The problem with workplace jargon - Acronyms

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    Adam experiences the horror of sitting in a workplace meeting and not knowing the jargon when the acronyms are just too intense... and not wanting to admit it.
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    1. Viswanath M

      Cool, so that's how PlayTech is spelt. Alright moving on to the other reason for the meeting. We really need to go over our KPIs (Key Performance Indicator) for the month and make sure we've got all our CTAs (Call to Actions) by EOD (End of Day). Actually Rowan I've not gotten my OOO (Out of Office) for the PTO (Paid Time Off) yet. I didn't approve your PTO (Paid Time Off). In fact it's gonna be a UPL (Unpaid Leave) with a PC(Pay Cut). Ah, FFS (For Fucks Sake). Let's get BOT (Back on Topic) and finish this RIM(Regional Implementation Meeting), okay. We've got to get QA (Quality Assurance)on this OS (Operating System), because the ISP(Internet Service Provider) has said this UX (User Experience) isn't upto scratch. We won't be able to perform B2B (Business to Business) OPS (Operations) if the CMS (Content Management System) isn't ready. I'll get on top of that CMS (Content Management System) and check the CPC (Cost Per Click) as well. What about PPC (Pay Per Click)? Ah yeah I'll check that as well as the ROS (Return on Sales) and the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) as well. Ah Ellie, have you got the UV (Unique Visitor) stats for the SaaS (Software as a Service)? We need that ASAP (As Soon as Possible) by EOP (End of Play). Yeah all good Rowan. I've got the OTC (Over the Counter) MOM (Microsoft Operations Management) TBA (To Be Announced). Then the CFO (Chief Financing Officer) has asked me to get on the EDS (Electronic Data Systems) Ion EST ASAP (Established As Soon As Possible). Thanks Ellie.

      1. Misam Ali Rizvi

        UA... (You Awesome)

      2. James Bacon


      3. Ermell Pangilinan

        Key Performance Index.. Am I correct?

      4. Dej33 Capitán Hormiga

        Estas enfermo amigo XD

      5. Dmitry Gryazin

        I was just intetnded to do the same.

    2. Daniel Beck

      That‘s exactly what I asked the lead of my company once at a big company meeting 😂 WTF what does all that stuff mean? 😂

    3. Kidd Media

      Get your free F-L-A-T C-L-I-C-K-E-R, defeat R-O-W-A-N-A-T-O-R and become T-H-E W-O-R-L-D S-A-V-I-O-R :v

    4. Tom Galonska

      Is this what i sound like when i talk to others about Magic the Gathering? :D

    5. atrocious _ pr0xy

      Many a time i've wiggled my way out of a tight spot with a nod or a "yup".

    6. Emmanuel Christian

      I mean, atleast i got WTF right...

    7. Kevin J

      Aaah FFS xD

    8. Horror-ble Gamer

      Lol I can only imagine how hard this one must have been to film, but y'all still nailed it coz you guys are awesome!

    9. Jeremy Mahoney

      Is it sad I actually understood that?

    10. Kelli

      As an EMT, this is exactly how I feel when the RNs and MDs and paramedics start talking... and I just leave the room real quick before someone starts talking to me

    11. Gibran of Rasmus

      Those aren’t acronyms they’re initialisms

    12. why creepy

      ‌F*** Samsu‌ng

    13. Varskar

      They forgot one: UCSS - unnecessarily complicating simple shit

    14. Electron Resonator

      Adam : how about Q&A ?

    15. Yasweh

      Lol the thumbnail looks like adam ragusea

    16. Glenn Cox

      Thats how Playtech is spelled...its literally on their shirts

    17. Aung Thu Hein


    18. Danny Owens

      I got about 12% of this. And I am sure its not a solid 12%

    19. Darryl Portelli

      Medicine is similar .... Bloods to take: CBC, RP, LFT, TFT, Ca, Po4 , Mg , APTT, INR, PSA .... and the list goes on

    20. Brandon Schlosser

      Is rowan the boss irl as well?

    21. Wyn Williams

      I understood WAY to much of that and have been in meetings very like that :D (yes I'm a tech consultant)

      1. Stettafire

        I'm a software dev, so this is way too familiar. Only one or two I didn't know (mostly related to the financial stuff because I don't deal with that side of things)

    22. Lourens Badenhorst

      This reminds me of Whackhead Simpson's acronym prank call a few years back. Funniest shit ever.

