Not enough experience to pass - New Area

900 E megtekintés26

    Rowan is level 59 and he needs to be level 60 - New Area
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    1. Cozinoda

      Does anybody know what the song at 1:23 is?

    2. Diamant Hunden


    3. Jesse Petrie

      The next Monte Payton, the next SNL/MadTV, these men do what we all fantasize to be us one day.

    4. Naif Da Firenze

      This is will be like Cyberpunk 2077, you know because Street Cred

    5. no commentary

      Is this kingdom come deliverence?? What game is it pls

    6. Outskirts of Infinity

      That’s a pay cut for you.

    7. Ivan Kovacevic

      yea... but in dungeon siege 2, you could go fight 10-20 levels higher monsters.. but the game gave you penalty on dmg of 90% and monsters dealing +300%... with lvl 50 characters I could and I did fight the impossible 70+.. but in the early levels, like lvl 20 -no way (quick save, quick save... run awaaaaaay). it was a nice game, most of the time you were the needed level to battle the enemies :)

    8. PsychoGamer2100

      I'm more of a fan of games that let you wander into higher level areas because it provides more of a challenge to get through it while under-leveled kind of like playing master rank Monster Hunter with low rank armor or none at all.

    9. Yagskie Yagskie

      Can you please make a skit wherein the player is about 30% health, and he only needs kill one normal creep to level up to full health. But instead he drank and expensive player made Potion that heals only 50% HP, and he finds it stupid after leveluping by killing 1 normal creep.

    10. Tyler M.

      He should have kept the piece Bloom so he can make himself a health potion

    11. Michael Paschke

      The title ist german is that normal

    12. Gametroll

      Honestly...i would love to spend a weekend with these guys larping, playing mmo, d& boys are hilarious!!

    13. Spysideways

      Only who meet the level requirement can reply to my comment

    14. kalo z

      Another thing I hate is when you're 1 xp away from leveling up or same with buying something and 1 coin away..

    15. ProRockSanBoy

      Хочу в Медолесье, а не в Россию(

    16. Kaguny Edy


    17. Zothanliana Hmar

      0:33 life to me

    18. Harper Harper

      Reminds me of fable games lol

    19. 롱지.

      이건 한글자막이 없넴

    20. Radosław Badurski

      Everybody gangsta before barbarian collects 1000th taproot

    21. Tb Ct


    22. sirius4k

      Was expecting it to be shorter: "I'm just gonna lay it out for you. You are WEAK!"

    23. AgentlolzYT

      I can relate

    24. Seikai Seikai

      or maybe 78

    25. Seikai Seikai

      i guess the max is 65 level :/

    26. Bradley Popkes

      so far I'm not surprised that the joke has devolved into a why did the chicken cross the road meme

    27. Attenon MJ

      I expected this...

    28. Furryio

      The Level up sounds like the World of warcraft level up Sound 😂

    29. TheReaverOfDarkness

      One of the things I liked about WoW was being able to go wherever I wanted, even if it wasn't safe. But then that changed.

    30. Beast dj

      what game is this

    31. JamarDaNub

      looks like this guy loves his job

    32. Cooper Mills

      Someone should make this an actual game

    33. kingkaizoku85

      would have been funny if he replied with: ,,im not even an wizard.'' to u dont have enough mana.

    34. Augustas Gadeikis

      Not anymore games don't. You just go there and die a fast and horible death. Then you load and don't come back untill you're level. That's how gamers learn. At least those who don't have real life. XDDD

    35. Alexander Vegt

      I love the videos but they’re a bit short and the ending is really cringy and makes me not want to subscribe

    36. Slurpy Boi

      Level 59: sorry sir but you are far two weak far to stupid to enter this area Level 60: oh my gosh thank you brave warrior the enemy’s not gonna know what hit em

    37. ThisIsMego

      To be fair, that level 60 levelup seemed to be quite potent... Buch of stat increases, multiple new abilities...

    38. jennifer stewarts

      I don't know why but.. for some reason i think it would have been comical from him to "level up" step though to the new zone and... get oneshotted anyway.

