Learning how to give praise - Loud Compliment

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    Rowan isn't the best manager and is learning how to give praise... which comes out as a loud compliment
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    1. Manan Gupta

      Why rowan is so relatable

    2. JD Ros

      This is how dogs respond to shouting even though you're saying good things 😂😂😂

    3. 彭健豪15 David

      He has depression now

    4. mmdirtyworkz


    5. Lloyd Dupont

      Adam better be proud now. Or else! :D

    6. Rav3n 0us

      This is me when my mother forces me to say sorry to my sister

    7. The AViator


    8. Donbros

      It turned out quite... ah... okay

    9. courtney deal

      Yo! 😂 so frightening! lol

    10. Bullseyebob 41

      Wait. Rowan trying to be nice for once? That's a first. Probably wanted to give himself a massive paycut for that.

    11. TakanashiYuuji

      This is good shit man. The camera work really makes it 👍

    12. Lelou LIVE

      Battle cry

    13. David Louden

      Rowan can’t communicate to his employees without yelling, delightful.

    14. Lord Crabbington Snipsworth

      Diplomacy or intimidation? Rowan: yes.

    15. Treasure Talks


    16. matty cefai

      I love how Rowan is manager but Alan has been working for just as long 😊 Alan is pretty much the only person who can tell Rowan what to do (to a degree)

    17. schadowolf

      The sweat, the spittle, the throbbing veins LOL. Rowan waving his arms having to go compliment Adam reminded me of a child being told to go clean their room ROFL. Adam's acting was brilliant. Ya'll are killing it!

    18. Ipsilon

      Thats inspiring :D

    19. Bim Sim

      My new favorite thing to do. Aggressively complement people.

    20. Riemon Asis

      rowan was clenching his fists 🤣🤣

    21. ModernLion

      Hahahahaha has to be angry even when being nice.

    22. KendoruSlink

      Someone actually finally went through all the complaints lol

    23. RedStar Entertainment

      I would have been joyful to see Adam cry like Eugine at the end "Aha ahaaaa aha ahah" 😂

    24. RedStar Entertainment

      Rowan won't compliment unless it is a mode of payment 😂

    25. Iman Gianan

      Nice interstellar music

    26. Wae1

      That was from the heart xd

    27. Joanna Gibbons

      This is exactly what working retail is like.

    28. Asphodel

      At least, it felt sincere... than someone just saying lightly thank you for your hard work.

    29. Ben D.

      The inspirational music playing behind Rowan's berating compliments really sold this, lol.

    30. The Atlarchy

      I mean... That would be good IRL xD

    31. Fermin ballesteros

      It must be sad to be adam, he is just a sad little poor man

    32. Zweihander

      Son muy buenos! Me hizo reír mucho. El personaje de Rowan es genial. Y Gracias por incluir los subtítulos en español!! Saludos desde Uruguay

    33. LyNch Mich

      He compliments better than me😭😭😂

    34. Rebecca Stanley

      This is too funny

    35. ツXimaxye

      Is playtech a real shop?

      1. Battleneter


    36. v V

      thank you😆

    37. v V


    38. Solidsnipz

      BE HAPPYYYY!!!!!!!!

    39. dubwith Jay


    40. TzyNen TV

      I never laughed so hard! The best

    41. Gianfranco durand

      Long live Playtech 🖤

    42. Julian Camu

      I really love you guys. I want to shout it from the roof tops. URGHRGHRHGH I LOVEEEE YOU

    43. James Willie

      The music makes this so much better xD

    44. the forlanjoker


    45. Johnson Shaw

      I can't stop laughing...That was comedy gold for me. THAT WAS A GREAT COMPLIMENT!!!

    46. Rad Quinones

      I need a boss like him

    47. Some Guy The worst YouTuber

      Louder the better

    48. Clifford Robinson

      i love this fuckin skit lmao!

    49. Rafick Jarjous


    50. somerandom person

      This all happened because Alan told him to compliment Adam

    51. Dankalicious402

      Why aren't you people liking the damn video!!!!!!!!!!!!

    52. Lol Lol

      This is actually sad

    53. Gary

      Plot twist... Alan is the real boss

    54. Alip Roy

      That's Child Abuse man

    55. robert paulson

      This one gave me feels because I'm inadvertently aggressive like this when i feel awkward in an interaction. "Good job! Ugh I love your face right now. Fuck!"

    56. Burak Ueda

      Has the Tourism Board of NZ designated PlayTech as a tourist attraction yet?

      1. Santos Chavez

        They definitely should if they haven't already; i know that if ever visit NZ I will be visiting this place simply because of videos like this lol.

    57. Richard Stemle

      My favorite PlayTech clip so far. GOOD JOB! KEEP UP THE HARD WORK! THANK YOU!!