    23. Cole Wilder

      Pifft who needs words we have letters

    24. Engineer Jade

      wahahahahahahahahahaaa thisss is pure gold!

    25. Georgina Oakes

      Me in uni 😂

    26. Rambi

      Painfully familiar.

    27. RC Slyman

      Service tickets I work on get a unique spin of acronyms. For example, if a system rights itself for no explainable reason, without action on my part, it gets resolved as FMH. Elsewise known as, "Fucking Magic Happened."

    28. Rspiritmaster Programer

      Wtf at the end was the coolest😂😂😂

    29. jabcreations

      This video is the light version of Ironforge two years after WOW's release.

    30. Jimmy Moraitis

      *laughs in initialism*

    31. I Watch Everything

      The best acronym I used K.

    32. Mike Hostetler

      The truly disturbing thing is that I got most of that.

    33. xsvrrx

      lol i understood about 90% of this.

    34. Sarah King

      Ummm..... FUBAR and let’s POETS. 😉

    35. Mossy Rock

      This is how students of english as second language feel like in every talk.

    36. CrawlingChaos

      you guys think you have jargon??? im a music producer

    37. Ivan Iliev

      Bet they were all using random words make it sound like they are smart but don't know what they are saying

    38. Yuuup

      This is how ski guides sound as well.

    39. Nur Cahya

      seeing rowan serious and completely make sense on conversations its kind a awkward...kekw

    40. A H

      When letters get introduced in math.

    41. YouTube Profile

      Also what it's like to be a noob in a game where everyone already has established abbreviations for every gameplay element i.e., I am planning to LVL my PLD in PotD, HoH, and BSF so I can get my RW asap and start raiding E5S with my FC.

    42. Sloff

      Following on from Viswanath M's script comment; Adam's bit... (had to fill some parts from the CC (closed captions), and I don't think some of them are accurate) ------------ Now, Adam, you've actually got an easy afternoon. I've just got one simple little task for you to get on with. Oh good. So we've got the NSO(R) (Network Security OfficeR) coming down the P(TQ) (Percent to Quota?) this arvo (afternoon). I need you to be on the FTG (Field Training Group?) ASAP (As Soon As Possible) til this TTT (Time to Target) comes through with ROG (Rate of Growth). Get the DDE (Dynamic Data Exchange) done by EOP (End of Play). Then you can LWR (Leave With Reason) and take your SDO (Scheduled Day Off). Shouldn't be much of a PQY (Production QualitY (issue?)) because most people have a QWE (Quality Work Environment) anyway. ------------ Don't know if the CC or Rowan's lines in the vid are more accurate but here it is anyway.

    43. John Arktor

      Watching that while learning ITIL is priceless

    44. Dana T

      This is 100% what it feels like working in research too. Reading these comments made me realize how many industries have this problem. So silly!!

    45. Aaron Pitts

      Sadly...I understood about 75% of what he said... I need therapy. 😂😂😂

    46. Kyuhne Thane

      Haha! I'm laughing so hard right now! I remember one time in my work, I was new back then then he spew bunch of acronyms... I was like 'What the hell is SIL!?'

    47. Theodore Friend

      Mornin'. Nice day for gibberish, ain't it? Huha!

    48. azathoz

      I fu**ing hate acronyms. To me, it looks like I'm talking to a robot. I love english language (it's not my home language), but I can't stand acronyms when overused, and what I see is that a lot of people abuse of them.

    49. Allon Guralnek

      "Ess-double-a-ess" (SaaS) and "O-pee-ess" (Ops)? I know it works for the acronyms-theme, but you really should consult someone from the field when using their jargon because that's not how you pronounce them. Good skit regardless!

    50. sharpfang

      Ah, no project is complete without being assigned a good TLA. (Three-letter Acronym).

    51. Onni-Pekka Hyväri

      I was expecting that

    52. Rowan_DinkleDork_Bernard_Baelin _Gaurd

      Still waiting for the Karen Saga

    53. Lt Shinymagikarp

    54. EspurrBuns

      I always get lost with acronyms. Like just fucking use words so us with auditory processing disorder have a slightly better chance at understanding you.

