How to request leave from your boss - Paid Leave

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    Ellie has the horrible task of requesting leave from Rowan.
    But she's come up with a plan to get fully paid leave.
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    1. Mason Calvert

      Where can I get this ringtone?

    2. Aparna Ghosh

      Ellie's hair is looking nice in this video

    3. Christopher ayala

      Ellie is the only one who can over power rowan with out a problem

    4. Emily Carter

      Paid leave is a thing in retail in NZ? Damn that’s awesome

    5. Mad Max

      Rowan my fav character

    6. Raihan Alameer

      What if ellie was just patience enough to wait rowan call

    7. dustoff

      People should remember Elle tricked Rowan into locking in her new pay raise of 73.25/hour (73.25/hr*40hrs/wk*52wks/yr=$152,360/yr) LOL

    8. Filip Boś

      This is so perfect

    9. Pionelox


    10. Chucky McNubbin

      Anyone else get the feeling Ellie would fleece everyone else if they had a Playtech staff poker night?

    11. Alex Mort

      So going to try this with my boss right now.

    12. toudi5

      This is totally my boss in work, sad cuz it's true :D

    13. Meownaa

      It would have been so funny if "Michael" would have actually been on the phone waiting for him to come back to the call when he continued sleeping. :D

    14. Mega_Rage124 _

      Just started watching these guys and I love the vids, amazing content to watch when your bored

    15. dawg cat

      How do they manage to keep straight faces...

    16. G R A V I T Y

      If you think about it to wan is the best boss you could get. If you learn how to manipulate him and trick him you could be living the best life at play tech hahah

    17. MajorChilli

      Just how cunning, Ellie is, is sort of scary.

    18. Michael Denison

      Rowan, this is Michael from Distribution. You said 63 and 51, but I specifically said 76 and 55. I know it's a lot to take in, but it's very helpful when you get those numbers right. Thanks.

    19. Daniel rogers

      Yes I am vaguely aware of her lol

    20. J K

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    21. HKVC

      He basically just hung up on Michael lol ...

    22. NCOMP1337

      *BORED* Me: "Eyy! Same mate!."

    23. Kara Noelle

      Honestly, I think Rowan getting back on the phone with "Michael" would have been a funny ending just to play into his own stupidity.

    24. Luna Margaret උඩු රැවුල ඔහු තම කෙස් කපා නමුත් සමග4

    25. kima khiangte

      Rowan need to install fake call app.

    26. Bult Vid

      1 month paid leave, wow. How much has Zac? Was it 5 years?

    27. 4schitzangiggles

      Wait, how much paid leave for they get?!

    28. Tom Davis

      This isn’t on Facebook

    29. MCLERA

      So a "paid leave" is when you don't need to go to work but still get money for it?? Why would that occur?? Except for birth or sickness.

    30. Edward Logan


    31. A B

      Where is your brain rowan

    32. Magnusti

      Its funny how at the end of the video, its hars to tell that rowan is just playing and didnt actually receive a call from hq :D

    33. Harpax A

      Is it just me, or does Ellie looks different ? 🤔

    34. Chris Vallyon

      It's like they're videotaping my life...

    35. Larry Kan


    36. The Otaku Mafia

      How it feels to get outplayed

    37. Raymond Morgan


    38. marth atchivara

      when girls outsmart you

    39. Jaylord Cabiguen

      Rowan: *doesn't approves Ellie's leave* Ellie: I'm gonna do what it's called a pro gamer move

    40. Swaraj Dangwal

      Micheal is still on hold :)

    41. n3zz94

      Ellie is so sexy ! 🤤🤤😍😍

    42. carsandcal

      I think I fancy the shit out of Ellie. She's so cute

    43. james hallam

      so disappointed he didnt pick up a frog after the ring ring xD

    44. Jokerted

      Ellie's nails were a super pretty color

    45. PUBG PLAYS


    46. No Pity

      3:20 I just noticed that Rowan feels like something is wrong.

    47. Loojis Htc

      She's weirdly hot.

    48. BERASTIS

      That ring ring killed my friend he newer loughs

    49. PileofFood

      Best episode yet, screw you Rowan!

    50. NDK0

      I understand vacation time, but wtf is paid leave? o0

    51. Valdemar Ceccon

      He left Michael haging in the call

    52. kangurski

      Ellie is no Britt

    53. Alex Hutchins

      An episode the journey inside rowans mind would be amazimg.

