Team building with your boss - Simon Says

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    Rowan wants to do a bit of team building with Simon Says... and get something else off his chest.

    Remember guys: If you feel lonely or mentally unstable, don't forget that we have a wonderful and supportive community over in our discord group:

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    1. Viva La Dirt League

      Remember guys: If you feel alone or mentally unstable don't forget that we have a wonderful and supportive community over in our discord group:

      1. Alexandre Poissant

        Hey Rowan. Are you okay mate? THAT felt much more than acting to me... Just wanna make sure you guys are okay.

      2. cindercatz

        @Matthew Masters I mean, it's comedy. That's the funny bit. Edit: And with the posts in here, I guess I should make it clear, that's speaking as someone that's been through a hell of a lot, including having dealt with depression and having been suicidal in the past. If you're going to get through it, you have to be willing to let go. And lightheartedness helps a lot. This was beautifully done, heartfelt comedy. All seriousness. And I appreciate it for being exactly what it is.

      3. Magma Creeper

        @Nexusze Nexus because playtech is and actual store and I think that is the actual shirt

      4. SharkTank

        @AirG's Tanks and stuff AND THATS GOOD

      5. Kosdan

        @Nexusze Nexus Because of people like Ben who impersonate employees.

    2. That One Guy

      Is it bad I related to every bit of what Rowan said? 😐

    3. Maris Stella

      I literally cried for everything he said f*ck hahaha lmao

    4. Aidan Ross

      Sorry you didn't say Simon says click that bell


      Simon says grest for fishin ain it ouh ha

    6. thunderlink

      It´s so awful to here all that sad stuff but knowing exactly how it turns out XD

    7. Ying

      0:55 simon says wank

    8. Gamerloaders & Co.

      Rowan trully is a boss material, annoying as*hole lol

    9. Phill Gizmo

      There is much better variation of that kind of humor, maybe not exactly but, check it

    10. edgar Cunanan

      My name is rowan and im a model

    11. Daniel Josevski

      This is brilliant

    12. Reece Taylor

      As a brit Rowan saying "wink" was very confusing

    13. Dimitris Migklis

      i ve been watching you guys a few months i have to say that you are great.its quite sad that i learn about you in qarantine i wish i know you earlier enyway this is one of my favorite videos of you guys countinue the good work also i really like Rowan when he gets crazy.Btw i am from Greece

    14. Martin Serious

      2:57 I need an epilogue for the Bored series where the workers gets replaced with pros.

    15. MysticFlow

      i thought this was going to sponser some mental health thing

    16. MysticFlow

      simon is loved

    17. EXPIan

      This really hits me on so many different levels

    18. Derek Hsu

      the one game that adam understands how to play lol.

    19. тут и там

      ору прост

    20. David Jett

      You said, "and support us on Patreon." You didn't say "Simon says" before that part. Sorry, but I really want to win.

    21. MR. 1000

      after the hug i was like hmmmmmmmm rowan im not gonna give you anymore chances

    22. Daniel Nunya Bidnezz

      Sssooo... DON'T remember to tick the bell because he didn't say "Simon says" before that? :-P

    23. akash kumar

      He actually said, " Simon says that he's worried about reaching out to his colleagues about how he feels because he's worried that he'll just end up pushing them away." He actually meant it :(

    24. FOOL!!

      This took a turn and then another turn and one last at the end.

    25. thatQuártz

      duuuude you made me cryyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fvck youuuu!

    26. Marcello Zanardelli

      Rowan actually made me shed a tear..

    27. Piglin Brute

      Rowan says?

    28. Toothy Patoothy

      Adam is so sweet and innocent. "Ooh I love that game!" he's basically spongebob.

    29. Ezel Bayraktar

      I just want to work here with all of you ( even with Ben in customer role) It doesn't matter any pay cut or something else it is so fun :)

    30. Cannon Baller2020

      Rowan's acting outweighs ANY overpaid, Hollywood, "Oscar worthy" performance! Damn bruh, you almost made me cry!!🏆🏆🏆🏆

    31. Kevin May

      I don't even blame him for being an asshole at the end. That's just the way he copes

    32. Ekansh Sharma

      I really cried out so much rowan is the best actor 😀😀😀🤗🤗 really he is superb

    33. Robert Jones

      This game got real lol

    34. Dion Baker Jr.

      Dang why is that so accurate as being a manager or boss... it can be lonely at the top sometimes.

    35. Warrior_of_Kastamonu37

      ALAAANNN COME HEREEE 😂😂😂😂😂 Waaayyy to funny when rowan says it that way

    36. Danny Owens

      I dont want to hurt, I dont want to feel the pain.

    37. David Jimenez

      Well to be fair, he was saying Simon Says on each confession... except the hug.

    38. Mudshrooze

      The manager character is a true sociopath

    39. JustForGaming

      What's the name of that emotional song plz ???

    40. bodyguardik

      strange humor you have... degradation

    41. Eric Wise

      You had me feeling so sad for you!