    55. TRu3NZ

      Finally bench watched all 206 vids of Bored. Worth it

    56. JeremySolo

      Bring back Byron!

    57. Crazymind 25

      That sad moment when I've completed marathon of entire episodes all over again.... Guys when's next video coming?

    58. Camaro ss 455


    59. Glenn Cox

      Waiting for Adam to do the pathetic cry

    60. Charli-Jay Blake

      Alan’s FFS got me 😂😂😂

    61. Tobias To

      Can't even understand a single sentence with caps on :D:D

    62. kiran muralee krishnan

      Alan: WTF.! me: haaa., I understood that reference. (captain america from avengers)

    63. DR CM

      I love the song at the end, so relaxing.

    64. Jerry Kale

      This is by far one of the funniest videos on HUgets

    65. The Emperor [Star Wars Legend's]

      This is why I hate learning IT.

    66. Gordon

      Literally how I feel in every meeting at work..

    67. cannibalbananas

      I'm with you, Adam. My mom is retired Navy. When she'd tell me about work or when I stopped by her work, this is what I'd hear. I'd joke that I didn't understand their alphabet soup. 😄

    68. Marco La Placa

      Adam is genuinely a great actor! With simply his eyes and his facial expressions he manages to convey the fear and disbelief of the situation! Simply amazing! You are all the best! Thank you!

    69. FatGuyInSpace

      And I was struggling with spelling Playtech.....

    70. Reiben Sei

      hell yeah WTF!

    71. krepak maguire

      captions : Saas rowan : istablaesn (i think)

    72. Shivablade

      being Rowen, i imagined the RIM in "Let's get BOT and finish this RIM" is "Ridiculously Idiotic Meeting"

    73. Fortune Finder

      This could be a linked in post like 😆

    74. Zroid

      Huh hah! Nice DFF aint it? Huh hah!

    75. payrim Dwein

      @Viva La Dirt League you know what's funny? a manager would understand most of these but would come down into the comment section, just to look what "ROG" stands for

    76. Lauren Smyth Music

      As a student pilot, three words: air. traffic. controllers.

    77. Whisky Weekend Dram

      Adam you just need to RTFM! :P

    78. Albert Lui

      WTF I got every acronym until Rowan gave Adam his job.

    79. Lampin Laurels

      Literally any Army briefing I've ever been to. If you've ever been in, you know the feeling haha

    80. Shaggy Shaggio

      This video makes me want to PMM (punch my monitor.)

    81. Missquerade

      I really love the "WTF" at the end xD

    82. worldfamousGI

      Lol, you should try studying for a network IT certification if you think this is bad

    83. Marek Piekarski

      We dont use this in the trades but a lot more jargon

    84. Henrik Parsgaard

      Gotta love some TLAs

    85. Aurora Dieu

      *I feel like I'm in school again*

    86. Fernando Lecaros

      Well.... that just sounded like regular NZ accent to me, ngl.

    87. vu quang dung

      what, so Playtech has changed business to software development ? hmm competition...

    88. Badge37

      I’ve been taking notes on how to be a better manager from Rowan. I’ve been doing it all wrong!

    89. Swaga of the Brolsungs

      When you work for Amazon...

    90. Sound Therapy

      At this point, i am not sure if ellie really know the thing she said or she just made up coz she know how stupid rowan was.

    91. Jeremy Harris

      Lol my company's saftey manager likes to make up new acronyms and tell next to nobody what they are then stare at you like your crazy when u don't know em so I feel this pain lol

    92. clare palmer

      As I saw Adams confusion I got a message saying my money just got sucked up by my xbox lol

    93. bodmon

      This is me every class

    94. Chanel Adriana


    95. KazeTheForsaken

      Wait, what does Double You Tea Ef mean?

    96. Quetzacoatl

      All clear on the business talk - but what does WTF mean? 🤔

    97. Steven Adams

      I can relate to not paying attention to the morning meetings and then they ask me a question...

    98. Алексей Аксеенко

      НИхуху не понятно, но БЛ ВСЛо)

    99. REP Gaming

      Wow, I just sat through the entire video looking like Adam.

    100. Red T

      Has anyone noticed Rowan acting like a good boss sometimes in this series