Never trust a side quest - Side Quest

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    You never know when the main quest will strike
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    1. Martin D

      Judging from the fog coming out of your mouth, i was a very comfortable day to wear that topless blacksmith costume 😁

    2. blazen710420 blazen710420

      I love it You're just going to get the hammer in and out in and out reference to the in and out when the stores closing episode 😂🤣

    3. prohelling

      Watching this is actually painful! Let me forget please!!!

    4. Pablo Ramirez

      I always knew when they say "FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU" it goes with an "n" at the end ;)

    5. JustTheAdam

      Just load back before the quest started lol

    6. Fuseteam

      "what big thing could possibly happen?" that's a event flag right there!

    7. Richard DeVenezia

      And to the Blacksmith we say "What about all them funning hammers hanging off your belt, Fun off mate"

    8. XEON Lite

      I like how he has his hammer on his hip the entire video

    9. Krzysztof Szyszka

      Okay... Now we know that there are exactly 21 quests in Honeywood! (3 were abandoned, and it was 86% complete; 18/21=0.8(571428) )

    10. Александр Лоцман

      Мне так нравится слова ШМАГАНРОГ.

    11. Cameron Yenne

      Anyone else think they should make this into a real game

    12. Dead Rider

      You can see there breath, so you can tell how cold it is. Poor lads with no shirts

    13. Nikhil Kacholiya

      Shirtless in this cold... Taking your passion to next level. Kudos! 👍

    14. Doppel Dyne

      Honeywood is now unrevisitable. Any sidequests and items left from this area are permanently missed. As a completionist, I can totally relate.

    15. Angel Armando Vega valle 2:E

      Borderlands be like:

    16. SealBunnyGem

      Should've quick saved

    17. Mr. Latrei

      When mom asks you to do a chore real quick

    18. Mr. Latrei

      Two words: Quick save

    19. why creepy

      ‌F*** Samsu‌ng

    20. Jarrod

      This is definitely a quicksave fail.

    21. ShelLuser

      As if an NPC is going to goat you into things.. the videos used to be believable but...

    22. Eldrick Nguyen

      Hold up... 3 quest were 14 percent of the whole game?

    23. Quentin Styger

      In the words of Alex DeLarge "The ole in out, in out."

    24. Ezeres


    25. Миха Ковали

      Да обидно

    26. Demos Jeffy

      It blows my mind that the blacksmith was in Spartacus on starz now I watch the series seeing if any of the others made a appearance

    27. ruste shackleferd

      As a grinder this is the type of thing that will cause me to either restart my game or just stop playing altogether.

    28. Doua Thao

      A part of me wonders if Honeywood is actually a real place in an actual game... These videos seem very detailed

    29. Bradley Nolkes

      In a hame I played I needed to get medicine for someone thier dad and it instantly turned into raiding the most protected castle in the region and and killing the leader of the nation

    30. shadow jezzter

      This is why i never do main quests until everything else is done. Also so i can be op as hell

      1. shadow jezzter

        @Rahul Verma true, but the point is due to doing main quests he wasn’t able to do side quests and so lost out on 100%

      2. Rahul Verma

        But some games forces u to do main quests ........ like in vice city stories u cannot take over all businesses until u reached a certain point in a game ......or in gta 5 where access to trevor is impossible until u finish first heist which takes alot of time

    31. Sam Rowe

      Lol this was awesome

    32. Arlindo Melo

      This SO relatable.

    33. BMAN 1989

      This is my favorite npc man episode idk why

    34. IVA

      only noobs leave without finishing all the side-quests LOL! Man... but we learn quickly (but painfully)

    35. Belio Trednar

      Just like shopping with a girl. she: just in and out, in and out. 3 hours later....

    36. Kronos camron

      The witcher 3 in a nut shell

    37. Nişancı

      This is sooooooo accurate that I feel the pain.

    38. Amaterasu

      Please make this into an actual game. I will play it

    39. Khed

      They really need to hire these guys to do writing in an rpg this would be fantastic if quest givers talked like this and you could respond with sass xD

    40. yourstruly200

      Some big thing... seriously why you do side quests when you have a limited time to play lol

    41. IRON V8

      Ben: 'In-Buy-Out In-Buy-Out In-Buy-Out' Bodger: 'Out-In Out-In Out-In'

    42. Pi Mo

      thank you for helping me find my grandfather's hammer -1 min later- forget da useless hammah, follow me at once

    43. Ryuzaki

      Dragons Dogma in a Nutshell

    44. philz2002

      How it feels passing every branching tunnel ever! Down there may be a secret, or it may continue the story. And the game seemingly wants me to go this way so...yeah. Let's go find the secret. "Traveller, it is time to continue your mission to destroy the amulet of pvzit!" Fffffuuuuuuu!!!!!!!

    45. AAron.

      To be fair: how would the npc know they would get attacked!?

    46. Sean Murphy

      I want an Epic NPC Man MMO

    47. Luke Mckenzie

      If we’re being honest, he was never going to finish that Eugene quest...