    58. dislike

      me: turns volume up so i can hear My ears a few moments later: MAKE IT STOP MAKE IT STOP

    59. Junkabella

      I love Adam’s glasses! Representation feels good. (I am half-blind without my glasses and surgery is not an option.)

    60. Pratip


    61. Crimson Tiger

      I wanna hug Adam

    62. m0L3ify

      Yup, Adam is still dead and in hell.

    63. Nikorek_pl

      if i was adam i would probably start crying and not felt sad becouse my brain thinks i am sad when im not

    64. Vladislav Tarasov

      Who know name background song?

    65. Jumar Mindajao

      "Adam are you okay buddy."

    66. Gjermund Skogstad Lingås

      Adam: What was that? Why did he do that for? T-T Alan: I wanted him to give you a compliment Adam: Why did you do that for? T-T Alan: I genuinely thought he would actually do it.. Adam: Oh... That was a compliment?

    67. Jose T

      Guy i love your acting! Its on point every time!! 👌🏼

    68. Tommy Chaos

      Plot twist: Rowan knew what he was doing the whole time

    69. Ace Known

      the music and action doesnt match the script lmao

    70. TheShamansQuestion

      LOL'd @ "valued emploYEE!"

    71. Andrew Brammer

      I was going to hear the legendary whimper.

    72. Zeal Mehta

      I think rowan has the SUPERIOR BOSS COMPLEX/DISEASE 🤣 He is like the boss shown in movies so grumpy and angry and doesn't like to talk politely and is hot headed 😂

    73. Dmitriy Titov

      The Best of 2021

    74. Madrock

      Rowan making horrifying man baby steps.

    75. Alexander Tishkov

      I absolutely love you guys

    76. Peter Saly

      Rowan, I just wanted to say You ARE THE SHITTEST MANAGER EVER AND YOU SHOULD PROUD OF IT.😂😂😂

    77. Yuri Campello

      I used this channel to improve my english. Thanks for support guys.

    78. Amalia Müller

      That is why my frends dont ask me for compliments. They know better.

    79. Eduardo Hernandez

      Noticed they don't cry much when they get rebuked by Rowan, it's just when they receive his compliments.


      Yeah that's me right there. Nothing but tough love.

    81. Zin Zinussan50

      I did met with this kind of person when I paid for my dinner. Upon returning the balance, i said "keep the change" To which he responded "THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR BEING GENEROUS..!!!" So loud everyone is looking at me. 😳 To this day, i still dont know whether that was sarcasm or he really talked that way.

    82. MrBurritoMan

      That was too real.

    83. Illumina Duke

      I see that awesome viva tattoo :)

    84. Inthe Flow

      The years of Therapy Rowan is going to need.

    85. Ric L.

      I totally work for this guy. 😩

    86. Michał Sokołowski

      When you are working extra hard to get some extra salary... to somehow live during 6 months period...

    87. AetheusZX

      Alan technically caused this lol

    88. Rave Central

      Rowan: praise the employee Adam: curls up into a ball in the corner

    89. Thumbnail Hunter

      my favorite series edit : i wanna kill rowan's temper

    90. Rowan Carson

      Yo.... my name is Rowan

    91. xx Neramac xx

      I am a long time fan and just learned that PlayTech is a real store in Albany, Auckland, New Zealand. I am from the South United States, and always just thought it was an elaborate stage. Maybe I was stupid lol, did anyone else know?

    92. Michael Hamer

      I think Play Tech is hell and Rowan is a demon torturing Adam, Alan and Ellie

    93. Gen Dawg

      Has he got his pay yet? 😂

    94. Martina Juričková

      Bodger should try this when he tries to motivate his pals next time 😁

    95. Germ-Ani

      There was this fantastic ad campaign for Deezer in Germany like 7 years ago with a similar concept: You had different scenarios where the main character got yelled at for different reasons and it sounded really aggressive and threatening but the words were actually only compliments and praise! The catchphrase was "Hear only what you want to hear."/"Listen only to what you want to listen to" (The German language doesn't distinguish between to hear and to listen, so the pun works really well) Such a brilliant ad! It's uploaded on youtube but sadly without english subtitles.

      1. Martina Juričková

        German already sounds as anger tantrum to most foreigners, no matter what nice words are spoken 😁

    96. Traveler 3468

      I'm betting that business employs a full time Psychologist just for that store...

    97. Art Agushi


    98. Jack Benimble

      So, basically my mom helping me with 5th grade math homework...

    99. dale cyrus

      He sounds mad 😄🤣😂😂😂

    100. Kelly Belle Photo and Video

      Viva la dirt league TATTOOS spotted!!! Talk about committing to the project!!!