Annoying friend who streams - Twitch Teammate

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    1. Jackie Logan

      I EAT Pineapples on Pizza aka Hawaiian Pizza. NUmber 1 flav

    2. Good][Friends

      when you streaming 5 years and 0 donations inc feeling....

    3. why creepy

      F*** Samsung

    4. Usual Motives

      I would have TK'd him

    5. Hojjat

      He made more money than I make in a month. He has the right to do whatever he wants. It clearly works. Bunch of try hards are stopping him from having fun.

    6. frep you

      if i was on that team i would of tked ^_-

    7. Herr Ulkich

      Actually this is our furture: Being a slave of companies. But I don't wanna disturb your entertainment. Sorry. But I felt nothing funny about this clip.... it's just for the painless audience...

    8. Mushroom Maple

      Everyone, SHUT UP. Red just killed Blue with an Orange.

    9. B1ak N3ss

      Where’s the TTV at the end of Rowans name?

    10. Felix Schiefermueller

      How did you come up with the word 'Pesthörnchen'? Translated, this would mean either a sick squirrel or a plague infested noodle ...

    11. Chen Mingyi

      Wait a minute, Rowan finally regained his accuracy. He has been missing all his shots in the sacrifice, rambo and revolver videos.

    12. Arun Murugan

      For $2000, I could be as Rowan as I want

    13. Mystery

      This video made me laugh the most of all the other videos I've already watched from you guys. Thank you

    14. Glen Bogle

      If anyone other then Ben said they weren’t as obnoxious I’d have believed it 😂

    15. Rowan Gallucci

      I came to this comments extremely confused because my name is also Rowan

    16. Ghosty

      ben killed with potato gun XD XD

    17. Jeremiah Lewis

      That's a lot of blood for a bb gun and pebbles.

    18. Anthony Martino


    19. Alex

      a few of them have trigger discipline at least

    20. oo

      2:21 "Potato gun"

    21. Micheal Vincent

      This is why friendly fire is a thing....for people like Rowan

    22. Game Ragers boys of CR

      Ello bróthas. Me boyo showed me your channel one day. He talks about ya a bit. He and I have watched most of your shows and if that doesn't say something, we clearly enjoy it. He's 6 and started his own gaming channel but I wanted to say thank you for the clean entertainment you all do. We're both looking forward to Baelin's Route. Keep doing you then and keep bringing the joy. You got a good group of friends to work with

    23. Mark Harris

      Bon Jovi would be pissed at that impersonation, BAAAAAAAAAAD

    24. Jhonny9211

      That go go gonorrea guy, is just into it

    25. Square Zack

      Can we get more Streamer Rowan?

    26. kelly brady

      I always wondered if it was called Hawaiian outside the US 😂😂


      2:24 Rowan using UMP 45 and the sound is M416

    28. shafin rahman

      The online streaming community is so fucking obnoxious.

    29. Chunky Moe

      I hate Twitch Streamers. Btw, subscribe to my Twitch channel.

    30. Ken Plays

      Ben was like *Why do i have to play with this guy OUTRAGOUS*

    31. Antje Bartl

      Pest Hörnchen=plague squirrel

    32. KendoruSlink

      Welcome back to y stream!

    33. Kahn Thorpe

      Will definitely be back to bug you guys and Rob on twitch once kiwifruit season is over, will have to make due with your vids till then...

    34. Lord Bloodraven

      Break the middle fingers. Break them all!

    35. enjoy life

      Very nice and funny 😊😊😁

    36. crimsonraen

      LMAO I thought Adam was going to shoot him.

    37. Someonez Mom

      how 'bout do an old broad stream lmfao

    38. Captain Unohana

      usually the twitch streamer plays with his mods or chat, so they would already know, great vid still

    39. Old Man Jim

      Ben wearing his helmet like that makes my eye twitch. Also, GET YOUR BOOGER HOOK OFF THE BANG BUTTON, HIGH SPEED!!!!

    40. Obsidian Animation2112

      Wait in pubg mobile when you win your teammate revive automatic

    41. Obsidian Animation2112

      Next video: drop a full mag on the floor and some-how is in your bag We need ben and romon to do that

    42. quikdraw520

      Bwahahahahaha I know this guy!!

    43. Xavier Pendragon

      Push to talk mate... KEKW

    44. Morgengrat

      Alan is trying to hold his annoyance. Ben is trying to hold his anger from punching the dude. Adam... well.. he's suffered it all through before - he has no hope or trust in humanity.

    45. John Brown

      need alternative ending where adam just shoots him then they get chicken dinner

    46. Zak B

      today I learned VLDL is anti pineapple pizza and that makes me sad, for in the upcoming pro-pineapple wars, I'mma have to waste you boys =( also I'm American and every gun I see is a threat and almost certainly live and loaded, so Alan having his head so close to that (what I'm sure is either a decomissioned or absolutely safety-on+unloaded or play weapon) gun makes me go D: D: D: D:

    47. I S

      Does anyone remember that's the same room where Ben was killed by his imposter 😂

    48. RamesGamesLC

      I love Rowan but if he has this persona on Twitch, I'm never watching lol.

