Team building with your boss - Simon Says

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    Rowan wants to do a bit of team building with Simon Says... and get something else off his chest.

    Remember guys: If you feel lonely or mentally unstable, don't forget that we have a wonderful and supportive community over in our discord group:

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    1. Viva La Dirt League

      Remember guys: If you feel alone or mentally unstable don't forget that we have a wonderful and supportive community over in our discord group:


        That's suck man. I'm crying already. But f*ck.

      2. Fila Kyle

        Ok, you exactly say truth i feel so i joined

      3. Anjounet Leavell

        I could rewatch all you videos a million times and Never get tired of the heartfelt humor, time, and love you put into each skit. It means the world to me you guys. Thank you so much for making my day better, everyday 😊! I have a job interview today and I was super nervous until I started watching your videos again. I hope I get this job 🤞🏽 Wish me luck!

      4. Jamazing TV

        Is there a community that you can have more subs?

      5. Hazard xGaming

        Honestly I expected this. Rowan isn't emotional.

    2. lorena mae duldulao

      I love you Simon or Rowan or whoever it is hiding inside you.😉🤗😘

    3. Asianplague

      So touching hehe

    4. brcpimenta

      Wubba lubba dub dub!

    5. Fred M.

      Amazing Rowan how good you are... love you guys

    6. manaze85

      The crossed eyes when he’s screaming Alan’s name is the perfect touch. I could watch that 2 seconds over and over and keep laughing.

    7. Dark Wolf

      How did rowan cry like that

    8. Nick Molliger

      As a man of another culture i've never heared about this game. Is that about you should doing only things what says Simon?

    9. DebrickaSensei Gaming

      Damn Rowan that sudden turn actually hurt a bit. I choked for a second. Good acting.

    10. TinyCurry

      Rowan actually made me cry

    11. Polar Flow

      0:55 I actually heard wank... lmao.

    12. Dumb PlayzGame

      I'm mean he was a diffrent person for 2 minutes so he was not not a Rowan he was a simon.

    13. Bran Belen

      ALAAAAAANNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!! lmfao almost pissed myself

    14. XFrozenAshX

      Simon says wan-- Wink.

    15. Khroku Kapfo

      I wanna give Rowan a hug

    16. Mohamed Arafa

      Happy mental health month guys :)

    17. John Doe

      😂😂😂 epic

    18. John Doe

      Ellie is so freakin adorable

    19. Colonial Marine

      I thought he said wank

    20. Praveen HB

      I saw it coming miles away. Rowan always pulls a d*ck move

    21. Boggey3000

      Oh man! Stop playing with my emotions! XD I haven't teared up like that since the NPC Soulmate episode! Ma heart!

    22. J.R Brooks


    23. Kiko K-Gaming

      Ohh Rowan, you made me emotional on that part. But yeahhh ....Rowan always win 😂

    24. Alex Mort

      This was too damn good. And thanks for the link to the support group, fortunately i came to terms with my instability a long time ago, and i prefer to be on my own, i am the only one who understands me :)

    25. designedbyadel

      damn it rowan. outstanding acting skills. 😢👏

    26. Adam Abu Laban

      not gonna lie they got us in the first half

    27. jcwarlock

      Fucking outstanding bruh

    28. James Smithers

      omg, when he said "Simon says wink" cause of the accent I thought he said "Simon says wank" and I was genuinly scared for a split second!

    29. Александр Толмачев

      That was one damn good acting

    30. Jak Dexter

      Give me back my tears

    31. John Skafidas

      That was very bad Rowan you make me cry and the next second i wanted to punch my monitor , but its an acting tho' Great job mate. Greatings from Greece!!!

    32. Hamataro

      At the end you should have changed the sad song to peacefully heatbrek

    33. Riddick


    34. Ghadaffi

      I come to watch this video every once in a while to flash my eyes real quick.

    35. UniversalFox

      Ultimate trick: Simon says touch your head, Simon says touch your toes, now blink...and just wait for your victory 😈

    36. Daniel

      This is just excellent!

    37. UnKnOwN GuIdE

      Every time i watch...i cry...

    38. Philippe SAIZ

      That was such a Rowan thing to do ! And Simon totally agrees !

    39. Laykin Twist

      Plot twist: Simon is actually outside waiting for the store to open.

    40. Me S

      We know how literal Rowan's thought process is, the sad part is what he is saying is true 😅 brilliant acting

    41. Chris P

      Watching the first episode Rowan and Allen used to be friends... then Roman became a stereotype.

    42. Gaq

      What happened to Alan and Rowan being good friends? Like the first ever episodes of Bored

    43. Gliz Morala

      Ellie's reaction hahahaah

    44. Ruan Claassen

      That kinda pulled on my strings a little

    45. Stefan R

      Mornin! Nice day for fishing, ain’t it?