    42. Super_Slav777

      The way his eyes cross when he screams is the best

    43. Richard smith

      Ah u didn't say simon says cluck the bell so I'm inclined not to good sir

    44. Wesam Ayman

      Joking aside, i flet the emotional part hit me hrad XD

    45. Andrew Aurelisk


    46. Joshua Carrillo

      0:03 "AAAALAAAAANN!!!! COME HERE!!!" I cant stop laughing

      1. zoeyl4d93

        Plus with piss off alan face🤣🤣

    47. Ivan Khizanov

      You guys are best actors EVER!

    48. Ahmad Husaini

      Shit just went 0 to 100 real quick

    49. UwUKushikimiOwO

      That nearly made me cry goodness Rowans a bloody legend 😂

    50. Derek Hsu

      The one game that Adam knows how to play lol.

    51. Pizza Time

      the moment he said give rowan a hug i died

    52. Agustín Moyano

      I dont like this one because Rowan tells what i really feel

    53. Roberto Irschlingerr


    54. csn69 Gaming

      Rowan: blah blah blah Alan: 😑

    55. Cameron Johnson

      I'm not crying you are

    56. Teen Perspektiva

      0:55 Simon says: WANK Uhh i dont think Simon should be saying that in a workplace environment..

    57. Neonji Senan

      like who cryed

    58. Crazy_energy

      i can't stop seeing this when i'm drunk. for it hits me hard and i need to feel it.

    59. Madrock

      They do a frighteningly good job of making Rowan into a psychopath. I mean that in a very literal sense of the mental illness of psychopathy.

    60. Among Us / LEAGUE Highlights

      why does he actually make so somehow emotional??

    61. Haris Jutt

      This Simon guy needs help.

    62. DaPizzaSnake

      He did say Simon says about those fealings so thecnically me ment it, just not the hug.

    63. InfiniDragon X

      Well that went from 0 to ROWAN real quick...😄

    64. LipGod Gaming


    65. KendoruSlink

      Oh I love Simon's says

    66. Wolf Rawrrr

      for a moment there I thought someone was chopping onions but then it stopped lol

    67. Ananya Bhargava

      They all are amazing actors

    68. kevin yang

      Anyone else felt that Rowan was already having a bad day, and that they capitalized on his mood? It's great but it felt like he wasn't feeling the greatest the whole video.

    69. 343Guardian

      Somewhere in an alternative universe. Rowan: Simon says, give Rowan a hug.

    70. borat bagatov

      how dare u play with my fcking emotions

    71. Shourya Jain

      You guys deserve way more subscribers.. love your videos..

    72. itz ya boi phantom

      I take my last comment back

    73. KrazyKiwi

      Why have I got the feeling that Rowan actually felt this way, and after getting it off his chest, they made this script.

    74. Bilian Exodia

      Dude u really deserve an oscar rowan

    75. GauntletTCF

      I just noticed Rowan and Alan have what seems to be a matching tattoo on their left arm, in the internal part of the elbow!

    76. dydhdg dujddh


    77. Sill

      Watching this second time, knowing what's gonna happen, I got wet eyes anyway. Outstanding job.

    78. theSkyRunner54

      Poor Simon

    79. Roy David


    80. Leon Dojcinovski

      Wow Rowan actually made me shed a tear

    81. Pandamonga Ailupandorum

      I almost cried. I guess I would've killed him for making me feel.that way. Haha.

    82. Callum Horspool

      This genuinely nearly made she’d a little tear for Rowan there, he really is an amazing actor. I think you guys all are and I like to think of this show as the Kiwi Office 😂

    83. King Cal

      Can someone give me a link to that tube that plays during Rowan’s monologue

    84. The Nomad

      I love Adam's childish character

    85. Eliwood Nguyen

      What the Did Rowan just..... Omg...i nearly fell for it

    86. arnigx

      Again, mr crab instruct squidward, spongebob, sandy in his store..... ^^

    87. Mr. Brightside

      He said what I can't say

    88. habib saliu

      Ellie's face is gold😂😂😂

    89. Striderman-


    90. Striderman-

      I love how alan slowly started to enjoy it

    91. mrozzdude

      That got dark, quickly

    92. hoz3hu 89

      What a rollercoaster 😂

    93. LOGØUT _ 101

      Simon says get me a gun!!!

    94. Tim Hamza

      Who else is from aus and thought he said something else when he said wink 😉 😂

    95. StillGoing

      0:55 I did NOT hear "wink" 😳

    96. xValincx

      The only other rage roar that can beat Rowan's one is Logan's. Epic.

    97. Minelenn Lenn

      Pause at 0:04 his eyes are looking in different directions

    98. Jay Kay

      If anyone here felt sorry for Rowan, then this is hard to say, but thank you for demonstrating perfectly exactly how mental manipulation tactics work. So, good on you all, you're helping prove how people like Rowan are freely capable of getting away with literally anything.

    99. Abdurahim bin Abdullah

      Hahahahha. Srsly

    100. Matt G

      Damnit Rowan, you made me cry