    49. nc btw

      The song sounds like "Denis" intro... feeling old yet? ;_;

    50. Tomas Soejakto

      Exactly how I picture what streamers are like.

    51. Bastymuss

      This is the truest video

    52. Cory V

      Pretty much how I feel about streamers as a whole. Can't stand streamers.

    53. Max Mad

      Gigedygigedy 😂

    54. Sufyan Siddiqui

      kill fied: charmander killed bulbasaur

    55. Bryan Abbott

      Dang algorithm. I didn't get notified of this video when it came out. Finally got to see it.

    56. Yo Dawgz Gaming

      Is it a running joke that Rowan is just seeing how many skits in a row he can dance and/or be naked in?

    57. Cʀᴀᴢყ々 Sᴏᴜl

      Btw, congrats for chicken

    58. Fatefatalis

      Where's the flip flappin?

    59. Veldeez

      this wasn't even funny because Rowan was so annoying. Well played

    60. Philmyster

      This is so not me when streaming...maybe...probably...could most likely be me...THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SUBSCRIBING OMG

    61. ubberblade george

      Do you guys stream pubg on twitch?

    62. Kirkeithy 2

      I laughed so hard at "Gogogonhorrea:

    63. Punisher6791

      lol Charmander Killed Bulbasaur by burning him alive.

    64. TJForceIX

      so, to be clear, these guys were annoyed that their friend earning somewhere around 4k in a matter of minutes could have potentially lost them one round of a video game. Which, incidentally, it didn't even do that.Which character is supposed to be the jerk in this scenario again? (:

    65. Wortigon2000

      Red killed blue with an orange. Best Red vs Blue reference I've seen in a long time

    66. Luckstern

      I was hoping that they would just silently agree to team kill Rowan lol!

    67. Thomas Stevens

      I was honestly expecting them to turn around and shoot him down

    68. justice mwandiwanza

      Hmmm that's not what a ump sounds like... I dont use the gun cause it sounds like its about to break

    69. Jari Gustafsson

      teamkilling intencifies

    70. alpha tango

      He would actually be a good streamer

    71. Irtazza

      Pinapple on pizza is pretty gross.. Me who just watched the latest upload of Dream shorts: Really?

    72. Mr pumpkin 🎃

      Rowan was an extra in the movie Avatar so he knows how to use a gun I think

    73. Mr pumpkin 🎃

      Lol at red killed blue with an orange

    74. AouS •

      When will you do warzone real life 😭

    75. TGHDI

      My name is TGHDI lol 😂

    76. Werewolf Master

      this is essential

    77. Gyanesh Singh

      Its funny that his channel is growing extremely fast when he is playing 😂

    78. I eat crayons for breakfast

      1:55 How the hell do you kill someone with a orange?

    79. Harry

      These guys need to do a collab with that will Anderson guy from Instagram, could be Alan's long lost brother

    80. Eric Msemwa

      "Go go gonorrhea" 😁

    81. miradnu

      Rowan doesn't accept donations lower than 100$.

    82. MarioPfhorG

      I stream every match I play. Am I seriously one of the only people who understands to use a friggen push to talk key for in-game chat?

    83. Scoopy Pigeon

      GoGoGonorrhoea is an amazing username!

    84. Michael Fuhrmann

      "pesthörnchen" :D best name :)))

    85. DMONEY2012

      Is this how WackyJacky felt with Rowan?

    86. Ace AJ

      0:50 charmander killed bulbasaur by burning him 😂

    87. FaTaL BuLL

      *people who have Hawaiian pizzas* - I have Hawaiians pizzas :(

    88. RuralTowner

      When Team Kill should be rewarded...

    89. ihajo

      Well at least you guys won😅

    90. Veljko Stejić

      Bruh who would be stupid enough to donate 2000$

    91. Woomoort

      Btw twitch sucks

    92. MQ

      I love their faces when they were downed. Premium sad

    93. Cochise Alexandria

      UMP ❌ M416 ✔️ 🤣

    94. Christopher Torres


    95. Hatwox

      Red killed blue with an Orange

    96. Yøshi

      was zur Hölle ist ein Pesthörnchen?

    97. Grey Knight

      Lol quagmire gifted subs, thats nice Ps: come on man, pineapple is good on pizza. Roasted in bbq is really good as well (not together with meat while in the heat).

    98. O1OOO111

      ump used as m416 yeaa , seems legit

    99. Alex Bugnar

      Adam was aiming the SCAR but the sights were flipped down, immersion ruined!

    100. Dan Garity

      I hate playing with streamers on vermintide 2