    46. smiling assassin

      I totally miss heard wink ....

      1. AM

        Same lol

    47. Sanjay Sajan

      Simon says, "Nice day for fishin', ain't it? Huh ha"

      1. Uladzimir Darożka

        Simon says, "For King and Country!"

    48. Melissa Dixon

      I feel rowan

    49. Ben G

      Rowan: Simon says he doesn't actually think he had a true friend in years Ben: Am I a joke to you?

    50. T S

      Saw it comin but still good.

    51. Chris_Saiko

      I know something's off with Rowan... Deym hahah

    52. Sean K

      Not gonna lie, they had us in the first half...

    53. TheChosenOne

      I miss skits where alan is a psycho. Hes so good at playing the psycho like the when ben wanted to come into the store and when alan was gonna stab rowan for skipping

    54. Trezz People

      So much going on in 3 minute

    55. Bananamanche

      So, real talk. I came up through the ranks in my career. I spent years working shoulder to shoulder with my coworkers, building strong relationships with them. I eventually jumped on the opportunity to become their supervisor. This video hit me in the feels way harder than I'd like to admit.

    56. Matze G.

      Guys, this was actually made me cry...and regardless of what happened, we all know this was basically Rowan telling the truth about himself

    57. TheGamingVeteran

      but wait, did simon say to listen to simon??

    58. Ritam Chatterjee

      i just cried a little bit even being the "alpha"... what an acting.. what a script

    59. Fork

      That rowan is me really, not joking im alone

    60. gianluca pasini

      I want the "alaaan come here" as a tone for my phone messages 😂

    61. Drvarnick


    62. Nightcore Galore

      I thought he said Simon says wank

    63. ScarriorIII

      Who keeps coming back just for the "ALLLLAN! COME HERE!"?

    64. True Damage

      0:03 xddd

    65. Fred

      it's proven now that rowan is a big TSUNDERE

    66. AJ

      all wrong emotions crawled up, must leave

    67. J K

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    68. Nicco Games

      all jokes aside, that was really good acting. the music, close-ups, Rowan's voice tone...Quality stuff

    69. WOLOLO

      sİMON SAYS: Simon says

    70. Yupamondee

      0:55 lol I thought he said something else.

    71. Kaine Brooks

      Did a VLDL video make me cry? Yes. Do I regret it? No because Rowan is a fucking phenomenal actor

    72. Aaron Taylor

      I really thought adam did the right action at the start because I thought rowan was so egotistical he would change it into rowan says

    73. Nicholas Bell

      First 10 seconds>rest of the video. I watched the beginning like 20 times! 🤣🤣🤣

    74. Lostpause Jr

      No wonder why he always mad

    75. Mr Hutchinson

      Hilarious,, damn near made me cry lol

    76. Bryan Gallagher

      I want to see a Viva LA Dirt League crossover with WrestleTalk.

    77. frank huang

      I thought he said Simon says “wank”

    78. Mostafa Abubaker

      That actually hit really deep, man.

    79. Andrew Dunn

      HAHA you almost got me but Simon didnt say to tick the bell! HAHA I didnt fall for it

    80. Ajay Ghale

      0:03 best part of the video

    81. Yilobemo

      Simon says- Rowan is an excellent actor

    82. christopher Rönn

      Tjat really hit The spot.

    83. GooBery

      simon says: make Rowan mentally stable

    84. rottenruffles

      That roar at the start is hilarious!! Haha

    85. Cường Đ.

      He went to the back. And smile. Alone

    86. amande velours

      I lauthg so much at the first scream damn it was good

    87. Rafael Gaming

      Simon is really a stundere man

    88. Zack Zander

      This seems really wholesome, that I had a feeling it isn’t going to last 2:32 And I knew it... Damnit Rowan...

    89. Destin High

      Anyone else crying and laughing at the same time for the end there?

    90. Nomad

      Damn Rowan... Sheeeet...

    91. Menon

      They had us in the first half, not gonna lie

    92. Levi Nightingale

      Your teams vids always bring me to tears one way then the other

    93. MrFootball

      All such talented actors, almost enough to make a grown man cry

    94. CR4ZYG4M3R 22

      "Simon says put your hands on your head Alan or you're getting a paycut." XD XD XD XD This was the funniest thing I've ever heard! XD

    95. Alexander Fukes

      when rowan is doing something nice: :? what the something is up when rowan does something mean: ._. be nice for once

    96. Fila Kyle

      I was crying here

    97. Ashish Shanbhag

      We like rown

    98. Ahmad Farisi

      OMG, I was sad when rowan said those things before giving a hug ... hahaha ...

    99. Daniel Oliver Nease

      0:03 is amazing

    100. medo sam

      never disapoint me, Rowan never