When you injure yourself at work - Accident Report

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    There are specific rules for when you injure yourself at work, and that involves are pretty lengthy accident report. And Rowan likes to work by the book.
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    1. James J

      Bad Adam, wasting company nail and woodplank like that; not to mention the bloodstain that he left. He should get a paycut or something.

    2. Neko Monty

      American capitalism and healthcare at its finest.

    3. Asuka Seitou

      Are you serious?! You have to do such a thing in new zealand?!

    4. Musical Boy

      Sooo....that injury is realistic

    5. Diojie Casano


    6. Yair Phone Kyaw

      nailed it

    7. Maximilian Ruf

      *laughs in European*

    8. Flexi The Furry • 11 years ago

      Morning, nice day for fishin aint it? Hua hah.

    9. Flexi The Furry • 11 years ago

      They really nailed that one :3

    10. APoorManPlays

      if i have a supervisor like that i will stab the pen to his neck and watch him bleed to death and ask him are you injured

    11. Alex Ivanenko

      I once got into a car accident while riding in a taxi to work. Due to the accident happening after my "work hours" have started, I actually got a call from my HR who said that I NEED to get to office rn, so they could fill out and sign the forms, and prepare a compensation for me, cause the accident technically happened "during work". Was kinda unnerving to fill out papers while there's blood dripping from your forehead...

    12. Tanveer Singh

      Man, it takes guts to portray such a massive dick! Kudos!!!

    13. KillaKorosu

      Post Office Management is far worst at handling injuries than this.

    14. Keisuke Takahashi YT

      No Adams were harmed during the making of this video..

    15. Alex Mort

      I can honestly say this is 100% accurate.

    16. ZeroPointsForMe Games and more

      How did you fake the blood so well?

    17. John Stapleton

      See, its funny. Then its kinda angering cause I'm sure we've all had boses who've done shady shit to us

    18. sturmovik

      Rowan: "Playtech isn't liable, and it was completely my fault". Adam (in my head) writes, "Playtech isn't liable, and it was completely Rowan's fault".

    19. Ryan Hammond

      ill get these papers sent off first thing in the morning, lol]

    20. Jotaro Kujo

      Thats a company pen

    21. MN Webb

      I tripped over a tote someone left on the floor at work and had a head, knee, and ankle injury, but I just pretended to be fine so I didn't have to fill out all of the paperwork....our claim system is pretty much the same.

    22. zx1048216

      Above video= every factory job ever

    23. DarkLadyPhoenix

      I half expected Rowan to take him out of the store, say "this didn't happen at work" and shut the gate. XD

    24. Milkii Cow

      *looks at his hand with a nail and a wood plank, injured* Are you injured?

    25. Groovy

      Not to far off depicting real life. Sadly true. Funny because its true.

    26. AlliumPlayz_

      And Adam wasnt alive anymore and Rowan was happy

    27. Dyllon Shirt

      Damn this totally happened to me before lmao

    28. mirrorsedgy

      i've had this situation happen at work but it was with a nailgun and the nail went through my ringfinger, i'm quite happy that my boss let me tend to it immediatly and i didn't have to close up PHEW

    29. I’m not a dunmer You are

      Sounds like my job “What rotor fell on your head!? Ok go to hospital later close shop I’m gm I got more shit to do! -leaves early-“

    30. Gurtington

      If this happens to you dont pull it out. You could do more damage if you do it yourself

    31. MercifulSnake Snake

      "How did work go" "It went good, I died like 7 times" "..." "Yeah work had to be done, it aint gonna finish its self" "..." *nervous laughter*

    32. Ivan A

      Essay "Why I hate Rowan?"

    33. Supremax67

      What's the difference between Rowan and the Devil? There isn't one, they'll both make you go through hell and make you sign in blood.

    34. Luna Margaret

      shorturl.ca/allsex උඩු රැවුල ඔහු තම කෙස් කපා නමුත් සමග4

    35. NejmetSaki

      Realy feels sad for this lovely guy❤️

    36. theOfficial Oni

      This is why playtech keeps him as a manager. Rowan saves them from legal issues xD

    37. Frosted Curros

      Ugg it so annoying when roams such a dick

    38. PeeledPotatoSkin

      I’ll never forget when I used to work at a local bar and my manager stacked a glass inside another one, I told him that I’d have to throw them away after attempting ever so lightly to pull it out, he refused and continued to demand me to take it out as they cost a lot of money. Because I couldn’t bother to argue I did so and within doing so one glass shattered and a few shards got stuck in my index finger, thumb and inner hand, I then got shouted at for being irresponsible with it etc, long story short the manager tried to have me fired for it but I was able to go to court over it to the point I won the case receiving a lot of money (not allowed to state the amount) and the manager got sacked and had his bar license revoked for lack of training in the work space. To anyone out there who is reading this and believes that their work is going to backstab you then please do one thing, never make them think it was your fault, if the first thing they mention is filling out forms or complaining to you before they mention anything about aid then you take it to company HRs or court if more serious.

    39. Mr William

      Why Rowan is always a dick "sorry Rowan I love you" But actually WHY😂

    40. Aditya Sonakia

      Uh huh uh huh uh huh uh huh

    41. Le Uman

      Worst boss ever!!!!

    42. Cutter Slade

      Halfway through I was thinking 'what an awful handwriting' and then I get the answer to why that was the case.

    43. TheEvilBere

      Funny enough I am a safety officer at the company I work in... So I can relate... lol

    44. Nicholas Anderson


    45. Alexipro gaming Xin


    46. Rory Ross

      So you guys are really set on this documentary artform huh?

    47. Supervillain725

      I love and hate Rowan at the same time, he's such a dick, but he's so funny when he's doing it.

