How to pop a tyre - Tyre Punch

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    Introducing the least effective way to pop a tyre
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    1. icyfox 1234

      They spell tire wrong

    2. VGL Studios

      I'd like to see Rowan win at least one of these.

    3. Rahul Gurung

      1:20 lol look below the alive interface 😂

    4. Daniel Anderson

      Rowan is WAAAY too comfortable in his underwear.

    5. Chris Eichenberg

      I tried this . . . but on PUGM. Can't do it, in fact as far as I can tell you cannot pop tires close up only from a distance ( like parallel to front tire ). After I tried punching I tried shooting, could see bullet holes. Have to check again, but with the mobile tires lack close up triggers. So standing up close, like punching distance, you could go to town with no effect.

    6. Luqman 1221

      0:10 nokia brick 😂

    7. Emerson Brown


    8. Manuel H.

      oh wait wait wait wait... (nearly shot Rowans Arm)

    9. Philipp Portelance

      One day, Rowan will understand how the game works

    10. kinah joy

      The funniest thing is that they haven't even considered just airing it out!

    11. Ramli Zulhilmi

      After watching this.. the next day I go near my car and accidently Fell and smashed with my fist to the tire and it's pop... Huh!!..

    12. Wyatt Horn

      Where is the fucker in the comment section correcting to "Tire"

    13. aaronjanis malto

      Anyone gonna talk bout the kill feed XD

    14. Sibz Moneh

      Wont need no car when you got your horse pocket


      *Rowan just keeps finding reasons to strip* 🤣🤣🤣

    16. Alan Rodriguez

      Liking for naked Rowan 😉🤣

    17. PKMN Trainer Mark

      "This happens CONSTANTLY and I'm always right and you never trust me!"

    18. Amster71

      Am I the only one cringing at Rowan constantly having his finger in the trigger and pointing it at Ben? Lol

    19. The Dapper Dummy

      Kill feed: godzilla killed kong because who are we kidding XD

    20. Josiah Riojas

      NO TRIGGER DISCIPLINE! (other than that... fun play on battle royales.)

    21. No more Comply

      As an American, tires.

    22. InfamousMaze

      I swear this is the best running joke on this channel. "Why are you like this, Rowan??"

    23. Prashant Verma

      Why didn't Alan poped out of the car and just exited the car normally unlike the real game?

    24. CaptainWonderButt.

      0:41 I think you guys meant to type celery not salary. Those are two different things.

    25. Denis Kreso

      I was expecting the car to explode :D

    26. XFrozenAshX

      Punchture clearly.

    27. Ben Pallett

      The ones where rowan and Ben argue have to be some of the best skits they do

    28. Robert Smith

      The frightened frightening full fumbling functional slip disconcertingly bake because closet inevitably sign given a foamy pizza. thin, tenuous bedroom

    29. LonghornsLegend

      Rowan and Ben confusing eachother is easily one of my favorite things about this channel

    30. Mike Augusto

      Rowan dont understand the real normal psych in pubg cuz he dont do the the things like normal person

    31. Elias Ted


    32. nilloc93

      you've been running this same gag for years lol

    33. Juan Barajas

      I have seen rowan naked in a lot of videos recentlt, anything you wanna confess rowan?

    34. zily

      At what point do you have to wonder if Rowan would prefer to be naked on camera. Hes in his briefs every other video at this point

    35. Son Birkez

      1 yıldır severek takip ediyorum ,lakin Türkçe alt yazılı olsa balından yenmez di. :))

    36. Will Van Rooy

      1:29 Love Bin!!

    37. Al

      Best VLDL thumbnail of all time

    38. Teresa Tapscott

      Even though they use this trope a lot, the way Ben and Rowan bounce off each other is great every time. I'm not kidding, I'm seriously in love with every single cast member.

    39. Pete Waltz

      Wow that brake time tho

    40. Brandon Duren

      "Is there something broken in there"?

    41. Vanilla • 13 years ago

      Tyre or Tire?

    42. GFish 17

      Never played PubG but I'm guessing this is something you can do in the game.

    43. Edgar Estrada

      This is funny as all hell lol

    44. Out Of Context

      This video would’ve hit 1m by now if you spelled it “tire” in the title

    45. Jonathan Tio

      You can barely see Rowan hardly containing his smile

    46. Vincent Gino Beltran

      i was kinda expecting the line, "oh.? did u hear that rowan.? did it popped the tires.?"

    47. Nick Charles

      We need a Ben v Rowan argument compilation!

    48. Kristjan Peil

      Should've started believing Ben at the potion bottle. And horse pocket. Ben sure knows his mechanics.

    49. mr. Nobody

      Ben's jugular veins are so massive

    50. guitarman0365

      Guys it's literally impossible to not have Rowan semi naked. It's actually physically impossible. It can't be done.

