Some NPCs just ruin it for everyone - Bad Voice Acting

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    Sometimes game developers don't have time to work on specific NPC's... what you're left with is, well, this...
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    1. Muhammad Ali

      0:21 ahh the best intro of an old friend

    2. PalmQuigley

      It's not the npc's fault, it's the voice actors. And maybe the developers for chosing such a shitty actor.

    3. Pedro A.

      Man, right at the beggining it looks like the NPC stops Ben's walk by hitting his forehead with the Hammer kkkm

    4. Vlas Karountzos


    5. Adam Johnson

      LOL!!! The Wilhelm scream was GOLD.

    6. Mahendren Vathanan

      Epic NPC Man reached to lvl 10 Solider. Very soon he would have the power of Daedric

    7. Ashton Saari

      All I could think of was Farengar secret fire from skyrim the whole time (also a stupid name)

    8. Asch Aura

      the way he mouthed the scream was so brilliant 😂😂😂

    9. Edmund Loh

      "Well done Bodger, but... I don't give a shit. He was terrible." lol

    10. swag levi

      Don't worry guys, they patched this quest. changing isaac's voice to a semi better but still kinda game ruinin'g voice.

    11. Carson Dinwoodie

      One of the best opportunities of comedy was dropped on this one. Bodger could have died and player could have been more disappointed in that all he had left was a terrible character that the audience knows he would hate. Which would elude to countless games that killed off great characters that should have been others.

    12. Luan Mello


    13. Joshua Cronin

      For real i would say it that same way. "Oh no. Outch"

    14. ashwin tripathi

      I think in this department the Assassin's creed odessy did well cause for more than half of the entire game there were different characteristics of NPC's

    15. GeoFry3

      Fucking amazing

    16. HamsterBellBelle

      also those over dramatic ones or the previous sentence's emotion doesnt match the next one :D

    17. Caito.Potato

      oblivion every fucking npc.


      This is perfect Except when he said "I'm the wild one"

    19. Ghost_Hat_Beats

      Its awkward when they use it in such a monotone voice

    20. Gd god

      Ouch. ISSAc NOOO. Bodger

    21. ChronoXShadow

      Should have had him 'scream', "Oh, the pain!"

    22. Corey Bell


    23. Vikotnick

      That hand movement though... that is great acting

    24. Daniel Awesome

      When everyone has the same voice, and not just the men, but the women and children, too.

      1. AFKennedy

        @Hayden Berry Yes

      2. Hayden Berry

        Is this a star wars reference also

      3. AFKennedy

        @ahmataevo I think you didnt get the joke, @Daniel Awesome, Nice one, giving it 66/66 points

      4. ahmataevo

        When little girls sound like John Rhys-Davies

    25. ARKV î

      2:21 is that scream in almost all movies, series, ads and games? I can't count how many times I heard it

    26. TheAmazing WMan

      Oblivion:I cant read or see

    27. cthrekgoru

      That touch was literally harassment XD

    28. Mitlandir

      The adventurer is so darn handsome!

    29. Go Wild Geese

      One of the funniest. This had me in pieces...

    30. Gamingboy 2.0

      1:50 even though he didn’t show enthusiasm it still made me cry

    31. Revenant ZCat

      Drama to Comedy

    32. M.A Donelo

      Fak that scream🤣

    33. The Dark Knight

      The witcher 1

    34. Genisay

      I think it would be hilarious to having an NPC like this deliberately. Sort of a Ben Stein type fellow. XD

    35. Esoterick

      The head of the militia is still better than most of the voice actors in the first dishonoured game.

    36. Worshiper of the legendary pig god

      Bodger is such a badass

    37. GANTZ100pts

      Little does the player realize. That's just how his character speaks. In a monotone flat voice. So its actually brilliant voice acting.

    38. Bored Kid89


    39. FIJ737

      @ Farengar

    40. Squizzo

      Still better than the male Shepard's voice in Mass Effect. :v

    41. Esha Pillaridha

      my face is tired...

    42. Lại Ngọc Diệu

      Do a version real acting of this.

    43. llVIU

      and yet, the voice acting is still not as bad as it is in some games

    44. HTR

      Replaying Skyrim, definitely get these vibes from Farengar. Man couldn't be asked lol

    45. No One

      alexithymia a person who does not show his/her emotions or feelings

    46. Tex Dillinger

      one NPC i've always hated so much is Guillaume from witcher DLC blood and wine.. like everyone else is trying/doing a french accent and here comes Guillaume and his super thicc norwegian/swedish accent. It's like you go from mythical witcher world straight to a NHL interview with some swedish player talking like "ja ja, veri gööd köttbullar."

