Traders in Tarkov want weird stuff - My Little Pony

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    Want a gun? That'll cost you one pony please
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    1. with uh C

      I laughed so hard at the end I scared my dogs

    2. 7hatGuy

      You guys should spam videos about desync. Since it’s absolutely horrible!

    3. Karloka

      There is a specific assault rifle section, you can find it

    4. Banjer Picker

      Mp5 is a sub machine gun. Not an assault rifle.

    5. Дима Самсонов 2

      so basicly traders are bronies

    6. Henrik Knudsen

      Yes. Yes, this is a fertile land, and we will thrive. We will rule over all this land, and we will call it... "This Land.".

    7. Alexander Radev

      ... 5 minutes later... Hey mate what about bullets for the rifle? Sure... One toilet paper roll per bullet and a stuffed panda bear for the magazine... ;D

    8. qwerty

      I’ve never played that game, but I like these videos :) Perhaps the game is fun (this assumption is based on the videos only) :)

    9. ден перден

      Где русские

    10. Frosty the Snowman

      "What color is it's mane?" "Yellow" "Deal."

    11. paromzergut2011

      Продавец - в точности служба поддержки этой игрульки)))

    12. Krog

      Это было смешно! :)))

    13. Вячеслав Калашник

      заорал oh, sorry zaoral

    14. Павел Овсянников

      Угар !! Народ вы круты!! Я подписался на все ваши выпуски!!!

    15. BerryMaid

      The Tarkov trader skits are some of my FAVORITE VLDL skits. “Ohh lala” “, just give it!” That and “horse pocket” and “Holy Nova”

    16. Nevihabedvader

      I remember Hoban Washburne.

    17. Сергей Камаев

      Это вы Санитаров подземелий ещё не видели. Вот там настоящая наркомания творилась

    18. michael bruun pedersen

      showed the ump before the ump was added XD

    19. unknown unknown

      When this video is now relevant now that the UMP is in the game!

    20. why creepy

      ‌F*** Samsu‌ng

    21. L E O N

      Блин, смотрю с субтитрами , вы реально лучшие в своем сегменте. Дождаться бы перевода на русский. Пиздец, нахуй, блядь! Это жопа полная! Респект вам, мужики.

    22. Татьяна


    23. Am'nt I

      I was really expecting a jar

    24. Abensberg

      kinda communist style "costs toothpaste, because iam out of toothpaste" :D

    25. Yevgeniy Morozov

      Ахахахах, ржака))))) Молодцы!

    26. MrBuddhassmile

      Actually, it makes sense to change real stuff with real stuff like shampoo or horse statue in the area where government collapsed and there is no institute to put value into paper money. You cant wash your head with money or eat it ) There are a lot of guns but horse statue is very rare thing.

    27. Николай Гурьянов

      Щасливые люди, не доводилось за дефицитом побегать.

    28. Ikmalreza 1998

      Ben doesn't care what people say.

    29. John Doe

      I Just love this system in Tarkov

    30. BusterBuizel

      Gonna call it now, Battlestate is gonna lock the UMP behind a horse statue barter trade

    31. DOVZEY

      since when does fence do trades

    32. Biker Trash

      No sir!! I didn't see you playing with your dolls again sir!!!

    33. agent vurdalak

      Shampoo for scar, hell yeah

    34. Sir Kipzy

      One thing I might do with it is mind my own business

    35. Eric Moore

      Mornin'! Nice day for tradin', ain't it?

    36. Bao Le

      Communist economy be like

    37. Saucey Sauce

      I like how you can trade in 2 butt plugs for an aksu74 from Prapov

    38. Jay Kay

      I can't subscribe, I'm fresh out of nothing.

    39. Jay Kay

      Rowan is genuinely consistently very punchable. Granted, I can understand the irritation of being asked what you want to do with a random item, but jesus christ, if “one thing I might do with it is mind my own business” doesn't make you want to shoot the vendor, I don't know what would. Random tangential thought : one of the more wacky looter shooters needs a gun that shoots bullets that are tiny fists.

    40. Amer C

      We need more tarkov vids

    41. Nick Molliger

      My Little Tarkov, My Little Tarkov Aaaaaah My Little Tarkov I've used to wonder what teamwork could be

    42. SigiRoiven

      Хорошо, это было очень даже забавно

    43. Petr Hares

      I love the image in my head of Prapor playing with little plastic horses.

    44. Stasis Danauskas

      Ну я не знаю. По мне, лучше на улице встретить мужика с коняшкой, нежели мужика с пистолетом автоматом.

    45. Code Zero

      Hahaha this is ridiculous

    46. bot alex

      how legit is this

    47. Yui

      I will take a subscribe for 1 nothin but how many videos are included for a nothin?

