Bored 101 - 200 Supercut

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    The second lot of 100 episodes of Bored to celebrate us hitting 200 episodes recently!
    And many more to come in the future!
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    1. sunitha rajesh

      Those white shirt Allen will be back

    2. Crafting a new World

      The one where he admits he has no friends is deep.

    3. dualwieldroxas358

      I love how Rowan is an irredeemably terrible person, but there are still SOME semblance of humanity that push through (like not leaving Alan hanging", just to be totally destroyed by him doing something godawful xD

    4. Joseph Sherman

      am i all good to get the vldl tat lol dont wanna step ;ines but i fuckin love you guys

    5. Letter Bee

      I just realized, compared to rowans failed giveaways, alan and Adam's paycuts are change.

    6. Troyal Taylor

      How to know you're from the US. You see other countries with high price items on open shelving

    7. Konasama

      You guys are AMAZING!

    8. Dmal d

      Starring contest... 😂😂

    9. joao angeles

      Can we get a video showing us that you're torturing ben? I mean torturing him for about 4 hours non stop?

    10. Mr. Black Coat

      This whole thing is 4 hours of Rowan being a prick and I love it

    11. Erinity XR

      That Tea.... Urghhhhhhh shivers :0

    12. Thomas Wagner

      Minute 2:28:56 ++ *...* I waited so long for this *...*

    13. Zane Gouws

      Rowan is the worst part of this channel he made me want to die when he took Adams lottery ticket

    14. i’m batman

      The white shirt came out for a moment 19:45

    15. The Cold Open

      Does anyone know Morse code well enough to decifer if Ben and Rowen are actually saying anything?

    16. Da Termometer

      this is so funny and kinda sad at the same time... 13k likes, thats soo ridiculously low

    17. Laimonas Matelis

      2:54:00 sometimes I donno if Rowan is a positive person or not. But this sketch just got him back to the mate level.

    18. salim rai

      Ben is really amazing actor. He is very fun to watch :)

    19. Lou Fx

      1:45 I love the fact that they drink a Corona-Beer in this sketch😂

    20. The_E_TR_OFFICAL

      3:36:30 Holly sh*t its my old computer case wtf

    21. ITheCapedCrusaderBMI Movies

      When I Was At The End Of The End Of The Vid I Play Titanic Earrape

    22. Brian R.

      Thx for the supercuts! enjoyed the first one, enjoying this one! you guys are great!

    23. mzpjnash

      2 things I can't believe: 1. That I watched all four hours of that continuously; and 2. That I am still looking for more after watching it all! Thanks for the laughs guys!

    24. Łucja Witkowska


    25. Sod White

      Rowan returns to Honeywood, is shortly thereafter harangued by Bodger, Baelin, and Dinkledork, then set upon by Charles and Bernard.

    26. DCduels

      New keyboard smell man... Just like new trading card smell fresh out of a booster pack

    27. Tony Tilley

      Rowan: Probably the only boss to literally kill you and then expect you to still come in on your next shift.

      1. Atom Smasher



      I need english subtitles....

    29. GrowWithGuitar

      Anyone watch this multiple times already?

    30. Filip Radojevic

      I love how Rowan says "yeees"

    31. ITheCapedCrusaderBMI Movies

      3:00:22 😂

    32. ITheCapedCrusaderBMI Movies

      Tbh I Feel Really Bad For Adam

    33. godzillatimmy

      Rowan licking Ben's face is the ULTIMATE power move and DEFINITELY not Covid safe.

    34. Smith Smith

      I only realized this was over 4 hours after reading the comments 😅..its outrageous how good this is.

    35. ITheCapedCrusaderBMI Movies

      42:46 My Fav Game Music The Last Of Us

    36. pebble

      In one of them you can see fortnite in the back

    37. Jason Martin

      Got to love the continuity, first time watching this series and well it took a while to watch. Sooo, I'm a longtime fan.

    38. Athan Marasigan

      Best manager of 2020: Rown

    39. Mr. sir

      Poor npc man

    40. momoh boboh

      superPAYcut... HUha


      Swear to god, they have enough awesome characters for a full length tv series

    42. HarmoniousDiscord

      Rowan does not give you permission to die, you are late to work and your getting a huuuuge paycut.

    43. Manperor_32 B

      The kiss one had me dying

    44. slimeblob


    45. Hudson Wight

      Rowan's given Alan so many paycuts, Alan is literally working for less than 1 cent an hour

    46. Sisomic

      Where's the Hamish compilation?

    47. Florian Hulin

      I just seen the fact that all of u have the a tattoo with your logo that's cool (at first I was think it's a harry potter tattoo xD)

    48. Jason Puyat

      somebody got jeally hahaha

    49. Tijn Tijn

      Just found this channel 1 month ago and have been bingewatching all their episodes since... Pure genius this, the stare contest is now a classic in our house, haha...

