Insensitively looting dead bodies - Insensitive

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    It's very sad that people have died, but lets be practical here...
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    1. opisex

      I didn't think he was gonna wait for her die before he looted her.

    2. Ikhwan™ Faiz

      very much witcher 3 wild hunt

    3. Darren

      i'm so happy I found this

    4. isuru dharmasiri

      Typical Rowan!

    5. John Cox

      Last time my party looked after a lady who lost everything, we took her to a bar that had a big hole to the underworld in it. She got pulled in and died. I don't think we were very responsible.

    6. OneTime Gaming

      Skyrim Player’s be like:

    7. Rahul Verma

      He forgot to loot horses for horse meat It is useful in unlocking new unique dish

    8. Sibby

      Does the lady purposefully look like Triss Merigold from the Netflix adaptation of The Witcher?

    9. Daddy-0 Long Legs

      I hate looting the dead when they don't have anything worthwhile.

    10. phooopanda

      Hahha, I totally relate to this episode.

    11. WOLFDawg 606

      0:32 Anakin was here

    12. OnBush Shifting

      These villagers have some good loot

    13. JMK

      When a named npc dies so you check for unique weapons on them

    14. Paul Busken

      i would watch any full movie made buy these guys in theatres.

    15. Luis


    16. Alex St.

      Is that triss merigold???

    17. Sokandueler95

      Jokes aside, that was some incredible acting

    18. Phobreeze

      Whats shocking is that the dead villagers had a legendary crossbow.

    19. GetGood


    20. Roby Peng

      Is it just me or the woman really looks like the curly hair mage in the Wicher tv series?

    21. RT HJ

      I. Am. Not. Stealing from the dead. I am just looting their corpses!

    22. Maximilien F Robespierre

      "plenty have come before us and most have met their grisly end, many more equipped than you and I. I'm sure they wouldn't mind were a fellow explorer to relieve them of their tools. It's a kindness really. The dead shouldn't be burdened with such things." - Quirrel from hollow knight

    23. Bob Pert

      Me, passing through, "mornin', nice day for fishin' ain't it, hih, huh"

    24. Pho King Nuts

      Is Britt no longer working with you guys?

    25. Cyndi Koshinsky

      As a persistent looter of the dead.. i take offense to this video.. it makes me look bad. :P

    26. Jiggyb00

      Remember that guy who gets beheaded in Skyrim and you loot his body for the Talos necklace?

    27. Jean-Luc Martel


    28. Jascha Bull

      I take it this guy lobbied hard against proposed laws involving the last will and testament of the dead.

    29. Steven Pilling

      Hey. If your buddy is a casuality, you take his ammo. Maybe his wallet...

    30. Prod. Lando

      Man you guys are amazing actors

    31. Blubb Fishi

      This is me and my friends during our Witcher pen and paper sessions 😂😂

    32. Loon 李迪倫

      I believe Cammy's mother was Karen who faced off Rowan in Playtech! 😈

    33. ended - random story/animations

      3:39 I don't think thats a wand

    34. wer wer


    35. Vade Nummela

      Not enough production value to add bruises/blood to someone we are supposed to be convinced is on the edge of death.

    36. Luckstern

      Oh wait, is that the golden skull of Rahul? I’ll keep that! I once sold it to a merchant for 50k

    37. ole beans

      Sometimes I feel like y’all should do a serious series cause that death scene really had me tbh.

    38. S N O W Yチル

      I don't giva shit bout yo village gimma tha loot!

    39. Lottabtle 01

      Definitely me

    40. Kotakji to民D氏

      I feel sorry for the NPCs who I've met. . . . But I can't stop doing this!

    41. Maubray Mzoma

      One must do all you can to survive, Divinity Original Sin 2 has taught me well.

    42. Clavicus Vile

      *Skyrim in a nutshell*

    43. Rizal Pahlevi

      i remember skyrim.. i lot dead girl in cave and the ghost mad at me lmao..

    44. Trass3r

      Gotta do one about the ridiculous looting in Assassin's Creed, just tapping the body for a while and all of sudden you got their items :D

    45. Валерий Шаненко

      Это точно я! )))))

    46. LoTech77

      Those were some Oscar worthy performances.

    47. Dive Pro

      Lol 😂

    48. Whimsy

      The rewards aren't even good stuff, lol. It's like, 2 pieces of yarn and a fish bone or something. So it's not even worth looting the dead. OR... the game would have you think that fish bone is insignificant, until you Google later on, it was a vital part of a massive reward or upgrade later in the game.

    49. John Meyerhofer

      Not just the production value, but the acting was quite good as well

    50. Axios

      I always liked how people insulted you if they saw you stealing from wounded or corpses in Assasin's Creed 2. Shame no more games picked up on that.

    51. Steve Matécz

      I just wondered what can an old villager do with a magical mace... and why the orcs left it with her.

    52. T Taylor

      Can we discuss what an epic death scene that was? Better than a lot of movies I've seen recently. BTW was that a family heirloom in her inventory? Not for long.... Too soon????

    53. Екатерина Бархатова

      Всегда обшариваю все,что встречаю,не могу пропустить)))Иногда даже возвращаться приходится по несколько раз,т к. что-то остается))))

    54. Midnight Aurais

      i was expecting him to pull the pitchfork right out of the body XD also in the sad moments of character death there is another thing that we do if a npc looks hot check them out during missions when there is nothing but waiting going on would have been funny if he smacked the chick's ass and go rawr while she was comforting her dieing mother

    55. thousandyoung

      Loothobo is just a Subclass of the Murderhobo

    56. m mib

      Huge grats to the actresses as well!

    57. Tim Robb

      Well, there are a good number of cultures an philosophies out there that say the way to respect the dead is to take all that they have for the those that still have a chance at life. To actually argue that point though, that Speech/Coercion/Bluff/Hornswogglin' stat would have to be at maximum .

