Overconfident Dark Souls Players - New Player

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    Welcome to Dark Souls
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    1. velk4n 77

      I was hoping he would say at the end welcome to dark souls bitch xD

    2. Alex Re

      Lmao so on point, we all been there.

    3. primoitt83


    4. David Aeon

      I gave up on Dark souls once i reach the skeletons after getting picked up by the crow

    5. Steven Ross

      "F**k it that's all I need. Let's do this." Oh dear...

    6. Rebecca Kilby-Leahy

      This is absolutely immaculate. I can’t even get my head around how you even began to make these

    7. Noel Auditore

      Legit now, if you could keep making a short clip based off of Dark Souls like that, with these setups and effects, you'll become a millionaire. Maybe, you could try to do something souls inspired without the title so you won't have problems with copyrights and "white knights" reporting your content just to grief you. Really great job. I am seriously so impressed by everything about it.

    8. djaysenpai

      we need a dark souls isekai

    9. DeIvan Roger

      DS1 Tutorial: (Sorry 4 The english) *Músic* *New Game* *Cinematic* Potatoman Sex: Male Class: Thief Gift: Binoculars physique: Normal Acept? *YES* *Start Game* *Shiny* *Open Door* Left Attack *Up & Up* *Bonfire* *Open Thicc Door* *BIG THICC DEMON* *Die* *Die* *Die* *Die* *Message: Run!* (Oh, a Door) *Bonfire* *Die (again)* *Estus Flask (Rip Óscar)* *Up and Up* *Die* *Die* *Kill THICC DEMON* *Mor Up & Up* *Cinematic* *Bonfire* *No waifu there* *Close The Game* DS2: *Músic* *New Game* (To be continue)

    10. v271

      you should do a story with choice like interactive story with this

    11. Mai ND

      0/10 didnt die during endcard - kidding i liked it fairly accurate ^^

    12. velk4n 77

      Dark soul a game where dying is the best always you learn something new is not a game for babys xD

    13. Xan No

      0:22 so sexy moment

    14. Mariano Salomé


    15. save

      Welcome to darksouls... b- xD

    16. ghassen

      do bloodborne next😂

    17. Claudio Acuña J


    18. Fabio Buzzi


    19. Sif'fn about Gwyn

      ngl i was a really good dark souls 2 pvp player, i spent 3 hours just to beat Gundyr 😂😂😂.. now i just roast people alive in Pontiff's pvp fightclubs

    20. Tracy 360

      Exactly me when I first played dark souls

    21. Logan Nathaniel Robinson

      me+darksouls w3 when it came out 1 week levil 167 XD i just grinded all week

    22. Reynard Volkner

      Would like to see this on a bigger scale. Like a new dark souls player who learns all the important lessons and gets gud.

    23. Sir JellyBean

      don't know what your experience was but goddamn Fume Knight was the hardest boss fight i have ever fought in any of the FromSoft games (haven't played Demon's Souls yet) or Sister Friede plus her bum-stuck in chair dad comes in very close.. would like to see a parody of a super hard boss fight!

    24. infinite death

      Excellent video. Very true, though pretty exaggerated to what actually happens in-game. The enemies don't one hit you for example, but I'll let it pass, seeing as how the exaggeration has comedic value.

    25. Caleb Defreitas

      Reminds me of myself the first time I entered the souls universe

    26. Anakin80042 Fury

      2:12 "Why do people keep stabbing me in the back?" "Because it does a lot of damage...and it's funny."

    27. Hazell K

      dudes.... Your accessories and costumes are just awesome.

    28. Jau1

      Me playing for the first time In Ds2 parry is Useless But in Ds1 and Ds3 i am a Parry King And i'm training in Bloodborne

    29. Al ex

      Yep, that's me alright.

    30. WhyMe432532

      My parries still suck that bad even after finishing all the games.

    31. CrowBar

      ⚠️So sorry⚠️ If you guys want to see some dark souls content then maybe you will like this as well: Dark Souls: If Ornstein and Smough chain their attack @k2vI

    32. Pyrokine

      Here I'll fix your title "incompetent gamer joins dark souls- you know the guy who never looks at the bars and minimap on screen"

    33. Matt Vitez

      Parry kong

    34. quantummusicde


    35. Matthew Jenkins

      I just bought Dark Souls Remastered which will be my first Dark Souls ever, however I did beat Sekiro four times. I was feeling confident but not anymore.

      1. Matthew Jenkins

        @Brady Partain I see, thanks for the explanation! And judging by what you wrote, it looks like Sekiro and DS3 have something in common (great bosses with fast-paced combat).

      2. Brady Partain

        @Matthew Jenkins there's countless examples, for me it was mainly the bosses. In 3 every boss is fast paced, and you have to 100% focus or you will get smacked, it's a rush every time. In ds1 all the bosses I fought were a joke. It wasn't tense fighting just some mechanic you have to abuse. first big boss after tutorial you have to climb a ladder and plunge down then run away and run back to the ladder repeat. That is not fun, and all the bosses I fought were exactly the same. Except for the dragon that was actually decent

      3. Matthew Jenkins

        @Brady Partain I'm curious now, what makes DS3 so much better than DS1? I thought they were very similar. When it comes to Sekiro, yeah, in my opinion it deserved to win GOTY. I died a lot obviously, mainly during my first run, but pretty much every aspect of the game was excellent. Combat is very different from Dark Souls but also really fun - I know that a lot of Dark Souls fans often died because of muscle memory, usually you'll need to parry and avoid dodging - and luckily Sekiro's version of bonfires aren't a 30-minute walk from bosses...

      4. Brady Partain

        @Matthew Jenkins sekiro comes in the mail on Wednesday, how is it? I'm guessing you like it since you beat it 4 times. I'm excited

      5. Brady Partain

        @Matthew Jenkins I made it to the blighttown bonfire and after that I just couldn't go on..

