Boring workplace Trust Training - Work Training

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    Getting put through workplace trust training is a lot of work for bored employees.
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    1. Space Wiz

      Poor Byron is too good.

    2. Danny Wiant

      i started laughing soon bryon said i feel trust in u guys just knew crew took off elsewhere

    3. allan pheonix

      Wow I hope Byron doesn't hurt his head when he fall

    4. CheerioTraveler

      This is soooo awkward

    5. Nuclear Starfish

      poor byron

    6. keoni silva

      I would feel bad for Byron but I didn't even know he worked there.

    7. Integral Insanity

      I liek the new guy

    8. JustThinkDude

      Byron is hella great actor man

    9. Black Hammer


    10. Jerrel D

      More Byron episodes please.

    11. Matt2205

      F for B-Dog

    12. punch4freedom

      i wonder what happened to brian over the past months

    13. Dr Talon

      I at first didn’t want to rewatch this video but then I noticed the Russian captions

    14. FegioTell

      This actually hurts :'C

    15. Armin Gips

      Trust fall, huh? Well, I'd sure love to fall into Ellie's arms...

    16. dynomar


    17. Taranefic Gaming

      why'd they have to do poor Brian like that?

    18. john somerandomnumber

      So Bryan is going to kill them all and burn down the building one day.

    19. Dominic Robinson

      I really want to just give Byron a hug

    20. CruddyZebra The Gamer

      When you’re the background character of your own life

    21. Zeon3D

      Byron is in the Shadow in the Cloud movie. lol

    22. Даша Климова

      Следующие 24 часа у меня в планах плакать

    23. sudarshan kadam

      Bring back the Bryron!!

    24. Michael Siregar

      bring byron to Epic NPC man

    25. Ze'ev B

      Okay, at this point, I want a Bored - Playtech - PC Game, where you can recruit people and assign them to jobs in a playtech-store and see how it works out

    26. Gabe Britt

      😢😢 I feel pain for byran haha

    27. Desiree Davenport

      I want to hear more about Brandon's demons.

    28. R obbsta

      I try to pay attention during these events but does anyone else get the feeling it’s gonna be a therapy session for some more than others?

    29. Finnish Boo

      I really relate to brian lmao

    30. Αγγελος Τσιμικλης

      Is he canadia?

    31. adVANture

      My name is Byron.. SKIP

    32. Robyn

      Byron is just so so good. You guys should have him on more.

    33. Carl Rood

      I was expecting another montage of Byron inserted into recent videos.

    34. Varun Deshpande

      Aww poor Byron!

    35. kanaida cooper

      Does Brian still work there?

    36. Oscar Estrada

      Are we going to ignore the fact that he is "the chief dispatch and delivery manager here - *NATIONWIDE*" @1:16?! lol

    37. Mediaverse

      Awe I always feel so sorry for Byron!

    38. Madhur Rajbhandari

      Rowan is the best

    39. Alessandro Pinnacoli

      Adam: I like to smell new boxes alan: moves his finger in agreement HAHAH

    40. Fábio Pereira

      4:11 I started laughing like crazy because I knew it would happen.

    41. Jeremiah Saxton

      Byron is probably my favorite character and he is a true gem in every single episode

    42. Eric Slagle

      The gin makes it work.

    43. Duvan art

      I just love Byron! So sensible

    44. Michelle K

      Maybe Byron should dress in all white clothes to help Allen get over his phobia👍

    45. Shadowwarrior69 d_j_harrison


    46. Era S

      Man my jaw hurts from laughing

    47. King Mickey

      I love how they edited Bri... Byran into every clip. It was beautifully done.

    48. I'm too good at pvp

      Something about the energy Byron puts into trusting these people who've given him nothing is addictive and keeps me rewatching this, I think i'm sadistic.

    49. The Watcher

      Another guy to the left of Byrin: I littary have skeletons inside my closet! Alan: ???

    50. Chirag Hasyagar

      Byron is a FANTASTIC ACTOR! Damn! So GOOD!!!

    51. Viper vids gaming plus

      He said 8 to 10, that is a 14 hour day and at six days a week that is 84 hours.

    52. Paul Hayes

      Poor Biron, he seems like a genuinely good guy.

    53. Jacob Kreifels

      70 hours a week gezzus

    54. Goffy

      "I've got some dirty demons."

    55. Martines

      0:27 did he say manager? It's model

    56. Dragoneer

      This video was sadder than I expected it to be. Poor Brent.

    57. Vanquished

      Hey it's Byron the trash man

    58. James j

      Working 8 am to 10 pm 6 days a week I’d kill myself after about a month That’s insane

    59. shamusot00le

      Confishion time... no frinds... - Byron

    60. Jack Burton

      Love Byron. David is annoying af

    61. Shireknight

      I love Brian, it's his antics every week that keep me coming back for more.

    62. mattsabatini

      Byron remind anyone else of Clarence from Big Lez??

    63. Global rider

      I love rewatching these and seeing references to other episodes. Just like the contract of the keys

    64. Elion

      this was more sad than anything...

    65. Chunky Moe

      Whose this new guy in the hat?

    66. Sam Bain

      More biran! Idk how to spell the dudes name but he’s cool

    67. The Blaze


    68. Ten od Warzyw

      Byron literally made me sad.

    69. Aamir Suhail Khan

      am just glad alans not the one getting screwed for once rofl

    70. Excludos

      Byron is an absolutely amazing actor. Put him in more sketches please!

    71. Meownaa

      They do not deserve Brian.

    72. Pari S

      All Human recourse professionals out there.. this needs to stop!! We hate it!

    73. jche


    74. Mazindo

      2:39 you can see smile on Alan's face when Brion is talking about confession hahaha

    75. MANCHAKA !

      Brian's hilarious

    76. ThatBroMan

      Its funny how Rowan is a complete asshole, but is the only one who knows and respects Byron

    77. Al Paca

      Poor Byron :D

    78. Oi, Eu sou o Dórea

      Damn, he's a good actor!

    79. Arios

      the best thing is Biran isn't even in the credits picture

    80. Ian White

      I saw it coming from a mile away but still laughed, great delivery

    81. Conor Condon

      Rowan didn't give anything personal

    82. ТЮША


    83. Invisible

      This Byron guy is such a good actor. Wow

    84. Karson On air

      3:53 Byron is soooo small

    85. ジジ

      I wanna give Byron a hug....

    86. Scanerboy


    87. SilverFlameXX

      That moment when Byron is exposed as that guy who plays games on a Mac, is gonna be a sweet moment indeed.

    88. Moist nugget

      That was hilarious and heartbreaking at the same time

    89. Crypto FreeDom

      We need more Brian Vids!

    90. Norbert Schmidt

      Awesome actor B.


      Poor byron

    92. eletron 777

      I wonder why he is sarcd of white closes

    93. Magyar GabeN

      Health and safety! HEALTH AND SAFETY!

    94. Sheriff Mario

      Какой же угарный канал))))

    95. Ram Estolano

      Oh noo

    96. Tommi Knuutila

      "I've got some dirty demons"

    97. Guinzo VORGYRN

      I would love to see byron get the ultimate power one day : the business suit. And just shit on everyone, exept rowan who is the only one showing a little bit of consideration

    98. M. Cato

      I already feel bad for Byron and I'm only at 4:29

    99. Jad Jamal - EIS MYP 2

      Plot twist:he teleports every time he talks about himself