    58. CreatureConjurations

      He was actually pretty sensitive about it in comparison. I'm always so soulless about it

    59. Dhellta_

      Is the horse dead in real live?

    60. Amanda Quezada

      "You'll be much easier to rob when you're dead!" Finally. Something the bandits of Skyrim and I can agree on. XDD

    61. D. Higiro

      Look at Rowan stats. He has only 18 in intelligence xD

    62. Abdulkadir Cakmak

      Hahaahahahahaahahahaahahaahahahaahahaahahaha That's sooo me 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣👍 P. S. If he's exectclly like me, why he don't stole the money from the death body he has just 9754 gold and all people has at least more then 10 gold.


      the villagers are in possession of some legendary and epic items.....are we sure that they were really normal villagers?

      1. thousandyoung

        Shapeshifters i reckon ........................................... ........................................... ........................................... "Drags items to inventory"

    64. Teh1FreeMan

      This guy is doing a FANTASTIC Ricky Gervais impression. gg, mate!

    65. Kory Heitkam

      *quick save, kill Greg and other villager, loot them, reload.*

    66. gabriel hersey

      I play way to much Skyrim to loot this little amount

    67. firman abdaoe Sulaeman

      Was the mom is the one who play Karen in Bored episode??

    68. Jake Fouts

      the girls acting is actually pretty good

    69. abdo rajeh

      Looting the dead that killed me 😂😂😂😂😂 We all do it in all games😂😂😂😂

    70. The twins 03


    71. valiroime

      Skyrim players would have looted the dead horses as well

    72. Remco F. Gerritsen

      This is genius, way better then the actual games this represent :P

    73. Yan Okimura

      Now I understand the honor system in RDR 2 🤣

    74. Mr. Strange Man

      Me playing Rdo: *sees dead corpses* Damn... Thats sad 1 minute later: Damn they got good stuff on them, OOOOO A TREASURE MAP

    75. Conto

      "Hey, I'm literally saving the world, I need all this stuff!" **steals all their clothes to sell for one gp each**

      1. Airi Akizuki

        some games its 0.1 thats not "worthless" right......?

    76. Robbie John Alejo Dumbab

      The girl is a good actress

    77. denise claire claire claire claire claire claire

      Morning nice day for stealing ain't it huha

    78. digitechs1

      "Unbelivable!.." KS KS KS

    79. Henti Kirby

      I have no remorse

    80. Simone Aronica

      All these people appreciating Allan and Rowan, but can we just appreciate the acting of the old woman? That was really top notch.

    81. Laffy Taffy

      I've been trying to catch up and watch all of your videos since I just found your channel only a few months ago. I have a great incident during EQ1 (20 years ago). It was on a pvp server, i followed an Iksar "friendly" player who was in Queynos hills fighting at a very low level with me. He was wearing bronze armor that i wanted. When, I, as a monk, would let him fight solo and he would lose most of his health and I would fire arrows at the enemy and bandage my "group friendly" after the battle to "raise my skill". My plan was to get him to low health and wait for him to sit down and disbanded the group and then I began to murder him as he was trying to run away. He was able to get most of his armor in his bags except his bronze helmet which was the only thing I could loot.. Haha, those were my early years in EQ1 when PvP was a brand new idea and un-monitored and unbound (with no rules).

      1. Laffy Taffy

        basically, my idea can be an inspiration maybe for your future videos.

    82. ShadowAngel73

      Keep up the great content fellas. Merch bought!

    83. Sanquinity

      In Skyrim I felt guilty and didn't loot villagers and the like at first. Then I found out at one point that npcs literally just don't respond to it at all. After that it was a free for all on anything/anyone dead. There's only 1 sidequest in Skyrim where the npc comments on you looting his family's tomb, but it's immediately dismissed with "Well I guess you can take what you want as long as you help me".

    84. thud93factory

      In RDR2 you would lose honor.

    85. エロい


    86. MoonLightLady Hild

      How wasteful, why did he leave stuff behind? Get it all and then sell it to that annoying crying village npc that is with you there.

    87. gagaplex LPs

      He showed amazing restraint. I would've looted the weapons that killed them, too, including the worthless pitchfork.

    88. Druth Vlodovic

      Like playing Witcher. Brutally slaughtering bandits, even burning them to death in order to get their... chicken sandwiches!! I really don't want to tell you where else you can get sandwiches in that game.

    89. Mohit Randeria

      I think you guys should build a game with silly Quest that would be Awesome.

      1. Mohit Randeria

        P.S : I can Create 3D Models like Carts, barrels, Swords etc. just saying... IFFF you guys planning I guess hehe

    90. Cá

      She looks like Triss Merigold Netflix cast

    91. ChiLing saysHi

      I mean, let's face it, we do that-

    92. TheAntiTrope

      Omg, his girlfriend became part of the game?! After everything he's suffered?! AFTER THE SOUL MATE NPC?! 😳

    93. Juan Miguel Frissa Tessa


    94. Boyfriend

      This is just video game's in hd. Change my mind.

    95. CoinWater

      Was.... was that a horse?

    96. Quya Kalashnikova

      This is literally me in every game xD Don't waste any treasure laying around, just loot and take it for the good cause ~

    97. BeDave

      The dead would technically want you to seek revenge for them, so all good.

    98. Mick Corazza

      I love it, when I play RedDead Redemption 2 for example, I never pay the reward for my head be cause every time come someone behind me I kill all them only to loot they body 😂😂😂😂😂

    99. Cyanideperfume

      you guys are amazing! Can't believe it took me this long to find you!

    100. Logan

      Me: aww this is so sad Also me: oooo free LOOT