawan singh

      That's why order cod

    63. eXiiFTW

      3080/3090 in a nutshell

    64. Valperci Nabanalan

      OMG Exactly!

    65. Just Some Guy With an Icy Attitude

      Daraz BD in a nutshell.

    66. Balinux

      Took me 2 months to get my PC.

    67. CM

      This skit gives me anxiety. I love it

    68. Yui

      1:04 as a former customer service employee I feel attacked

    69. Alexander Sejera

      I've watched this sketch a multitude of times and just realized that Hamish gave two different order numbers each time he called

    70. subscribe this channel as a joke

      Imagine if someone ordered 2080 ti just before the rtx 30 series announcement

    71. TheAssening

      This is not a comment

    72. דוד גם-זו-לטובה

      RTX 30 Series pre order like..

    73. Darkwear GT

      Bryon probally put it in tgw rubbish dum0

    74. Red Raven

      This skit reminds me of myself when I'm at work and running on nothing more than 3 hours of sleep.

    75. 歴史上の人物と化した先輩


    76. TheImp

      This is the life now for everyone who ordered rtx 3080

    77. Fluffi


    78. MrFallior

      This was me with Dell, although it was 5 weeks thankfully, lmfao

    79. blerg clerg

      Did you check with the supplier if they have it?

    80. Alex M

      I had this once with a bunch of t-shirts I ordered, delivery 3 days, ended up taking them around 8 months of delivering, even forgot about the order. Or going to the shop asking them if they could do custom computer repairs, yes they said and it should only take a week. Forget that they took my computer for a month and didn't repair it saying they don't repair custom computers.

    81. Darryl Jack

      This video was actually a prediction, Phones, Graphics cards, Gaming Consoles. Nothing, all gone, Game over man, game over.

    82. Illuminationsfromtheattic

      I in a pretty much identical situation right now with a new lens for my camera lol!

    83. simul8rduude

      im laughing so fucking hard at him screaming please!


      This will happen to a lot of ps5 preorders.. Lol

    85. SilencerNate

      The funny thing is that is Rowan successfully was able to delay it for 90 days, it would be highly unlikely that he would get a refund.

    86. IndexChaos

      Well its his fault. Real gamers build their gaming pc.

    87. Aidan Or

      I had no Idea Rowan was also a dick to customers as well as his employees.

    88. zeke floto

      God I want hamish to be a regular character 😂 his such a good actor super funny.

    89. Blake Gracia

      what had happened his intention was to keep his money and string the customer along. That is if this scenario was real.

    90. Artificial Insolence

      Exactly *this* is happening with the RTX 3080s now xD

    91. The Spark

      In Denmark the money doesn´t get withdrawn before the order is processed, this means you can always just cancel the order or simply tell the bank to withhold the transfer pending further investigation. How does it work in the US?

    92. San dro

      Hamish having huge anger issues. For no reason.

    93. HomeDefender30

      I have literally done this, not in this situation but I used to be a loan officer... sometimes when someone had really bad credit I just couldn’t give them a loan... sometimes people would demand to have someone above me review the loan application to see if they would give it an approval.... I would put the phone on hold, do something else for a few minutes and then hop back on the line and tell them my manager said no way.

    94. someloser 2888199

      Now here's my question, why is Rowan working the front desk

    95. Kosdan

      This video was sponsored by Playtech's competitors

    96. Vinny Fratto

      Lol I literally got a call this morning from Best Buy that the fridge I bought a month ago that was supposed to be delivered today...is now on back order....had pretty much this same conversation hahah

    97. Michal Petergac

      The legend says that Hamish is still waiting.

    98. FreelanceDev4life

      This is so accurate it pissed me off and makes my blood boil.

    99. Aphyrius

      I hate

    100. ayump3f

      Too bad his computer is in the rubbish dump