Helpful or harmful? Messages in Souls games - Messages

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    Always be suspicious of messages in Souls games
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    1. Kai

      He should have thrown Prism Stones to check out the hole.

    2. Lydia Steine Bendiksen

      I've only played SotFS (How I came to love ds is a mystery) but I wonder. Is there any point in any of the games where jumping actually yealds treasure? I mean apart from obvious places where it's clearly visible?

    3. Sauron's Right hand man

      This is like me...except I'm the one giving the messages...aaaand its a live stream...aaand I can convince people to kill the old lady. Also this is what the pebbles are for.

    4. Steallet

      "Message ahead"... "Message ahead"... "Message ahead"...

    5. Stefan Jopek


    6. UpsidePlayz

      1:38 Subtitles: and i fell to my d

    7. Cameron O'Quinn

      "Illusory Wall, Try Attacking." 👇🏻

    8. Nate Ferland

      I need that little tune, where can I find it? o.o

    9. Pøwêrsürgê _

      The ending lol. Love you, Ben! I love this series.

    10. José Silva

      I swear I stopped for a few seconds before majula on my 1st playthrough because there was a "Tough enemy ahead" message and lots of bloodstains.

    11. Jose_ManuelS18

      1:45 Plot twist: there ACTUALLY an treasure below, but you need a way to get down

    12. Lich


    13. Mr. Springio

      *Player first meets Ancient Dragon* Note: I know what you're thinking, don't try it.😢

    14. Hatwan

      Wait so he is saying that the messages in dark souls could be a troll

    15. Jesse -

      "Oh, wondrous Yharnam!"

    16. Juan Seberino

      Loved it sir make more please

    17. K S

      Shoulda dropped a prism stone.

    18. browland1

      Try finger. But Hole.

    19. Caleb Pearl

      Here's a Souls joke I made up: Where were these videos made? They were Maiden Astraea.

    20. Vash The Stampede

      You didn’t pick up your souls!!! You fool!

    21. Dark Knightmare

      I love leaving notes like these for newbies

    22. Jarl Trygg

      At least he didn't find the weird messages.

    23. Radu

      These are amazing. I've had a pretty crappy day today and this definitely turned it around. Thanks for the awesome vid!

    24. nethrelm

      The ultimate boss of Souls has always been gravity.

    25. CarlVercetti

      I'm playing ds2 again on ps4 and I'm just enjoying the message. "hooray for message! Message? Message ahead! Hooray for hooray! Message!"

    26. Rangkara


    27. Kallelinski

      so no "amazing chest ahead" with Gwynevere? ._.

    28. Get Shwifty

      Can't lie, the worst notes are the ones that tell you to jump, cause there really is treasure. But it can't tell you how/which way you need to jump, so it seems false.

    29. Julian Mora

      Love these new ones, just picked up bloodborne born and I feel these.

    30. r3l1csvk

      1:05 Alan just turned into Wheatley from Portal 2,replicating the chapter The part where he kills you,because if you escape the initial death trap and come back staring at the pit he will be teasing you to jump down there...because there is the cake,your boyfriend,parents and whatnot.

    31. Misha

      Dying to one of these notes is a rite of passage. The Souls universe is shaped by bastards for bastards.

    32. Chris Peterson

      So apparently this is a thing. Binge watch engage

    33. Sergio Gabriel Stricker

      Well, at least he didn't guide him into a mimic


      Loved it❤️

    35. Павел Анатольевич

      why not "try tongue but hole"?)))

    36. akash yadav

      love those" you are in the know right?" messages in bloodborne

    37. BIG MAMA

      I once wrote a message that just said "time for finger"

    38. GinjaAnt Senpai Supreme

      These are great!

    39. EenBijVoegelijkNaamWoord

      This message has alot of likes. So it must be true !

    40. Guts


    41. THE BOX GHOST!!!

      Half expecting a mimic also he didnt pick up his souls before jumping off again!

    42. Joseph Davis

      That's the same message I got in freaking dark souls two and then the message a little bit down was where you were supposed to jump someone loves the troll in that game a lot you guys interact that really good love it

    43. All for All


    44. JoJonah Anderson

      "try finger, but hole"

    45. Vincent Productions

      Amazing chest ahead.... Filthy casuals: oh, nice, treasure.... experienced players: unzips his ......

    46. Raigalq2

      try finger but hole

    47. keylor ANoxses51

      Patches I found ur twin.

