When the job is just too large for 1 person - Big Delivery

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    There is a big delivery that needs to go out, and the team isn't confident that Byron can actually commit to delivering it all
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    1. Panda三さん

      Its like before filming they told him he has to make all the boxes fit or he's fired 😂😂😂

    2. adan0sger

      *intense death stranding flashbacks*

    3. Stasis Danauskas

      Я взрослый мужик, у меня даже борода растёт.

    4. The Viper

      So this is what it is to be Sam from Dead strandet.

    5. Tiago Ferreira

      When you have a huge ass delivery and no chiral network

    6. CCPJAYLPHAN1994

      Think I'm the same height as Byron, how tall is he?

    7. Minh Huấn Lê

      Delivery guy should take a course from India or Vietnam.

    8. scorpian007

      That's about what I'd expect from a Mac gamer

    9. King Ping


    10. Amaroth

      I love that Byron actually managed to make Rowan shut up and do his own thing :D

    11. Secret Name

      I would not have been able to hold a straight face filming that lol

    12. Talmiior

      Think I watched this whole video with my mouth hanging open in mild shock o.o

    13. Jason Tobias

      Is Byron a midget?

    14. Terminal Velocity

      He'll never make it to the garbage dump.

    15. Ben Apaya

      Byron and Rowan always get together,you wanna know why? becuase their wearing the same color of T-shirt.

    16. ArchAngel121996

      death stranding byron edition

    17. Andy Sho

      3:25 u should see his face.. lol

    18. Alexander Fukes

      when you have a game that lets you hold entire houses on your backpack then you find a realistic mod

    19. Fauzan Nr

      b̶y̶r̶o̶n̶ brian is literally just victim XD

    20. Andre Moresi Sonsin

      Death stranding in a nutshell

    21. Shaun Adams

      UK here. Is Byron in a advert for a company called Xero?

    22. Tyler

      I could...actually do this with my bike. It's a Cadillac of e bikes

      1. Tyler

        With 1 addition, ratchet strap.

    23. GhostGamerB

      No one: 640,000 people watching this video: We will watch Byron's career with great interest!

    24. Javi Mora

      Favorite one so far out of 180 that I’ve bench watched xD

    25. Zemo Shade

      Ya know if he just using some straps or bungie cord, he could could have done it.

    26. Yasuo Pro

      Byron The Kuroko of VLDL

    27. J.R Brooks

      I've had that kind of stubborn frustrated way of doing jobs at work sometimes and it doesn't end well.

    28. Punocchio

      Could be me and my mom aswell

    29. Alex Mort

      We're gonna need a bigger bike...

    30. Red John

      Death Stranding in a nutshell

    31. MrParanoyak

      I love sketches with Byron xD

    32. Alberto Rojo

      I think this episode is brilliant. Anger, shame and proud in the byron face.

    33. Julius Embile

      Is that Leroy Jenkins?

    34. Luka Smed Visholt

      Sam Fisher here

    35. Feyre

      I love byron act

    36. Sam S

      This describes working at ups as a loader

    37. Fluffi


    38. Xia

      My favourite character 🤣

    39. Orbital Drop

      The new death stranding trailer looks good

    40. Savant Slacker

      I wonder if he's taking these boxes to the dump.

    41. Watn3y

      Some Indian dude would make this work

    42. Dustin Barlow

      Just use that dolly behind the bike as a trailer...

    43. BigBoss JIN

      Watched this before.. more than twice.. but jus noticed.. those those boxes dont feel heavy.. like literally empty.. Add some weights.. jus a suggestion.. dont have to see this comment or jus throw it out the window.. love your content..👍

      1. AudieHolland

        They'd have to hire a professional stuntman in that case.

    44. Frane Xavi

      best episode

    45. brandy snyder

      I love how Alan is on the phone the whole time

    46. Maciej Hammer

      This was painful to watch for a moment.

    47. xwaltranx

      they are all going to the rubbish anyways :)

    48. Gimmy Jibs

      Death stranding

    49. Pax Arias

      That Playtech Expansion really brought something great to Death Stranding!

    50. Muhammad nazhief arianda

      This episode is so...asian thing... Use a bike to deliver oversize boxes that heavier than the bike itself.

    51. S. M.

      This shit is like cereal for dinner - I settle for it daily.

    52. Люцифер Морнингстар

      When you want to built a bridge in Death Stranding)

    53. shait

      Death Stranding: Low Quality Edition

    54. Robson Costa

      thats how i work every day...but i work with webservices

    55. Lostpause Jr

      Rowan is right

    56. Postghost

      Wow i can't believe he actually almost did it. If he'd taped the back boxes together this could've actually been plausible.