    48. MX 480

      Rowan:**says something wrong** Adam: panik

    49. AstroMartine


    50. Wheatley core

      I can't get over how real the nail looks.

    51. Red Among Us

      I dont wanna be that Guy buuut Nails cant make u Lose blood that Quick and it would be like a block for the blood and it would mostly just be painful

    52. Gadget

      i see a lot of ppl stating that Rowans a jerk but have you guys ever considered all the damage Adam has done? - he got injured on company hours - he dirtied the property and workplaces with his blood - he tried to fake his signature - he damaged an important nail and a board on top through inattention than he stole said nail and board. Adam would be lucky to only get his payments cut, if he didn't get fired and sued outright.

    53. H H

      he should've just stabbed rowan

    54. The Finnish Guy

      Can we please have an episode where adam just loses it and beats up rowan

    55. roblox_gaming_kid

      We’re is Alan when he needs him

    56. Chris Klugh

      This is not funny in America. This is how its done.

    57. baddie bill

      This is basically my work when accidents happen. "Did you break you hand?" "Yea" "ok have your sup fill out your accident report and see the doctor"

    58. SR3272

      Just this......entire episode 😂😂😂😂 where was Alan?

    59. Dinusha Jayaranga

      So this is too much i cant even watch 😡

    60. Sirlordjustice

      I can't tell if i hate this or love this love this video

    61. V4Dru

      You forgot the part where the boss keeps on calling you at the hospital. ”Can you work on monday?” ”Dude, I broke my neck doctor say I maybe can’t walk again.” ”That’s sad, but can you work on monday?”

    62. Deamyon

      This reminds me of what happened to my dad. His finger broke and was bleeding a lot. He went to the hospital but they just asked him if he made an appointment. They didn't help him until he did that. So he had to wait because he "WouLdN't diE FrOm ThAt" My dad was angry so he stole the nurse's light pen

    63. Crusader3

      " 'Tis but a scratch "

    64. Hotel Val Sinestra

      why do the have a board with a nail in it in a computer factory

    65. Budahbaba

      Unfortunately this is what really happens with on the job injuries!

    66. TheRealGunfish

      Adam's a SouthPaw? Right on. :)

    67. whoadude96

      This was literally me at work about two months ago. I sliced my finger with a blade opening up a box and started bleeding profusely. It took about an hour and a half for the to finally let me go to the hospital that was an hour away haha.

    68. Jos Abee

      sad thing is, this actually happens in america

    69. xplosvemiseryc4

      I bet this is something GameStop would do.

    70. xplosvemiseryc4

      Doesn't make any sense why is there nail and board in a pc gaming store?

    71. Rizki Febrian

      I knew the injure is fake but why my hand is shaking

    72. Karpeno

      Rowan sabe como cuidar dos interesses da empresa. :)

    73. Reece Taylor

      "Health and safety" Rowan was probably the guy who left the nail there in the first place

    74. CPT_ Fisto

      Ahh, it's funny coz it's just like my boss at work.

    75. RR Fitness

      I don't laugh out loud at many comedy HUgets sketches, but that part where he switched the pen to the left hand hahah

    76. General Kenobi

      Damn he got nailed

    77. Byrkster

      NAILED IT!!!

    78. TheStrandedSurvivor

      I know nobody will see ma comment but 0:00 on pc is the gears of war logo a nice game but xbox only

    79. Assassinmaster

      He should be fired. He should've told Rowan 5 years in advance that he was going to have that accident

    80. Jack Harden

      i feel like hes really injured himself. what a good actor :)

    81. Mr Lonely28

      Why does my favorite character get hurt or abandoned by Rowan Your the best Adam

    82. Shubham Maurya

      That was brutal

    83. Bob Leeroy

      I would laugh at this but I've worked for Tesco and once got knocked out by a 6 pack of 2L coke. The first thing they did when I woke up was make me sign their form.

    84. Daniel Nunya Bidnezz

      Uhm... is Rowan a warlock? Did Adam just sign a bloodpact???

    85. Matthew Keen


    86. Dave Stevens

      This takes me back to my army days lmao

    87. Abhishek Dixit

      goddammit rowan is so good its REALLY hard to see such scenes, i can almost compare him to King Geoffrey

    88. Barikinfi CR

      This episode is on another level. Just the scene of the "blood signing" is pure gold. You keep impressing me over the years :D

    89. NighTWolF

      Anybody else has a job where that is almost pure reality? Whenever someone gets injured where i work, he first has to ask to leave his workplace (once i had to wait around 20 minutes while bleeding on my hand), then go to the paramedic in our company, then answer a couple of questions and then it's back to work in most cases.

    90. Explo5ive TNT

      This makes me angry >:(

    91. Brick Sqaud

      Bruh this the typa shit I gotta deal with at Kmart 😂

    92. MrComputerSaint

      That was hard to watch tbh

    93. Yoder023

      My job literally did exactly this Union job. Don't fall for the "brotherhood" bullshit

    94. Jeremiah Johnson

      If someone did this to me, I'd backhand them with my left hand.

    95. Dennis M

      I have a feeling that if Donald Trump worked at Playtech he’d be Rowan for real 🤔

    96. 夏夜

      and also click on the "I'm not robot" thingy and you're done

    97. Tom W

      Only ever had a minor cut on glass when I worked at a pub, but the manager literally screamed at me for bleeding on the floor. Apparently my blood was more of a safety violation than loose shards of glass 🤷🏼

    98. Raijin

      Why is there a nail on a piece of wood in a PC store!?!?! Where would they even use that?

    99. Sun Sakelly

      Poor Adam he alway be bully at show

    100. grimm munchkin

      Did this really happen 😳 Im worried