PUBG Logic Supercut 9 (funny PlayerUnknown Battleground skits)

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    Some say this is the best one
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    1. king of death

      The full ammo 1 thats me

    2. Havocking92

      Best death animation ive seen so far :D

    3. Necrophite78

      "A RandomChicken went back in time and killed Col. Saunders" Alright, I'm going to have to ask you for a killcam on that one.

    4. Spooky Pewdepie

      Отмечаите свойх друзей как бы небыли читеры

    5. ꧁𓆩Gaming With Mercy𓆪꧂

      The pan vs sniper is the best episode on earth 😂😂😂😂😂

    6. Kruhl Sentru

      I like most of the skits, but those arguments over in-game physics vs real world physics get old fast. Honestly, someone started an argument like that, I'd shoot 'em and move on. All someone would have to do is say something like "yeah I know it doesn't make sense, but that's just how the game was made". Bam. Done. I guess people must find endless arguing hilarious or something, because that is one skit that never dies.

    7. Christian??

      this is so sad

    8. Tuvstarr

      oh well got training after laughing so hard at that flying frying pan hahahaaa am dying loolz

    9. Linda H

      Love how you make the hits look real.

    10. Aratros 27

      20:18 : nice

    11. _Данто_

      5:51 "poisoned carrot"

    12. GrislyMantis495

      At 12:08 Alan has no mag in the gun but the other guys do


      Hello I m Turkey

    14. Medic Webber

      Yezzzzzz!!!! Ridicule the BS costumes!!! Love when the high-pitched “Alan!!” start getting screamed, lol. Always hope for that in your vids!

    15. rowel selga

      relate😄 me as noob be like... 11:00

    16. XEON Lite

      Adam "more 5.56!" Holding 7.62

    17. Kyle Chu

      7:50 hold up he's holding a scar that shoots 7.62x51 and holding that much 5.56x45!?, ok you do you

    18. Kaleab Endale

      Alen is so selefsh

    19. Kalhan Kierem

      In the weapons spawn Clip video they could’ve just done a fist fight in pub G your fist is very mad one time I killed somebody with my face and I killed them in like 10 punches or something like that

      1. Kalhan Kierem

        Sorry I accidentally said face instead of fist but yeah fist fight like 10 punches

    20. Tyler Johnson

      not going to lie. these guys are the only skits that have been able to make me laugh in 7 years of youtube history.

    21. Owen WILLIAMS

      Boxed in The best movie ever Better than disney

    22. MrSpankyTank

      I don’t even play PUBG and I just love these skits. Enough general gamer logic for us all here. Nicely done!

    23. Juan Carlos Espinoza

      Best part of this video are the kill notifications xD

    24. Critter Whisperer

      I love the upper right notifications when random characters kill each other with glass bottles and convenient force

    25. Quân cù

      Đồng đội hịn 😂😂

    26. Hat S


    27. Dolores Lorica

      0:12 how on earth can you do that!?;!!??!!!

    28. Andrew Muus

      Frying pan mjolnir

    29. Arth o Rei

      I never ver tired of seeing this kkk

    30. Neo Newland

      Literally better filming than any movie i've seen

    31. Sebastian Mainan

      00:48 Stop saying eren

    32. Michael


    33. Leonliend

      Random chicken went back in time and killed colonel sanders lmao

    34. ramesh gothalo

      He is beginning to believe 😂

    35. Anvarov Umarbek

      But honestly it is true

    36. waheguru waheguru

      7:33 that's me

    37. Jessica W

      At 00:1 the boop?

    38. fateful 8950

      Did anyone else see the kill feed bc it's really weird

    39. FlipNasty


    40. Oliver Steinweg

      Alan Killed Ben With the frkin Pan. DID YOU SEE THAT. 😂😂😂😂😂

    41. the lego user

      Did any one else just look in the top right corner to watch the death messages run by?

    42. p m

      I love baby yoda killed the enemy with force powers

    43. Наталья Кашира

      🤤💗🙀🥳🤪 I love you so much!!!!!!!

    44. A. D.

      Honestly.... you are doing a whole Year to late Pubg Clips, and one WHOLE YEAR no single fuckin WARZONE CLIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :DDDDDDDDD

    45. junaid shaikh

      Rowan: the blue zone never bothered me anyway

    46. Justin Sue

      Pudg the ggs

    47. Altratoss Gaming

      Now you can really throw pan.

    48. Chameleon Gaming

      I swear he always say stuff like EATING the health potion is normal. Same with teleporting items into backpacks. You know who I'm talking about.

    49. Ashish Raj

      He is being to believe

    50. Mahathir Ayat

      Well this is insultingly low cuz i have 500ammos in my bag 😂

    51. Omega King

      I love the little death notes that appear just like in the real game I wish they would do more pubg video

    52. أمادو

      whack a mole was brilliant :D .

