When printers malfunction - Printer

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    Adam experiences the utter frustration of when printers malfunction.
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    1. jad1079

      Epic ending. That last page! 🤣

    2. Jay Son


    3. Existential Dread

      new segment?

    4. VBTV

      All printers are Rowan in power.

    5. Aryutsuki Orihara

      Have a printer at home, had it for maybe 5 years and it has never worked. I don't know why. Support doesn't know why. It. Just. Doesn't.

    6. Jay Sanders

      My boss is having that exact same conversation with his printer right now.

    7. LadyRavencide13

      I HATE the cyan thing! It happened to me ALL the time 🤣🤣 ALL the bonus blank pages! 🤣

    8. Ajeesh philip John

      100% on the ground reality...

    9. It's Jemmy

      What's worse is running diagnostics but the PC is upstairs

    10. BSleep

      Thought he was sitting on the printer

    11. prasanna palla


    12. Nine Breaker

      Mornin'! Nice day for fishin ain't it? Hua hua

    13. mr_nice_hearted

      More BTS please!

    14. zeke floto

      As an ex printer technician I can say this feels accurate

    15. Jason C

      Would’ve been great to have a paper jam and have to unjam it!

    16. Ryan Griffiths

      I love this video. I run a printing business and we love finding memes and stuff like this to make fun of

    17. Skanda Nagendra

      1:14 The most accurate sound of a printer i've ever heard to this day

    18. PT Gamer


    19. K

      This is why I got rid of a color printer lol

    20. Sara Kline

      It's funny you guys are great

    21. Shico

      Imagine if the "F*** YOU" was in cyan

    22. The AViator

      Reminds me of CollegeHumor’s “Your Printer is a Brat” video from way back in the day. But way funnier of course!

    23. MS I

      her screen is off ... im not sure why she is looking at the screen and taking notes lol ... does she taking notes of Adam !!!!!!

    24. Brick Fox Productions

      Smooth Rowan

    25. BigMoser Gaming

      Too bad they already did the Office Space scene in another video. They could have taken Rowan out to a field and broken him.

    26. Junkbullet

      Press “Print”

    27. Holret

      you forgot the guy who obviously hit print after you but got his document before you did.

    28. Sierra Mike

      Rowan is Epson

    29. Hojjat

      Mine is there on the computer. Says not ready. I have to install the freaking driver every time for it to print a freaking page.

    30. fredEVOIX

      you forgot the "select paper source" fail man that one is annoying >

    31. Mike Beak

      Hilarious and relatable :D

    32. Yoss Nutt

      25 years in IT and I hate printers the most of all devices. Even more than users!

    33. Rafid Tahmid

      Printer: "I'm gonna print 20 prints" *stops on 19th page* "i'm gonna start all over again"

    34. Nerd Made

      Rowan makes a great printer. I expected him to print 30 documents before getting to Adam's, though. You just know a bunch of people queued things while he was out of ink.

    35. StephOnDemand _

      I need a printer t shirt NOW

    36. Elmer De Guzman Jr.


    37. Gian Lourido

      I was expecting a paper jam after he replaced the cyan.

    38. DDC ll

      Rowen should play the McDonold's ice cream machine.

    39. medo sam

      Rowan as a printer is a new magnificent idea

    40. PhoenixDaBeast1

      I am very glad and fortunate that I have a printer that actually works 99% of the time

    41. Nope Nope

      You gotta hit Black and White, not Auto, it won't print in CMY :p

    42. CapitanCataracta

      Cmon Rowan, you cant be a printer. You are the manager!!!

    43. Marcel Regex

      That's not a malfunction, that's a feature.

    44. Gs Sentaro

      I miss Karen

    45. Zombie Games

      They were really bored when they made this one 🤣

    46. Berkeley Pickell

      Great minds think alike, I did a sketch just like this a few months back.

    47. Stefan Mijalkov

      One of the best comedy channels 🙏

    48. cannibalbananas

      Hilarious! Only thing missing was Rowan didn't jam or say there was a jam when there wasn't one. 🤔😂😂😂

    49. Arif Mohammad

      1:25 LOL

    50. pizzamon 79

      Printer lives matter

    51. ZaiBerboy I

      make another pubg vid, molotuv burn you but not a fire from exploded car

    52. Nickthegamingnerd

      Cartridge is jammed Argh!! Its literally not Tries to print again Nope, jammed... Turns it off and on again Ah would you look at that, its no longer jammed

    53. Captain Salve

      Didn't like this as much as other Bored videos, but wouldn't dislike it because I Love You guys

    54. Goattacular

      Correction, the printer is functioning exactly as it was programmed to function. A malfunctioning printer would be one that actually works.