    48. Joe Dollar Biden

      Liar ahead

    49. LowlyGrinder

      You didn't pick up your souls before jumping the second time!

    50. Beerbottles123

      I was hoping for an 'Amazing Chest Ahead'

    51. S V

      "Great chest ahead" if you know, you know

    52. Banjer Picker

      Nice work. Keep em coming

    53. Ernesto Solano

      I need more

    54. Short Giraffe Titan JC

      Illusory wall ahead

    55. His Dudeness

      Nice Llewellyn set. Really cool

    56. F. Bev.

      Every time I hit a wall I know isn't illusory

    57. Scobragon

      Try tongue, But hole

    58. IronBahamut

      Not enough "Toungue but hole" messages

    59. Wise Man

      Patches is very proud of this video.

    60. Ice Iceice

      However, the viciousest player is the one who has known notices are fake still chooses to click the thumb,isn't it?

    61. Wyatt Beito

      Best note i ever came upon, before finding the spider lava queen girl in souls 1, "caution, large chest ahead" 😉

    62. TRAngA Animator

      Here's a fun little story, I was playing ds2 in majula, when I was like 5 or something, saw a message saying there's treasure ahead off a cliff, thought it was a easter egg and went for it, died, regretted it, later saw another message on another cliff in majula yet again, didn't believe it, walked away, back in modern time, I watch a tutorial for noobs by jumpinproductions, realised that there was actually a easter egg down there, with a really op mace, big oof.

    63. A C

      Then you go back in frustration and upvote the note because it got you twice and you now want the world to suffer as much as you.

    64. Jeff oliveira

      try horse but hole

    65. Cl0ckcl0ck

      Yeah, it got me to kill a trader and I only found out hours later I really needed him alive. Still makes me laugh.

    66. Gareth Gale

      That laugh! 🤣🤣

    67. Jake

      So even if it's rated Foul it still counts as an appraisal right? So you'll a message with 800 appraisals and think it's right but actually it's 800 ppl saying fuck you

    68. Kiralucy

      You are filled with determination!

    69. TheMagnificentZoltar

      It must be littered with treasure, loot and coins down there from all the adventurers that fell to their deaths.

    70. Skryze

      These never get old 😂

    71. Ooble Dadoovle Dadoovle

      That was a Fine *Nut*

    72. Tzu


    73. Allison Hoff

      I'm so proud of you Ben!

    74. fcfdroid

      Lmao this is accurate

    75. Rango N

      "fake wall ahead" *rolls for 20minutes*

    76. Victor K.

      Time for crab

    77. vandread4330

      Did great man! 👍

    78. Preston Thornburg

      Love the videos...can you tell me where yall get your costumes?

    79. Ghostypoo Ghostypoo

      This game is so hard i bought today and been getting bullied

    80. Ciel Ghoul

      0:43 I expected a mimic

    81. Shade Keigar Blacksky

      Troll tip

    82. Antoine Lucas

      Ben is my favourite, so cool to see him as the Chosen Undead!!!

    83. The Impairer

      Pretty sure I saw ben here on a hugh Hefner hbo show

    84. Cobra- chan

      Im pretty sure I enjoy this

    85. Reuben Mcmurray

      Darksouls could be a whole dam series.

    86. Timo Pino

      Never played a souls game :[

    87. Tasty Gaming

      I thought they would make fun of « pull the lever » note: DONT

    88. Misbachul Munir

      Poorly uncle Ben always to be victim prankster in This game.... Wkwk watch out for your intuition ....wheel chair man its kind npc 😅

    89. Cain

      "Be wary of ambush" *gets stabbed in the face because distracted by the note* Yeah, thanks ...

      1. Dovahkin971

        🤣😂🤣😂it happens to me sooo many Times xD

    90. ZABOO

      "Amazing chest ahead"

    91. Its Just Me

      Thanks for keeping it clean and hilarious

    92. Its Just Me

      I love those notes lol

    93. RageToTheEnd

      The laugh at the end . Perfect. lol

    94. Urmas K

      I bet the souls are bored in the games then.

    95. Lightpoint

      Meanwhile in Sen's Fortress: 'Treasure ahead, time for joy'

    96. NaughtySanta

      "Great chest ahead" ;)


      Good job on everything Ben!

    98. Soffian Ismail

      Deserve a like for that last comment

    99. Elarie Ghysels

      Viva la dirt league can you make videos about assassins creed game logic?