    47. Randall Silver

      That Wilhelm scream! 🤣🤣🤣

    48. Cedivian Nareeda

      top 10 anime deaths

    49. Robert Smith

      That's called going "Full William Shatner".

    50. Dos Wheels Яouges

      The Wilhelm scream to put emphasis on how this npc is generic : brilliant.

    51. matty101yttam

      I like to think he has actually partied harder and seen more crap than any man should and is now just bored and disillusioned with life.

    52. Али Ларрет

      2:26 Прости меня брат)

    53. BenjaminGessel

      Of course, you could always overdo things in a slightly unintended direction... 😂🤣😂🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂

    54. Wayne Purcell

      The first meeting of Farengar in Dragonsreach. Christ almighty it sucks for the first couple of lines.

    55. Siddharta Delarue

      It's kinda a performance to be that emotionsless 😂

    56. Beerbottles123

      "That wizard came from the moon.." - Peter Dinklage

    57. NathanRomml

      tbh this isnt even that bad, he sounds super dispassionate and mater of fact maybe he has ptsd or something the worst acting is when they try to sound emotional and overdo it

    58. MrGameadd1ct

      Farengar is that you?

    59. Ephraim Besitan

      That one dude who can't act in a group presentation be like...

    60. Louis

      Atlair's voice in the first Assassin's Creed game

    61. Leviathandk

      Thats enough cheddar.

    62. James Faug

      Xenoblade Chronicles 2

    63. Andrew Way

      Sometimes your heart just isn't in it... *cough* Dinklebot *cough*

    64. DarkCurow

      This is pretty unenthused, but I've seen worse. Divinity Original Sin 2 during Act 1 when that elf gets turned into a silent monk by the bishop and she's like, "No, animal, beast, slug,"

    65. jenell73

      Was it resident evil 2 or 3?

    66. Nukefall

      What a acting i cryed in the end

    67. oo

      Bodger the blaaacksmiitthhh, He's the beeeessttt

    68. Hakurei123

      they missed the opportunity to do the 'Let me do that one again'

    69. JayImmortalTV

      1:53 "You seem really heartbroken about it." *dude gets shot in the heart*

    70. Diablo5564

      The Wilhelm scream had more feeling than the rest of his dialogue combined.

    71. Bimo Satriyo

      "Ouch" Resident Evil 1 lool

    72. М'Айк Лжец

      Кто русские субтитры делал - вообще красава! Вопль утраты😹🤣

    73. Jerahya

      When you just want to watch the video and it keeps playing an ad that you can't skip, plays over if you refresh the page and basically its like the video but not. I support this channel by not installing adsblocker and letting 5 seconds ads finish but hell with youtube forcing ads like this shit.

    74. Cameron Wiley

      Freaking Wilhelm scream. I effing loved that.

    75. cthrekgoru

      That npc died at same location countless times. I guess at one point he stopped giving two fucks to any situation, hence “ouch”...

    76. why creepy

      F*** Samsu‌ng

    77. Hazel

      Mass effect Andromeda

    78. roadhouse699

      Skyrim mods be like

    79. Anonymous Libertarian


    80. Bamb Lille

      Ha Ha. it was exciting

    81. Anomen1010

      Epic!!!! 😍😍

    82. Ahmet Yılmaz

      Plot twist: Isaac was a witcher, that's why he was too emotionless.

    83. m.

      The awkward tap on the shoulder and scream make me cringe, good job on that part XD

    84. Horst Fritz


    85. антон мазуренко

      you guys made me laugh at 06:43 am that's quite an accomplishment

    86. Z31Turbo

      When you pick male Shepherd.

    87. archam777

      That scream at the end!!!!!

    88. ArchAngel121996

      Damn it adam stop playing games and get back to work

    89. Mallio

      "Oh god ya" 😶

    90. Alex Rankin

      It's not so bad as most our movies and serials.

    91. Jefferson Lima

      "Yeah man you seem very heartbroken about it" *gets hit* "Oh, no..."

    92. Ryuzaki

      what am i fighting for?!!!!

    93. Anne Arimori

      Skyrim vibes hahahahahahahahaha

    94. Chase Syma

      Lol 1:57

    95. Robert Johnson

      Long live The Wilhelm scream!

    96. Adam Case

      to be fair I have met some people who really do speak like this, they seem incapable of putting any emotion or the like into their voice.

    97. eliaswolf77

      His "bad voice acting" Is just an American accent lol

    98. Lori

      i didn't expect that LOL 2:20

    99. The Potato

      Even the shoulder tap is reluctant. Did they used a marketplace animation assets for just that particular guy?

    100. LuisXGP

      Still better than Twilight