    54. Mirzuan Danial

      Rowan is living the good life at work. If only work was actually like that

    55. Jack W.

      He got played. *By himself*

    56. random dude on the internet

      That moniter is so wide lol

    57. Richard Cook

      This is arguably the best comedy channel on HUgets today

    58. NoESanity

      I know it's not the skits fault, but can we stop pretending that a phone call coming through means anything? Most of my work meetings happen through voips, discord, zoom, Skype, hell since the rona 90% of the time my boss calls me into work has been over Facebook messenger. If I'm in a call in any of those apps, the phone still rings if someone calls because the phones call app takes priority.

    59. דורון גולדשטיין

      i hope we would see her again

    60. apacheSR

      Playtechs real which is confusing

    61. Yousof101 crack

      Ellies shadow is on the door when she gets out

    62. Paul Tightbow

      What Is the theme playing at the end of Bored videos?

    63. Wolf Soldier

      You’re the worst channel on HUgets

    64. preben nielsen

      I don't get this? You're saying you have to get your boss to allow you to take your 5-6 weeks paid vacation? Or don't you have this ? :)

    65. 1Prelude

      Are we just going to ignore the size of Rowan's monitor here? Like holy! That's huge! Rowan I'll pick up your keys all day long if you give me that monitor.

    66. Sand FPV

      This is probably my favorite episode! :D

    67. Grilled Leeks

      Being caught up on viva la dirt is a sad feeling... I want to binge!

    68. Vandalier83

      Dude I’m looking at old things.. how is Rowan the manager??

    69. Noobs GOOSEY

      More ellie

    70. LiL Brumi

      Ellieee!!! You have to lose some weight dudeee

    71. Jeff Human

      i just like their accents

    72. Tiens ma bière

      So,that's how you deal with Rowan! Getting in his games,got it!

    73. Rhoaric

      This was painful

    74. Rivertest28 A


    75. Shazbot81

      Ellie, making $73.25 / hour gets approved for an entire month of paid leave. lmao. This girl knows how to play the game.

    76. Villiers Marais

      is it just me or did Ellie put on a lot of weight

    77. jager64xxx xxxpanzer

      Ellie didn't leave physial evidence that she's been approved for the leave so she can expect to get shat on by Rowan later.


      Call Rowan again for the wage raise!

    79. jacob griffiths

      Where I work they make us take leave because they don't want to have to pay 25% more money

    80. T X J

      Rowan got out-Rowaned :D

    81. Murdoch

      I have nearly watched all of these in a day. Is Playtech hiring? I dont eat chips loudly, i will always pick up keys, i wont make extremely milky tea, i will respect the no price tag rule lol

    82. Ahmad Abdelrahim

      Nice work love you guys

    83. kelvin chand

    84. Peter Cotton

      Good to see Ellie back!

    85. jack packing

      That’s the most hugest Monitor i ever seen and longest

    86. Nicholas Karalus

      Omg really never ending goodness

    87. It'sGood

      But why are you negotiating for paid leave? Isn't it part of your basic enjoyment rights?

    88. KendoruSlink

      How is Rowan boss again?

    89. Jatin Gupta

      Lol Industry xDD

    90. Kastor 459

      Always sad when cute girls start gaining weight. Not nice to look at any more :(

    91. Wolfpak77

      Damn Ellie is lucky today’s her first day of leave full pay

    92. IthXero

      This series never fails to make me laugh and trigger rage and depression from having worked at Best Buy for the better part of a decade as a non manager.

    93. Game Slime

      Ellie!!! Marry me!!!

    94. Nuhbzy

      So is THIS the beforemath of when Ellie went on leave, coming back feeling all positive and refresh to just get yelled at by rowan for not informing him? 😆

    95. Wang Wang

      Ok Ellie, I'm not trying to fat shaming you here. I just know some people who look like you, and they all have some kind of disease or use some kind of medicine that keep water in their body, which make them look so fat in a short amount of time. So if you eating habit did not change much in the last few months, maybe consider checking with a doctor.

    96. Blood Nøva

      This is thing had already happened with Alan O.o

    97. Miseria Rex

      Feels good to see Rowan not winning sometimes.... even if he dug his own grave here 🤣

    98. Als Causing

      Rowan is ez to control

    99. Catch_Me_If_You_Can

      Her dimples are illegal

    100. sirjokes

      actually had a coworker who would take the entire month of October off paid and December because the company didnt have roll over dates therefore they'd have to pay every single vacation hour on check for him. that man was a god in my eyes. he did this all 3 years i worked there and as far as i know still does and its only getting worse with more hours he gets.