When bumping your head changes your personality - Head Bump

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    Rowan has had a little accident and now it is nice Rowan walking around Playtech. It could be to do with his head bump.
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    1. Transgenderific

      Its true, head trauma can change a person. I used to be a rich beautiful woman. Now I am some hairy dude.

    2. cvele cvelevic

      Just hit him again

    3. Golden

      Expected him to Bump again

    4. portasanych

      Is it just me or Rowan wasn't such an ass in the first episodes?

    5. mayakayahawah park

      2:09 WHAT THE **** IS THAT

    6. Filip Radojevic

      I would like to meet the guys 😃

    7. OMG

      I hate rowen irl now

    8. Joseph De Leon

      Queue Shrek "Like thats ever gonna happen"

    9. Danny Owens

      Rowan (the real one...? I am so confused at this point... nice day for fishin' aight it) is a spot on actor.

    10. Rudolf Brits

      I still want to punch rowan so bad the caracter not the person

    11. Ivar Hoff

      Actually l.o.l here!

    12. RINZ LER

      I enjoy this episode so very much.

    13. Pizza Time

      i was kinda hoping they'd keep nice rowan for a couple of episodes before him changing back

    14. why creepy

      F*** Samsung

    15. Son of Sanguinius

      You guys should have just hit him on the head again

    16. Red T

      They should have hit rolling on the head again to turn him into a nice guy again

    17. CrawlingChaos

      run up and knock him on the head real quick

    18. mobile madness 247

      They should make a shirt that sais omg I want to punch you but I cant

    19. Leon Dojcinovski

      Rowan's brilliant acting actually scares me

    20. Mott Media

      Plot twist this is the real Rowan and he suffered some mental and or physical trauma long ago that transformed him into an asshole.

    21. Jordan Verbeek

      1:38 Anyone else notice that they started a slow, ominous zoom toward Rowan after he bumped his head? He's baaaaaaaaaack.

    22. Chris P

      I really like nice Rowan. This or the ones from the earliest episodes. Can we have nice Rowan back please?

    23. Benja Pincheira

      maybe he found their spoons on the floor

    24. Hakim 69

      We all had a boss you wanted to punch really hard.


      Is #rowan really the brother of #nicholas_cage ?

    26. That One Gai

      Hit him again guys 😂

    27. Dash Dash

      Finally, a normal Manager

    28. Phaota

      What is a weird looking PC Alan is working on.

    29. cheekybabe666

      'nice' Rowan, and Alan still didn't get his kiss kiss.

    30. Sequince

      Thumbs up because Rowens actor got to actually say the things he's always wanted to tell them but couldn't until now.

    31. Pouw Pouw!

      This is my favorite Rowan

    32. Антон Коровкин

      Парни, спасибо за русские субтитры! Guys, thanks for the Rus sub! 🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺 U are so cool👍😎 I'm your f***ing subscriberг

    33. Levy Carneiro

      Veritasium guy + Nicholas Cage = Rowan.

    34. John Ree

      You won't like me when I am angry 😠

    35. Asianplague


    36. Rafick Moon


    37. hagop derderian


    38. Valentin

      I just love these guys. Best chanel ever.

    39. Musical Boy

      Yea... Keep it like that hope Rowan doesn't bump his head again or he will be a douche again

    40. Adam Terasek

      Let me guess before i see it: he bumps his head again and reverts lol

    41. bharat unreal

      😂😂😂😂so funny.

    42. Swapnil Soni

      Well, at least there were no "Massive Paycuts!"

    43. Alex Mort

      Alan: "Pass me that hammer a minute i want to test a theory."

    44. J Neff

      Quick! Someone whack Rowan in the head!!

    45. Burzin Madon

      I love his control over the redness of his face

    46. Petr Záruba

      You dont have to punch them - they have paragraph in their contract that you can whiplash them with your belt!

    47. Chad Mangum

      they should do a head bump same title but roan hit his head and is just pissed and in shitty mood all day

    48. Toasted Life RP

      *Rowan Has Activated Retard Strengthening*

    49. Chris Klugh

      Well... you know what to do... hit him where it counts!

    50. jcwarlock

      Part 2, you guys will be trying to reverse the bump lol

    51. Piotr

      it was kinda refreshing to see rowan being nice xD

    52. TheYuren

      Honestly he is even scarier when he is nice

    53. Dan

      Yo whats this groovy outro song?