    39. Mr. Gaming

      What name is this game please tell me i will download it

    40. Hari Seldon

      Way back in ancient times when the big game was the LPMud, you didn't level up automatically. There was a room in the main town where you had to go and request to level up when you had the XP. About 30 years ago.

    41. Aaron Rayner

      No guys, that isn't when the enemies' Lv.:skull: changes to Lv.[#], it's just when the lowest-level enemy's display does that. Everything else is still shown as Lv.:skull: in that area except that one enemy that's beatable.

    42. Coconut Mousse

      WOW what an NPC

    43. justin shimon karborani

      i mean did u see how many abilities he got at level 60?

    44. Achmad Jauhari

      *turns noclip*

    45. Alexander Benkendorf

      I thoug he'd just buy lvl1 to lvl60.

    46. Dennis Reynolds


    47. Dennis Reynolds


    48. Desmond Hayakaze

      Access Granted: Greater Planes I wonder what kind of monsters spawns on these planes, Greater Passengers, Greater Stewardesses and maybe Grand Pilot of the Planes

    49. Evan Sarasin

      Fallout76 out here with no level boundaries versing a level 79 enemy at level 5

    50. Jason Chiu

      1:02 This little maneuver's gonna cost me 51 exp.

    51. None of your Business

      He should have killed the NPC to level up.

    52. Gadget

      in his defense, the difference in strength can be ridiculous when comparing a lv50 area to a lv60 one

    53. Boring Man

      Npc: you need to be level 1000 to pass this the enimies: i am level 1 i will destroy you

    54. Azad Ahmed

      Some game logics are like that. If you forget to do something you are not allowed to pass to the next phase. Or if you did not solve a mystery, the other mystery at the other point cant be solved whatever you try to do.

    55. Jurisman 1980

      Speedruner pain :P

    56. Hugh Jazz

      Reminds me of: "We need your help! The undead have broken free and are running us over!" "I'll help! Let my fire magic reduce those wretches to cinders, mon!" "Uhm, yes. That'll me 50 gold and 2 nexus crystals, mate."

    57. Public Guy

      He should have just wrung his hands for 15 secs then just show the inventory msg, lol.

    58. ᴛᴀʙᴏᴏ

      I wish games would have an NPC that has a different reaction when your too weak, average, or too strong for a certain area. An example. *Weak* 'Ah, an adventurer are you? Best turn around, the path ahead isn't suited for the types like you. Weak, struggling, barely surviving but I won't stop you. You are free to roam wherever you like that's not occupied by the royalties. Go ahead. Just do me a favor and don't die like an idiot in the wilderness. Atleast know when to retreat, no shame in retreating.' *Average* 'Another adventurer? Of course you are whether you're a knight, mage, thief or a hybrid of two you're all adventurers if you venture to the unknown. With those rusted blades and dried blood on the pieces of cloth or armor you have on your body is a sign that you know what you're doing...or not and you just got lucky. Go on in, I assume you know enough to get by to handle whatever the hell jumps at you in there. Good luck.' *Strong* 'Ah, an adventurer with a famous or infamous story behind them. How rare to see. Most adventurers die early in this lifetime, most disappear nameless. Well go on, there ain't nothing in there that poses a real threat to one such as the likes of you.'

    59. Obsidian 999

      I am finally getting a Twitter because you guys because your work is fun. I like the D@D set up also even for only playing it once before. I kept collecting rugs.

    60. paddotk

      That is one powerful flower.

    61. Logan Shaw

      Only off by 5 points in every stat.

    62. EvilNecroid

      why is he picking peacebloom at lvl 59 tho :p

    63. James Moore

      When the training montage only has one push-up ... lol

    64. Wiseley T

      You would never see this in a dark souls game lol

    65. niccolom

      Isn't this the same way in real life? You can't have sex at 15 years 364 days old because "you're too young and stupid". Suddenly, on your 16th birthday, you gain all the adult knowledge. All the age limits are the same way as levels are in video games.

    66. Benjamin Jacob

      pubg skits are awesome...

    67. intel shill

      0:44 Alan's talking, but his face isn't moving :D

    68. John Edwards

      Reminds me of playing Asheron's Call back in the day. Hit the point where I needed 1xp to level. Went hunting a rabbit...

