Boring workplace Trust Training - Work Training

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    Getting put through workplace trust training is a lot of work for bored employees.
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    1. Brandon Galloway

      Is it just me or is Byron from the xero advert ?

    2. The Viper

      Poor Brian.....I mean baron 😂

    3. TheReaperOfS0uls

      Who's biren he kinda sus we should vote him out

    4. loganq

      @ 2:22 Phobia suddenly of white clothes.

    5. Violent Savior

      Poor Bryon.

    6. Tiffany May

      *slow mo rushes to Byron* NoOoOoOoOoOoOo....!!!!

    7. Aspry Writes

      Oh my god 0:30 I almost pissed!! Byron just being there so suddenly now is freaking his life out!

    8. MysticDragonWolf

      White clothes phobia.......geee I wonder why.....

    9. Ottoman Empire

      The sad music you use really makes me want to kill myself😂👌

    10. Yeager

      He doesn't work 70 hours... he works 84.... fair play Brain.... you've done good :)

    11. xXMrBroXx


    12. Drake Pryce

      I've never done a Trust fall.... Correction....I have done a Trust fall...but no one caught me.

    13. Gaming With Mercy

      4:35 Where the hell was Byron😂😂😂

    14. Gaming With Mercy

      3:44 Now Come on guys am I the only one that thought Adam was gonna fall and hit his head😂😂😂😂

    15. hagop derderian

      So byron has High ping?

    16. Nothing's Virgin Here

      If they made the hangover movie, byron will be zach definitely 😂

    17. Jeff Baek

      Byron? Can someone tell me who is Byron please?

    18. Yulma Rodriguez

      Why do I relate to Byron so much😂😭😭

    19. Mitchell Zwiers

      I got some dirty demons hahaha

    20. white whale

      Byron is such a good actor

    21. Adam rowan

      3:25 im fall on the and front and not back

    22. Rilarion Zero

      Why do everyone call Rowan nice? He asked everyone to share their vulnerabilities and didn't speak about it himself. Didn't do the trust exercise as well..

    23. Hafiz Razali

      Won't be surprising if there's an episode of byron randomly shooting anyone

    24. UltraAporia

      The guy who plays Byron does such a great job

    25. Robson Costa

      Byron must invested so much in stealth, i am just looking at him and can barely notice him

    26. sako hamilton

      Poor Brian..

    27. Aspry Writes

      God, fucking Byron! I love this guy lol

    28. ElSalsaRey

      So when are Byron and Rodney going to team up?

    29. N Like Flynn

      "I'm not trying to be a deck or anything..." LOL!!!

    30. BL1TZIKR13G

      bruh... is Byron the same actor from Power Rangers Ninja Steel

    31. Tim B

      Legend says Adam is still waiting for the applause from their introductions today

    32. Uveer Madho

      this was way more sad than funny XD

    33. Dmitriy Kanarskiy

      When Alan goes "oh sh*t" it cracks me up, always. Good one, guys :)

    34. HOAHOOD

      That was something very... terrible and hilarious... I don't know why.... 😂

    35. GameRobo

      Poor Delivery Guy......

    36. AgentlolzYT

      my name is rowan and i'm a model

    37. Pete Villegas

      Okay okay I'll admit that I'm relatively new to the league but this is the fourth Byron inclusive video that I have lost in a row in the last 20 minutes. I can honestly say he is now my new favorite! Damn it he is so committed to his craft and absolutely Sol believable! Good on you mate!

    38. Bullseyebob 41

      Where's the creepy janitor?

    39. ᴅɪɢɢꜱɪᴇ

      Byron is such a good actor wth

    40. ivan iyer

      8 AM to 10 PM??..

    41. Brian 8832

      So 60 hours not 70

    42. Alexei_3D

      and this is how serial killers are born.

    43. Perseus Arkouda

      Poor Byron. He is my hero now though.

    44. Masa Fulgur

      god i fucking love byron. i love his character

    45. Jamie Russell

      I love how you can't watch this episode and understand it without watching a whole bunch of others. I feel so bad for Byron too. Dude seems so nice.

    46. Matt In_together

      Oh my, that was sad 😢

    47. TekPike

      I think this is your best video ever.