    48. Yui

      I personally have no idea what Ben would do with the item he traded his horse statue for

    49. Emfysi

      Its ok, but ump isnt assault rifle

    50. Александр Георгиевич

      Ска, ребята, вы лучшие! 🤣🤣🤣👍👍👍

    51. CTEREOK

      it's a good shit that you bring to me! Take your fully deaths looking m416!

    52. Скептик

      У нас было интереснее. Когда выдавали зарплаты, чем то похожим на таких коней.

    53. Евгений Романов

      Крутой канал, качественные видео, автор молодец. Ржал как конь :)))

    54. SymptoNz x

      Ben now knows to bring the "currency" when he goes to trade

    55. DarthAkial


    56. Luna Margaret උඩු රැවුල ඔහු තම කෙස් කපා නමුත් සමග4

    57. Robert Davis


    58. Kango

      Little did he know, that horse statue was worth millions

    59. Алексей Шевченко

      Концовка просто класс 👍👍👍

    60. Levi Kawana


    61. ended - random story/animations

      This is the lowest price has Rowan offered to Ben

    62. Arturo Benavides

      I wish could ,but I ain't got nothing

    63. ItsCaesar

      Do one on the flea market lol or absurd quests

    64. Leslie Burke

      Yeah Ben have literally money , but just monopoly money 🤣🤣

    65. Jay

      Was expecting the trader to have a kid for some reason.

    66. Hugo Baes Jr.

      Ooh La La!

    67. Professor Code

      Nice day for tradin' ain't it! gyuh huh!

    68. Wolf This

      That's an actual fucking game? Wtf

      1. Dillon Mann

        It's better than you think. The are grouped together by class and not all guns are traded for although there are more guns you can trade for than buy.

    69. Brain Pline

      what can I buy with dirt

    70. Sulthan Zaki

      as a brony, So glad I'm seeing PONIES!!

      1. Dillon Mann


    71. mikrobixmikrobix

      at the end hahahahahahahahhaaha

      1. Dillon Mann

        I want that as an addition to the game. Seeing Prapor play with a horse would be hilarious.

    72. I'm too good at pvp

      I want pones pls

    73. PurpleRouge

      this video got me so hard bottle of shampo wahahaha

    74. Spencer C

      Next you guys should do a Tarkov video showing a typical raid with whatever terrible gear your squad could string together vs all of the other super-chad LVL5-everything players lol.

    75. Skiddz McGee

      Pure gold

    76. xxrookyxx

      Lmaoo the horse sound at the end killed me

    77. Drunk Genius

      Just Imagine fence , washing His Horsestatues with the Shampoo He got for a Bitcoin .

    78. Cesar Pinto

      I wonder if you are going to do some videos of COD Warzone, so far I have love everything!!!

    79. No One

      This is gold

    80. gdjobufckngfruitcake

      Standard issue olive green drab sweater with epaulettes... are you a Marine 🤔🤔🤔 rahhh ;) the patches on the elbows and shoulders gave it away lmao

    81. Shadowslip 71

      Instead of money for patreon, we should send you My Little Pony merch?

    82. Metal Sonic v3.8

      Guys, I need help. Where do I get a nothing?

    83. Hel lo

      What do I need to pay to make rowan nice

    84. Ryan J

      My little pony, my little pony, aaaa aaaa aaaaa aaaaaa!!!!!! Rowan: Give me 9 seasons of mlp:fim and I'll give you 1 tactical nuke.

    85. Stealthy_Spirit

      Who ever player you are, your definitely a child playing EFT using a character name Rowen

    86. DeOs

      Did you really just add "My little pony" to the title to make more people see this video?

    87. Djuro__pegla

      UMP-45 and SCAR-H confirmed!

    88. Тимур Кизяков

      Ребята молодцы, только сделайте русские субтитры) Плиииз)

    89. SavageBillahx2

      Stop shopping at fence you dumb dumb

    90. kumu pro

      ben should give him fake voucher

    91. Andrew Storrie


    92. myohmykee

      I dont even play tarkov, pubg, or anything they feature here, not a gamer nor a techie i just love binge watching their videos i love youuu guys so much 😂😂😂

    93. myohmykee


    94. Citadel Nate

      Never played this game so lm super confused

    95. Blueracebeing

      I will subscribe to your channel for a reply!

    96. Pranit Deshpande

      Can some please tell me if those guns are real?

    97. Michael Greco

      Don't even play tarkov but this was hilarious

    98. Zachary Greer

      I've never played this game but these videos make me want to simultaneously stay far away from it and play it constantly.

    99. S.R.G.


    100. sxull

      Inaccurate. Ump isn't released yet.