    69. Smirk75

      They really should have quickly killed Rowan at the end of this.

    70. Gergő0329

      You guys used the music that Wyncraft has seriously

    71. Berkeley Pickell

      I mean he wasn't wrong, it was a really significant amount of power he gained.

    72. Kevin Smith

      omg I always love your videos

    73. Manny

      damn Strength and Brute Force are different attributes

    74. Reeces 13

      Everything about this video is amazing

    75. HUDI3N3

      lmfao loved this XD

    76. Shreck carson

      I never played a rpg game on Xbox. Any suggestions

    77. medexamtoolsdotcom

      I seriously thought he was going to get the experience points by skewering the NPC.

    78. Lefox_

      Peacebloom...I miss my days in WoW 😭

    79. Bama Sutradhar

      True story

    80. Ellé Victor

      Actually gets to level *Area require party of 5

    81. Elmo Wilson

      Your videos are awesome!

    82. Nionivek

      I wanted to see him then fine out the enemies past that level gate... are actually still below him.

    83. badreedine Djellali

      ya I have the same issue in some rpg games and it's kind of annoying a little bit

    84. Rotmg Troller Fan

      Eheheheh... what game is this from?

    85. FlyingMonkies325

      Now it's just far too easy to level up... LOL

    86. Supadeedoop

      Your American accents are great. Love the npc man episodes. Thanks for the fun content guys.

    87. VideoTube 2016

      Viva, you guys should make a paradoy of Oldschool RuneScape. The combat system on that game is atrocious because of the amount of misses you hit :/

    88. Roman Limbus

      Эх, забросили русские субтитры...

    89. Artreadsu Elimu

      Lowan face when passing the pnc ,,, "Too disappointed and feels sorry for it"

    90. Nater K

      "Adventurer! Please help! Our village is under siege from barbarian raiders! They're slaughtering everyone!" "Accept." "Oh, I'm sorry adventurer, but you need at least 23 cooking to accept this quest." "... Cooking? I'm sorry are we going to be eating these barbarians after we kill them? Why would I need cooking to fight off barbarians?" "Well you see, adventurer, this quest will take a turn later on where you'll need to bake a pumpkin pie for Goroldo, the fierce dwarven warrior, who will only help fight alongside you once you have given him a pumpkin pie." "... You know that already? And out of your entire village, you couldn't find one halfway decent cook who could make this "fierce dwarven warrior" his stupid pumpkin pie? This great warrior who is essential to this quest? No one thought to get him on our side with a little bit of pie the moment the fighting broke out? No, let's have the big hero who's going to save this town go out of his way to do a little baking in the middle of the fight. He has nothing better to be doing right now. Also, they literally sell pumpkin pies in the general store in the city for 20 copper. I can just buy one from there and give it to him."

    91. 『R』『a』『d』『m』『i』『r』


    92. Zibrax Gamming

      Hey guys can anyone tell me the name of the song right before the ending???

    93. NoCompilerHere

      Current stats: Level: 18 Vigor: 1 Atrunement: 1 Endurance: 1 Vitality: 1 Strength: 1 Dexterity: 99 Intelligence: 1 Faith: 1 Luck: 1 Required stats: Level: 704 Vigor: 99 Atrunement: 99 Endurance: 99 Vitality: 99 Strength: 99 Dexterity: 1 Intelligence: 99 Faith: 99 Luck: 99

    94. Br. Robert Macke SJ

      Here's an idea for Epic NPC Man: What about when you level up and an ordinary quest suddenly becomes a low-level quest, with the reward suddenly dropping. Imagine taking a quest that promises a sack of gold, leveling up, and getting a measly handful of silver instead.

    95. Mike Conner

      I was waiting for hi. To ask how much xp Greg was worth

    96. Leyland Foizey

      Nah. Kill the NPC for final exp boost 👍ha. well done lads

    97. General Grievous

      0:41 the face you make when your trying to block someone from a forest

    98. Крестный Кузмээн

      Говорите по русски, английский язык не подходит

    99. Revenant

      How long till this is an actual video game?

    100. Gregory Walter

      Thought Alan was going to block him with Micro Transactions. x'D