    50. MadAngry275

      need more rodney :D


      That manager is a real game villain

    52. Xander

      Why I didn't knew about this channel in 2020?

    53. Xander

      Rowan looks like a Nicolas Cage on kids steroids

    54. Harshu Shukla

      First video I'll cut him out Just come to get refund

    55. WildCannon

      Hahah don't rob playtech with alan in closing ours he will f*cking kill you

    56. Rich Light

      In America its hot hands and we play slap hamds on the bottom....... Like men lol

    57. Rich Light

      I dig Allen's hat ....

    58. Rich Light

      Happy new yeat but holy fu k.... Who has enough time to watch this many episodes at once....... Yeah im watching but that doesent mean i have the time. Im just procrastinating despite not having the time

      1. puffin gamer

        Dude same. Holiday homework is a bitch.

    59. Tuscani J

      I’ve had this open on my iPad the past few days and just been watching it a bit at a time, I love it even if I’ve already seen them once. There’s a few I missed at some point and I thought I had watched them all >.

    60. wyatthaplo

      Britt? doing the lord of the rings monologue was epic.

    61. Somberaine

      4:13:46 "Bigger" should be longer. This episode had the ending cut off where they explained what they were actually talking about.

    62. Talyn Edmonton

      Sooo, it's all about Rowan being a douche and getting away with it then? I think I liked the first 100 much better.

    63. ThreiasFB

      Jesus christ almost cried for the "lonely" dude Great job

    64. Zunder Neo

    65. Magister

      These are more addictive than reddit

    66. Marinenukem

      I have a new found respect for these shorts after having recently started working in retail.

    67. Ben Matthews

      Turns out all it takes to defeat a Karen is a Rowan hahaha Love your guys videos, keep it up!

    68. W. Arthur Buchanan II

      So how many people has Alan killed now? 4?

    69. MusiQsounds Productions

      Again they touch PCB's without being grounded... I CAN'T!!!!

    70. Masood Ahmed

      I really love all the pointers Rowan gives for practicing effective management. Its sad you can't hit your employees in NZ. Its absolutely fine in my country. In-fact its a very effective management technique.

    71. 09King4rthur_

      3:11:16 death stranding in a nutshell

    72. Neo Newland

      14 minutes in is relatable

    73. Neko

      Based on the kiss and kiss kiss part, all of them are gay

    74. Neo Newland

      YES the kissesss

    75. Vitalie Pislaru

      What's wrong with Rowan's face in the "RETUREN OF THE COOKIE" @ 21:43??

    76. Tennessee Angler

      And it leaves you wondering... does Hamish have is computer yet.

    77. Steven James Padre-e


    78. Manish Izuku

      Explains why that guy never got his gaming computer. Byron never delivered it😂

    79. JeySan

      0:05 After playing Among-Us for a long time, i just can say: Black sus

    80. The White House OFFICAL

      Man, you guys are so funny 😂

    81. thud93factory

      This is better than Netflix.

    82. Aratros 27

      2:27:00 : my grandpa who understands morse code wandering why i said i wanted to murder my whole familly

    83. Mr Chokun

      Rowan is piece of hell

    84. whitetigertron


    85. Tuus Vellanie

      "Don't you eva f- *cross* me".

    86. 09King4rthur_

      Holy fuck manager Rowan is literally a sociopath lmao

    87. sirmyself

      until that moment, everybody was asking Who's Ben? What's Ben doing?... nobody was asking How's Ben :'(

    88. Void Exile

      The best part of these 4 long hours is the part where Rowan fought a Karen. The whole scene was just perfect, one question though? Why would a Karen demand to see the manager without at the very least bringing up the issue for?

    89. XfactorDJ

      I think Allan is a supervisor or a lead.

    90. Ryan Steinbach

      1:01:20 Rowan rolled a natural 20 Charisma...

    91. BlaBlaBlaBla BlaBlaBla

      No joke, rowan is an excellent actor.

    92. ilya somov

      Employee acknowledges that he's a piece of shit :D

    93. Nicholas Forbes

      The bad tea one is my all-time favourite. Canned myself a second time around.

    94. Ian Pryde

      What happened to Rowans face in the cookie sketch?

    95. Jean Yves Villanueva

      I feel bad for Bryan :(

    96. JeremieBabin

      w2wooowwww one of the best episode is the how to walk. haahahaahahahhaahhaaa

    97. Fun Moments

      I know some of you won't believe it...but my former boss was exactly a Rowan.

    98. Fu Xin Song

      What is wrong with milk tea? Boba milk tea... stuff like that. Delicious

    99. XfactorDJ

      Did he say “I got staff to feed! I have families to pay!” ? Like wtf 😂😂

    100. The_BaronTV

      The Last Jedi does suck!