Never trust a side quest - Side Quest

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    You never know when the main quest will strike
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    1. Lucas Blaney

      LOOOOOOL I wish I could like this a million times!

    2. Adam Terasek

      In skyrim they chase u to the ends of the earth lol

    3. John Doe

      So there are 21 or 22 quests in total for honeywood.

    4. markjvp

      When side quest is some part of a story 🤣

    5. Outskirts of Infinity

      Can a Scott give a rating on Bodger’s accent.

    6. Michael Whitcomb

      We're is the lie 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    7. Xillians

      Imagine if Ben had taken a page from Adam's book and used this handy feature called "quicksave" before leaving Honeywood! Or maybe he quick saved right after leaving and botched up his save too.

    8. 十三Francis

      Feels like Ben here is getting a karma from the "In, Buy, Out" he did from Alan 😂😂

    9. The Duck Gamers

      Me getting into a drinking contest in skyrim

    10. Dokkasan

      At the end, Ben says, "Faaaaaaaa-nn!" And smiles, as if to say that he's cleverly not used profanity. But in swedish, "fan" means f*ck. So, jokes on you Ben! 😋

    11. kingkevinthethird

      I love it when the Scottish accent drops for two seconds!

    12. PROphoenix

      Это офигенно!

    13. Evan Johnson

      You nailed that accent

    14. GasmanOAV

      Never leave Honeywood. Ever.

    15. Kelly Sue Grimm

      Should-a quick saved.....

    16. KatsPurr

      Hahah soooooooo relatable! :-D

    17. LEGO MOC Builder

      Ben in bored- in, buy, out, in buy, out Bodger- out, fetch, in, out, fetch, in, I like how both characters reference that they can SEE the item that they want, or want someone else to fetch

    18. BMAN 1989

      1:01 Rowan teaching sex Ed

    19. Warrior Culture

      It's strange how much this channel has brought starting areas to life for me, regardless of the game I play. I'm just reading all the beginner quests and thinking about all the memories and backstory potential, even if I'm doing most of the imagining myself, where some of the games fail to.

    20. -SMP- scientific method perspective

      He did the wiggle. Don't shoot him

    21. CrazyFlix TV

      Name of Towns is quite awesome

    22. Let’s pray and fast together

      Why you save before every quest

    23. The Dark Side

      This is hilarious 😂

    24. StarSlayer

      We agree with Rowan but understand Ben

    25. Unsanitary Child • 38 years ago

      Every other RPG: multiple important zones with rare loot that you might’ve missed that you can never return to Skyrim: haha funny fast travel go BRR

    26. Jarskagamer 5428

      2:03 Shmagerrok

    27. Gurkanwal Puri

      From in & out to out & in 😂 Still remember that episode

    28. Adam Davenport

      Now, what have we learned? ALWAYS help the crying NPC first!

    29. RCDv57

      Have they done a speedrunner video yet?

    30. Юрий Спиридонов

      "dragons of shmargonrock"))))

    31. Djcustoms 1

      Feel bad for rowan must be freezing. You can see their breath

    32. shedreaun davis

      Um there's frost coming off of their breath. Props cuz yall acting makes it look warm.

    33. TheEvilBere

      "No! Black bars go away!"

    34. Ikmalreza 1998

      Damn sidequests.

    35. Issac Jiji

      out and in.......poor ben

    36. WesNohathas

      It hurts even more that the scene was unskippable.

    37. David Sheppard

      Ayyyyyyy someone finally spelled Sheppard right!

    38. Drone Wars

      Common beginners mistake always save before going forward

    39. Nicholas V

      The best part is that we know NPC's offer their quest to every adventurer that comes by. So Bodger knew full well that it wouldn't be 30 seconds but he passive-aggressively argued Ben into starting the quest anyway.

    40. Jeff Saffron

      Should have quick safe

    41. Alex Crossman

      Be careful of the Orc Army!

    42. Jacques Gauthier

      Quick Load.

    43. BlackleoJB

      This is Outrageous!

    44. mcdls5

      If I EVER come to which ever country or place you guys are from I'm buying the whole night.

    45. Faisa L.

      I hate this when it happens

    46. Joel Ellis

      Hope you quicksaved before leaving Honeywood.

    47. Makarov Fox

      quick load!! quick load!!!!!!!

    48. Michael McLaughlin

      First thing that poped in my head was the old Guild Wars starter zone. ;)

    49. Bryan Park

      30 seconds.. then your sorry no name ass can grab your own damned hammer. I'm the bloody hero dragonblood and all that. Not a fetcher. Find your own sheep and hammer and take your stupid herbs across town your Damn self. Haha.. got me goin there.

    50. Prinix Prix

      Npc: adventurer i need you to go pick up this flower i droped infront of me Me: no pick it up yourself

    51. ujjwal sharan

      I remember this happened in ac origins with the quest named "incoming threat" I thought that I just had to clear out a Fort and that's it... BUT it made travel across the map...