    48. September2091

      Play Tech: In buy out. In buy out. Epic NPC Man: Out and in. Out and in.

    49. chris whittington

      This is giving me "One small favor" flashbacks from runescape.

    50. Billion Dollar Sight

      the merchant guy is so cute. lol

    51. Comicsluvr

      LOLOLOLOLOL! You guys never fail to amuse!

    52. Keefe Stone

      I would have killed Roan, as soon as the cut-scene ends. "I kill you to fail!". That's why you save! & in mmos, never trust an NPC

    53. TheKayser

      Out! Quest! In!

    54. Victor K.

      "Black bars go away! " 😆

    55. Karim Isma


    56. Kelmen Wong

      Kill the NPC. Go back retake his quest, and kill him again. Rinse and repeat.

    57. Jackson Finnigan

      Too bad you didn't quick save

    58. AnMComm

      Last time when they asked me to retrieve an item from a well, I first had to loot a drowned corpse of my own colleague, do a search in the private quarters of my quest giver and then go and murder him in cold blood in some cave. Never trust simple requests.

    59. Faotblack


    60. First name Last name

      Bodger has like 4 hammers on his belt

    61. MizukiStone44

      Of course once he heard one of the quests was for Greg he'd go out of his way to make sure it didn't happen.

    62. Richard

      This is why you save, and save often. (Both saves and quicksaves have been mentioned and used in the past).

    63. Clark Ace Darray

      Omg it's like skyrim

    64. Jerry Wang

      This brought back fond memories of Chrono Trigger. 😄

    65. Yuuup

      I thought there would just be a huge dragon come and land as soon as he stepped out of the gate.

    66. Blake Young

      Experienced players know

    67. 초코라면


    68. Red T

      If an NPC tricks you into leaving the area just reload from your last save to complete the other quests

    69. MrCliché925

      You can tell Boger is lying about the quest because you can see his hammer and 2 others strapped onto his sides

    70. Trawn91

      Thats what saves are for :D

    71. hylogibbon

      This skit legit had me cackling and jumping up and down on my couch like Tom Cruise on Oprah.

    72. Chupakabra 11

      And then Ben finds out Shmagenrock is a paid DLC 😆

    73. Psi Q

      In the end the hammer says: "Thou art not worthy to carry me" (player character did not finish enough quests in Honeywood)

    74. Jack Bailey

      When rowan says"out and In " it reminded me of Ben saying" in, but, out, "in buy out, in buy out"

    75. Youda008

      "Black bars go away!" :D

    76. Soonami Sapphire

      1:57 these weary old bones so Badgers saying that he's weak and old woundnt Greg like to hear that

    77. Eric Moore

      Aren't Greg's sheep story, though?

    78. ELAD

      he coludn'nt loud a save?

    79. Антон Коровкин

      За Шмаганрог 💪💪💪💪

    80. rode wulf

      Plot twits. Autosave is enabled.

    81. Lucas Blaney

      LOOOOOOL I wish I could like this a million times!

    82. Adam Terasek

      In skyrim they chase u to the ends of the earth lol

    83. John Doe

      So there are 21 or 22 quests in total for honeywood.

    84. markjvp

      When side quest is some part of a story 🤣

    85. Outskirts of Infinity

      Can a Scott give a rating on Bodger’s accent.

    86. Michael Whitcomb

      We're is the lie 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    87. Xillians

      Imagine if Ben had taken a page from Adam's book and used this handy feature called "quicksave" before leaving Honeywood! Or maybe he quick saved right after leaving and botched up his save too.

    88. 十三Francis

      Feels like Ben here is getting a karma from the "In, Buy, Out" he did from Alan 😂😂

    89. The Duck Gamers

      Me getting into a drinking contest in skyrim

    90. Dokkasan

      At the end, Ben says, "Faaaaaaaa-nn!" And smiles, as if to say that he's cleverly not used profanity. But in swedish, "fan" means f*ck. So, jokes on you Ben! 😋

      1. Richard

        It was actually "fun", so he would get the "fu**" face shape. That's also why Rowan jumps into the frame and says "Lots of fun!"

    91. kingkevinthethird

      I love it when the Scottish accent drops for two seconds!

    92. PROphoenix

      Это офигенно!

    93. random comment

      You nailed that accent

    94. GasmanOAV

      Never leave Honeywood. Ever.

    95. Kelly Sue Grimm

      Should-a quick saved.....

    96. KatsPurr

      Hahah soooooooo relatable! :-D

    97. BMAN 1989

      1:01 Rowan teaching sex Ed

    98. Warrior Culture

      It's strange how much this channel has brought starting areas to life for me, regardless of the game I play. I'm just reading all the beginner quests and thinking about all the memories and backstory potential, even if I'm doing most of the imagining myself, where some of the games fail to.

    99. -SMP- scientific method perspective

      He did the wiggle. Don't shoot him

    100. CrazyFlix TV

      Name of Towns is quite awesome