    36. Jose Aguilar

      Good one ashed one

    37. Welbeloved Akulas

      You're getting wallopped mate!

    38. Rale93

      Welcome to Bulgaria will be better ending. (Balkans will understand)

    39. Kowalth

      Man, this was a masterpiece! 😱

    40. Farraelll

      Dark souls is actually pretty easy ._. I did play some games and didn't find it that hard

    41. Demonizer 666

      No finishers= lame/boring combat

    42. Amanda Uchiha

      Should've went down the road. Could've got a boss weapon.

    43. Monkeboy121

      Bro he just trash I literally killed gundiyr 3rd try and I'm new

    44. Gary Sales Jr.

      Sekiro is the most frustrating game

    45. Aron

      Parry king

    46. GMX_ ziggy_11

      Literally me when i just got darkshouls and now i got 70 hours on it in 2 weeks haha

    47. Thanakon Saisuwan

      It's too easy for you?

    48. Lucas Oliveira

      I did play DS3 and Bloodborne and didnt see that much difficult people say. Yes, its not easy but its not hard. I remember people saying Lady Maria is hard and stuff when DLC came out ... did her on first try with 2 potions. The only boss that gave me headache and one rage quit was the ugly fetus dlc's end boss (not good at parry). On DS3 the hard one was Midir.. daaaaaaamn ... that laser is nuts.

    49. Tharen Gore

      I relate to this way to much hahaha

    50. Sam Wilkinson

      Gotta say, first video I've seen and they are really well done, dunno how you do the stabbing so well, short of just outright doing it, some well made weapons and armour too, pretty cool

    51. Olav Hansen

      When I started dark souls 3 (my first souls) I decided to practise on the mini boss the game warned me to go. It did get me started on reading attack patterns.

    52. Haruta Dorin

      Can I please have your thumbnail pic, it's fucking legendary

    53. Aristocrom 12

      DS2 backstab traps, a classic

    54. macrimel

      Keep on rolling rolling rolling...

    55. Darth Plagueis

      This is so acurate

    56. SinfulGrayWolf PS4

      LOVE this!

    57. andu1908

      who tf needs parry? xd

    58. point

      Nigga doesn't turn hollow

    59. ちーさ.

      Out of curiosity, how many people think Dark souls is harder than the ninja gaiden series?

    60. Zachary Watson

      I love this. Keep it coming.

    61. Diluc Ragnvindr

      Games like sekiro and devil may cry is like took a lollipop from a child because I'm darksoul player

    62. Kova

      How is this impressive, it's really well done in the cinematography and costume design department, but the actual content is super safe, run of the mill comedy.

    63. George

      Lucky enough to start with a shield...

    64. Irishninja Viking

      Stamina consumption is fuckin real

    65. NANI Blacku Knighto

      Fake. Can't parry with plank shield.

    66. E G

      I'm only 32 seconds in and this is fantatic lol

      1. E G


    67. why creepy

      F*** Samsu‌ng‌

    68. Adan Walsh

      "Why am I so tired!?" Lol! THIS VIDEO IS SO GOOD! LOL, please make more!

    69. Zephyr

      This is like pop music. A bunch of 30 year olds making content they think 12 year olds will enjoy in order to sell merch. Oh dear cringe

    70. D C

      Ahahaha this is fuckin brilliant. Freshest funniest Souls comedy I've ever seen. So on point. The "Welcome to Dark Souls" ending was perfect 👌

    71. Victor Melo

      It really isn't that hard tho, I started scared and it was fine

    72. Domain Of Sanction

      Parry the greatest lie is dark soul.... For me at least

    73. samuel 9999999

      overconfidence is a slow and insidious killer

    74. Davi Gomes


    75. john r altenburg

      I used to hate this type of person, but after playing dark souls 3, I was overconfident and got destroyed by dark souls 2's retarded combat and shitty hitboxes. I now know what it feels like to be this person.

    76. Orsy Velasquez

      thats pretty much accurate yeah lol.

    77. Bruno Escoto

      No one okis going to talk about how well this is made? The cinematography here is pretty cool! Great video!! :)

    78. slazytube

      This video is Bad. You could have done so much more...

    79. J. Vinton

      Literally my first 10 minutes when I picked up DS3. I wasn’t sure what was worse, my timing, or me dying or not only the enemies, but laughter. Hour and a half later I’d finally beaten Gundyr. I knew I was in the right game, just had to find a rhythm.

    80. Lajami Jaffar

      707 people didn’t read the tutorial

    81. Zsolt Pintér

      Please do more Dark Souls!

    82. Vane Rhujic

      that 'Welcome to Dark Souls' is more insulting than failing for 4 hours straight on Gundyr.

    83. Thrusher

      WOW. Production is fantastic!

    84. Señor Kaktusz

      That ending is hillarious😂

    85. Tyler Whitmore

      Wait did he shoot him?

    86. The Baba Show

      Git gud.

    87. mayouned

      Parry? Wtf is that? Roll rules!

    88. shehryar ashraf

      no . your first enemy is a pushover that doesnt fight back in the dungeon. your first introduction to difficulty is the asylum demon.

    89. sum 1

      we all know if you are not rocking rags and underpants you need to GIT GUD

    90. Jaroslav Lagron

      This is dark souls

    91. Alex Lala

      Me while playing Dark Souls😂

    92. D.C

      It's funny, because it happened to me, in real life; being arrogant and ignorant and then frustrated, this is so true!!

    93. SovietOmega

      I don't understand. This is not a skit. This is watching someone play dark souls. The joke is dark souls. That's it. That's the *stabs you to death while you are thinking of a comment*