    52. Pawan ShreStha

      What is the name of this game?

    53. Andrew McInnes

      watch out it doesnt turn into some bug thung LOL. in all seriousness though, I do love the NZ accent.

    54. Kukri187

      Hated side quest in skyrim, "A bandit robbed us! Please can you get our stuff back?" I take the quest and look and the fuckers are across the fucking map at this point.

    55. Ian Harac

      Of course, in MMOs, there's the opposite: "Adventurer! The great Dragon of Eternity has been loosed from the Chains Of Infinity! You must find fellow heroes and defeat him in his lair beneath Mt. Gloomrock now, while he is still weak! He is just about to emerge and destroy the world!" "Yeah, OK, look, I really don't feel like another PUG right now, I want to level up my crafting, then I have to sell this crap on the Auction House, and as long as I'm back there, I need to do my daily rep-building quests in the city, so, I'll get around to the dragon or whatever eventually, 'kay? This isn't some holiday event quest, if I log off and come back a year later, the damn dragon will still be 'just about' to emerge."

      1. Klimbo93

        Or you can show 4 patches later and see the dragon opening tickets to GMs for graveyard camping

    56. XxSaruman82xX

      Replace the hammer with a golden claw and what does that get you?

    57. Ian Vickers

      No! No no No NO FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUuuuunnnnn!

    58. Louis Hanson

      Would have been funny if when Rowan was saying out and in , he then Mis pronounces honeywood as though he was lying and knew it would be more

    59. BodyGuardOfLies1

      I have never been in such good shape than since I started watching your videos and especially since seeing all the episodes in which Rowan is shirtless. It is important to learn by the mistakes of others I now do an hours sit up's every day.

    60. 57thorns

      Well, "fun" sound lika "fan" in Swedish which is one of the many name of the Dark Lord in Christian Mythology. :-)

    61. Keyser Soze

      I have a feeling no matter what you only take quests from the Blacksmith when you have ABSOLUTLY taken everything else first... We have seen it before ha ha ha

    62. Remiel t.

      Do you guys know is this vids examples from a game? If that is the case I would love to play it.

    63. Csatádi Z

      How do you speak bullshit with that straight faces?

    64. complicated person

      Thats a one of the thing I ABSOLUTELY HATE about witcher 3

    65. Zelphyn

      You videos are so relatable lol.

    66. Logan Shaw

      He really F'ed himself over for short gains.

    67. Pylonial Waffles

      hehehehe, there's a viva la dirt league tatoo on the guy's arm.

    68. Richterman

      Had that happen several time sin witcher 3

    69. friendly911

      OMG!!! I can sooooo relate!

    70. Paul M

      Can anyone recommend a good online game similar to what this channel is imitating.

    71. Aidryan Robert

      Rick and Morty S3E6

    72. Amelia Inman

      What game is this??

    73. Momax Cloud

      oh not him again ... ( Some Crying NPC )

    74. Avikshit Basak

      Thus the crying npc kept crying...

    75. JUST FuN

      Which game is that?

    76. Marcello

      bem assim mesmo

    77. Lostpause Jr

      He forgot to say quick save

    78. Jesse Reid

      Anyone else notice he's got 5 hammers on his belt already?

    79. Cephalon Stitch

      Skyrim the exact first quest of the College: Me: Oh, boy magic The first Quest: Most powerful unknown item in the universe!

    80. Skellitor301

      3 quests are 14% of honeywood? So there's roughly 21/22 quests in there if my math is correct. Neat :D

    81. eugenio torrini

      This reminds me of FF XV

    82. wisam111

      Reload an old save

    83. MackrelPill

      Where did they film this episode at? You can see cold smoke when they were talking. It must be cold 😖

      1. Kukri187

        They are from New Zealand I believe.

    84. WJ ZAV

      Wow, I could really feel his anger here.

    85. KrK007

      :D :D :D :D This is exactly what it's like

    86. Dr. Murlocstien

      Ben Wiggled.... Rowan is an enemy! He didn't wiggle!

    87. Bobbie Duncan

      "The well is just there...what could happen?" Hahahahaha

    88. John Wick

      This is literally how Tomb Raider played out, all 3 games of it!

    89. Shadi Abdelhadi

      Is Rowan Scottish ?

    90. Shinkai Atusya

      That is why you save and quick save before doing a quest and quickload if this happens.

    91. DeskieFam

      Should of quick saved.

    92. Nebojsa Lukic

      Out and in, 20 seconds adventure!

    93. Raptor Swire

      classic - bad game design

    94. medexamtoolsdotcom


    95. Deyn

      Ben did this to Alan when Alan is closing the shop soooo...

    96. Ripped Engineer

      kinda reminded me when ben was on playtech closing time. in buy out . in buy out.

    97. KSib

      The pain...

    98. rexyluigi

      Should of quick saved

    99. Roger Skagerström

      Haha that looks cold! :D

    100. Michael Amann

      So true! xD