    55. Goattacular

      Fun fact: Printer ink is the most expensive liquid on Earth. It's not expensive to make (about $0.03 per cartridge), but the mark-up is astronomical. Furthermore, printers are programed to include just a tiny bit of cyan mixed in with the black ink. This ensures you run out of cyan and are forced to buy color cartridges, and not just black cartridges. It's a massive scam, and they're also programmed to make streaks in the print so you waste tons of ink "calibrating" the cartridge heads, which of course makes you have to buy the ink sooner. Fun fact 2: Printer manufacturers actually loose hundreds of dollars on their printer sales. That $60 printer/scanner combo you bought actually costs about $500+ to make, but like a drug dealer giving out a free sample to get you hooked, the printer manufacturer makes it easy to buy a printer, and then they get you with the ink scam. Furthermore, to ensure they make their money back, they make their ink cartridges proprietary to their brand, and will only accept their brand's cartridges. Ever wonder how every technology EXCEPT printers has improved over 10 fold since 2000? Doesn't it seem like it'd be stupid-easy to make a printer that just works? I mean, we have 3D printers that actually work as intended, and economical. That's because the market is saturated with dozens of competing companies, and to be competitive, the product needs to work, and be able to use 3rd party materials. 2D ink printers, though, there's what? HP and Cannon? Yeah, 2 mega companies no doubt in cahoots with each other to price fix ink at insane prices. Ever wonder how they can sell you a printer/scanner/fax combo for $60, but also include a $50 ink cartridge? Like I said, it's a scam to force you to be a recurring customer. Don't buy printer ink if you don't have to. Don't feed the scam. Better option is to just buy a new printer and use the ink that comes with it. Sure, you spend $10 more than buying the ink cartridge, but you just cost them several hundred dollars for a machine you're gonna throw away. Best method to refill your ink, because it hurts the scammers.

    56. Shadowed Steps

      I NEED a Holy Nova ringtone

    57. Jacob Smith

      Lol why wouldnt you believe the printer

    58. Orleans

      Gonna start calling all my printers that malfunction Rowan... he’s an exceptional printer...

    59. Jeremiah Lewis

      Spot on.

    60. James Wakelin

      you forgot paper jam

    61. DEATHSLADE 109

      Have you been watching my printer at work?!

    62. William L

      You forgot to print the f^%*%} calibration page after each cartridge exchange.

    63. Özgün Demir

      this is literally Canon lol

    64. Warn Schildkroete

      Oh, there should be a series of more printer issues and other malfunctions with other devices. After this video I'm imagining a Rowan Printer with paper jam. :D

    65. articulating time-lapse

      Expected him to say out of toner as well

    66. Jeff C

      Not realistic. He wasn't also out of magenta, but didn't say so until after the cyan was replaced and went through the setup process.

    67. Ian Fleury

      Um....where is he installing that ink cartridge?

    68. Str8Muscle

      So not going to lie, been watching your videos for awhile. I just noticed as i was re watching a Starz show. Rowan was in Spartacus! Fucking small world

    69. Sylent Muchacho

      Why did HUgets hide this channel from me for so long?? I get recommended so much crap. I never hit the subscribe button faster.

    70. The Vivacious Frog

      Lmao I got a printer add on this video

    71. ethicalfarmer

      My printer after running diagnostic would have run a cleaning cycle.

    72. Juota

      New series for "Office" related stuff?

    73. Rainbow sword

      I've literally never had my printer glitch on me

    74. Андрей Ерёменко

      Принтеры надо молотком чинить ))

    75. David Lilley

      Wait where did he just put that cartridge 😱

    76. Danni Baran

      Legit just had a meltdown today getting my printer to work. That's probably why HUgets recommended this considering how many times I've Googled something with the word "printer" in it in the past day,

    77. dreamstorm947

      Rowan making printer noises cracked me up lol

    78. MadDnD


    79. Michael Denison

      Is there any role Rowan CANNOT play? "The straight man surrounded by idiots" - CHECK "The douchebag who occasionally has a heart" - CHECK "Fisherman" - CHECK "Team leader" - CHECK "Inanimate object" - CHECK

    80. Mavairick

      yeah yeah the acting and all i konw but, is that lady even trying to look like she's working with those two black screens ? XD

    81. Jared Veale

      That was actually amazing

    82. James

      I’m just shocked that some comments got 2k likes. I’m happy when my comment gets 2 likes. And for those who reed that: have a nice day👍

    83. Ocean's Blue

      missed out on the wifi connections. remember when you could buy something, plug it in and it would just work?

    84. XenoDraig Shrike

      One of your best ones yet.

    85. Guillaume Globensky

      I connected you to the wifi. Oh no you didn't

    86. ThehakkeMadman

      When printers malfunction - Office Space

    87. Vilmir

      How do I uninstall the Rowan firmware from my printer?

    88. OksanaSean 2002

      This is perfect.

    89. Justin C

      Either out of ink or paper is in the wrong tray

    90. Sothros

      at least the paper didn't get stuck

    91. Richard Wolf

      my blood pressure was increasing when watching this video

    92. llVIU

      that only showed 10% of the problems

    93. NHMI

      I once press print so many times but it didn't work, but it eventually printed out the document 2 days later, even tho i didn't press print again after the first time. 😂😂

    94. Grothag

      Bonus blank page....

    95. Dura Smiley

      why can't we have good printers why is it so hard to make a printer that doesn't want me to commit seppuku

    96. Fábio Pereira

      This is F hilarious!!! :D

    97. why creepy

      F*** Samsu‌ng

    98. Justin Lynn

      Been watching this channel for a couple years and you guys always hit the mark! I’m hype for the movie.

    99. Ciprian B

      You forgot the test/calibrating page the printer automatically prints after you change a cartridge 🙂

    100. funny moments 1 8 4 7

      actually right