    51. Troy Smith

      Ben is always right

    52. Jibbone-Lee Long

      Man, I love the Ben and Rowan dynamic.

    53. Life

      Spoiler Alert!!!! Don't watch the kill feed area if you haven't seen Godzilla vs Kong yet :)

    54. Peter Gillatt

      Oh noes Andy killed TheDudeLebauwski. Dude?

    55. Silva the Evil Squirrel

      Loving the kill feed most of all from this series, but... 0:41 - What on earth is a salary stick, guys? 🤣 A stick made of money that you'll get whacked around with every month in order to use whatever has fallen off to pay your bills? Your boss' dong? I need answers.

    56. Bit man

      godzilla killed kong is funny eheh

    57. Zoryan Chukvinskyy

      0:41 "RobbyT-Low killed Adamus Prime with a salary stick" XDDDD

    58. Kyra Carson

      Tire* IM SSORRY

    59. Gaming Lee

      Minecraft is real

    60. ِAnas MADI

      Why does it bother me that his finger is on the trigger and he is waving the gun around XD hope friendly fire is off.

    61. students play

      godzila killed kong because who are we kidding. 1:22

    62. xavier zaxavier

      Rowan always like to show his naked body....hmmmm what a weird fetish he got there...😂😂😂😂😂😏👍

    63. sixbrokeneggs

      Why is Perišić in Viva la Dirt xd

    64. [Sonal] [Kumarasinghe]

      dredog110 killed PoWerOfOne with a nokia brick

    65. Petro Vepryk

      It would be interesting if you did a video about Teabagging in FPS games.

    66. don Mora

      Even funnier than the video is the actual hitbox of the tires when you try to punch them...

    67. Santosh Kumar

      Rowan should play the role of Rick in Rick and Morty.

    68. Havuseen Mymonkey

      Rowan shouldn't have even argued since Ben is always right

    69. The Forsaken

      Rowan, just admit it, you just wanted to run around halfway naked again. :D

    70. Richard DavidT

      "Godzilla killed Kong because we are kidding"... 😂😂😂

    71. jdfree49

      "This happens CONSTANTLY and I'm ALWAYS RIGHT!"

    72. wastingsanity

      Rowan may like only wearing his underwear a little toooo much.

    73. Bruce Ferguson

      I love it when Ben and Rowen argue game mechanics 🤣

    74. ZeroNatsu SFV

      rowan always find a way

    75. Tamar

      this is poping a wheel out not a tyre, man.

    76. S T


    77. Swalih M M

      Like a NORMAL PERSON!

    78. Tuscani J

      “Why are you like this, Rowan?” Ben, saying what everyone’s always been thinking.

    79. Дмитрий Борисевич

      OH! Now i undersand! Thats whay he is always naked in outro!

    80. Brayden Rowley

      the gamer and the realist

    81. Crimson Nzash

      First time seeing rowan and ben fighting over something

    82. It eez What it eez

      Bro you mean tire

    83. Christopher

      LOL, "this is bullshit"

    84. DarthCuda

      Can someone who plays pub g tell me is this something that can be done?

    85. Leonel Miranda

      "godzilla killed kong because who are we kidding" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    86. Travis Skeete

      You guys need a sponsor from me undies lol

    87. SniperFi DK

      If it's just Ben and Rowan in the video, you know what you're in for...

      1. Yamadiyoo

        I just wonder were is the Ben-plain playlist.

    88. インドの忍者

      Geodude killed 12 ppl damn 😂

    89. Sam Pharma

      Another chance for Rowan to show his underwear lol



    91. Nic Leo

      nice graphics this game! what video card do you use? (lol)

    92. Timawa Viking

      So Rowan walked over a log once and bugged out despite what Ben said and he still doesn't believe him? He just never learns.

    93. 1pikapain

      I'm so glad I found this channel.. These guys r incredible and freakin hilarious

    94. Panda三さん

      I mean . . The back pack one made some sense, you can't have two back packs . . But when someone shows you how to remove a whole horse from your pocket, mind you that horse was probably miles and miles away . . Punching a tire to break it should seem like second nature lmao

    95. Hayden Roberts

      Love any video with these two legends arguing. Ben’s always right, it’s hilarious 😆. Please do more with this winning duo in all your series!

    96. HannahChan2010

      I love the death tags at the top. "Died because who are we kidding" lmaoo

    97. JordanTVA

      Yall are the best. Always a laugh =)

    98. BurningLynx

      i love these videos with Rowan and Ben they are my favorite. Rowan operating on human logic and Ben just shutting him down.

    99. Thomas Armstrong

      Can you though?

    100. Engarin Tatakai

      Look a car, let's go mug em