    54. Luna Margaret

      shorturl.ca/allsex උඩු රැවුල ඔහු තම කෙස් කපා නමුත් සමග4

    55. Farhan Ferdoush

      Reminds me of that tom and jerry episode where jerry hits tom in the head and tom's behaviour changes 😁

    56. AnimeStooge

      Rowan is basically the New Zealand version of Gordan Ramsay

    57. Char The Zombiehound

      QUICK GRAB A 2X4 AND HIT HIM AGAIN!!!!!! I'LL REPEAT IT IN KIWI!: *clears throat* grahb hey 2x4 hand hit him agein!!!

    58. JRSoft

      This skit is pretty funny by itself, but its sooo much better when you watch the whole series

    59. Jordy

      HIT HIS HEAD AGAIN! and then give him an helmet to wear it forever. your welcome.

    60. Code Softly

      Or, the nice Rowan was the real Rowan who became an asshole by bumping his head and somehow had recovered back his nicer personality but then he bumped again as a badluck and became an asshole 😂

    61. garronn

      So "Nice Rowan" is extremely disturbing....

    62. Alexander Edwards

      The should have hit him over the head a second time...

    63. Dustin Smith

      Yeah mate painful difference.

    64. Tuscani J

      I’m already at home, but they make going home early look so nice I wish I were somewhere I could go home early from. I think it’s adam’s sweater.

    65. GameRobo

      they should hit him again...Lol

    66. SkyVolt 256

      Is it bad I actually liked Nice Rowan better? Lol

    67. Alexander Trofimov

      You need "morning punching hammer"

    68. Shlonzs

      Those evil glass doors 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    69. n3r0wolfe

      actually.. shitty friends, noticing a severe change in personality, and not calling a doctor.. concussions kill (yes i know this is a skit.. my point is still valid)

    70. Zenn3k

      Wait, his name is Ron now? I thought he used Rowan for this character.

    71. BLACK FOX

      Жаль русский перевод не всегда есть , хотя бы титры если есть - очень смешно ! Вы молодцы !

    72. kiddojad

      Tbh the thumbnail looks like a shine on his head

    73. R3M

      is that rowan himself? Or Just another "rowan"

    74. Finn Vids

      That is the true rage monster

    75. TANO

      Goku be like:

    76. BLOOD BAG

      Bored is so underrated

    77. Cher Davis

      PAAAAAHHHH ya'll need to hit him back on the noggin again! 😁💜😆

    78. iraklis


    79. saurabh kukreti

      Everyone loves Rowan so much that we all want Rowan to be a redeemable character, not sure how that can be done as part of the story line. Recently Rowan's haracter arc has become overly abusive,earlier he was more like Loki of MCU, irritating but fun, but in the sketches for last 6 months he has turned a corner towards the dark side. I know that clear black and white helps in better story telling and the pay off is great when it happens but do course correct if possible.

    80. Gab R

      so, hit him again.

    81. Forza Master68

      after the second bump he started to be like me

    82. John Linville

      Berserk, rage tongue flapping Bodger the blacksmith awakens from within grabs frying pan. Confuses Alan for Greg the garlic farmer. Beats him with pan.

    83. The Jolly Johnson

      As soon as he'd hit his head I would of yelled "RUN!"

    84. elrey

      I expected Alan to grab Rowan's head and fucking smash it agaisnt the wall so he'd go back to the friendly version.

    85. Boom 31

      Now I know how he became a manager; he probably had a bump on his head at the time of the interview.

    86. Glass Dragon

      I like new Rowan more.

    87. Tristan E

      What a reveal lol

    88. A J

      Me literally

    89. Momax Cloud

      hey i want say that your are doing good job.... one other thing . .. since you have seen this comment and the video i figured probably you should click on like and Subscribed ..... on other thing ... there is more nice and funny videos from VLDL, you should check it out.... have nice time .... TOONG hey what are you doing .... did you read all the comments ...did you click on like ... or did you click on subscribed yet !!!! OHHH man i cant believe there is some people didn't hit like and subscribed yet .

    90. Daan de jong

      Ron.. real quick.. I just found out by coincidence that you actually played a part in Spartacus (series on Netlix) Season 3 Episode 8 in the first 3 minutes!!! :D thats so awesome man hahaha ^^

    91. Marek

      Give Rowan padded helmet next time he is nice.

    92. Adam

      Alan is a stud farm

    93. Sarah Juttner

      So now Hamish just has to bring a bat the next time he asks about his computer

    94. JustAMan Bros

      The reason why rowan is more deranged is because his new black shirt has two "white" stripes

    95. Ki Ki

      Reminds me of the iron giant 🌹

    96. Stephen Older

      I think this will end in a pay cut

    97. Smithers

      These videos make me want to work here, lol.

    98. Allaine Real

      The longer the bored series, the more Rowan's losing it.

    99. some guy

      So are these the same characters that play Pubg together or what.

    100. Alyssa W