    57. Gage Morgan

      Hey isn't that Zach Galifianakis? He's lost weight.

    58. Ariiii

      when you try to bring all the groceries in in one trip.

    59. TheElMuffin

      Bless you for not stopping the joke at the reveal of how many boxes he had, but actually showing him packing all of them.

    60. Aspry Writes

      JESUS CHRIST this was fucking magnificent! You guys are murdering me with Byron!

    61. Royal X

      So death stranding got the idea from here i see.

    62. Rukh Allen

      this was the first strand type game

    63. Sils Wei

      Pssshhhht, this is indeed dirt league, i've seen way more stuff on a single bike. :P Here's Grand Master league :P www.google.com/url?sa=i&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.pinterest.ph%2Fpin%2F148055906478946795%2F&psig=AOvVaw2e_5WbMZk_157N-f7WEGd1&ust=1600370639894000&source=images&cd=vfe&ved=0CAIQjRxqFwoTCPDoz7Oz7usCFQAAAAAdAAAAABAR

    64. Shido Wulf

      This perfectly represents Death stranding, however if it was, Rowan would be asking him to take more.

    65. schmidtty717

      The fact he did this in one take is amazing.

    66. Kev Sims

      I am literally in tears i am laughing so hard 🤣😂.

    67. Mattrick Pathew

      When death stranding is life

    68. Deepcry T1

      Was waiting for Alan to say he's just got another deliver to go out!

    69. GameRobo

      Who else was waiting for the fall of that tower?

    70. Pete Villegas

      I agree with the last comment Byron is absolutely fantastic! I mean honestly everyone in the league is absolutely amazing. However, Byron just steps onto the scene and is instantaneously 100% believable. Way to go mate keep it up

    71. Shiva Kumar

      Byron is in a great hurry because the rubbish dump closes soon.

    72. Irksome Axis

      Death stranding right here

    73. Steinerman

      He’s been playing too much Death Stranding

    74. ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻ ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻

      The funny thing is that this thing does happen in vietname and that is not a joke.

    75. Judosh TV

      What the fuck I can't stop laughing haha

    76. Jonathan Manson

      This was like 2 min of pure uncomfortableness

    77. theOfficial Oni

      *No boxes were harmed in making this video*

    78. Rohit Thaosen

      Death stranding lol.

    79. Cyrach Wisdom Susada

      Byron ia the only one who can stand up to rowan

    80. Perseus Arkouda

      This video should have millions of views. It's classic comedy at it's finest!

    81. Zac Hall

      Imagine if he’d actually found a way to do it lol..... now that would have been funny to see them all like what the hell.... how’d he do it 🤣🤣

    82. Antony

      Death Stranding?

    83. Paŭlo Ebermann

      I was wondering why he was not fixing (with some elastic band, or at least with the tape) the big pile too?

    84. Sully

      Need more Byron!

    85. Bored.In.California

      Oh my, the moment when he realized that he now has to deliver all of them because he just made a scene.....it's just precious. That poor poor soul.

    86. Rory Ross

      National Distribution manager... in New Zeeland... delivering boxes on a bike... OK, title checks out.

    87. Shykorus Totora

      I didn't know Death Stranding got a Live Action movie deal!

    88. Mia zuki

      Looks like normal stuff in India

    89. Lucas Buhr

      Straight to the rubbish dump

    90. Zac Nolan

      This is the only time I actually agree with Rowan.

      1. RuefulCenturion

        Rowan can be pretty funny when being a dick to customers and Karen.

    91. LeoDracon

      So that's number one player in the Death Stranding worldboard.

    92. Augusto Gonçalez

      This had to have been inspired by Death Stranding hahaha

    93. up&up

      Does anyone know the song he's humming at 2:45 ?

    94. Chris Klugh

      Good skit, but you could have cut down the last half of this video to keep up with pacing. This could have been a 3 minute video and been better for it.

    95. Eric Thompson

      I was legitimately hoping he'd take off and everything would go weirdly smoothly.

    96. Stella Nox

      More of byron please!!

    97. Carter Smith

      I feel like this is definitely possible. Just needed to make much more liberal use of the tape and attach everything together, then lash that on the back of the bike.

    98. Arbabosu Mandal

      Deathstranding, expectations vs reality

    99. Robert Davis

      What the hell is he humming?

    100. John Doe

      I wanted him to succeed (somehow) but you just can't defy gravity lmao