    53. Daymeon Vryce

      oh man that last skit was deep! Loved it! You guys are so good. Brought tears to my eyes.

    54. Ali Gurbuz

      (on all fours waiting to be rezzed) i can see it from down here. You don’t have the balls

    55. Phoenix Flame

      *"He's beginning to believe"* Most epic words ever said.

    56. t0m1k3

      LiKe A nOrMaL PEHSOHN

    57. Chris Higgins

      Horse pocket!!

    58. Dimitrije Nikolic

      Look at these players . You know what we should do? LETS GO MUG THEM!

    59. zabiullah noori

      Look at the kill message "The other guy somehow kill himself with smoke grenade"0:12😂😂

    60. TheAntiTrope

      The Matrix reference ended my life 🤣

    61. Harpa Hua Zi Tómasdóttir

      WUT about smoke grenade

    62. Eddie Edward

      I don't have any weapons! you already have one!!

    63. sleepy snoring puppy

      The achievement part can't happen because nobody plays together that nice

    64. TIK TOK

      More pubg videos plsss

    65. Igo Telan

      1:15 bum bum?

    66. НЧ


    67. Carl T.v

      Hahaha skiner

    68. Overlord orton

      What about valorent logic

    69. Silk UK

      Matrix references make me happy.

    70. Nata Dobray

      12:02 - dudes... There is shooting without magazine and in the next cut within, ya' named this realistic with attention to details? XD

    71. Lucas Starfire

      Cry the legend that Ben is still yelling Outrageos by the Wind

    72. mikserist12 Колесников

      Ребята Вы просто супер)))))Я давно так не смеялся))))Спасибо)))

    73. Captn levai

      no one: mr pacman accidentally eat mrs pacman like what

    74. Random Maker

      lEgEnDs SaY tHaT aDaM iS sTiLl CoLlEctIng MOrE 5.5.6 ammo till dis dAy

    75. Timalsina Rupesh

      5:48 Roach killed Epona with a poisoned carrot 😂

    76. Shyanne Schultz

      RandomChicken went back in time and killed ColonelSanders

    77. ဝါယာလက် ဆူးလေ YBS 37

      Throwing a pan would be cool if they have that in PUBG

      1. ဝါယာလက် ဆူးလေ YBS 37

        @?????????? idk I cant throw pans and stuff

      2. ??????????

        But didn't PC have thorwable melee already?

      3. ဝါယာလက် ဆူးလေ YBS 37

        @Red red oh..i am a pc player so uh. I'll try mobile

      4. Red red

        We do on mobile

    78. KnightShade GaminG

      11:18 from now i will not wear any dress! 😂

    79. DTTZ 9999

      Who needs bulletproof armor when you could just have pans all over your body am I right or am I right

    80. Duhtea

      VLDL predicted the future....Now we can throw a pan...

    81. why creepy

      F*** Samsung

    82. Celestia Mercer

      Did you notice the lack of a magazine in the pink gun when they are shooting.

    83. CrawlingChaos

      these guys are actually starting to sell me on pubg

    84. Bobbi Camarata

      But there's no gas cap on the side of the car that he was pouring the gas into! -My brain.

    85. KELLSCAR the chosen

      By the emperor.

    86. hellraiser321123

      Jaajajaj buenísimo, me pasó todas menos las del auto...

    87. Alisson Santos


    88. Wheng Rotoni

      That means the lv.3 backpack will taken and automaticaly teleorted in the new backpack.Right

      1. Wheng Rotoni

        But remember this cant be working in real life

      2. Wheng Rotoni

        But remember this cant be working in real life

      3. Wheng Rotoni

        Right in pubg the the loot is automaticaly transper in backpack when you taken a new backpack

    89. Bro Trip

      12:08 Alan shooting without a mag 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    90. USS Random

      The most ACCURATE and REALISTIC PUBG Logic season yet!

    91. Derp_Muffin

      the power... OF THE PAN nvm he ded lol

    92. Jinkstack S

      Alan didn't stand a chance. The car was going way too fast. Truly tragic.

    93. Chase Syma

      Dance until u due

    94. Brian

      at 12:07 its pretty damn impressive for Alan to shoot with no mag in his weapon

    95. ميمز ببجي موبايل

      EXE pubg 👍😂 🔞😂😂😂😂😂😂😅🐸🥳

    96. ميمز ببجي موبايل

      😂😂😂👇👇🔞👇👇😂😂😂 pubg exe 🐸

    97. Just Fox

      Who else has seen every single one of these and is watching again anyway?


      ALAN after dieing vehicle killed alan with a little boop right on the bum bum 1:14

    99. lenovo bro

      first scene just like Indian Movies

    100. Rue Fiasco

      The matrix spoofs they throw in kill me “not like this...”