    48. Lee Gin Air

      1:20 8AM-6PM = 10 hours 10 hours × 6 days a week = 60 hours a week Rowan, for the first time, exaggerated how much his employees work

    49. MisterL2

      damn I feel so bad for this guy :(

    50. Ryan Rosenfeld

      What is the melody that is played in the background when Byron starts talking about his demons?

    51. Max Vantrease

      why the girl getting fat? and the boys staying the same.

    52. QwertyMAN Games

      Я плакал

    53. Joseph S

      i relate to bradley

    54. Torab Shaikh

      We definitely need more of Byron

    55. Tarun

      Rowan planned such a good Work Training procedure, should I believe that?

    56. Lucas Vidal

      You know what? None of you deserve Byron!

    57. Ride Free.

      that guy sure does look loke aaron paul

    58. Royy Hernández

      I thought he was about to say something about playing games in a Mac

    59. touofthehighplains

      So glad I don't do customer service anymore.

    60. King Eruca

      Byron is a very good actor !

    61. raju k man...

    62. Sic semper tyrannis

      "I don't want the tears to stain my shirt" @2:49 had me rotflmao.

    63. Tishyo Saha

      'Holy s**t!' Lmao, that was my reaction.

    64. M10 BadBoy Pubg

      Hello. I posted some of my gameplays watch them if you like subscribe please

    65. Jay Kim

      feel so bad about brian :(

    66. Gaston

      Byron should start using the white shirt after all this

    67. Alec Melnikov

      Poor Brian 😱

    68. Oliver Hargreaves

      That's what happens when you spend 6 years putting parts in the bin

    69. Sun Sakelly

      i just think noone trust Rowan, not this guy LoL

    70. BIGCAT

      This is my absolute favorite! Alan's acting when he is noticing Bryan,Brien, By...what ever. Anyway, it's spot on! 😂

    71. Satyn SR

      I generally hate this it just makes me sad

    72. Jimanez47

      Poor Brian

    73. Michelle Tuxford

      I'm not entirely convinced Byron is real.

    74. Henk Yarnold


    75. Maciek Życzyński

      2:06, 2:15, 2:24 You know Viva La Dirt League is creating some really good content when they can reference their own videos 3 times and everyone gets all references I'm really proud of how this channel and it's community is growing and I wish you guys don't stop!

    76. TobisaruJC

      8am-10pm 6 days a week?! To quote Ben: “OUTRAGEOUS”

    77. Master Baiter

      Who's Byron?

    78. Shadow Nightcore 676

      I feel really bad for him😢😢😢

    79. Ryan Dunn

      These guys are such good actors... I mean like I watch it not even to laugh but just because it's so well executed, then I get treated to laughing as well 💯

    80. Samur Duarte

      oh ye brian works there too, they are 5 after all

    81. Nick Maffei

      They did my boy Bradley so dirty.

    82. JustaFormer 11B

      Poor Brian.

    83. Herola Riolaes

      When I saw the thumbnail I thought they collabrated with Martin guptill🤣🤣🤣🤣

    84. Peices of Metal

      Almost nothing is known about byron and we were about to get some insight

    85. Gabriel

      I feel so bad for him. And the white clothes. Oh ya, scary stuff.

    86. GrowWithGuitar

      What is the sad song that they used in this video and in other NPC Man videos. Such a good song.

    87. Wendy Wendy

      Oh i love that Brian guy so much!

    88. Wolf

      I actually saw a commercial of him on English tv, The guy with the orange hair. I am glad they are make profit with their work they deserve it.

    89. dragonball LS

      That was just sad 😭

    90. Andrew Arts

      Damn byron I've been there

    91. Lord Grim

      4:41 Did I hear Tiddy Demons

    92. MrJedabak

      Byron is such a great actor, I just want to hug the man.

    93. Varpagon

      Жалко Байрона

    94. Chris GettingFit

      Thought Byron's confession was going to be that he played games on a mac.

    95. Satyam Pandey

      Byron is such a good actor, idiosyncratic !!

    96. UNLOCK Gaming

      At the end Rowan said.” So this is gonna be ur salary for few months”

    97. Maqsood Pasha


    98. Jakuri93

      Poor Byron, he remind me so much about myself, someone give him a hug please ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

    99. Exodus Taris

      Anybody get the feeling that Byron is just really, really slow?

    100. Andrew Sullivan

      Byron needs to be in more episodes